ARCWAVE – Why You Should Be Excited

We-Vibe is an ever popular name in the sex toy industry. A leader in teledildonics, which unfortunately isn’t telepathically controlled sex machines, but rather wireless connections to partners wherever you may be.  We-Vibe has lead the charge with some industry breaking toys. Should you find yourself on the company Wowtech website, give the “Brands” page a look, and discover a brand new sleek logo & website under the name “ARCWAVE” down the very bottom of the list. 

A bit About We-Vibe First

From the original “We-Vibe” (yep, the toy was just the companies name) to their best selling & award winning We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe and WOW Tech, the parent company of We-Vibe, have been doing some pretty phenomenal things when it comes to the wonderful world of sex toys.

But on the WOW Tech website, an interesting new character has appeared. The website, although only containing a teaser trailer for a line of four toys, is incredibly intriguing.  What could these toys be? How much will these toys utilise their already phenomenal technology? Let’s discuss a few places these sex toys may be going.  And get our foot in the door with what might be the highest quality male sex toys to hit the market in a long time.


In the 1:17 long teaser trailer ARCWAVE has released, very little information was actually given about what the toys could be.  WOW Tech are known for their groundbreaking & trendsetting technology.  AirPleasure from Womanizer, setting the market for wearables with We-Vibe, incredible phone connectivity, are just some of their industry leading innovations.

The first few lines of the trailer are: “Here’s to the men. It’s time for a cultural change. ARCWAVE leads the way, and redefines a whole category.”

From just the first 15 seconds, we’ve got a fair bit of information.

These sex toys are for the people with penises.

Not everybody that has a penis is a man, so I’ll generalise this audience as penis-havers, or PH’s.  This will be the first line from WOW Tech accommodating just men. 

We-Vibe is mostly gender neutral – with cockrings, g-spot vibrators, bullets, plugs, prostate massagers, clit toys, the works.  Womanizer is vaginally centred, with their toys only accommodating for VH’s (surely I don’t need to explain this one).

ARCWAVE will most likely be the Womanizer equivalent for PH’s, which in of itself is an incredibly promising idea.  Womanizer has garnered some pretty incredible reviews over the years.  Selling Womanizer toys has made me pretty envious of some of the responses we’ve been getting from these toys.

arcwave sex toys
VISIT ONLINE STORE: WOW Tech Womanizer Sex Toys

“Cultural change” probably refers to the stigma around male sex toys

Fleshlights and masturbators are still perceived as pretty crude and to be totally fair, a lot of them are. A lot of toy descriptions are pretty poor when it comes to the whole “treating women like real people” side of things.  Innovations from a leading company would definitely put masturbators on a lot more peoples maps.

Sleek, sexy, subtle designs?

Masturbators marketed like luxury cars? Perfect for breaking down pre-conceived notions about sex toys. “Redefines a whole category”? We’ll see!

The trailer continues. “It’s about adding a new spark to men’s masturbation and making smart devices a natural part of our sexual lives.”

New Spark Side of Things

While the products will speak for the “new spark” side of things, “making smart devices a natural part of our sexual lives” is what WOW Tech has been doing best. 

I’ll try to avoid pumping the tyres of WOW Tech too much.  They don’t pay me (yet?).  But they’re some of the highest quality sex toys on the market, and they’re already some pretty smart devices.  During this line, however, we catch our first glimpse at an actual product shot.

At the 0:23 mark, we’re greeted by an app. 

An ARCWAVE logo sitting at the top of the app interface. 

We see 3 dots (we’ll come back to them), and some text towards the bottom of the UI. It took some squinting, but what I understand that to say, is a measurement of hertz and megahertz.

This EXCITED me.

First thing I could relate this sort of technology to was the JETT from Hot Octopuss.  JETT utilises 2 bullets, one treble & one bass, to “Find your Frequency” and utilise the impressive sonic capabilities of treble & bass to bring you to a, supposedly, hands free orgasm!

ARCWAVE toy seems a little different

On the screen, we can see three dots – and while the UI towards the bottom only shows MED (medium) and HIGH (I don’t need to explain this one, either).  We can safely assume there’s also a LOW (I think I use parenthesis too much), as well, taking the technology of Hot Octopuss a step further.

The other interesting thing about this shot? 

Just a few frames later, the app is interacted with, and seemingly corresponding lights reflect an increase in power.

Instant connectivity from phone to toy?

How very We-Vibe of you, ARCWAVE! What intrigues me most about this is the fact that the JETT is just a cock ring.

They market it as a “Guybrator”.  But it’s also a ring that fits around a penis and vibrates. Sounds quite cock-ring-y to me. The ARCWAVE toy, however, seems like a fully fledged masturbator utilising some pretty phenomenal technology. I’m excited, that’s for sure. 

Phone connectivity begs a few questions

To what extent did they develop this?  We-Vibes have become notorious for connecting long-distance couples, with their worldwide app connectability, but is ARCWAVE going to do the same?

If these are masturbators that aren’t under the We-Vibe name, will they be compatible with the We-Vibe app so that partners from across the world can both experience their toys to the fullest?

Assumedly not, which might be a misstep in connecting the WOW Tech Ecosystem. And similarly, toys prior to the We-Vibe Chorus had some pretty shoddy phone connectivity. Both the Chorus and the ARCWAVE line were announced in October 2019.  While the Chorus was released only months later, the We-Vibe wand was released at the same time, and doesn’t feature the upgraded phone connection through ANKORLINK. 

Will the ARCWAVE line include this improved connection? Only time will tell.

ARCWAVE Trailer continues

As the trailer continues, there are some more vague product shots that unfortunately don’t give us any ideas as to what to expect.  But there are some general hints here and there.

At the 0:33 mark, we’re given a splitscreen of smashed ice and fire.  My speculative eye makes me think we’re getting some sort of temperature play toy in this line.  That’s pretty damn impressive. We’ve seen plenty of heating toys – they’re pretty common.  But toys that can cool themselves? That’s new!

Obviously cooling lube exists, but built right into the toy? That’s going to be a sight to behold. Now, this shot could very well just be stock footage ARCWAVE threw in to make this trailer seem wicked.  As that’s seemingly most of the trailer.  But I’d hope a few hints were dropped throughout the video to reward those with a keen eye (or maybe just too much time on their hands). 

ARCWAVE masturbator
Masturbators & Strokers Information

A Look at Masturbators in this Line

At 0:40, we’re given a look at what seems like one of the masturbators in this line.

This one, in particular, reminds me of a KIIROO toy. For those unaware, KIIROO is a company that specialises in long distance toys and teledildonics. I wrote about their Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 in a past article, and while there was a bit to be desired with those toys, they definitely had the right idea.

Those toys could be connected to videos, partners, and animations, and synced up the action on the video to the action on your bits. Similarly, SenseMax’s SenseTube also forayed into the digital/physical masturbator realm, with questionable success levels, but A+ for effort.

Is there going to be a similar theme with long distance Toy2Toy pairing?

In the past, We-Vibe toy connectivity has been app only, meaning partners could control eachothers toy with a simultaneous app connection.  But no feedback from the toy could be send to the other toy, unlike the KIIROO line.

With the addition of Chorus’s TouchSense, allowing for intra-toy feedback, could we see something expanded in the ARCWAVE line?

Something to note is the heavy water imagery in the trailer.

Waterproofing is usually a given with WOW Tech, as every toy currently in their lines is waterproof.  But could we see something like the PDX Hydrobater? For those unaware, the Hydrobater is used underwater, and rushes water past the penis, as if Poseidon himself was getting down & dirty with humans.

By all accounts, the Hydrobater is phenomenal.  Something out of left field like that definitely wouldn’t be out of the question for a company known for taking a chance that pays its dividends tenfold.

A few smaller things I noticed that didn’t deserve a full paragraph

  • There seems to be what looks like speaker holes/meshing on the base (or top?) of one (or some) of the toys in the line. Could they be taking a page from Svakom’s book and including sounds built into the toy?
  • Although it makes sense to include imagery of scantily clad women in the ad, would this also imply that inter-toy connectivity we desired?
  • A lot of the imagery seems to be derived from Hot Octopuss, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of similarities between lines. The Hot Octopuss Pulse line of “Guybrators” has been doing phenomenally. Do we see a similar toy here?
  • The toy was announced in October 2019, with an early 2020 release expected. As this article is released, it’s September 2020, and the website has remained seemingly untouched since the release trailer was dropped. Should we expect a 2021 release instead?

Final Thoughts

ARCWAVE seems incredibly promising.  I’m excited, and I’m sure everyone else who has been a fan of WOW Tech toys would be too.  But due to the seemingly heavy delays, and lack of updates throughout a whole year, I worry about the release of this line.

I’m yet to be disappointed by WOW Tech, and while weary, I’m still hopeful that this will genuinely be a revolution in the male sex toy world.  Here’s to hoping the ARCWAVE line is released soon, and exceeds every expectation we could ever have! 

Check out our article about ARCWAVE Ion to find out what all the excitement was actually about.

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