What Are Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls?

What are Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls?  Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls, are a type of tool you can use to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  We’d go beyond that, however, and even call them a sex toy.

This is because the effects they can have include tons of jiggly orgasmic feelings, and they’re a minimal effort exerciser. 

Even if going to the gym sounds like a total pain to you, Kegel balls facilitate a kind of exercise that’ll certainly help you gain ground in the bedroom.  Among other handy health benefits.

First, let’s start with the basics. 

What are Kegels? 

Your Kegel muscle is the muscle found along your pelvic floor, also known by its official name, the (PC) muscle.

Have you ever had to pee really, really badly, but there isn’t a bathroom or suitable bush in sight? The PC muscle is what you’re clenching in order to stop urination.

Bet you never thought you’d learn scientific terminology for “holding it in”!

That squeezing motion is also the basis of all Kegel exercises, which rely on repeated contraction and release in order to grow stronger. 

Anyone Can Do Kegel Exercises

Although Kegel exercisers tend to be marketed primarily toward those with vaginas, everyone can do them, regardless of genitalia. 

Healthcare professionals recommend Kegel exercises for a variety of different health benefits.  Strengthening the Kegel muscle can help treat urinary incontinence, prevent vaginal prolapse, speed up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy.

And treat inflammations in the prostate gland.  But even without pre-existing medical conditions, there isn’t a wrong reason to try them out. 

Try squeezing your pelvic muscles and holding that tension for three seconds, and then relaxing for three seconds.

Repeating this exercise 10 to 15 times per session, over three to four sessions a day, is the typical recommendation. 

You can multitask by doing your exercises while in class, on the subway, at your desk, or anywhere else, with complete discreetness. 

what are kegel balls
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Kegel exercises also can have a powerful effect on your sex life!

You may notice while doing Kegel exercises that the tightening motion is very similar to contractions that occur in the body during climax. 

Stronger Kegels make for stronger contractions, and often ramp up the explosive potential of orgasms.  Quite the reward with very little effort required on your part!  

Also while Kegel exercises will not make the vagina tighter, they do allow for greater control of the vaginal muscles.

Strengthening your Kegel muscle can also help give you better control of orgasms and ejaculation.

Which is why we recommend them as a basic tool to address premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and difficulties orgasming in general.

Painless, effortless and incredibly beneficial, these exercises are some of the easiest ways to increase sexual pleasure without tremendous cost or risk. 

What are kegel balls
Graph: Kegel Ball & Muscle Guide – PB Muscles

What are Kegel Balls

Although you can do Kegel exercises on your own without any tools, Kegel balls are helpful because they don’t require any concentration or forethought.

No need to count sets or seconds, much less remember to do them at all.  These useful balls directly stimulate the Kegel muscle, which is especially helpful for those who have difficulty isolating their Kegel muscle. 

Kegel balls are body-safe hollow balls with tiny weights inside of them that are inserted into the vagina and left there.

Once they’re resting inside of you

The weights will bounce around, and the kegel muscle will involuntarily contract as a result of this movement.  While it may sound daunting, it is actually quite effortless, as the contractions are not uncomfortable.

You might find yourself wanting to wear them out and about all day.  They’ll just be your little secret when you hand documents to your boss or stand on an escalator

Your jiggly, orgasmic little secret. 

Using Kegel Balls for the first time

When inserting Kegel balls, particularly for the first time, it helps to lie down with your legs relaxed.

Apply an ample amount of lubricant to the balls (preferably water-based, as silicone lubes could break down your Kegel balls if they are also made of silicone).

Slide them in one by one at a speed that is comfortable for you. 

If you feel pain during insertion, but don’t normally have pain during other kinds of penetration, try masturbating for a little bit beforehand to warm yourself up.  Especially if your Kegel balls are quite sizeable.

Push them upward, similarly to how you might push in a tampon, as far as they will go comfortably.

Once they’re in, just stand up and go about your business. 

Where To Buy Kegel Balls

There are so many different varieties of Kegel balls out there, it can be overwhelming to choose.

Some are sets of balls attached by a string, some are made of metal or glass, and they come in a variety of weights and sizes.  This is where the distinction between ‘ben wa balls’ and ‘Kegel balls’ becomes relevant.

‘Kegel balls’ typically refer to larger balls with a string, encased in hard plastic or medical grade silicone, but both exercisers are effectively the same. 

 Top priority should be making sure they’re body safe

You’re going to be putting them in and out of yourself on a regular basis.  Ensure the materials are non-porous. 

Avoid rubber and jelly, and lean toward silicone, glass and metal.  Make sure the string is not a braided cloth string, which quickly turns into a very nasty bacteria trap.

If it has a string, it should be completely silicone coated. 

Size and weights

It comes down to what you feel is the most comfortable for you.  Many manufacturers sell sets of Kegel balls with a gradation of different weights.  So that you can get used to keeping the lighter ones in before you move to the heavier ones.  

The heavier the ball, the more effort is needed to keep it in, and the more of a work-out your vagina will get.  

It’s recommended that beginners try wearing Kegel balls for half an hour, three times a week.

Like with weights, you can increase the time as your vagina masters your current difficulty.

JeJoue Ami, Lelo Luna Beads are some great examples. Of those, Luna and The Kegel balls also feature interchangeable ball weights.  This is so that you can use the same basic harness system to mix and match weights until you find what works for you.

If you have a shortened vagina

You may find that solo models, which incorporate only a single ball, fit more comfortably.  All three of the above sets have solo options. 

Duo models are also typical. We love Fun Factory’s SmartBallsfor their jiggle factor.

Some models are specifically recommended for post-childbirth bodies.

The reality is that any of these Kegel sets can be used in any vagina they feel comfortable in, regardless of your childbearing status. 

We’re also excited about the Aneros Peridise.

The first unisex Kegel exerciser available for all bodies!  This tool is inserted anally and held with the same Kegel movements. 

**Please note that you should not put Kegel balls into the anus**

Vaginal Kegel balls are not anus-friendly, as they lack any kind of flared base, which means that they will get stuck in there.  You will have to wibble-wobble your way to the ER and explain yourself.

Kegel Balls Other Information

It’s not unheard of for people to orgasm just from having their Kegel balls in and moving around because they are just that awesome. 

Jumping up and down, running and riding a car or bus can all add to that delightful ‘jiggle factor’ that makes your Kegel muscle contract.  Like you’ve just had a quickie instead of a typical work commute.

There are lots of things you can do with Kegel balls inserted.

Try keeping them in while you stimulate your clitoris, or using the anal exerciser while masturbating. 

Finally, don’t confine your Kegel exercises to pre-coital activities alone. 

Try actively doing them while having sex, and see how that feels.  It’s a great way to spice up one’s genital repertoire. 

From a tightening, pulsating vagina to a stronger, harder erection, Kegel exercises might be just what the sex doctor ordered.

what are kegel balls
LELO Smart Bead Pleasure Trainer

These Smart Balls Will Send You Luna!

Lelo has a new smart bead called the Luna that is a Kegel exerciser that takes the cake.

Uniquely this product features SenseTouch which is trademarked technology in sex toys that is innovative.  It tracks your usage and then works out what is perfect for you.

Kegel exercising is very important especially after child-birth as it stops leakage, strengthens your pelvic floor and walls that in turn allows you to experience stronger orgasms.

All that from a sex toy that you are going to enjoy.

Who could ask for more from a sex toy health product?

This little sucker can also be used as a normal vibrating egg that you can use on many intimate parts of your body.  Imagine the joyful sensations placing it on the clitoris, or nipples or on your lover’s testicles.

The material makes it safe for both internal and external usage.  Rather than just using it for kegel exercising you can use it as a bullet for clitoral stimulation or play with it on your erogenous zones.

You can definitely sexually experiment the with Lelo Smart Luna Beads kegel sex toy.

  • Lelo Smart Luna is made from mostly body safe silicone

Although it has a ABS plastic ring where it opens to allow for insertion of batteries.  The silicone is very firm allowing you to really squeeze down with your pelvic muscles and is very easy to wipe clean after use.

Shape of the Lelo Luna Beads is designed for your kegel muscles to flow with the shape of the sex toy.  Recommended is an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner as that way you can ensure that your toy will always remain hygienic and ready to use.

what are kegel balls
Sex Toy: Lelo Smart Luna Beads
  • There is a handy loop on the kegel sex toy

This allows you to insert it fully should you wish to use it during the day. But also allow easy removal by placing your finger in the loop and drawing it out.

As the silicone is smooth it will allow you to simply focus on squeezing your muscles and strengthening them.  When the vibrator is on this will occur automatically.

It is recommended that first time users do not go out with the exerciser inserted but to use it at home until you get used to it.

It is always advisable to use a high quality lubricant when using it.

  • Luna Smart Bead is oval in shape but has a bulge in the middle

It is shaped ergonomically to fit snuggly in the vagina making it comfortable for long term use even for those starting out.  The bulge at the bottom stops the sex toys from ‘falling out’ of the vagina when using it out.

It is a comfortable length and size that makes it suitable for all.

  • Vibrating Smart Bead takes on AAA battery but unlike most Lelo sex toys it is not rechargeable.

To insert or replace just twist off the cap.  Regular battery life differs but is around to 8 hours mark.There is a circular button on one side of the boy that turns it on and off.

  • SmartSense should do the rest and will adjust the vibrations and modes to suit you best.

There are five scales and they are Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced and Master (which should probably be called Mistress don’t you think?). The first time you turn the Kegel Exerciser it will default to Intermediate and thereafter let SmartSense take control.

  • You insert it in a similar style that you would a tampon.

The first time you use the sex toy it will buzz three times and then go through a full routine or exercise which takes approximately 5 minutes.

  • How your body handles this first session will determine where you begin your next.

The more you use the exerciser the stronger your pelvic muscles become and you will see better results sexually for you and your lover.  Vibration routines are there so you can do different workouts throughout the day.

So using Lelo Smart Luna Beads for performing kegel exercisers is going to give you positive sexual results.  AND enhance your sexual lifestyle for long term change.


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  1. Kegel balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, are small weighted devices that can help strengthen a woman’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The aduitsmart article provides an in-depth explanation of their usage and benefits, discussing how they can enhance sexual satisfaction and improve bladder control. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of selecting the right size and weight for your personal needs, highlighting that consistent practice can lead to significant improvements. It’s an insightful read for anyone interested in exploring this simple yet effective method for pelvic health.

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