What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting Private Escorts

Take note! Chances are, if any of these happen to you- you’ve booked a circus performer, not an escort.

Much like women, cars, and icy poles flavors- not all escort experiences are created equally. That means that when trying to answer the question “What should I expect from private escorts” it’s often easier to say what one shouldn’t expect. This is largely because each professional escort has a different way of handling her business, different preferences when it comes to gifts and tips, and altogether a different personality and style. Which is most of what makes escorts so incredibly wonderful- is that there is enough variety within their profession, it’s next to impossible not to find the perfect fit.


Private escorts offer a tailor fit experience like no other. Largely depending on your know-how, penchant for going bold, and understanding of your personal sexuality, professional escorts are equipped with the skills required to give you exactly what you’re looking for- no muss, no fuss. But there are definitely a few things that you shouldn’t expect to encounter when booking with a pro. Our friends at Naughty Ads, a top escort directory, tell us the top 7 things you should never expect to experience with a good escort.

Bad Reviews

Yes, bad reviews happen. Yes, bad escort experiences happen. But if you book an escort that has a ton of bad reviews… well, that one is kind of on you. You also shouldn’t be banking on having a bad experience. Even more than sex, escorts are trained, and really good, at making people happy. From genial conversation, to just having a really great time around town. Some give killer massages; others are deft with a paddle. Whatever it is you’re into, whatever it is that puts that sparkle in your eye- there’s an escort for that. Which is why it’s important to check out review forums and directories before you book- this way you’ll never have to give a bad review yourself.

Unclear Expectations

Another thing you should never expect with any private escorts dealings is unclear communication of expectations. Each and every escort worth their salt has what’s considered a “menu”, a little list of all the wonderful services they offer. Most times, there is also contact information so that you can have a little chat with your new found friend before you end up shelling out hundreds of dollars. If what you’re looking for isn’t explicitly listed on the menu, then it’s usually considered reasonable that you contact your possible date and ask them how they feel about meeting your particular needs. Oftentimes escorts will happily discuss anything you’ll need to know about your upcoming booking- not just where to meet, but what to wear, what they should wear, what you’re looking for, what they provide. Not exactly a script (unless you’re into that sort of thing) but definitely a well-defined plan.

Changes in Price

Just like expectations, prices should be firmly agreed upon before your meetup. While there are instances in which prices can change mid-meeting… say you get the random urge to throw in some rain gear- that’ll probably cost extra. With some escorts, you can negotiate whim satisfaction, or an extended booking, but it’s not guaranteed to happen. Generally, if you want more time, or a different kind of fun with your escort, you’re going to need to rebook. Agreed upon prices shouldn’t change if the agreed upon services haven’t. So, you should never expect to pay more than you both discussed, and you’ll always expect to pay upfront. So, unless you’re tacking on a tip for a job well done, the agreed upon initial price, is the only price you should be paying.


Escorting is a business. Whether your date is agency affiliated or one of the many amazing private escorts- they should still conduct themselves professionally. Which means that time is money, and you’ve paid for theirs. An escort should never be late to a booking. Ever. Frankly- neither should a client, but hey- it’s your time and your money, you can waste it anyway you see fit. Generally, if an escort is late for whatever reason, they will let their client know as soon as physically possible and the two will decide the best way forward, whether it’s a reschedule or a refund. Life happens, stuff gets in the way, but these issues should always be dealt with in the most efficient and professional way possible.

Unclean or Unkempt Companion

Escorts- and absolutely their clients- should always always be clean and well kept. Never assuming it’s okay to show up to a booking looking like a disheveled mess. Clients and escorts both should shower prior to any bedroom activities happening, but more than that, they should show up to their date showered and fresh as a daisy. Any professional escort that is worth their price will be dressed to suit your occasion, showered, shaved, primped, primed, and in perfect condition. In fact, a huge portion of the high-class private escort’s professional life is dedicated to a beauty and hygiene routine. They literally spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars keeping themselves in pristine condition, the least you can do is wear a nice shirt.

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