5 Ways To Tease Your Partner In Bed

The best way to add a little spiciness to your sex life and increase sexual tension is to be playful with your partner and tease your partner.  To be playful, you need to take the initiative and use the power of seduction by teasing them in various ways.

Teasing is all about amping up the atmosphere so that you become an unattainable object of desire.  This will end up in passion between you and your partner.

It is a way of foreplay that builds a closer relationship and intimate bonding and a happier sex life.

Does it sound like the kind of relationship that you and your partner want to have?

If you want to use teasing as your secret weapon, get inspired on how to start!

Tease Your Partner in Bed With These Tips

1.  Foreplay Starts Outside of the Bedroom

One way to spice things up is to show your partner that you are in a flirty mood before you end up in the bedroom.  Try sexting and teasing your partner through the messages.

So when they stand at the door, the only thing they’d want to do would be to pounce on you.

Start flirting even during a casual kitchen conversation.  Showing interest by the sheer body language or mimics can be an incredible turn-on for both of you.

You can do foreplay in a slightly roundabout way, like a true flirting professional. Using euphemisms, innuendos, and suggestive remarks can add even more chemistry between you!

2.  Use Sex Toys

You can find plenty of types of sex toys that can not only enrich your sex life but can also be a great way to initiate foreplay.

You can find a wide variety of toys on the internet.  Starting with realistic sex dolls and ending with handcuffs, flavored lubes, or remote-controlled vibrators that plenty of couples claim to use regularly in bed.

Vibrators are a great way to try something new in your sex life.

They can be used during oral sex or intercourse.  But you can also play with them on your own to tease your partner and set the right atmosphere.

tease your partner with cock rings

3.  Talk About It

Communication is the key to success. If you want to have a happy sex life, you should be able to openly talk about physical intimacy with your partner.

Discussing boundaries is crucial in a healthy relationship and directing the other person towards the kind of stimulation that you like the most. It should never be embarrassing for you to talk about sex candidly.

As it gives you nothing beyond greater satisfaction and a stronger bond. But you can also use the power of words when you’re flirting and want to seduce your partner.

Have you ever had a wild dream about your partner?

Or maybe you fantasize about things your partner would do to you? Tell them about it!  A happy sex life should be free of judgment and be all about common understanding.

4.  Use Eye Contact

Eyes are one of the most seductive parts of your body.

Sometimes one long glance deep in the eyes can do more than simply stripping in front of the other person.  You can do that unexpectedly, smile in a flirty way and be sure that the tension between the two of you would rise.

5.  Discover The Sensitive Body Parts

We all have points on our bodies that are much more sensitive to touch than the others.  You can discover those places on your partner’s body map, which can be an intimate experience from which the both of you can benefit.

After all, it’s going to turn you on even more while seeing their reactions and shivers all over the body.

For most people, the erogenous zones are the back of the neck and spine.

Be delicate, and touch your partner there with slow moves.

Touch their wrist and head, and see which parts evoke the strongest reactions. All of the places where the nerves are allocated can give them better sensations.

You might not even know where your own sensitive body parts are.  So it’s a great way to understand your body better and have even better sexual experiences.

Final Thoughts

One of the secrets to a happy long lasting relationships is keeping it active and fun.

Teasing is one of the best ways to do so.  It builds an attraction between two people, increases mutual desire and makes your relationship more spontaneous.

Also it’s much more than just luring your partner into the bedroom.  It’s about the emotions and tensions between a couple, even in a long-term relationship.

Remember that those tips are only an inspiration

Each person has their own turn-ons.  Not everybody is a fan of sex toys, so don’t feel rejected if your partner doesn’t find it playful.

Use your imagination.

You know best what your partner appreciates the most in you and what made them fall in love with you.

tease your partner
Women with Lace Mask

Ultimate Handcuffs Guide

It was around 1988, and I was 18 I had my first real boyfriend.

Not one of those ones you just make out with now and again when you have had a few too many cocktails.  By cocktails, I mean what ever you managed to siphon off from your parents drink cabinet with out them noticing.

We had been together for about 6 months and had been sleeping together for about 4 of them.   Which was an enormous amount of time at that age.

I had thought our sex life was  pretty outrageous

With sex in public places and blow jobs while driving. But he wanted to try more and more things.

Looking back I was actually quite a prude in those days I turned my nose up at anal, I was too insecure to even watch porn with him.  But I was quite excited when one day he happened upon something that peaked my interest.

He suggested we go and buy some Handcuffs together

If you were expecting to hear about our erotic encounter involving these, you will be disappointed.

As I most certainly was.  There is no tale.

I merely want to make a few suggestions regarding Handcuffs so that others don’t fall into the same trap we did when using these restraints.

Like most couples we purchased a pair of swing cuffs.  You know, the ones you see in police shows and cowboy sets.  These have a bow and teeth that slide through double metal one way.  They tighten until either you lock them  or your wrist is in the way and they can come with double locks, like real police ones have.

These ones didn’t.

So piece of advice number one, get ones with a double lock!

Because if there is ANY added pressure on the cuffs, like say a part of your partners body, or a hard surface, they will continue to tighten and tighten and tighten.

A double lock prevents this from happening.

If it does happen then you will need to unlock it.  I don’t need to tell you what a buzz kill that is, and potentially dangerous too as tight metal cuffs could easily restrict your blood flow and be dangerous.

So, for god’s sake, take the time to separate the keys and put one some where extra safe.

tease your partner with Bondage and Fetish Australia
BUY NOW: Hells Couture Handcuffs

We fortunately had the key

Just so you know, nearly all sets of handcuffs come with the same keys.  In fact handcuff locks are incredibly easy to pick.  Google it.  That is a good thing too because most people forget how uncomfortable metal can be when its pushed against you.

Metal cuffs bruise and cut really easily.

Fortunately most play cuffs from an adult store have a quick release catch and don’t even need keys.  If it is for something a bit more hard core and you want the real deal, you can pay more money and get metal cuffs with smoother edges and wider cuffs.

Bear the nature of the material in mind when choosing metal ones.

Don’t be fooled by thinking the fluffy covered ones will be more comfortable either.  You won’t be saying that when the material slips around and gets jammed in the quick release lock.


Don’t forget to consider what it is in your mind that you want to do with them.  That might seem obvious.

But when you get them home only to discover your bed doesn’t really have any where to attach them to.

And that there is absolutely nothing at all in the entire room except a wooden chair. Which one of you has to stay seated on in order for it to stay put.

And said chair falls, squashing people and chairs and cuffs that suddenly tighten.  I am not saying any of this happened to me. Well, you really need to make sure the Handcuffs you choose are fit for purpose.

tease your partner Painful Bondage Cuffs
Sex Toy: Handcore Metal

Types of Handcuffs Available

  • Metal Handcuffs

In reality, not many people use this type of metal Handcuff more than once if it is their first pair  but so many people buy them.  If it is metal Handcuffs you want though, there are other types.

Chain Handcuffs, wrist restraints attached together with a length of chain allow much more movement.  You can purchase the wrist bands on their own with the attachment then choose your own length of chain.

A chain makes putting the cuffs on so much easier for your “captor” too.

  • Leather Handcuffs

These are much gentler and I love that the material has all the aesthetic connotations of something kinky.

The only thing is they are not as secure and even when they are on snugly, the material has give in it..  A bit of advice though, the ones lined in cloth or fur may look great and  may perfectly match the flogger you have bought.

But they are really hard to clean.  Leather needs to be cleaned with leather cleaner and will be ruined by the wash that the fabric requires.  And leather on leather is a better bet if you are going to be using them often.

  • Velcro Handcuffs

Personally, had they had them in the 80s I would have got velcro ones for my first time with my guy.

Industrial strength velcro is surprisingly hard to escape from.  A lot harder than the quick release on most play cuffs.  And it is just so safe and comfortable.

Sportsheets lead the way when it comes to velcro restraints for beginners.   Ouch, Fetish and Hells couture have everything else in the way of cuffs covered.

  • Furry Handcuffs

The idea of taking and relinquishing control using Handcuffs is incredibly erotic.

Discussions beforehand as a couple can be even more of a build up.  You can tie each other up with lots of ordinary every day things.  But there is something incredibly thrilling about purchasing real “hardware” for the purpose.

It takes the whole erotic idea to another level.

Just make sure you purchase the right ones for what ever your imagination has dreamed up.  A furry cuff is a type of Handcuffs, covered with soft fur, used in sexual bondage situation.

So this is also known as bondage cuff.  Bondage cuffs may be made of leathers or fake furs.  But furry Handcuffs are more attractive than leather cuffs.  Fur, used may be of different colors like purple, red, blue, and green

  • Bondage Handcuffs

These are also used to join the ankles or wrists.  After joining the ankles or wrists, the cuffs can be attached to other objects like D-ring, nylon webbing, restraining straps or chains.

Cuffs can also be used to suspend a body.  They are fastened in the ankles or wrists by locking mechanisms. Materials that are used to make these bondage cuffs are so chosen that give comfort.

Loops are joined with the cuffs so that these can be attached with other objects. These loops are chosen so strong that can hold the weight of a body. Leg spreaders can also be attached with these cuffs.

Bondage Handcuffs are safer than handcuffs. Handcuffs are used to prevent escape. So to design the handcuffs, comfort is not given priority.  But the bondage cuffs are so designed that give comfort and reduce nerve pressures.

  • Fur Bondage Handcuffs

So fur is the best material to make bondage Handcuff, because its softness gives comfort and reduces the tightness.  Loops that are used to join other objects with the cuffs, are not so strong in the ordinary Handcuffs.

But for suspension of a body, these hold the weight of a body.  So for suspension, loops are made stronger than the ordinary one.

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