19 Hot Sex Tips – Rekindle Your Sexual Spark

Want some hot sex tips to reignite the flame and spark your sexual interest again? Look no further!! The internet is full of challenges and dares and all sorts of different things to make life interesting.

Indeed, it seems that every few months a new challenge comes out daring us to do something crazy and upload it online.  I was watching an old episode of Desperate Housewives the other day, and the challenge between Lynette and Tom Scarvo is that they have sex every day for a month.

The point of something like this is to develop intimacy within the relationship between the two individuals involved.

Below you’ll find a list of various sex challenges and fun sex ideas.  Cross them off the list, and see how you go!


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19 Hot Sex Tips 

Hot Sex Tips #1

Hop together under a hot shower with the lights off.  Soap each other up in the most sensual way possible.  Use a loofah to create some suds.  If you’re after a truly sensual time – go out and buy some body wash in a scent that arouses you both.

There’s few things hotter than shower sex, and especially if noise is an issue, just swap it from a sensual encounter to a quickie!

Hot Sex Tips #2

Have sex in utter silence.  Use only facial expressions to communicate with each other.  Something like this is perfect to use adult toys during foreplay.   A Female vibrator and maybe even a male masturbator and neither of you are allowed to verbally say anything.

Say it with the body. Agree on a punishment for the one who breaks the silence such as a household chore.

Or you could be truly seductive and whoever breaks the rules must give the other partner a pleasurable massage.

Hot Sex Tip #3

Spice up the missionary position by handcuffing your hands above your head.  Add a blindfold and wrapping your feet around his ankles, taking him closer as he penetrates you.

Release your sense of control and ride the waves of pleasure without inhibitions.

Hot Sex Tip #4

Make love lying on your side. Your partner can penetrate you deeply, while playing with your breasts/cock/nipples at the same time, and brush your butt against him.

This is excitement and pleasure for both of your bodies as you both anticipate the movements against each other.

Hot Sex Tips #5

Sit in your partners without any clothes on you…except boots/stockings/jockstrap.  You are not allowed to touch yourself, only to work your partner and rely on them to pleasure you.

Some may feel that this is a little one sided, and perhaps it is.  But it’s about exploring your partners body and learning which ways to pleasure them and bring them to the precipice of climax.

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Hot Sex Tips #6

Perfect oral sex technique. Pretend that his penis is an ice-cream that is melting fast.  You have to lick him from different angles, catching drops that drip, lick him and take him whole in your mouth.  It’s a great way to practice the gag reflex as well.

Add some flavoured lubricant for some extra flavour, or you can even use some desensitizing flavoured gel if you’re still having trouble.  Alternatively, use the same technique for cunnilingus.

Hot Sex Tip #7

When in a position where you are on top, hold your partners hands above their head.  Gently bite down on the skin between the elbow and armpit.  This will surely awaken their passion!

Hot Sex Tip #8

Here’s a small collection of fun sex ideas.  Try leaning on a wall while he is entering you from behind.  Add to it, by not taking off your lingerie or by only wearing a skirt.  There is a reason why this position is so often used in porn dvds and in erotic magazines.

Hot Sex Tips #9

Lie naked next to your partner, brush your breasts on him and encourage him to tell you all his dirty desires.  Give him sex a toy bought in one of the best adult stores online and tell him to use it on you as he wishes.

Hot Sex Tips #10

Show him sexy underwear bought from a lingerie store.  Tell him to slowly take it off you, kissing and stroking every inch of your body while undressing.

Hot Sex Tip #11

Oil your palms and fingers with lubricant.  Then firmly wrap your fingers around his penis and move them up and down.

Or in the case of a female use your fingers to stimulate them either with sensual caressing, or rough fingering. Obviously dependent on both of your moods.

Hot Sex Tip #12

For the Girls – show him that you don’t wear panties by taking his hand and putting it under your skirt without a single word.

For the boys, either use a jock strap or put your partners hand wordlessly on your hard dick. Obviously, use manners and decorum for either of these scenarios.   There’s a difference between being seductive and being a selfish partner.

Hot Sex Tips #13

Let your partner lie over you and enter from behind.  Then put your legs together so they are between his.  This is the perfect position for deep G-spot and P-spot stimulation.

Hot Sex Tips #14

While you are driving somewhere, get off the road and find some lone spot where you can have sex in your car.  It will be even more exciting if you can hear traffic, because it will feel like someone can see you at any moment.

Hot Sex Tip #15

Buy something in an adult novelty store and write your partner instructions on how they will use it on you.

Hot Sex Tip #16

Point a hairdryer towards your partner while stroking him with ice cubes.  Because of warm air the touch of ice on skin will be extra-cold.  And when you put your lips on his body, he will suddenly experience a sudden rush of passion.

Hot Sex Tip #17

Order him to stay still while doing it doggie style, whilst you slowly circle with your hips.  Just because you’re on the bottom doesn’t mean you’re not in charge.

Hot Sex Tip #18

While you are on top during sex, hold each other hands.  This will be an amazing way to exchange the incredible sexual energy that is circulating in your bodies.

Hot Sex Tip #19

Introduce sex toys into your bedroom


hot sex tips
Quickie Sex

Tips for a Pleasurable Quickies – Hot Sex Tips

Sometimes you want to do it so badly, but your tight schedules don’t permit it. Most times, you wouldn’t take no for an answer until you’ve gone under the sheets with your partner.

Sex has evolved beyond the regular ‘bedroom’ thing.  It is now an activity that is done anywhere, anytime, and anyhow.

Sex creates that connection between you and your partner regardless of the time spent. Even if you are rushing out to work, a few seconds of intense pleasure can be achieved.

How does this happen? Quickies, of course. 

Because of quickies’ nature, partners may ditch penetration and settle for fingering and oral sex, but it’s all for the same goal – pleasure, that is.

Whatever form a quickie takes, you can make the best out of it as you’ll do in traditional sex. What do you want out of sex?

Can you achieve it in a few minutes? Yes, you can. This article shares quick tips to help you achieve a pleasurable quickie. 

Here Are Some Tips to Help you have a Satisfying Quickie

Consider an appropriate location.

Where is the most appropriate location to have a quickie? Well, you can do it anywhere except for the bedroom. The whole idea of quickies means that both partners are in a hurry yet want to explore simultaneously.

Your location ensures that you mix things up and add freaky moves to your pleasure. Well, a sex couch allows you to try as many sex styles as possible, even more than you think.

Sex on a couch increases intense passion such that your partner deletes the thoughts of moving to the bedroom. Most of the sex couches available online are designed so that partners can explore as many positions as they want. 

Wear the right clothes

In planned sex, your partner takes their time to undress you because that’s where the intimacy starts. For quickies, things are different. Your partner doesn’t want to spend the whole day undressing you.

Even if they love to see you wear those colorful panties they bought for you, it may not be necessary during a quickie. Why not wear a mini skirt without panties? Or wear a loose one? A g string is perfect too.

Your dress ensures easy passage just in case there’s an urgent need to thrust in and out. Leave out the tight jeans – this isn’t sexy at all.

Trust me, by the time your partner forcefully gets out the skinny jeans from your body; they’re already tired. It would be best if you didn’t risk that. 

Lube up

Since there’s no foreplay, the chances are that you may not get wet within a few seconds. If you want to go down pretty fast, you shouldn’t forget a lubricant.

Most people have time to masturbate before a quickie, and that’s fine. If you didn’t plan for one and your partner asks for it, quickly get a lube to reduce friction and the pressure down there.

And hey, you should have a pack of lube in your bag most of the time (if not all the time) because you may never know when you’ll be called upon. 

Know the best positions

There are some sex positions specially reserved for quickies. With these positions, two minutes feels like forever.

However, don’t feel too pressured to try out all the styles at the same time. Simply do what works for you at the moment and wait for another opportunity to unleash your skills.

If you haven’t thought of an appropriate position, consider the following styles: the hot seat, fast doggy, heir to the throne, face race, the elevator, sneak-a-peak, etc. And yes, you can decide to keep it 100% oral. 

While romance is an excellent choice, you shouldn’t beat back the idea of having a quickie occasionally.  To improve your sex life, don’t fold your arms and wait for full-blown sex when you can have it in bits.

What would an ideal quickie set up be for you?

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