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Well, when I was a more youthful man at 32 years of age I lost my wife of 5 years to cancer – it was an overwhelming event for me as she was in the prime of her life.

That same year my neighbour Edith husband passed away. She was 83 at the time. Our homes were over the road from each other. She’s gone now however I recall that well.

Exploring Sex

I appreciated her conversations as she did mine. We generally discovered things to discuss and when my wife and her spouse passed our relationship kept the wolves of dejection and depressions under control.  It lit up the drawing nearer of death, that would spell the end to her twillight years.

Also, as it turned out, after her spouse passed she demonstrated that she had an energetic enthusiasm for life. She was happy to talk about different kinds of provocative things including, exploring sex.

Edith was still fit as a fiddle for her age however her years keenly showed on her face and features. She kept her dyed hair purple rinse and kept up with week trips to the hairdresser. Her face, once attractive, was packed with lines just as it had been folded like a bit of paper, and after that smoothed out.

Yet the wrinkles still were there to see.

Granny Sex

Her butt had lost all around of the firm roundness of prior years and become flat. Obviously she had put on some weight throughout the years and having conceived five kids so she had a motherly tummy.

Her brain was still quick witted though and round her crotch was an enticing hill of warm delicate substance .

It dominated her pubic bump and aged vulva – mischievous parts that ended up being delightfully satisfying once I had them. Having worked through Edith’s introductory nerves and hesitation about engaging in sexual relations with a more youthful man.

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I could tell despite everything she had every one of her mental resources and was still quick of wit. You may think she had turned into someone somewhat confused; goodness, at her age to see how we came to appreciate and delight one another sexually after the loss of our life partners.

Luckily she had the constitution of a bull.

Her vagina naturally had diminished and turned out to be less lubricated than when she was more youthful. There are lubricants and devices that helped this. In any case, she demonstrated to me that a lady in her eighties could climax; climaxes of squirming, pushing force that left her sweat-soaked and satisfied.

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The key to Edith’s staggering and fiercest climaxes lay in her continually enticing and acutely touchy curiously large areolas; areolas that embellished radiant huge motherly bosoms.

Regardless of the wear and tear she was beautiful for age.

Edith had three physical characteristics,. Her dazzling and petite feet, her abundant and choice bosoms with such protruding and massive areolas and her intriguing vulva and clitoris.

As our relationship developed, I observed that she wanted to have these body parts stroked, caressed, rubbed, kissed, licked and sucked. I joyfully did every one of them to her.

We had lived over the road from each other for as long as 7 years when passing made us both single from our marriages. Edith and Grant, her late spouse, were neighbours who got to be companions. As time passed I would see Edith getting a energised during the day sitting on her entryway patio. She never wore dresses; dependably slacks or trackpants and a pullover or sweater.

She Dressed Her Age

She dressed her age. Since there was nothing to flame the creative energy to be seen underneath the waist, what with baggy slacks. After some time, as we spent time together – this would change.

One day when we were visiting talking about nothing worth saying and my look dropped to her tits. I willed myself to gaze upward and come back to eye contact.

Edna clearly saw that I couldn’t help myself from gazing at her huge bosoms. I say clearly in light of the fact that she responded; not in any obvious or vocal way.

Her Nipples Became Elongated And Erect

She kept on talking and her areolas started to get harder and developed. Two surprisingly protruding nipples demonstrated in her sweater. A slight grin went to her lips. We talked for a couple of more minutes. At a certain point she moved her hand to her breasts, resting her fingers daintily on her sweater.

For a minute I thought she was going to succumb to a desire to stroke one of those turgid areolas. Be that as it may, she simply let her fingers down a touch then took away her hand.

A Sexual Need

After that day I saw Edith as a lady with a clear sexual need. I didn’t really see her as only a wonderful old woman who lived across the road, but now as a sexually alive, older woman.

Time passed. Edith and we built up a great relationship with each other. One of us would start an off at the cuff discussion and take a seat on our respective porches.  We would work our way through another session of not at all subtle suggestive teasing.

I touched her tits with my warm look and her body perpetually reacted. Creating those two amazing and extremely erect areolas. They strained against a generous bra and external article of clothing to a degree that they were unmistakably clear. In spite of the layers of fabric.

We Would Joke and Tease

We would grin at each other; in some cases showing our feelings of excitement with some kind of insinuation or mellow pun.  Edith and I became comfortable with each other. Going to her entrance patio when it was not humid; our sessions becoming more frequent as time passed. 

When one of us happened to be out the other would discover some motivation to also go outside.

We Just Turned Up At Each Others Door Without Notice

There was no convention; no ringing and making a date, or eating together. Continuously, but out of sight, was this commonly lovely exotic affair; not a buzzing of energy but rather a delicate murmur of titillation.

We talked such a great deal in our seated sessions that we secured an expansive array of themes. Adapting much interest in one another’s lives; until one day she opened the way to a striking new level of closeness between us.

This led to my first granny sex.

83 Year Old Granny
Dame Edna Elderly Lady

My Frist Granny Sex

We sat together as we so regularly did. “Blake you help me to remember an old saying,” she commented with a little grin.

“What old saying is that?” I replied.

“Men quit considering “it,” around 15 minutes after the last scoop of earth is hurled onto their graves.”  She Said.

I knew “it” was sex yet I said, “What “it” is that?”

She said, with giggling in her voice, “Goodness, you know well what “it” I’m discussing; “It” is sex. You unquestionably consider sex.”

Her Areolas Were Standing Erect

Some shading rose in her cheeks and I could see a flush ascending in her neck.  More apparent than her strained energy was the erection of her two areolas, that now awakened and lengthened. In spite of the bra she wore to shroud her ample bosoms. 

My avid eyes consumed her surging areolas, created those mouth-watering distensions yet again; yes concealed and limited by her pieces of clothing, external and inside.  Still considered discernibly uncovering Edith ‘s desire.

Her Desire

I didn’t shy away from what she seemed want in this conversation and said, “What makes you think I am distracted with sex?”

“Presently Blake,” Edith said, “I know, and have known for quite a long time that men like my bosoms and they are continually uncovering them with their eyes. You do it as well. Tut, yes you do – don’t deny it. When we are talking you can’t keep your eyes all over them. You’re continually looking down at my enormous bosoms.”

Our Conversation Turned To Her Large Breasts

I said, “I’m happy you brought this up Edith. It couldn’t have been very easy to do. I concede I love looking at your tits…um, your bosoms and the coy insinuations we’ve enjoyed. I’ve picked up on it a number of times that you’ve been turned on by my gazing; that you’ve in fact been turned on by it.”

“You’ve delighted in viewing my areolas getting erect, like they are presently, haven’t you?” She brought her hands up and rested her fingers softly on the highest point of both protruding nipples.

You Love My areolas

“Goodness, yes. Love it,” I replied.

Warmth spread in my crotch and my penis drew to attention. With trouble I stayed my hand from venturing into my groin to squeeze my dick. I trusted the shining vision I thought I could see ahead would be a desert spring in the desert of my sexual coexistence with this horny granny.

Edith unmistakably had taken a choice and she rushed on now; apparently on edge to move beyond her opening bid.

Grant Also Adored My titties

“Grant adored my bosoms, “titties,” he called them,” she went on. “What’s more, I wanted to have him suck on my areolas all the time. Goodness, I could really have climaxes by the things Grant managed to do, without having to put his penis in me.”

This express sex talk empowered and stimulated me enormously. She quickly stroked her areola once more and grinned at me with a blend of innocent shyness and wickedness in her warm look. I really wanted to put my hand around the pole of my now throbbing penis.

My Throbbing Penis

My throat was abruptly dry and choked however I managed to croak out, “I’d like to find out about that.”

Edith lit up. “Blake, we should go inside and get a beverage. I’ve made some lemonade, and you seem as if your throat is dry.”

“Certainly,” I said, my brain blurred by the desire growing in me.

I followed her inside, edgy for this to keep on developing; on edge that I may say or do something that would destroy the rise of sensual dream in which Edna now revelled.

Would this lead to caressing that intriguing rack?

Would I finally understand my dreams of touching those breasts?

Edith poured us  a glass of lemonade over ice. I thankfully swallowed a large portion of mine down. We went to the sunroom. Edith sat on the couch and I pulled the ottoman over and sat before her.

“Where was I, Blake?” She grinned wickedly.

“You loved it when Grant had intercourse with your bosoms; when he sucked your areolas,” I prodded.

Licking Those Granny Aerolas

“He touched them, obviously. He ran his palms over my areolas.” She illustrated.  “He pulled on my areolas and turned them; not hard, sufficiently only to send naughty sensations zooming to my, well you know where. He used his tongue to lick and flick my areolas.

That felt so great. He licked them and after that sucked me… goodness that was so nice. Dear me, am I making you uncomfortable; so neglectful of me?”


Dame Edne Cup of Tea
Dame Edne Old Woman


The Granny Sex Experience Was Turning Out To Be Exceptional

“No, no, Edith, not at all. It would be amazing if you continued,” I said restlessly. “This is, exceptionally liberating’.  “You do miss Grant don’t you?” I gulped hard and croaked out my sharp understanding.

“I do, yes.” She said.

“What’s more, you miss the delight Grant gave you?” I said.

“Yes, I miss that as well, all that much.”  She said.

Taking a full breath, I dove on. “I can’t be Grant however if you need me to, I could…, really I’d truly like to feel your bosoms, you know, play with them for a bit?”

Feeling beyond any doubt that was precisely what she needed.

I  Will Play With Your Bossoms

“Goodness, I wouldn’t have any desire to force my sexual needs on you Blake,” Edith said, then immediately included, “But if you wouldn’t mind and you want to….. well then alright. If I need you to stop though, you should.”

I didn’t push my good fortune and did not request that she remove her pullover and bra. If she wanted to later, then fine. If not I trusted that would occur down the track.

I positioned a stool beneath Edith’s legs to make her comfortable, and then proceeded to lift each of her feet and kiss them before placing them on the stool.  Edith expressed her enjoyment of having her feet kissed and petted. I assured her that we would return to that later.

After that, I stood behind the sofa and began to massage Edith’s shoulders, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from her. Gradually, I moved my hands downwards, resting my fingertips gently on the upper edge of her bra-covered breasts.

Edith’s Elderly Bossoms

I rubbed Edith’s elderly great bossoms, I felt my cock throbbing and put the hard and erect penis on her leg and started to dry hump her.  Edith murmured happily as I rubbed through both shirt and bra. I delighted in the touch of her hard nipples through her bra.

I hung over the couch and said; my mouth near to her ear, “Do you like this?”

“Gracious, so much,” she answered. One arm came up and she stroked my cheek. “Put your hands inside my bra.”

I was so pleased to hear this invite.

“Why not give me a chance to unfasten it for you? It will be simpler to get my hands on them.” I said.

Let Me Unfasten Your Bra

Edith leaned forward and undid her shirt while I moved the shirt tail out of the way to expose her back. I kissed her bare and delicate skin and noticed a mothball odour likely coming from her clothing.

My hands shook as I fastened her bra, and then I gently touched her large, but sagging breasts by sliding my hands underneath the cups.

The sensations I was feeling were so intense to the point that I started to come in my jeans whilst dry humping her.

She saw this and said, “That simply won’t do Blake. It is time to satisfy me some more.   Now Blake I need you to satisfy me – goodness it has been such a long time. Relax and continue to massage my bossoms.

There will be plenty of time for you to cum afterwards.’

Massaging Those Huge Bossoms

I straightened up my pants and began to massage those large breasts.

“Gracious, Blake my new sweetheart,” Edith said delicately, “your hands are unreal. Do you like the way my bosoms feel now that you have your hands on them finally? I’m so old and they sag. but you seem to really like it.”

I was bewildered that she thought I would be other than excited stunned to have her rich granny tits in my grasp.  “Edith I can’t think about anything that would be more radiant than stroking your excellent bosoms, except for letting me kiss and suck on them as well.”

She said, “I hoped you would say that and I would really love that too. Come around to the front now and take my nipples in your mouth.”


Dame Edna Old Lady
Dame Edna Mature Woman


Take My Nipples In Your Mouth

I took an erect nipple in my mouth and it must have been 3cm long. I sucked on it for a considerable length of time, then kissing it and licking it. Initially those long teats were rock hard but as I sucked them more and more they began to relax and soften.

Edith began to shiver and I became concerned that my 83 year old lover was having some distress but then I heard her murmur and say, ‘Yes Suck my teats, lick my aereolas’.

I continued doing that. The areola I was now sucking, licking and snacking on, I petted, tenderly squeezing, pulling and rubbing them.

Edith’s breathing became deeper; she murmured, she moaned, she growled and her hands went to my head and squeezed my face into those soft pillowy delicate tits.

They smelt like lavender.

Those Droopy Granny Breasts

After sometime I began to massage those droopy breasts, needing them and then sucking on the nipples once more. Edith started to rub her crotch on my leg and pant like an animal. Her moans became more incessant and I could feel warmth emanating from her old cunt.

I worked her bosoms and areolas, avidly moving forward and backward from one to the next.

Edna started moving her thighs as the sensations overcame her, an obviously a direct circuit from areolas to cunt – “Ahhh, as thaaat, ohhhh yes, ooooh do that, suck me, suck me Blake. Ooooohhh, suck me hard. I am,ol ugh… I’m ahhh. Gracious, goodness, Eeeeeee.”

Strained Her Hips Upward

She grasped my face wildly to her bosom and strained her hips upwards, as if fucking herself on an ghost cock.  Then unconstrained, an orgasm shook through her.

She shouted out. Flailing uncontrollably.

And at that point she came. I saw a developing wet stain spread in the groin of her slacks. I pulled back and saw that her eyes had moved up and, while open. They were unfocused as the stain became larger and I realized that she had lost control of her bladder and was peeing herself.

It terrified the crap out of me. It flashed through my sexual psychology that I had fucked up the old lady.

I shouted out “Edith! Edith! Edith, wake up!”

I Thought I Killed Her

Through my mind I was wondering how I was going to explain it if I had to call an ambulance, and what trouble I could be in trying to explain this away. I watched her chest to make sure she was breathing and I then saw that it was still rising and falling, erratically though.

Moments passed, that felt like hours, and finally her breathing stabilized and her eyes began to open. As they opened a smile began to appear on Edith’s face.

She looked at her tits, wet with my salivation; then saw her wet slacks and said, ‘Lordy, what have I done. You have made me cum so hard I have wet myself. Sometimes I do suffer from incontinence, this is rather embarrassing. Let me go inside so I can change my clothes.’

Wrinkly Wet Cunt

I followed here inside and watched as she entered her bedroom. She took off her clothing and I saw in the mirror that her large knickers were now see through. I could see her pubic hair showing through and a massive camel toe.

Her vagina lips seemed longer as her nipples had been.

I estimated her flaps hung by a good 5cm.

The sight of this turned me so on I just wanted to devour that wrinkly wet flesh and suck her cunt, however my head told me to wait, and not push the situation. From the other room I saw her change into her terry towelling robe.

I helped her tidy up her wet clothes and she said, ‘Blake you have exhausted me. I need to lie down and rest for a while. Can we continue our sexcapades a little later on?’

I said ‘sure’ as I tucked Edith into her bed.

The Horny Granny Thanked Me For Cumming

“Thank you Blake and good night,” Edith said. “I am so amazed with myself. Good lord what a grand climax you gave me. It simply has exhausted me that I can scarcely keep my eyes open. Come over tomorrow. When I am refreshed and I will suck your penis. Would you like that?”

Before I could answer the old lady was sleeping. I thought internally that yes. Yes in reality I would without a doubt be over to see Edna tomorrow for her to suck my cock.

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