Sex Toy Therapy – Can It Help or Is it Nonsense?

Sex toy therapy has become a buzzword in recent years, as more and more people are turning to the use of sex toys as a form of therapy.  But can it really help with some diseases and female conditions or is it jus another useless trend.  Let’s delve into the world of sex toy therapy to find out!

What is Sex Toy Therapy? 

For women, to take a therapeutic cure to a vaginal disease using vaginal dilators or for people whether they are a man or a woman looking to enjoy sex with sexy dildos – these toys are just for everything.

Regular use of vaginal dilators, vibrators, dildos and other sex toys has been suggested as a safe way following the radiation therapy for cancer in reproductive organ.  And to lower the vaginal stricture and contraction, and encourage the most favorable healing of the vagina.

At the same time as using vagina dilators to treat reproduction organ issues, vaginal dilators are extremely useful with specific parts of vaginismus treatment.

Sex Toy Therapy

Vaginal Dilators can be extremely powerful devices in dispensing with the PC muscle reflex, the basic reason for vaginismus snugness, blazing, and infiltration challenges.

They empower ladies to have exact control over the size, speed, and point of additions and give a substitute intends to trigger the PC reflex in a sex-like connection.   Even though there is hesitation of women to adopt this method, there are few known things about the problems and worries linked with vaginal dilator or any other sex toy use.

Together with fitting activities, they figure out how to override the automatic muscle constrictions that had beforehand brought on tightness or constricted the vagina to sex.  The procedure makes new “muscle recollections.”

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Correct Use for Sex Toy Therapy

Ladies can all the more effectively create control over tightness and at the same time desensitize their vaginal muscles, body and psyche to the vibe of having something in their vagina.

Together with fitting activities, they help ladies retrain their bodies to react accurately to infiltration and to move to completely torment free intercourse.

The use of curative vaginal dilator proved to be a complicated, varied, and personal process that signifies deep psychological and emotional implications that makes it intrusive.

This discovery may increase the way in which vaginal dilators are practiced and help health advice providers address healing of women’s problems, difficulties and worries with the dilators.

It can also lead to better health maintenance and a quality living for women recovering from cancer in their reproductive organ.

sex toy therapy
massive black dildo

Women use these sex toys to help with various health issues as well as receiving sexual pleasure but on the other hand, the use of these sex toys is also very popular with men to.

Men Love Sex Toy Therapy Too!!

According to a recent study, adult toys such as vibrators, vaginal dilators or dildos plays an important part for men and women.  And have proved positive sexual health results among people using such products.

There is a little is known fact about the usage other sexual enrichment products, mainly in gay and bisexual men.

This survey was carried out to explore the limit till which gay and bisexual men comment on the usage sex toys and the sexual and proximate situations in which they actually used them.

This demonstrates a high prevalence of sex toy adoption in gays and bisexual men.  Including a diverse range of products being used as adult toys in a variety of sexual behaviors.

Existing research on the usage of sex toys is minimal

These rates of use may simply be characteristic of the sample population and only now are they being appropriately documented?

Second, although not directly measured, this data suggests the possibility that perhaps gay and bisexual communities have in fact responded to the past three decades of public messaging.

Encouraging men to be open with sexual partners and take responsibility for their sexual health.   It presents an opportunity for new educational approaches to promote sex toy use as a safer sex alternative.  And further reduce exposure to HIV and many other sexual infections.

Future studies should aim to understand the benefits associated with including adult toys as part of men’s sexual repertoire

And also recognize the importance of capturing a variety of sexual and psycho-social variables.  Not just those limited to disease risk and negative outcomes.

sex toy therapy
positional sex

10 best ways to spice up your sex life

Try Different Sex Positions – Sex Toy Therapy

The most widely practised sex position is the missionary position.  While it is great for maintaining eye contact, kissing, and feeling up each other’s bodies, there are several other positions that you can try for increased pleasure.

Stand a deliver

Having sex while standing can open up a lot of new positions for you. You can lean against a wall, or your partner can bend over a piece of furniture while you penetrate from behind. You can go for face-to-face penetration as well.

Not just that, you can take turns kneeling down to give each other oral pleasure too.


Excellent as the penetrative partner can enjoy more friction and the receptive partner deeper penetration.  It provides a great view for the penetrative partner and stimulates both clitoral and anal erogenous zones.

Ride like a cowboy/cowgirl

The penetrative partner lies on their back and the receptive partner gets on top for a ride.  This results in deep penetration and allows both partners to see, feel and kiss each other and look in the eyes to get a sense of belonging.

Spice things up with sex toy therapy

Many men feel that using sex toys would imply that they are not man enough to satisfy their partners.

But this is far from true. Sex toys only make things more exciting between a couple as you can use them for different pleasure experiences.

There are a variety of couples sex toys available that can open up a whole new world of pleasurable sensations. And they sure add some novelty to your sex life.

Toys like couple vibrators, remote-controlled stimulators, sex furniture, role-play games, lubes and massage oils, BDSM & bondage material can add more spice to your sex life. You can use these toys to stimulate those erogenous zones that are otherwise inaccessible.

Toys like G-Spot vibrators or penis rings are perfect for couples who want to make things more exciting.

Create an Atmosphere For Love and Sex Toy Therapy

Researches show that couples who take time out to create the right atmosphere before they jump into having sex are usually more satisfied.

A relaxed and inviting atmosphere is a mood enhancer, a signal to your brain that something enticing is about to happen. It relaxes and stimulates your brain to prepare for a hot ride ahead.

Dim the lights

Too dark means no eye contact or visual treat.  Bright might increase self-consciousness. A dimly lit room is just the perfect ambience. You can use scented candles or lamps for this.

Clean up

Remember how much you cleaned up when you first had sex with your partner? Think of this like that.

Couples often ignore this aspect as laziness creeps in with familiarity.  But a clean and organized bedroom can sure act as an aphrodisiac.

Utilize all your senses

Sex is about all your senses. So, stimulate all of them. Wear sexy lingerie, play some nice music, use scented massage oils, use flavoured condoms, etc.

All these collectively become essential things to spice up the bedroom experience.

Be flirtatious

Flirting doesn’t always have to have a sexual connotation to it.  It is just another way of telling your partner that they mean the world to you and you still want to keep things fresh.

Say something nice to them, gift them flowers, help them in cooking a nice meal or simply be playful at different times of the day.  All these gestures will help you stay connected resulting in more emotionally stimulated sex.

Share what you fantasize

Each one of us has fantasies, but we don’t share them thinking of being judged or laughed upon.  But don’t shy away from sharing them with your partner. You never know, they might just come true.

Researches also show that couples who communicate openly about their sexual desires have a healthier sex life and a happier relationship.

Get adventurous

There are several sexual ways to try to make things more adventurous in the bedroom.  You can try remote-controlled vibrators, role play, BDSM and bondage to spice things up.

Play out your sexual fantasies at a regular interval to get over the boredom of routine sex.

Utilize different spots at home to make out. Shower together, get dirty in the kitchen, have a quicky on the terrace late in the night, watch porn together, act out different situations, ask your partner out as a stranger. Just do whatever it takes to bring freshness to your sex life.

Get a room, guys

Sometimes, just changing the basic setting of where you have sex can act as a huge stimulator. And getting a hotel room is one of the best ways of doing it.

This way you get away from your mundane life, pamper yourself with room service and of course, make the most of a well-made hotel bed.

It might be a little difficult for couples with kids, but it can be made possible with some extra coordination.

Sexting never fails

This is not about sending lewd messages or pictures, but about reminding your partner that you are thinking of them. The best sex sometimes happens when there is a great built-up to it.

Sexting can provide that.  Send flirty messages throughout the day, talk about the best sex you had or the time when things were new and exciting. Share your thoughts on what you would want to do the next time you have sex.

It is about building up the excitement for a raunchy affair later. And sexting can be a sure shot winner.

Leave handwritten notes

Much like sexting, but with a personalized touch, leaving handwritten notes for your partner can really make things spicy later on.

Surprise them with some well-written words that tell you still love and long for them. State your desires here or just use sticky notes at different locations that lead up to a nice surprise gift.

In an age where smartphones are taking up all forms of communication, a handwritten note would tell your partner that you still want to go the extra mile for them.

Plan things in advance

Often, couples in long-term relationships get busy with their routine leaving little together time.

This can play out in making their sex life boring. So, plan in advance, fix a time and date when you will spend some time together being naughty and flirty with each other. Again, the anticipation will spice things up.

Waiting in anticipation for that time to come surely stimulates your sense and when that time does arrive, you have already imagined so much about it that it plays out well for both the partners.

So, it’s not rocket science to spice things up in the bedroom and indulge in a little sex toy therapy.

All you need is a little thought and effort to change things around.  And now that the world is opening up to new adventures in the bedroom, new ways of sexing up your life like using sex toys are becoming popular.

So, if you find the need to make things naughty, can help you have an adventurous sex life ahead.



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