What is SFM pornography and how did it come about?

The occurrence of SFM pornography made by game fans was not a spontaneous occurrence. The Internet community has been approaching this point for decades. The popularity of sfm porn has emerged along with the rapid development of the gaming industry. The better the plot was written, and the more beautiful the character was drawn, the more often gamers made seductive heroines the object of their increased attention. So, the interest in SFM porn was born.

So, what is SFM porn?

This is porn… but with digital video game characters in the lead roles. With your beloved Elizabeth/LiaraT’Soni/lusty Argonian maiden, Triss or Yennefer, and many others. Sex in its many varieties. Traditional, oral, anal, group sex and is found in the terabytes of content that regularly pops up on the Web. Most often in the form of short (less than three minutes) looped videos in the WebM format or GIFs. Also, r34 porn has an important role in the emergence of SFM porn. Roughly speaking, SFM porn is an animated rule 34. Rule 34 has long been established. Models for the animation were already ready. The release of SFM only made it extremely easy to create 3d porn. Said and done. Armed with their experience and gigabytes of resources, the animators set to work. So, there was what can be called modern video game pornography.

Why is SFW porn so popular and better than real porn?

Rule 34 states: “If there is something on the Internet, there will be porn about it. No exceptions. We can, we will.” This is its peculiarity. Thanks to this type of content, you can enjoy any of your dirty dreams. Everyone will find in SFM porn some video that will fit his fetish. This is the difference between it and real porn, since in our life it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make porn about everything that we imagine. But we can make 3D porn with any plots and characters that interest us. There is no need for live actors, sets, and equipment. SFM porn has a very different production cycle. There are no organizational and physiological aspects in it. To create a simple video, you need one person who knows how to work with the tool and a computer for rendering. A limitless space of possibilities opens up before you. These circumstances result in an impressive, and theory, infinite creative freedom. Situations, places, characters, poses — every aspect, even the smallest, is subject to the director’s vision. This frees the animators from the need to obey the established standards in the porn industry. The scope for self-expression, and in such a piquant sphere, has never been so wide before.

However, the freedom of action of people involved in the creation of SFM is also a disadvantage. Some people do not share the moral point of view of creating this type of porn. Everything, as usual, comes down to an old-fashioned dispute. Which is more important: ethics or aesthetics? Should there be limits to creative freedom? Why should art be subject to moral standards? But these questions will not be solved, each person must answer them in their way. But it is impossible to say for sure, and you must decide for yourself how to treat such content. (rule 34 animated)

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  1. there,s plenty of free, real life pornography on the net without having ‘cartoons’ made of it and looking very ‘plastic’ at that.

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