8 Ways Erotic Massage Can Help Improve a Couple’s Emotional Intimacy

An erotic massage consists of stimulating massage strokes, usually in the erogenous zones of the body. This type of massage tends to be a nude couples massage, pleasuring both the body and mind.  Here, we’ll show you 8 ways erotic massage can improve a couple’s emotional intimacy. 

 If you’re wanting to give your sex life a boost or improve the emotional connection you have with your partner, a sensual massage session could be just the thing you’re looking for.  

There are many wonderful benefits of erotic massage for couples, from  enhancing a healthy lifestyle to creating increased sexual arousal. 

8 Ways Erotic Massage Will Benefit Couples

1. Helps you to spend more time together

Whether you’re in a relatively new relationship or have been together for a while, work, household chores, kids, and general life activities can get in the way. 

A busy lifestyle can make it difficult to spend quality time together.  By participating in an erotic massage, you’re dedicating time to your loved one in an intimate setting. 

A key to a great erotic massage is knowing that there is no pressure to continue into full sex.  You can simply enjoy an erotic massage because it feels good. 

Go into it with no preconceived ideas and you’ll find that you’re rewarded with optimal benefits for your relationship.

2. It can make you fall deeper in love

An erotic body massage can be up there in some incredibly romantic experiences, especially if you treat it as a date. 

Performed in a private setting, you get to explore an exciting adventure with your partner, undertaking sensual touches and stimulation.

If you’re in a long-term relationship and want to put the spark back into your relationship, becoming acquainted with erotic massage can make you feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

3. Create enhanced sexual desire

If you’re struggling with your libido or your relationship has stalled between the sheets, engaging in a couple’s erotic massage may be the thing that gets your sex life going again.

A sensual massage is a steamy and invigorating experience that can open any blockages you’re suffering from, such as loss of libido. 

It can even help to aid erectile problems and sexual trauma, making you feel more comfortable in the bedroom!

8 ways erotic massage oils
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4. Helps to relieve stress

Erotic massage is a highly effective stress reliever, enabling you to fully relax with your partner.  Massage helps to stimulate both your mind and body, fully immersing you in a calm and tranquil space.

The connection you feel with your partner will put you in a good mood, keeping your positivity riding high for days to come.

5. It increases trust

Trust is imperative for any relationship to succeed. 

A couple’s massage session enhances trust as you’re completely surrendering yourself to your partner.  Lie back and unwind as they use gentle stimulation to massage your erogenous zones.

Not only will this increase pleasure, it will also create a deeper bond between you.

6. Creates a physical connection

Erotic massage allows you and your partner to fully focus on each other. The physical closeness it brings helps to build both a physical and emotional connection. 

This loving act makes you both feel loved and desired, enabling you to value the relationship you have.

7. It creates a new perspective

For many couples, erotic massage creates a new perspective of sex and intimacy. 

By being present in the moment, you recognise that the sensual act of body to body intimacy has an emotional attachment to it.  Rather than just simply being a physical act for pleasure or sexual release.

This realisation in itself, alongside the fact that erotic massage can lead to have the best orgasm ever and can completely transform your sex life, helping you to feel more connected.

8. Helps you to understand your partner’s desires

One of the biggest benefits of erotic massage is that it helps you to understand what pleasures your partner. 

From learning which areas of the body are sensitive to sensual touch to finding out what kinky sex play desires your partner might have. An erotic massage can significantly improve communication in the bedroom. 

This means you can start to become more fulfilled between the sheets.  Something which many couples in long-term relationships may struggle with.  By using erotic massage as a foreplay technique, your sex life can become more passionate.

Try it out and see if it makes a difference to your love life!

Experience the benefits of erotic massage for couples.  Now you know the amazing benefits that a sensual massage can bring to your relationship, why don’t you start to explore the delights of this tantric massage.

The incredible feelings and emotions that erotic massage provides can take your relationship to new heights, not only spiritually but physically too!

About the Author

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. 

She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency.  And writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.

8 ways erotic massage
woman giving an erotic massage

Body To Body Massage Is A Wonderfully Erotic & Sensual Experience!!

One of the coolest things I’d somehow overlooked but just discovered today is the Touche Body-Slide Kit for a body to body massage.

Body to body massage is a wonderfully erotic and sensual experience, but let’s face it, it can get a tad messy.   We should never have to forego life’s finest pleasures because the clean up will be too much effort!

For many of us, though, we end up making that kind of sacrifice on the regular, because we are tired, overworked, already have to clean up after kids 24/7, or just hate the mess.

Touche Body-Slide Kit has the solution to all of your messy problems.

Body to body massage is a kind of massage that helps people with getting rid of the tension and experience the full range of sensations.

Going for a body to body massage by a professional massage therapists can help you regain your well-being and overcome any issue you may be experiencing.

Body to body massage is a full body massage in which orgasm and ejaculation are the objectives of the massage.  This massage helps to restore the body, mind and spirit and also make you conscious of your sexual energies.

8 ways erotic massage
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It takes a lot more effort than a regular hand to body massage.

But I can imagine that having a body to body massage would be so much more sensual.

Imagine using your thighs to massage your partner’s pelvic region whilst you can use your chest to massage your partner’s nipples.  Your lover can get in the fun by rubbing their leg between your legs to hit all the erogenous zones.

There so many different ways you can massage your love by using this kit.

You can also find all their hidden parts of their body that you didn’t know would tickle the sexual nerves and send shiver’s run down their spine, craving more.

When you find these hidden zones, imagine your future sex life of knowing every part of their body that will turn them on.  Just one touch or one caress will be able to make them grown in pleasure.

Some of the health benefits associated with a body to body massage

8 ways erotic massage oil
Sex Toy: Touche Massage Oil Body Rub Gel

Viewing the act itself can be quite sexually pleasing especially if your lover is more of a visual person.

So, if you and your partner love to get body-to-body massage, visit an experienced masseuse who makes use of their body to uncover the most secret needs of your body.

What is in the Touche Body Slide Kit?

Contained in the Touche Body-Slide Kit is a super concentrated lubricant.  Perfect for skin-on-skin action, and a mat designed especially to make cleaning up a breeze.

The mat is an inflatable black mat with sides to catch drips and spills before they can get to your wooden floorboards, carpet, or bed covers.

Once inflated, this mat measures 160cm by 200cm, big enough to fit most bodies.

Did you ever want to get creative?

This is the perfect place to do it.  Use your imagination and go wild.  Reviews say this mat will cover a king size bed so get out your karma sutra, channel your inner slippery wrestler, or bring some toys along to play.

If you are into water-sports,  this mat also makes a great alternative to plastic bed-sheets or trying to find comfortable positions in the bath or shower.

You can also use the mat with other types of fetish play.

Cleaning the Mat

  • Lubrication provided is water based so will clean up very easily.
  • As it is so highly concentrated, you mix the 80ml bottle with 5 litres of water to use.
  • When you are done, simply wipe the mat down with soap and water.
  • Then just dry it, completely deflate it and roll it up again to use later.
  • It hardly takes any space to store and the box it comes in is perfect to keep and store it in too.
  • For evermore fun, you can clean each other off in the shower.
  • Gently wash your lover down with soap for an intimate moment between you.

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