What is SFM pornography and how did it come about?

What is SFM pornography?

Made by game enthusiasts it is not a sudden phenomenon. Online Communties have been moving in this direction for many years. The rise of SFM porn coincides with the rapid growth of the gaming sector. With more compelling storylines and more attractive characters were designed. Players have begun to idolize alluring heroines. Consequently, the interest in SFM porn was sparked and is growing.

Q. What Does SFM Stand For?

A. Porn made in Source Film Maker Tool.

What is SFM pornography?

This is porn… but with digital video game characters in the lead roles. With your beloved Elizabeth/LiaraT’Soni/lusty Argonian maiden, Triss or Yennefer, and many others. Sex in its many varieties. Traditional, oral, anal and group sex is found.

Acitivites is in the terabytes of content, rather than actual physical activity which regularly pops up on the Web. Most often in the form of short (less than three minutes) looped videos in the WebM format or GIFs.

What is SFM pornography?
Pexels Royalty Free – Alexis Caso

Also, r34 porn has an important role in the emergence of SFM porn. Roughly speaking, SFM porn is an animated rule 34.  The internet has long recognized the existence of Rule 34. The creators of animations had already prepared models beforehand.

With the introduction of SFM, creating animations became a breeze. The animators, equipped with their expertise and abundant resources, wasted no time and got to work.. So, there was what can be called modern video game pornography.

What Is Rule 34 In SFM Porn?

Rule 34 states:

“If there is something on the Internet, there will be porn about it. No exceptions. We can, we will.”

This is its peculiarity. Thanks to this type of content, you can enjoy any of your dirty dreams. Everyone will find in SFM porn some video that will fit his fetish. This is the difference between it and real porn, since in our life it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make porn about everything that we imagine. But we can make 3D porn with any plots and characters that interest us.

SFM (Source Filmmaker) porn production cycle is different from traditional filmmaking. It eliminates the need for live actors, sets, and equipment. There are no organizational or physiological aspects involved in it. To create a simple video, all you need is one person who knows how to use the tool and a computer for rendering.

This provides an infinite creative freedom in terms of situations, places, characters, poses, and much more…

The director’s vision becomes the sole guide for animators, freeing them from the need to follow established standards that the porn industry has. There is no limit of scope for self-expression, and in such a piquant sphere, has never been so large.

The drawback of SFM creation lies in the liberty of action enjoyed by its creators. There are those who do not endorse the moral perspective of producing such pornographic content. As with most issues, it ultimately boils down to a conventional argument.

Which is more important: ethics or aesthetics?

Should there be limits to creative freedom?

Why should art be subject to moral standards?

But these questions will not be solved, each person must answer them in their way. But it is impossible to say for sure.  Decide for yourself how to treat such content and Virtual Reality. (rule 34 animated)

Women and Porn Games
Porn Games Are Beneficial for Women

Porn Games Are Beneficial for Women, And Here’s Why!

Recently, we have been playing a lot of porn games. There are so many porn sites that have sex games tabs, or there are sites specifically for them.

We were checking out the sex games on Reach Porn the other day, a porn list site which has a lot of cool games to explore. And an article idea occurred to me.

Are these games beneficial for people?

But today we want to focus on their benefits for women because most of the time, everything in porn is focused on men.

The truth is that sex games are very beneficial for both sexes. Yes, just like men can learn a lot from them and they have their own set of benefits and advantages. Women can also take a lot from this fun way to get in that sexy mood.

It doesn’t matter what these games are, all types of porn games have the same benefits.

It’s time to check out some hot porn game sites, do you agree?

Overcoming Shyness

Women are shy, much more than men. At least when it comes to sex and all the amatory activities. They are often shy to get naked and they don’t always feel comfortable when their partners see their nude bodies. Not only for the first time, or every time after that.

Maybe the past can be blamed for that. Women were always expected to be shy and meek. They weren’t even allowed to think about sex. Let alone have it a lot when they were not married!

And women are still taught to neglect their sexual needs to be pure and respected. If a woman is hypersexual, she is a whore and that is wrong. With opinions like this one, who can blame them for being so shy about sex?

Why Should Women Open Up to Sex and Porn?

But women should be sexual and open about it! We love porn stars because they are so confident about their sexualities and they own their bodies. Women should be encouraged to watch porn and play sex games more.

The more they will see that sex is something healthy, what no one should be embarrassed about.

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Meeting New People, Who Are Mostly Open-Minded

This doesn’t go for every sex game you can buy or find on the web, but some games will enable you to meet new people. People who play sex games can be very open-minded and sexually open. They will motivate you to be like that too.

You can always meet someone interesting and make many friends this way.

Of course, there are also some hazards of video gaming, especially when it comes to sex gaming. You can always meet perverted minds, people who are prone to stalking, making you feel weird, and who knows what.

But you have to be smart here. You have to be perceptive enough to see who is what. Again, even when something is beneficial for us, it can also be harmful, because everything in life is a double-edged sword. Just like sex games can have favorable consequences, you should be careful with the unfavorable ones.

Meeting new people can be fun and good for you, but it can also be risky.

Pexels Royalty Free – Gustavo Fring

Learning More About Your Own Body and Needs

When you play sex games, you will see various acts and kinks. Some of the kinks will attract you, others won’t. You will see what happens when someone tries this or that, and you will probably want to try many of these things yourself. Some sex games will teach you about cool sex toys. Maybe you didn’t know all these types of sex toys existed? Some games will show you acts that you can try with your partner, or even alone. You can experiment, and that will make you love your body more.

BDSM Sex Toys
Buy BDSM Products

Don’t be scared to try BDSM games and something less vanilla. The more you explore, the better you will know your own dirty mind.

Maybe you have a fetish that can make you feel so good? You only learn about it while playing a dirty game!

Relieving Stress

We all know it – life is a hell of a journey. It is laden with things we must do and things that don’t make us feel good. Okay, we also have beautiful things in life. Sometimes regardless of them, it is tough and we are often under a lot of stress.

You probably feel us, everyone can agree that life is no duck soup. And sometimes, we don’t know what to do. How to feel better?

The scientists did research on sex gaming and how it affects our mood. The truth is, no matter if you are a man or a woman, sex games can be very helpful to reduce stress. This actually goes for every type of video gaming, not just porn games.

When we play video games in general, we focus on finishing these in-game tasks and reaching goals and for a moment. We forget about what is bothering us.  But here’s the thing – it’s only beneficial when you don’t take it to extremes. If you do, you become a video game addict, and no addiction is a good one.

What nourishes us destroys us as well.

Now, sex games have one more benefit when it comes to stress relieving. They make us horny, and feeling horny makes us feel good. And if they also help us reach an orgasm, it is even better!

We all know orgasms are very good for our well-being!

Whatever you like, and whatever type of sex games get you going, don’t be a stranger to porn game sites. Now you know that they have a lot of favorable consequences for our brains and bodies. Yes, don’t be gullible and watch for yourself. Epecially when you play something online, with many other players.

Some of them could be freaks. But if you are clever enough, you’ll be fine!

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  1. there,s plenty of free, real life pornography on the net without having ‘cartoons’ made of it and looking very ‘plastic’ at that.

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