Tenga Has Your Key To Powerful Erections

Any females, males or couples out there looking for a versatile little vibration sex toy?  Well I have just that for you.  Introducing the amazing Tenga Smart Vibe.  A number 1 couples sex toy and the key to powerful erections.

Believe it or not, this beautifully compact little sex toy lets the wearer (in most cases the male) to last longer whilst enjoying a different sensation of massaging motions on his shaft and testicles.  Greatly intensifying his orgasm.

At the same time the powerful vibrator is designed to give maximum stimulation to the clitoris in a way he can’t.

Do you hear me ladies?

Hands Free Powerful Erections and Clitoral Stimulation!!

It is very silent but so powerful.

What most women don’t know is we can get a two for one whilst the man of the house is not home.  We could simply satisfy ourselves using it just like a finger bullet.

But if you really wants to wait for him you can.  I know I’m not.

powerful erections sex toys
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What’s Included

It comes with a cute little travel/storage container for safe keeping along with an easy USB charger cord that you can plug in anywhere .

powerful erections with cock rings
Tenga Vibrating Cock Ring On Hand

Meet the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

Which colour is for you??? Black, White and Dark Red

Don’t be fooled by the small ring, this baby will stretch over anyone’s dick.

How To Use The Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

Simply place ring over shaft of penis either the bullet facing up for pleasure for both women (on clitoris or man on shaft).  Or twist around for the great sensation on the testicles.

For the ladies out there not wanting to wait for their man simply hold Tenga on your fingers turn the vibration on and go for it girl.

Wrap it around your fingers like so and hold it down there for extra stimulation.

powerful erections cock ring
Tenga Cock Ring For Clitoral Stimulation

Features of the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

  • 5 speeds with 2 different patterns from an easy-peasy switch of a button from either of partner.
  • These vibrations keeps thing interesting if you know what I mean.
  • It is made out of pure silicone.
  • No latex in it whatsoever.
  • 100% waterproof and submersible which means it can operate underwater which means BATH TIME everyone!

This product as seen amazing reviews from other users (see below)

“Wow! What can we say.. Our favourite couple’s toy. Revolutionary, compact, super quiet, sexy, orgasmic, heaven…. The list is endless. Not one complaint, only love when it comes to this couples sex toy. Let’s give you some quotes from friends to highlight its amazingness.” ~ Sal & Jack

“I literally fell off the bed, holy sh!t amazing!”

“Ok this thing is incredible, I’m telling everyone even Mum.”

“I thought I was over sex food good. Not anymore.”

“So silent. Kids next door no dramas.”

“Perfect for holidays. How cute is the little box it comes in”

Company Information About Tenga

Tenga is a Japanese adult lifestyle company who make a large range of products including men’s masturbators, personal lubricants, women’s vibrators and multipurpose sex toys.

They are well known for using high quality materials that are body safe and phthalate free which is one of the reasons why Tenga products are so popular.

Tenga take amazing pride in the design and functionality of their products.

When you buy a Tenga product you know you are purchasing something which will delivery incredible amounts of pleasure.

Tenga has won an incredible amount of awards from the Red Dot Award for Product Design to the Good Design Award from the Japanese Industrial Design Promotion Organisation.

Information About Cock Rings

For more information, read our cock ring guide.  This guide will teach you about what cock rings are and how to choose a perfect cock ring for you.

How to maintain a cock ring, about cock ring size and comfort and cock ring types that are available.

Cock rings are especially useful for people who wish to maintain a longer and strong lasting erection.  They are used as a premium extender brand for people who have erectile dysfunction issues

powerful erections for beautiful women
Sexy woman in white bikini

Sensuality In Design With Tenga Iroha Kushi !!

Today, I am reviewing Kushi a personal clitoral massager from the Iroha range of adult sex toy company Tenga from Japan.

On a completely different side note, I’ve been a bit slow getting it finished as we had a wee adorable, stray or lost kitten find its way into our house last night.

I have been busy with oohing and aahhing over its every move and trying to find its owners!  He is trying his level best to distract me with his purrs and floofy, ginger belly

Tenga Iroha Range is simply beautiful

Kushi personal vibrator is no exception to that fact.  They are all natural looking with a Japanese ergonomic style that is sensual.

Sensuality in design is a big plus for me as far as sex toys go.  Obviously, I want the sex toys to work well too.  But I can’t downplay how important it can be for a sex toy to look and feel a certain way.

That adds to the mood rather than detracts from it.

Especially for those who are new to play with sex toys or are perhaps a little unsure about them or simply for those who love luxury.

powerful erections

In fact, I think it is my favourite sex toy from their range.

Although if you can afford it, why you wouldn’t get the entire luscious set just to fancy up your bedside table would be beyond me!

Tenga Iroha Kushi is fashioned from softest, high quality and body safe silicone.  It is the colour of cream and resembles a delicate seashell.

Supposedly though it’s supposd to be highly stylized hedgehog, which is pretty adorable if you ask me.  It is quirky and evocative and you absolutely want to touch it.

powerful erections with a quirky personal massager
Tenga Iroha Kushi Personal Massage

But Tenga Iroha Kushi is no slouch in terms of functionality either.

  • A deep, rumble of vibrations in 5 different speeds and 2 vibration patterns.
  • It is stronger than its Iroha predecessors.
  • Totally waterproof for some bath time fun.
  • It is also rechargeable, with 2 hours of charge resulting in a whole hour of continuous play.
  • Quieter than most vibrators because it doesn’t have any batteries floating around bouncing off the sides.
  • Stylish, clear display case it comes with doubles as a charging dock.

Your sex toy will stay clean and protected whilst charging.

  • Simply line up the magnetic charging points on the sex toy with those on the base.
  • Replace the lid or leave it off, as you desire.
  • Plug the USB charger into the side of the base, and away you go.
  • USB charger comes with an adapter plug so you can also charge it at the wall if you desire.

How to Use Your Tenga Iroha Kushi

Ridges along the length are ideal to flick back and forth over your clitoris for extra textured sensations.

I love it, as it will provide some soft, spontaneous and exciting flicks of encouragement.  These ridges are nothing I have seen on any type of sex toy before.  So it will be a completely new clitoral sensation for you.

Use the narrow curved tip for pinpoint stimulation, or massage the curved body over your entire vulva for shuddering waves of pleasure.

Use it In Other Zones Too

You can also use this sex toy on various erogenous zones likes the nipples, perineum and cupping of the testicles for added pleasure during couples sex.  Its ridges are squidgy so you don’t have to scared of it being too much of a serious sensation.

I really recommend touching the sex toy for yourself just to see how luxuriously soft it feels.

Cleaning the Tenga

  • This is a breeze thanks to the Tenga Iroha Kushi being dust resistant and entirely waterproof.
  • Simply wash the whole seashell shaped sex toy with warm water and antibacterial soap.
  • Allow the sex toy to dry completely before placing it back in the docking station.

In every respect, this sex toy is a winner and has a definite two thumbs up of approval from me!

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