What is SFM pornography and how did it come about?

sfw porn

The occurrence of SFM pornography made by game fans was not a spontaneous occurrence. The Internet community has been approaching this point for decades. The popularity of sfm porn has emerged along with the rapid development of the gaming industry. The better the plot was written, and the more beautiful the character was drawn, the more often gamers made seductive heroines the object of their increased attention. So, the interest in SFM porn was born.

So, what is SFM porn?

This is porn… but with digital video game characters in the lead roles. With your beloved Elizabeth/LiaraT’Soni/lusty Argonian maiden, Triss or Yennefer, and many others. Sex in its many varieties. Traditional, oral, anal, group sex and is found in the terabytes of content that regularly pops up on the Web. Most often in the form of short (less than three minutes) looped videos in the WebM format or GIFs. Also, r34 porn has an important role in the emergence of SFM porn. Roughly speaking, SFM porn is an animated rule 34. Rule 34 has long been established. Models for the animation were already ready. The release of SFM only made it extremely easy to create 3d porn. Said and done. Armed with their experience and gigabytes of resources, the animators set to work. So, there was what can be called modern video game pornography.

Why is SFW porn so popular and better than real porn?

Rule 34 states: “If there is something on the Internet, there will be porn about it. No exceptions. We can, we will.” This is its peculiarity. Thanks to this type of content, you can enjoy any of your dirty dreams. Everyone will find in SFM porn some video that will fit his fetish. This is the difference between it and real porn, since in our life it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to make porn about everything that we imagine. But we can make 3D porn with any plots and characters that interest us. There is no need for live actors, sets, and equipment. SFM porn has a very different production cycle. There are no organizational and physiological aspects in it. To create a simple video, you need one person who knows how to work with the tool and a computer for rendering. A limitless space of possibilities opens up before you. These circumstances result in an impressive, and theory, infinite creative freedom. Situations, places, characters, poses — every aspect, even the smallest, is subject to the director’s vision. This frees the animators from the need to obey the established standards in the porn industry. The scope for self-expression, and in such a piquant sphere, has never been so wide before.

However, the freedom of action of people involved in the creation of SFM is also a disadvantage. Some people do not share the moral point of view of creating this type of porn. Everything, as usual, comes down to an old-fashioned dispute. Which is more important: ethics or aesthetics? Should there be limits to creative freedom? Why should art be subject to moral standards? But these questions will not be solved, each person must answer them in their way. But it is impossible to say for sure, and you must decide for yourself how to treat such content. (rule 34 animated)

Fetishes vs Fantasies.

fetishes and fantasies

Words are occasionally my favorite tool to use both in the bedroom and out. But today we aren’t talking about dirty talk, though we could. No today dear readers, we are talking semantics and comparing two of my favourite words and words that are often confused, confuddled and mixed up in many scenes, scenarios and interchanges between people when discussing kinks.


Fetish vs Fantasy.




A fetish can best be described as a strong desire or need for something be it an object or a person, an act or kink. There are those who can argue that a fetish could be categorized as an uncontrollable desire, the very opposite a phobia, in which a person has an uncontrollable fear, sometimes even irrational. Fetishes can sometimes be categorised as lust worthy, uncontrollable desires, perhaps even irrational to the rational part of a person’s mentality. But it still gives them sexual or pleasureable gratification.


Fetishes can be primal in nature and in some aspects some people have felt much shame in them. Finding safe and welcoming communities where they can find acceptance as well as safe spaces to safely explore, discuss and explore these fetishes is becoming more mainstream and is a joy to see as our society opens up and #breaksthestigma. Fetishes can be many and varied. To date there are over 239 fetishes but here are 12 of some of the most common sexual ones you may have come across


  1. Role-Playing – or dress ups. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we can’t play make believe sometimes. It can be fun to slip into a different person from time to time, try on a fun costume and pretend to be a different character.


  1. Anal sex – this one is a little bit of a grey area, some people enjoy anal sex as a sexul act while others visualise it as a fetish. As long as everyone is consensually enjoying it, who are we to label labels?


  1. Lingerie – being aroused by a certain type of lingerie is definitely a fetish and more common than people give it credit. Stockings. Lace. satin. Latex. These pieces of adorning lingerie can be wholeheartedly turn ons for people.


  1. Impact Play- spanking, flogging, paddling and other forms of consensual striking.


  1. Foot Fetish – the worship of feet through acts such as kissing, massage, smelling, licking, touching or just watching.


  1. Bondage – Being tied up or restrained. Bondage can range from very mild to very intense and is usually found in BDSM but has also been known to be one of the first things to try when spicing up things in the bedroom. Restaurants can be made from cuffs, rope, a tie, cable ties,…..many things.


  1. Group sex – threesomes and foursomes are the most common but group sex also extends to orgies involving multiple people and gang-bangs including one person of one gender and mutliples of the other gender.


  1. Sensory play- When we think sensory play we often immediately think of hot and cold, ice and fire, or in this case wax play. Sensation play also includes blindfolds, feathers and for the more experienced, electrostim play.


  1. Dirty Talk – I say Dirty talk but well, it’s not really more things like humiliation and degradation, being called names, talking down and dirty.


  1. Orgasm control – or denial. This is edging into BDSM and is a subsection of submission and dominance, bringing the submissive to the brink of orgasm and forced to stop. And doing so repeatedly. or , withholding sex or orgasms over a period of time as a form of teasing.


  1. Voyuerism and exhibitionism- watching people having sex, or having sex out in public ith the risk of being caught having sex is very common. WHo among us has not had sex in a car or sneakily in the cinema?


  1. Pornography – Watching, looking at pornographic material, before or during sexual intercourse or play






I will admit. Fantasies and Fetishes are not all that different. But the difference is a big one. Fantasies are our respective, imagined scenarios that get us all hot and heavy. They are the screenplay in our minds that we make up, that may involve various fetishes, or wants or desires, but they do not necessarily control us.




This is the big one


We may not want to play them out in real life.


Fetishes drive us. We want them. Some people need them.


Fantasies are exactly that. They are imaginary.


Staging a scene in real life to mirror your fantasy, while nice, will be hard, especially if it is a fantasy you have lived and re-lived in your imagination for years. You have built it up with such exquisite and erotic detail that that is a hard act to nail in real life to the exactness of the fantasy. The fetishes, sure thing, those can be met. But the fantasy is a construct of the amalgamation of the fetishes and how you have controlled them in your imaginatorium.


Another example is a real life example of a couple who divulged their fantasies that they masturbated to, to one another, and the husband thought it would be nice to organise his wife’s fantasy, not realising, that while she fantasised about it, when faced with it she had zero interest in fulfilling it with him.


I think an important takeaway is that fantasies are amazing, and that everyone should have them, talk about them if you’re open enough and confident to do so, but make it clear when you do, if your fantasy is something you want to try, or something personal you enjoy having a good solo session to when you’re alone.


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Opinion: Asian Porn Creates Better Beauty Standard Spectrum

porn from asia

New genres of Asian adult content are popping up on the internet, and the diversity is incredible.

Candidly, most beauty standards around the world are ridiculous, largely unhealthy, and beyond antiquated. We know this. What most may not be aware of, is that most beauty standards weren’t set by Vogue, or Dior, but instead by ancient cultural class wars. Sure, that sounds crazy enough, but it’s true. What our ancestors believed would set us apart from the mud-caked and financially disrepute is still very much a driver of what we think of as “pretty” today.


Pornography, one of the most contentious, and yet massively consumed products of our time, is regularly under fire for the unrealistic beauty standards that we see on our screens. There’s definitely some merit to these accusations, especially in mainstream pornography. “Think about traditional adult content. There’s always the tall, thin, blonde with impossibly large breasts, and the muscled Adonis with unrealistically large equipment.” Says a rep for Porndoe. And these guys know what they’re talking about. They host one of the internet’s most popular streaming porn services. “We’re starting to see popularity in this type of content wane, where genres like Asian porn are quickly gaining popularity.” Porndoe says that while there are a number of reasons this shift may be happening; they believe one of them is diversity. “I think we’re all just sick of seeing the same clips over and over. Novel Asian porn is bringing so many new body types and ethnicities to the table, it’s unreal. It’s a genuine wonderland of choice.”

The Complexity of Cultural Beauty Standards

Beauty will always have some manner of undertone regarding class. Currently, obese people are poor. This is largely because of access to decent and healthy food, as well as the cost of an active lifestyle associated with contemporary life. As the majority of our Westernized economies are driven by service industries, blue collar work looks largely different from what it did centuries ago. We are no longer spending hours upon hours in fields, doing backbreaking and muscle making work. Instead we sit at desks and on telephone, whiling away the office hours. Gyms are expensive.


So, skinny is pretty, but how do you get those muscles, and those boobs onto such nimble frames? Surgery and expensive drugs of course. Both of which require the investment of tens of thousands of dollars. So, we’re drawn to the fake rack in the same way that we’re drawn to a Maserati. We’ve reached a point where money is sexy, and frankly- people are getting bored with it. While it’s unlikely that the correlation between class and desire will disappear altogether anytime soon, it is possible that our priorities will change. And if history tells us anything, it’s that which porn is in demand is a good metric for measuring societal desires. The tide definitely appears to be turning as demand is growing for more realistic standards and more culturally diverse content. And not just in western porn, but in all genres of our favored lusty clips.

What Asian Porn Brings to the Table

In the 1980’s Sir Patrick Bateson described the theory of optimal outbreeding. This evolutionary psychology hypothesis suggests that as we try and proliferate the branches of our ancestral trees, we would begin to be sexually attracted to people who don’t look anything like ourselves. This primal mechanism helps to remove the possibility of inbreeding and reproduce with more virility and variety. Multiple studies have been done based on this hypothesis. And largely, what Bateson described has been found to be true over and over again. Which can help explain the rise in fascination with Asian porn in westernized countries. It can also help explain how we are more than happy to indulge in its deviation from beauty standards.


Nearly any Asian will tell you that they were told to stay away from the sun. Despite their inherent genetic ability to get a deep golden tan easily, bronzed skin is believed to be associated with a lower-class status, and not heralded as beautiful in most Asian countries. However, check out some popular Asian porn, and you’ll likely see scores of oiled bronze beauties, doing what they do best. Is this just simply the result of westernized beauty standards bleeding into Asian countries? Or are Asians now attracted to something that is, by and large, uncommon?

Changing the Narrative

While philosophy and psychology would happily debate the question for the next millennia, the truth is- it doesn’t really matter. To most of us at any rate. What does is the fact that Asian porn, and not just your standard small, pale, Japanese schoolgirl variety- is gaining massive popularity. There is a changing narrative. Chinese, Indian, Philippino, Vietnamese, Laotian… beautiful men and women, from all over the world, of all different shades, are coming together to make porn. And perhaps even more importantly, people across the globe are coming together to watch it. Because despite the often overhyped, monetarily driven, standards of society- biology wins out, and we know in our DNA that variety is beautiful.

How To Have Satisfying Sex

satisfied sex

For many people out there, there’s probably no activity more satisfying than to have sexual intercourse with their significant others or even someone they just met a while ago. In fact, we enjoy sex because our brains had been pre-programmed that way and even produce chemicals that encourage us to have lots of sexual activities, which leads to a more intense desire for carnal pleasures once you get your first taste of it. However, just like with any other activities, there will come a time when sex can no longer give you that initial amount of pleasure that it once gave you. At that point, you might even think that sex is not giving you enough satisfaction anymore, leading you to do it lesser than usual. Hence, in this article, we will be exploring why satisfying sex becomes rarer as well as some of the ways you can do to improve you and your partner’s sex drive.

Why do we tire of sex?

First of all, it is completely normal for your sex drive to tone down and wane as you grow older, which is also true for any biological functions within our body. Aging sucks and could even affect your performance as a male in the form of erectile dysfunction. Women, on the other hand, according to a national survey conducted on Britain, are more prone to losing interest with sex more than twice as likely as their male counterparts. However, there is no clear evidence that it is due to menopause and actually leans more towards emotional reasons.

It is also possible that you are not tired of sex as a whole but bored with your sexual partner instead due to their inability to realise your desires and fantasies which could be attributed to your porn-watching habits, making you display a behavior that is known as the Coolidge Effect. You might have also suffered a traumatic experience that had to do with sexual activities, leading to the activation of a defense mechanism preventing you from feeling the pleasure of having sex. Either which, you need to find the root cause or get help from a professional in order to know what your next actions should be.

How to have satisfying sex?

We have listed general tips that may help in your quest to have a satisfying sex life. However, these are just general ideas and should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice.

1. Aim for equity

As stated in the Equity Theory, relational partners should aim to have a fair distribution of resources. This not only applies to the workplace but to your sex life as well. If your partner starts to feel that you are the only one enjoying your sexual activities, inequity starts to happen and the more your partner feels the said inequity, the more they will lose interest in having sex with you or having sex as a whole. Hence, it is very important to be sensitive to you and your partner’s sexual needs. Once the both of you figure this one out and finally reached compromise, equity will be re-established and sex will become rewarding instead of demanding.

2. Strengthen your relationship

If your relationship with your partner is already shaky, to begin with, it is only natural that both of your desire for sex would be minimized a lot. That’s why both of you need to sit down and have a serious talk about whether you still want your relationship to continue or not. Talk about your grievances with each other and discuss what the two of you need to do in order to overcome them. Once you solidifying your shaky foundations, intimacy in the form of sexual activities will obviously follow.

3. Stop having unrealistic expectations

The fulfillment of expectations greatly correlates with your satisfaction but once it gets out of hand, you’ll end up no longer enjoying the things you used to enjoy, which brings us again to sex. Pornography is quite notorious in unconsciously altering your expectations, making the line between fantasy and reality blurry to a certain extent which often puts a heavy burden to your partner mentally since they might feel inadequate once they could not perform those acts you see in movies and pornographic material. Pornography could also distort your image of yourself when you compare your body parts to those of porn actors, leading to a lesser sex drive. If this is the case, it might be better to call a professional therapist to help you as compared to dealing with it yourself.

4. Just say what you both want

Unfortunately, we have yet to discover a way to directly communicate our thoughts to one another using telepathy. Hence, a direct approach in communication is oftentimes the most effective and that is to just ask your partner, in a way that will not offend them as well as stating what you want without sounding demanding. Once you and your partner reach an understanding of your wants and desires, you could make it into your goal once you start doing the deed. This will lead to an increase in the production of pleasure hormones in your brain since it will feel like it was rewarded, and the more you do what both of you like, the more you will have much more satisfying sex.