WeVibe Nova 2 – A Rabbit Sex Toy With A Clitoral Arm!!

The WeVibe Nova 2 is a very unusual shaped rabbit sex toy.  There are endless variations in lengths, girths, and clitoral arm shapes and sizes when it comes to rabbit vibrators.  That is because our bodies are all so different.

I haven’t ever seen one with a clitoral arm quite like this.   It just so happened today that I stumbled across a gif of the Nova in use. Then the scales fell from my eyes and it all suddenly made sense.

I had stupidly thought the clitoral arm was supposed to jab away at your clit like a little hammer.  And was curved in this unique way so that the rest of the arm didn’t rest on the  labia.

I Was Wrong About the WeVibe Nova 2

Because I thought it required a really specific body shape.

The design of the Nova is actually to remedy that problem.  Not only that, the thing a lot of people don’t like about Rabbits is that you can’t trust them without losing contact with the clitoris.

WeVibe Nova 2 sex toy
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Well the Nova addresses that very problem.

We-Vibe Nova is packaged in a solid presentation box with a handy drawstring bag for discretion.  It comes with a USB charger and some water-based lube.  Do not use a silicone lubricant with this sex toy.

There is a picture of the toy on the box and it is actual size.  It has an annoying magnet charger, which I get is necessary for the toy to be 100% waterproof.

But on most sex toys, the magnets are just not strong enough.  They seem to require constant babysitting or they disconnect.

We Vibe Nova is by no means the worst culprit, but it isn’t ideal.

  • You do get 2 hours of play for 90 minutes of charging.
  • Already part charged when you open the box.   Considering how powerful this toy is the 2 hours is quite impressive.
  • We-Vibe Nova is a salmon pink, coral colour.
  • It is 8.5 inches and 4.75 is insertable.
  • Has a narrow lower shaft and the bulbous end is a substantial  4 inches in circumference.
  • Clitoral arm is curved like a lobster claw and about 3.5 inches around at it widest.
  • Its shaft is very solid and the arm is fully flexible.
  • 100% high quality silicone is smooth and velvety and seamless.
  • Handle is white and also made of silicone.
WeVibe Nova 2
We Vibe Nova 2 Sex toy

How does it work?

Well, the controls on it are hidden very well under the silicone and a bit too subtle.   Operating it might be tedious at first but the buttons are perfectly placed once you get used to them.

  • Centre button turns it on and off and cycles through clitoral, g spot and dual simulations.
  • There is a plus and a minus for intensity and two arrows for the different modes.  Sounds a bit complicated?  Don’t worry, see below.
  • Magnetic charger points are also on the handle and you will probably think they are the controls when you first get hold of the Nova.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Shouldn’t be that hard to clean but you may want to use a toothbrush around the charger points and where the shaft meets the handle.

We-Vibe Nova is a dual stimulation toy

Its clit arm is so flexible that no matter what shape you are at the very least you can get the whole shaft inside you with no messing about.

The clit arm can then bend completely over and roll against the clit as seen in the diagram thereby maintaining that contact while thrusting.


It does mean there is a significant amount of constant pressure on the clit.  But I for one think that is brilliant.  Not having that is exactly what is wrong with most rabbits.

The shaft is shaped a lot like Lelo Mona 2 and great for g spot stimulation.

Two Powerful Motors

We-Vibe Nova has two powerful motors and like all of We-vibes products, the vibrations are high quality, fairly rumbly and deep.

As I mentioned there are a lot of options when it comes to the patterns and intensities.  Including an option to create your own.

Now, while I am not a fan of the interface on the Nova, or of over complex options, it doesn’t matter.

It is compatible with the We-Vibe App.

You can use your phone like a remote if you like and preset it to your liking. The app controls are way easier to use than the buttons.  If you have someone else to control it from their iPhone, then so much the better.

We-Vibe Nova is a dual stimulation superstar

And the clitoral arm really does solve the issues many women have with combining G-Spot stimulation which sometimes needs a thrust.  Not just a static vibration and constant clitoral stimulation.

We-Vibe Nova can move with the woman’s body and movements. I t is a really good addition to We-vibes amazing collection.

wevibe nova 2
Rabbit vibrator with bendable clitoral arm

We-Vibe Nova Bends Just For You

“This vibrator…… WOW.”

Now, I don’t know if you are familiar with the very popular and very open radio hosts on KIIS FM, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer from The Thinker Girls.

But in case you haven’t, the above is a direct quote from Kristie Mercer who was gifted a Nova by We-Vibe.  Well, it sounds like she had some pretty great things to say about it.

Firstly she expressed that she was sent the vibrator for free from the We-Vibe company but is not being paid to talk about it or in this case rave about it.

After listening to the show and hearing this rave review from one of the hosts I decided to put this Nova to the test for myself.

“Intense encapsulating whole body feeling”

This vibrator is definitely one of a kind.  Designed by the awesome company who bought us all the infamous We-Vibe 4 and Sync, which are both award winning couples sex toys out there in my opinion.

This vibrator takes solo play to a new level of intensity and fun with dual stimulation like never before.

WeVibe Nova 2
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When I First Saw The We-Vibe Nova

I honestly thought it looked strange and wasn’t quite grasping the concept of the design.

Firstly, it’s shaped like a typical G-spot vibrator with a perfectly angled head for finding just the right spot.  But then your eyes are drawn to the clitoral stimulator which is curved out and almost loops back into itself.

My first thought was definitely “WTF”.  But then I got a little bit worried that this vibrator might not fit me, or that it might be uncomfortable.

As the company explains, this toy has a unique design unlike any other

Nova flexes with you and stays in constant contact with the clitoris to give you true simultaneous stimulation unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

And after a little more physical research I can say with confidence that this is definitely accurate.

Although it might look different, don’t judge a vibrator by it clitoral stimulator.

WeVibe Nova 2
We-Vibe Nova Bendable Vibrator

So we now know that this vibrator has a weird but wonderful design aimed specifically at hitting that G-spot and stimulating the clitoris at the same time

But what else?  What makes this toy better than others?

Well let’s talk about some key aspects of the design and features this vibrator can offers us, which really makes this one of a kind.

Key Features Of The Vibrator

  • 10+ pre-set modes of vibration allowing you to choose your favourite mode and increase or decrease the intensity to suit you.
  • Control panel is very straight forward and easy to navigate.  4 simple buttons that will increase and decrease speed and the mode you require.  As well as a simple “hold down for 2 seconds to activate”.
  • 100% Body Safe Silicone.  Free from phthalates, latex and BPA.  This high grade silicone also makes for very easy and comfortable insertion.
  • Whisper quiet enabling for discreet use.
  • 100% Waterproof.  Due to the magnetic charging point you are able to completely submerge the vibrator into the water which makes for unrestricted fun.
  • Rechargeable.  The nova is charged through a USB charging cable and attaches to the toy via magnets.
WeVibe Nova 2
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Nova

We-Connect Application

Now another feature that We-Vibe is famously known for is their self-created app.

All toys in the range come “APP READY”.  All you have to do when you buy one of their products is to download the free We-Connect application through Google Play or the iTunes Store to your mobile.  That’s where the fun begins.

This app allows users to control and customise setting and modes of vibration straight from there smart phone.  And according to my personal research you are gifted 6 extra vibration motions when you use your toy with the app.

This not only makes for great solo play.  But it also helps make it a two man or woman job, because including your partner is what We-Vibe are great for.


WeVibe Nova 2 App Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Nova App

“The peak that I reached with this toy is more intense then the peak I feel with the real thing”

So you know all the features, you know how it works, you’ve heard the quotes grabbed from KISS 106.5 The Thinker Girls very own experience.

But is there any bad or not so great things about this vibrator?

Honestly….no.  We-Vibe really hit the G-spot with this one and I have no complaints.


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