ARCWAVE – Why You Should Be Excited

arc wave

We-Vibe is an ever popular name in the sex toy industry. A leader in teledildonics, which unfortunately isn’t telepathically controlled sex machines, but rather wireless connections to partners wherever you may be, We-Vibe has lead the charge with some industry breaking toys. From the original “We-Vibe” (yep, the toy was just the companies name) to their best selling & award winning We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe and WOW Tech, the parent company of We-Vibe, have been doing some pretty phenomenal things when it comes to the wonderful world of sex toys. However, on the WOW Tech website, an interesting new character has appeared. Should you find yourself on the company website, give the “Brands” page a look, and discover a brand new sleek logo & website under the name “ARCWAVE” down the very bottom of the list. The website, although only containing a teaser trailer for a line of four toys, is incredibly intriguing; what could these toys be? How much will these toys utilise their already phenomenal technology? Let’s discuss a few places these toys may be going, and get our foot in the door with what might be the highest quality male toys to hit the market in a long time.


In the 1:17 long teaser trailer ARCWAVE has released, very little information was actually given about what the toys could be. WOW Tech are known for their groundbreaking & trendsetting technology: AirPleasure from Womanizer, setting the market for wearables with We-Vibe, incredible phone connectivity, are just some of their industry leading innovations. The first few lines of the trailer are:


“Here’s to the men. It’s time for a cultural change. ARCWAVE leads the way, and redefines a whole category.”


From just the first 15 seconds, we’ve got a fair bit of information. These toys are for the people with penises. Not everybody that has a penis is a man, so I’ll generalise this audience as penis-havers, or PH’s. This will be the first line from WOW Tech accommodating just men; We-Vibe is mostly gender neutral – with cockrings, g-spot vibrators, bullets, plugs, prostate massagers, clit toys, the works. Womanizer is vaginally centred, with their toys only accommodating for VH’s (surely I don’t need to explain this one). ARCWAVE will most likely be the Womanizer equivalent for PH’s, which in of itself is an incredibly promising idea. Womanizer has garnered some pretty incredible reviews over the years, and selling Womanizer toys has made me pretty envious of some of the responses we’ve been getting from these toys. “Cultural change” probably refers to the stigma around male sex toys – Fleshlights and masturbators are still perceived as pretty crude – and to be totally fair, a lot of them are. A lot of toy descriptions are pretty poor when it comes to the whole “treating women like real people” side of things, and innovations from a leading company would definitely put masturbators on a lot more peoples maps. Sleek, sexy, subtle designs? Masturbators marketed like luxury cars? Perfect for breaking down pre-conceived notions about sex toys. “Redefines a whole category”? We’ll see!


The trailer continues.


“It’s about adding a new spark to men’s masturbation and making smart devices a natural part of our sexual lives.”


While the products will speak for the “new spark” side of things, “making smart devices a natural part of our sexual lives” is what WOW Tech has been doing best. I’ll try to avoid pumping the tyres of WOW Tech too much – they don’t pay me (yet?) – but they’re some of the highest quality sex toys on the market, and they’re already some pretty smart devices. During this line, however, we catch our first glimpse at an actual product shot. At the 0:23 mark, we’re greeted by an app; the ARCWAVE logo sitting at the top of the app interface. 

We see 3 dots (we’ll come back to them), and some text towards the bottom of the UI. It took some squinting, but what I understand that to say, is a measurement of hertz and megahertz. This EXCITED me. The first thing I could relate this sort of technology to was the JETT from Hot Octopuss. The JETT utilises 2 bullets, one treble & one bass, to “Find your Frequency” and utilise the impressive sonic capabilities of treble & bass to bring you to a, supposedly, hands free orgasm! The ARCWAVE toy seems a little different, however. On the screen, we can see three dots – and while the UI towards the bottom only shows MED (medium) and HIGH (I don’t need to explain this one, either), we can safely assume there’s also a LOW (I think I use parenthesis too much), as well, taking the technology of Hot Octopuss a step further. The other interesting thing about this shot? 

Just a few frames later, the app is interacted with, and seemingly corresponding lights reflect an increase in power. Instant connectivity from phone to toy? How very We-Vibe of you, ARCWAVE! What intrigues me most about this is the fact that the JETT is just a cock ring. They market it as a “Guybrator”, but it’s also a ring that fits around a penis and vibrates. Sounds quite cock-ring-y to me. The ARCWAVE toy, however, seems like a fully fledged masturbator utilising some pretty phenomenal technology. I’m excited, that’s for sure. 


The phone connectivity begs a few questions, however. To what extent did they develop this? We-Vibes have become notorious for connecting long-distance couples, with their worldwide app connectability, but is ARCWAVE going to do the same? If these are masturbators that aren’t under the We-Vibe name, will they be compatible with the We-Vibe app so that partners from across the world can both experience their toys to the fullest? Assumedly not, which might be a misstep in connecting the WOW Tech Ecosystem. And similarly, toys prior to the We-Vibe Chorus had some pretty shoddy phone connectivity. Both the Chorus and the ARCWAVE line were announced in October 2019, and while the Chorus was released only months later, the We-Vibe wand was released at the same time, and doesn’t feature the upgraded phone connection through ANKORLINK. Will the ARCWAVE line include this improved connection? Only time will tell.


As the trailer continues, there are some more vague product shots that unfortunately don’t give us any ideas as to what to expect, but there are some general hints here and there. At the 0:33 mark, we’re given a splitscreen of smashed ice and fire. My speculative eye makes me think we’re getting some sort of temperature play toy in this line, and that’s pretty damn impressive. We’ve seen plenty of heating toys – they’re pretty common – but toys that can cool themselves? That’s new! Obviously cooling lube exists, but built right into the toy? That’s going to be a sight to behold. Now, this shot could very well just be stock footage ARCWAVE threw in to make this trailer seem wicked, as that’s seemingly most of the trailer, but I’d hope a few hints were dropped throughout the video to reward those with a keen eye (or maybe just too much time on their hands). 


At 0:40, we’re given a look at what seems like one of the masturbators in this line. This one, in particular, reminds me of a KIIROO toy. For those unaware, KIIROO is a company that specialises in long distance toys and teledildonics. I wrote about their Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 in a past article, and while there was a bit to be desired with those toys, they definitely had the right idea. Those toys could be connected to videos, partners, and animations, and synced up the action on the video to the action on your bits. Similarly, SenseMax’s SenseTube also forayed into the digital/physical masturbator realm, with questionable success levels, but A+ for effort. Is there going to be a similar theme with long distance Toy2Toy pairing? In the past, We-Vibe toy connectivity has been app only, meaning partners could control eachothers toy with a simultaneous app connection, but no feedback from the toy could be send to the other toy, unlike the KIIROO line. But with the addition of Chorus’s TouchSense, allowing for intra-toy feedback, could we see something expanded in the ARCWAVE line?


Something to note is the heavy water imagery in the trailer. Waterproofing is usually a given with WOW Tech, as every toy currently in their lines is waterproof, but could we see something like the PDX Hydrobater? For those unaware, the Hydrobater is used underwater, and rushes water past the penis, as if Poseidon himself was getting down & dirty with humans. By all accounts, the Hydrobater is phenomenal, and something out of left field like that definitely wouldn’t be out of the question for a company known for taking a chance that pays its dividends tenfold.


A few smaller things I noticed that didn’t deserve a full paragraph would be:

  • There seems to be what looks like speaker holes/meshing on the base (or top?) of one (or some) of the toys in the line. Could they be taking a page from Svakom’s book and including sounds built into the toy?
  • Although it makes sense to include imagery of scantily clad women in the ad, would this also imply that inter-toy connectivity we desired?
  • A lot of the imagery seems to be derived from Hot Octopuss, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of similarities between lines. The Hot Octopuss Pulse line of “Guybrators” has been doing phenomenally. Do we see a similar toy here?
  • The toy was announced in October 2019, with an early 2020 release expected. As this article is released, it’s September 2020, and the website has remained seemingly untouched since the release trailer was dropped. Should we expect a 2021 release instead?


In conclusion, Lovsense ARCWAVE seems incredibly promising. I’m excited, and I’m sure everyone else who has been a fan of WOW Tech toys would be too, but due to the seemingly heavy delays, and lack of updates throughout a whole year, I worry about the release of this line. However, I’m yet to be disappointed by WOW Tech, and while weary, I’m still hopeful that this will genuinely be a revolution in the male sex toy world. Here’s to hoping the ARCWAVE line is released soon, and exceeds every expectation we could ever have!  We will be the first to have them on board at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Ask Oz – I Can’t Orgasm!

relationship advice

Oz answers your sexual health and relationship questions.


Hi Oz, I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven years, since we were sixteen. He was my first and only, but I’m struggling to orgasm during sex. I do have a contraceptive implant, which my boyfriend wants me to get rid of, does that affect things? The little cheap bullet I have is no longer doing it for me either. It’s also been tricky to hold it in place during missionary. Then not long after I bring out the bullet, my boyfriend comes and it’s all over. What do you suggest I try? – DD


Hi DD, thanks for your email.

There’s a lot here for me to answer, but I’ll see if I can get through all this. First of all, I’m getting the feeling you two only ever do missionary position, and having gotten together quite young, and perhaps are each others only so far, this is the most common position. However, it certainly isn’t the best, especially for women.

The Cowgirl position could be of great help for you, as you get to control the pace and depth of penetration. In this position, you both get to still maintain eye contact, while also enjoying seeing each other’s bodies. This position will also make it significantly easier to apply a toy to your clit, which I’m assuming is what gets you off, since your bullet used to do that.

In missionary, with your bodies together, it sounds like the vibrations of your bullet are exciting your boyfriend and getting him to come sooner. Perhaps a toy like a Womanizer might be better suited to you, as it is a clit ‘sucking’ toy that doesn’t actually vibrate, this may hopefully level the playing field by being possibly the best external toy for a woman, and not adding extra stimulation to your boyfriend.

Alternatively, there are a few things your partner can do to slow down. Using a desentizing delay gel or spray would be the most obvious way to go. Trying something like Over Time by Wicked would be my suggestion. Once he has rubbed this white cream onto his penis, after a few minutes the cream will turn translucent, which means that firstly it has absorbed into his skin and desensitized him, but it also means that the cream won’t be transferred onto you.

It’s also good to understand that sex most definitely isn’t defined by penetration. Foreplay is a fantastic way to raise excitement, and typically an easier way for women to orgasm than during penetrative sex.

Edit: DD emailed me back in regards to this part of my reply and explained that she has previously orgasmed before intercourse, but then doesn’t feel like having penetrative sex.

All very normal, however I’d like to once again ask you to challenge your ideas of sex. Your initial email clearly puts forward that as soon as your boyfriend comes, that’s the end of the line. What if I told you that what is good for the gander is also good for the goose? Inequality is rampant in the bedroom, and if you orgasm during foreplay and don’t want to continue, that is fine. After all, that is entirely what your email was about, that only one partner has been reaching orgasm.

But you don’t have to just listen to my advice. I think esteemed sexologist Chantelle Otten summed it up perfectly in this other article: “Sex is an expansive term. If you want to learn how to have sex, you need to ditch the rule that sex is about penetration or orgasm. Successful sex is about variation, pleasure and sensation. People have sex in different ways depending on their capabilities and goals. I.e. Sex for heterosexual couples is different than same-sex couples. Sex for people with physical disabilities is different for those who don’t have a disability. But it is still sex! Take expectations and dated education, put them in the bin, and make your own rules about having fun and achieving intimacy.”



Am I A Cheat

I am a little perplexed, there is a question I have been wondering about for a little while now!

if your partner pays for sex does that still count as cheating?

Or is it just a service they are paying for? and on the flip side to that

What do people define as cheating?

Most people would either have a hard yes, or hard no view, but here I am confused… as someone who has been cheated on/ have had their significant other have multiple relationships with other girls during our own relationship, I don’t know what I would rather? (to clear this question up we were in an exclusive relationship or, so I was told we were at least)

How To Cheat
Cheating Methods

Obviously, neither would be option one, but I do wonder how I would have felt if I found out that he paid for sex rather than go off with someone we both knew and be involved with not only sex but an emotional connection as well. Cheating is such a fluid term with a different meaning to everyone, to some cheating is looking in the direction of someone other than their partner while others feel flirting is fine and only sex is cheating some even have told me that the only cheating act is having sex and if there is no penis- vagina penetration that is not cheating (oral or fingering is not classed as cheating).

What about the use of toys?

If you partner is hiding the fact they use toys is that cheating? There were often times within my old relationship that he would reject sex because he was “busy” so I would go out shopping or to work and would return home to him butt naked on the lounge asleep with toy in hand. I wondered why that hurt me to see, was it because he rejected me but clearly was in the mood? Was I not good enough? Was he not attracted to me? Is that cheating?

Is cheating within a relationship just about sex? Or is it hiding something from your significant other. I asked a friend of mine what she thought cheating was she replied with “cheating is having bad intentions” which makes sense, if your hiding something from your significant other because you know it will hurt them in any way that is defined as cheating.

I’m not talking about the differences between emotional cheating and physical cheating I am talking about doing something and hiding it from your partner that would ultimately hurt them in one way or another be it physical or emotional.

You often here that its “just boys being boys” or “it’s just for sex nothing more nothing less”, and when those phrases are uttered it becomes a normality it becomes something that we must forgive because it’s just how society works. It’s what makes married couples with children forgive the cheating spouse, it makes girlfriends and boyfriends not breakup because you’re not fully committed and married yet, it seems that there is an excuse for every stage of commitment and why someone who cheated should be forgiven.

Sex tends to be a lot more emotional for most women and with men it’s more of a simple transaction that feels good. What we need to understand is how cheating is defined for ourselves but also with our significant others to find out boundaries early on, a few studies have been done on this topic and the percentages of the population and their thoughts.

According to women sex as sex is still classed as an affair it doesn’t matter if there is an emotional connection or not or weather is was paid for or not.
35% of women feel it’s worse for their significant other to have sex with a prostitute
34% of women feel it’s worse for their significant other to have a romantic extrametrical affair
27% say both are equally as bad as each other.

After speaking to a few male friends, I have also concluded that most men see multiple types of women; the marrying kind, and the friends with benefits kind. They see the women who are kind, caring, loving and nurturing to be the relationship kind with the potential to be the marrying kind and the mothers of their children, then they see some women who the only desired quality is to sleep with them nothing more nothing less.

But what if your partner chose you as his marrying kind but is also paying for sex while with you to get his fix, is that a deal breaker? And if he has paid for it before being a relationship does that mean he will continue to once he is married, is it cheating? Or is it a way to get sex on the side without harming the relationship.

In the beginning of this article I wondered this myself, would I have been less hurt if my old partner paid for sex rather than having sex with someone he knew, does making it a business transaction make it any better or any less hurtful? Is emotionless sex better then sex with emotions attached? I feel it doesn’t matter paid for or not, it is hurtful and damaging to my relationship and I wouldn’t want it done at all, but it’s up to you to decide what your limits are and what you and your partner define as cheating for your own circumstances.

My opinion is that if your significant other is hiding something from you; that is cheating, be it messaging, talking, a sexual act, sex or anything in-between.

Have a think about what cheating is to you and your partner and what your limits are.

Good luck x

Morgan x

Vlog Interview with Tony Tse – Womanizer

Tony Tse Corva Technology

The Adultsmart Vlog was lucky enough to interview Tony Tse the director of Corva Technology Ltd the manufacturer of the best-selling woman’s sex toy the Womanizer.

If you have not heard about the innovative womanizer why not read some of these reviews –

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The Womanizer Reviewed

Tony Tse talks candidly about this exceptional product, the companies goals and new products that will appear in the marketplace very soon.


Check out these womanizer clips  –

How about more information on the Womanizer Pro

or the womanizer

This Womanizer Keeps You Cumming!

clit sucking womanizer

I don’t know why it took too much time for me to unpack this sex toy but it has been weeks since the first time that I saw its package and price tag on it. It was unbelievable, the Womanizer was the second or the third one in our shop in price scale and its performance was an enigma until I take it out of its package!!! Before starting off, I need to express my complaint about the name. The definition of a Womanizer is usually thought of as a playboy who has got a number of girls he is ‘playing’ at the same time. The guy that is really attractive and driving that really nice car but is as shallow as Hal on a bad night. Imagine my surprise when the Womanizer in question was not that guy that everyone regrets but has experience – no it was an innovative ladies sex toy designed by the Master producers, German designed and made. It won’t make you extremely upset or suck out your spirit. It will suck your clitoris, yet we’ll get to that later!

One of the first things you see on the Womanizer box is the announcement “100% Lust & Gutes Gefuhl” (generally deciphered: “100% desire & positive sentiments”). I had yet to see a vibrator with a 100% delight ensured, which made me suspicious if the statement could be delivered on. That is to say, if a manufacturer can promise climaxes, why wouldn’t each lady purchase this item? What’s more given that it truly works, would any lady go out and risk meeting some other type of womanizer anymore? Is this the end of ladies being taken advantage of by unsavory men but now being totally satisfied by their namesake?

After unpacking, you will see something like that in the photo above, a storage case which is really nice and durable, user manual both in English and German, USB charge cable and 1 spare cap. When it comes to toy itself, I totally agree with you on its shape being unusual for an adult toy, rather like an ear thermometer. While the shaft is made from plastic, its cap is made from body-safe silicone which are non–porous, latex free, phthalate free. Unfortunately, the toy is not waterproof, however, feel free to clean the plastic by wiping down with alcohol and it is easy to clean the removable silicone head by boiling or cleaning with a 10% bleach solution. The Womanizer is rechargeable, it takes 3 hours to be fully charged and this gives 5 hours of play thanks to its lithium-ion battery.

The toy is 6.5″ long and the handle is 5.5″ in circumference. There are 8 different models of the toy including unusual combination of colors. Therefore, the toy may not seem appealing at first glance. There is a jewellery on the middle of the shaft which enables you to adjust the intensity among 6 different levels. To turn the toy on, simply press the silver button on the shaft and you’ll see a red light glowing from the base of the suction cup, then hold down for 3 seconds to turn it off. You can only increase the level of intensity. You should start all over again at the first level by hitting the silver button if you want to decrease the intensity which is not that hard, therefore, I would prefer to take this as a reflection of progressive nature of Germans, instead of a downside to the sex toy.


The Womanizer Sex Toy Clitorla Sucker
Sex Toy: The Womanizer


First of all, this toy is completely different from anything else on the market so it is impossible to compare it to any other vibrator. Actually, it truly isn’t a vibrator by any means. This is completely a new and unique technology named “Pleasure air technology”.  The Womanizer is a one of a kind roundabout clitoral sucker that vibrates. What’s more, by one of a kind, I mean the accurate sort of clitoral incitement that ladies require (and crave) to accomplish climax, on the grounds that the Womanizer doesn’t really vibrate your clitoris but sucks around it. You will feel it blowing air when you hold it in the closest position to either your ear or your mouth. Therefore, I highly recommend this toy to women who like point sensations and suction during oral sex.

Huh? You’re considering that are you not. No contact? Give me a chance to clarify. Ladies are used to direct vibration or manipulation to the clitoris, particularly in those early phases of foreplay, which is the reason I encourage men to not go specifically for the clitoris until their lover has had sufficient time to warm up. Rather than giving direct incitement to the clitoris, as most vibrators tend to do, the Womanizer has a sucking tip that places as much or as meager pressure on your affection to your treasured clit as you desire. It has five distinctive power settings, giving you a chance to control the measure of suction for a superbly customized experience.

Not at all like other sex toys you may have experienced, the Womanizer is really easy to use and feels really good. You don’t need to push against it, mount it, or give yourself a dead arm attempting to get off with it. You just lie back with your legs open, adjust the oval opening of the silicone head with your clitoris, hit the force you want and sit tight for the enchantment that will entail. You may need to apply some light pressure at first to make sure that your clitoris is completely “assimilated” into the gadget, yet once you locate the ideal position for it, get prepared for firecrackers!

The Womanizer gives a totally new and distinctive sort of incitement, equivalent to accepting oral sex from a gifted lover. At a lower force, it feels like tender kisses against your clitoris; as you increase the force, it begins to feel more like a firm sucking. I generally like force and power when I get a sex toy, I wrench it up to greatest velocity to see what it’s capable of, however I just made it to level 2 (out of 5!) with the Womanizer before I was thumping out various O’s and yelling expletives in the nicest possible way. I was inspired with how rapidly and effortlessly this toy had the capacity to get me turned on, while being so tender and not meddlesome. From the moment I hit that power catch, I was IN. A number of climaxes later, I knew I was snared.

In case you’re searching for a delightful item that is compelling and effective, The Womanizer should be added to your sex toy goodie drawer. It has one objective and one objective specifically, to give you extraordinary and fast climaxes, which it does stunningly. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t climax the first occasion, you will even now appreciate the pleasurable sucking sensations! I would give this a thumbs up rating for this toy to any on-the-go, climax cherishing women, or truly anybody with a clitoris and 15 minutes to kill. 100% desire and nice sentiments, guaranteed!

I know that most people usually decide whether a toy works for them or not when they see it or they purchase a toy just to make sure that it works for them and then, they’ll throw it away after 1-2 uses if they don’t get the joy they expected. However, the case is not like this in the Womanizer. Since it is an exceptional toy, you should be patient during your trials. I can admit that it is not easy to have great orgasms at your first use. However, I promise that you’ll see fireworks in the end if you don’t give up. Simply lie back and open your legs, align the silicone head with your clitoris and push the power button. You don’t have to grind or thrust against your clitoris, just make sure that you apply little pressure so that your clitoris is perfectly absorbed into the oval opening. Once you find the best position for yourself, ready to be surprised because you are not going to spend much time to reach climax. Besides, you can have multiple orgasms one after the other if you like. You will be shocked when you see the change in you with this toy, just give it a go!



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