Women Fancy Gay Men

If you ever wanted that age old question answered, why do women fancy gay men?

A gay man is someone who is attracted to men and not women, and can have romantic relationships with men while still acknowledging women. Interestingly, many women are attracted to gay men, possibly because they tend to be more open to sexual exploration and have a greater chance of finding willing partners.

They are also able to pursue love and maintain satisfying relationships with one or more partners. As a result, many women may secretly desire to have sexual encounters with gay men.

Women Fancy Gay Men

Gay men possess an adeptness in sexual expression, particularly in finding a partner who understands and fulfils their desires and preferences. This will lead to heightened sexual experiences. Gay men tend to get sex easily, are playful with their sex toy’s  without having hang-ups about it. They are better at it.  And, what is the saying, practice makes perfect.

Some women may prefer to have sexual experiences with gay men, as they are able to provide better satisfaction. If a woman wants to have enjoyable sex, they should consider being with a gay man. The experience would be something noteworthy and memorable.


Women Fancy Gay Men
Photo: Woman Fancy Gay Men


Gay men are not only desirable to straight women but also to some straight men,. They are curious about experiencing intimacy with another man. There are many who secretly desire to explore same-sex relationships.

Gay Men Are Judged As Being Sexually Permiscious and Potent

Gay men are often regarded as sexually potent and, therefore, highly sought after.  Looking at it from the viewpoint of a homosexual man, the scenario is distinct. They could be searching for a female companion who can be both their close confidant and a platform for expressing their feminine side. There is no concern about being criticized or discriminated against.

Many times they have absolutely no sexual interest in a woman. They do not feel any kind of sexual attraction to a woman but the woman sees the gay man as her ‘soul-mate’ a ‘kindred spirit’, and want the relationship to go further.  This even when the woman knows that the gay man is attracted to other men and wants to build a committed relationship with another.

Gay men have the power to attract both sexes

Gay men shares similar qualities with a heterosexual man, but with a distinct sense of style. They have a keen interest in dressing up in well-fitted attire to enhance their appearance. Gay men are also known to form close bonds with both men and women. However, women might develop an attraction towards them, despite the gay man desiring a platonic relationship.

Be careful your Girlfriend Does not Fall for a gay man

It is interesting to note that gay men are also attracted to straight men. If a straight man is sexually attractive, gay men may desire to have sexual relations with him. This is a natural phenomenon where gay people are drawn to attractive men, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Gay men may flirt and admire hot men even if they are straight. Although falling in love with a straight man can be a difficult and painful experience for many gay men. The focus here is solely on physical attraction.

If a man is hot, he is desirable even to someone who already has a partner.

10 Reasons Why I Love Being Gay!

Gone are the days when we used to be stereotyped for being gay. When people would look at us like they wished we would just die. These days we can walk around the neighbourhood stealing glances at guys and even look at others who I consider cute straight in the eyes. Without other people paying too much attention.

I love being gay. I acknowledge that I am a gay guy and proud of it. Coming out more than 10 years ago, ever since I was in Year 8 at school.

I would also like to acknowledge the fact that being gay has played a big role in shaping me. It made me into this confident, committed, hardworking, and successful person that I am today.

Being Gay Is Not Necessarily Difficult

Many people believe that being gay entails having a tough and difficult life. To some extend yes, but life is not that easy for the straight people either. In reality the same but different to straight guys. They have to worry more about family, wives, supporting others and more.

All factors considered life is what you make it and according to me. It is about looking at any negative things and try to turn them into positive ones. Here are reasons why I love being gay.

I Love Being Gay
Gay Men


Being gay is most amazing as I get to experience the joys of both worlds, but for that to happen, I first had to accept and love being gay myself here are my top 10 reasons why I love being gay:

1  Appreciation of both genders:

Unlike most straight men who would not dare to admit that another guy is attractive. It goes without saying that I find guys attractive, and at the same time appreciate attractive women. One great advantage of being gay is that I am able to smile at both men and women whom I find attractive. Telling them to their face, ‘you are good-looking’, without necessarily having to worry about what they think of me.

2  We make the best friends:

While we gay people love straight women, we would not trade in being gay. This is due to the fact being a Singapore Gay is like the better of the two worlds. I am capable of borrowing the best from both feminine and masculine stereotypes.

We make the best friends.

We are dependable, fierce advocates,.

We tell you what you want to hear, when you need to hear. Sometimes we can be bitchy, dance and celebrate with you, fight for you, and hold your hair when you are puking. If you are female we will protect you from other straight men. If you are a straight male protect you from other gay men.

Take you out, cheer you up, and most importantly, we will always be there for you when you need us.

3   People consider my insults a joke:

I would be like ‘Bitch what the fuck are you wearing?’ and she would be like,’What, Where?’ and I would be like ‘No no, Bitch I am just kidding! You f*ckin look gorgeous!’ and my fag hag would laugh it off like it is the best joke she’s ever heard. Now imagine what would happen if a straight guy told a woman or even his girlfriend that.

The things we can get away with is why I love being gay.

4  Power to mock other gays:

One of the funniest benefits of being gay is that I can joke about my sexuality. This is great because it usually eases anxiety and awkwardness in defensive conversations, and even lightens the mood very easily. This is only restricted to gays because if a straight person makes such remarks. They will appear rude or homophobic.

In our case it is just being comedic.

5  We make others laugh:

I personally believe we gays are angels send to earth to cheer others and make them laugh. People easily get amused when I try to do certain things in a manly way. As a homosexual with gay actions and voice, it is interesting to see other people amused when I do some things.

I have friends who occasionally request me to speak with a very deep voice. They always laugh their heads off when I do.

6  Positive negativity:

Another one of my reasons is positive negativity, which I interpret as allowing those to hate you. I will not lie to you that everyone is going to like your newly found status. I personally had my fair share of condemnation, but what did I do? I channelled that into a smile and motivation to progress, and even become a better person.

7  Travel:

Compared to many married straight people, we make a lot of money and have a lot of disposable income. Probably the main reason is because, unlike the straight people, we are not tied down by certain expenses, particularly those associated with having kids. As a result, we look for other recreational ways to spend it, such as gay traveling.

I personally do travel a lot. It is my hobby. I have traveled across all the five continents and it is such a great experience.

8  Part of a cause:

Believe it or not, I really love this reason. There are very few people in the history of our universe who have managed to go against the administration and succeeded. We as the gay community are a good example. Being gay automatically incorporates you to our major cause, which is to try and change the perspective of other people.

Even help or teach them about homosexuality; and so far so good.

How cool is it to be part of history?

9  Meeting new friends:

Initially, I used to be scared of the thought of opening up, because I believed in doing so I would lose all my friends. The truth is this is likely to happen, but along the way most of my friends, including those I thought would never cope with the idea were cool with it; in fact, most of my friendships strengthened. In addition, I got to meet new people, especially those who shared the same status as I and built new friendships and relationships.

10  Loving who I want:

This is another great reason why I enjoy being a gay guy. I get to choose and love who I feel like, with the ability to genuinely love him without pretending. Being gay to me means I get to go through my journey of life with another guy.

Whom I adore, besides me. I believe this tops every gay person’s list.

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