ARCWAVE Ion is here: What is it?

It seems like just this week we were discussing the impending release of WOW Tech’s (We-Vibe, Womanizer, Pjur) newest brand line, ARCWAVE. What’s that? It was this week? Time flies when you’re waiting on new sex toys! As I was browsing the interwebs hoping to find different information about the impending release of anything ARCWAVE, I decided to check out their website once again.  A new layout, an inverted colour scheme, and something called the ARCWAVE Ion were staring me down. New stuff! Let’s discuss!

ARCWAVE Ion, Not your Average Masturbator.

Before we discuss what it is, let’s talk about what it isn’t.

In my previous article, ARCWAVE – Why You Should Be Excited, we had a few hopes and dreams for this line.  What the Ion reveals is that I was off with a few things, but on with a few.  The Ion doesn’t seem to support any sort of phone connectivity, which was something I assumed would be standard on this new line.

I’ll be totally honest, this caught me off guard.  Why would you take a step backwards? The entire current We-Vibe line, barring 2 toys, are compatible with the WeConnect app.  While Womanizer toys aren’t compatible with any sort of app, this often comes off as a weakness. 

More and more couples are wanting that internet-interconnectivity. 

For ARCWAVE to skip out on it seems like a mistake.  There might be more to this sex toy, as although accessories are available for purchase, the toy is not.

Are there more updates coming? Assuming there are more toys on their way, it only seems right! Considering we saw app connectivity in the trailer (we broke-down the trailer in that article I linked earlier), it might just be a feature we haven’t seen yet. 

couple touching fingers
Photo By Nikolina

What is the ARCWAVE Ion?

Think the ever famous Womanizer Premium for PH’s! (Just read the damn article).  Joys of sharing a parent company with Womanizer means you can use their amazing technology for anything!  Touting PleasureAir Technology right on the frenulum (or banjo string, if you prefer), the Ion focuses it’s faux-vibrations on “The Right Nerve Every Time”.  IT says the impending orgasm will be “The Closest Thing to a Female Orgasm for Men”.

While I would be hard pressed to explain the toy better than ARCWAVE can, it seems I was off base in assuming these toys would be the We-Vibe equivalent for men.

These toys are going to be more like the WOWtech Womanizer line.  For that, I am VERY excited.

Guybrator Market 

The sex toy draws a few similarities to some other toys in the “Guybrator” market.  First off, just as I mentioned in my original article, the JETT by Hot Octopuss has definitely been looked at.  But for this toy, it’s for different reasons.

JETT focuses on the frenulum, just as the Ion does. I originally assumed the sonic capabilities of the JETT were being explored.  While that hasn’t been ruled out, this toy plays with the frenulum. Keep your eyes peeled for those sonic sensations, though!

Other thing the Ion reminds me of is the Cobra Libre from Fun Factory. Advertised as a penis head toy, this “Guybrator” is not meant to be thrust into while being used, similar to the Ion. Using vibrations as opposed to the PleasureAir tech, it’s not a spitting image, but they’re pretty similar in a few ways. They’re both waterproof, they’re both static use toys, and they’re both pretty freakin awesome. 

mens sex toys at fun factory like arcwave ion
BUY ONLINE: Mens Sex Toys

What Impresses me Most?

I’ll go on record in saying that a major selling point for the We-Vibe Chorus is the discreet charging/travel case.  A stunning charging case the Ion touts is going to be a major factor in destigmatising the sex toys for male use.

It’s sleek, sexy, subtle, and could be mistaken for a luxury car part.

They clearly talked with their target audience here, and props to WOW Tech for listening.  Concept of the case isn’t the only impressive part about it, either. It features a “DryTech” stick to wick away any moisture that would remain after cleaning.

Utilising silica gel (those little DO NOT EAT beads you get in bags & boxes) to keep things dry, and a ventilated lid to keep things fresh.  Means your toy, cleaning pertaining, is going to stay fresher for longer.

There’s also seemingly some pretty impressive silicone based technology going on.  But I’ll leave you to discover that on the beautiful ARCWAVE website yourself.

wowtech arcwave ion

Final Thoughts

I know it’s just the first toy of the line, but I’m super excited.

Innovation we’ve already seen with the Ion will hopefully just be expanded upon with upcoming toys. I’ll be sure to continue with the updates as each new toy comes out. 

So expect further updates right here on! In In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more ARCWAVE updates, and stay keen for the men’s sex toy revolution!

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