8 Ways Erotic Massage Can Help Improve a Couple’s Emotional Intimacy

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If you’re wanting to give your sex life a boost or improve the emotional connection you have with your partner, a sensual massage session could be just the thing you’re looking for. An erotic massage consists of stimulating massage strokes, usually in the erogenous zones of the body. This type of massage tends to be a nude couples massage, pleasuring both the body and mind.

There are many wonderful benefits of erotic massage for couples, from enhancing a healthy lifestyle to creating increased sexual arousal. Here, we’ll show you 8 reasons why erotic massage can improve a couple’s emotional intimacy.

It helps you to spend more time together

Whether you’re in a relatively new relationship or have been together for a while, work, household chores, kids, and general life activities can get in the way. A busy lifestyle can make it difficult to spend quality time together. By participating in an erotic massage, you’re dedicating time to your loved one in an intimate setting. The key to a great erotic massage is knowing that there is no pressure to continue into full sex. You can simply enjoy an erotic massage because it feels good. Go into it with no preconceived ideas and you’ll find that you’re rewarded with optimal benefits for your relationship.

It can make you fall deeper in love

An erotic body massage can be an incredibly romantic experience, especially if you treat it as a date. Performed in a private setting, you get to explore an exciting adventure with your partner, undertaking sensual touches and stimulation. If you’re in a long-term relationship and want to put the spark back into your relationship, becoming acquainted with erotic massage can make you feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

It creates enhanced sexual desire

If you’re struggling with your libido or your relationship has stalled between the sheets, engaging in a couple’s erotic massage may be the thing that gets your sex life going again. A sensual massage is a steamy and invigorating experience that can open any blockages you’re suffering from, such as loss of libido. It can even help to aid erectile problems and sexual trauma, making you feel more comfortable in the bedroom!

It helps to relieve stress

Erotic massage is a highly effective stress reliever, enabling you to fully relax with your partner. Massage helps to stimulate both your mind and body, fully immersing you in a calm and tranquil space. The connection you feel with your partner will put you in a good mood, keeping your positivity riding high for days to come.


It increases trust

Trust is imperative for any relationship to succeed. A couple’s massage session enhances trust as you’re completely surrendering yourself to your partner. Lie back and unwind as they use gentle stimulation to massage your erogenous zones. Not only will this increase pleasure, it will also create a deeper bond between you.

It creates a physical connection

Erotic massage allows you and your partner to fully focus on each other. The physical closeness it brings helps to build both a physical and emotional connection. This loving act makes you both feel loved and desired, enabling you to value the relationship you have.

It creates a new perspective

For many couples, erotic massage creates a new perspective of sex and intimacy. By being present in the moment, you recognise that the sensual act of body to body intimacy has an emotional attachment to it, rather than just simply being a physical act for pleasure or sexual release. This realisation in itself, alongside the fact that erotic massage can lead to more intense orgasms, can completely transform your sex life, helping you to feel more connected.

It helps you to understand your partner’s desires

One of the biggest benefits of erotic massage is that it helps you to understand what pleasures your partner. From learning which areas of the body are sensitive to sensual touch to finding out what desires your partner has, an erotic massage can significantly improve communication in the bedroom. This means you can start to become more fulfilled between the sheets – something which many couples in long-term relationships may struggle with. By using erotic massage as a foreplay technique, your sex life can become more passionate. Try it out and see if it makes a difference to your love life!

Experience the benefits of erotic massage for couples

Now you know the amazing benefits that a sensual massage can bring to your relationship, why don’t you start to explore the delights of this tantric massage. The incredible feelings and emotions that erotic massage provides can take your relationship to new heights, not only spiritually but physically too!

About the author:

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.

Best Erotic Massages Places Around the World

thai massage

If you are going on vacation and want to have a little adult fun while you’re there, only certain countries will do. Erotic massages aren’t available everywhere, so it pays to do a little research on the best destinations to plan your time well.

Here are some of the best erotic massage places to consider.

Québec, Canada

When you’re looking to keep it in North America, heading over to Québec is an excellent idea to find something exclusive and upmarket.

Le Penthouse in Montréalperfectly fits the bill. There you’ll find deluxe facilities to enjoy a massage in style. Just select a hostess of your choosing, pick the type of the desired massage, and get pampered.

Along with the companionship, the plush accommodations during your time there set your mind at ease. Get into a care-free state in Québec.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is seen as a Gentleman’s playground by many. It combines numerous malls for ample shopping opportunities, indulgent eateries, and decadent nightlife.

While tourists head to Patpong, which can be a little dicey at times, more knowledgeable men head over either to Soi Cowboy or Nana’s Plaza.

Soi Cowboy is a long street to wander down, visit a bar for a drink and talk to a bar girl in the establishment. Buying her a ‘lady drink’ ensures she gets a cut of the drink price. She has a quota of lady drinks to sell each month, so it helps her fill the quota.

The other alternative is Nana’s Plaza. This is a multi-level entertainment center with bars on every floor, places with regular entertainment shows, and a casual bar just to sit and people watch. Nearby there are plenty of local hotels to avoid needing to travel back through congested traffic.

Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is a great spot in Brazil because it combines sandy beaches during the daytime with vibrant nightlife too. Therefore, you can stay up late, sleep in, and still catch some rays in the afternoon.

All kinds of tourism are legal in Brazil including finding a lady of the night. But it’s important to appreciate that there’s a high crime rate in the country. So, while a woman may be booked to come to your hotel room, someone else might show up!

Manila, Philippines

In the bustling capital city of Manila, P Burgos Street holds supreme. It’s a tourist-friendly location with plenty of people around offering an increased level of safety in the Philippines. Given that it’s so popular with Westerners, tourists are better protected than elsewhere in the country.

One of the upsides with the Philippines is that the local people speak some of the best English to be found in all of Asia. This makes basic communication and getting around so much easier than in other countries.

Not every place to find an erotic massage experience will be upmarket. There are some destinations to visit that aim to provide luxurious service to discerning men whereas others are open to everyone. To stay safe, it pays to go be freer with your spending to avoid walking into trouble. But when keeping your wits about you, everything should be fine.

How to Give Mind Blowing Orgasms Through Tantric Massage

My name is Erica and I’m an expert in all things tantra and the editor at Karma Tantric. who arrange the best tantric massage london has to offer. In this article I’m going to share with you the art of tantric massage and how it can give you mind blowing orgasms. Tantric massage is the ultimate indulgent therapy for you to enjoy an erotic experience like never before. If you’re new to the art of tantric massage, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This ancient practice comprises modern methods to ensure you reach a spiritual and physical awakening. If you want to take part in an intimate encounter, here is how to give mind blowing orgasms through tantric massage.

Engage In Eye Contact

While blindfolds can help to isolate the mind, if you want to experience mind blowing orgasms during tantric massage, engage in eye contact with each other. Staring into each other’s eyes as you take pleasure in the incredible sensations of touch will increase intimacy and make the experience more intense. Explore your partner and relish this spiritual connection. You can take eye contact into your foreplay or take a few minutes out of your day to practice eye contact with your partner. It will deepen your connection and make lovemaking a more stimulating experience.

Observe The Feelings Of Touch

Observing the feelings of touch on your partner can heighten your orgasms. As you begin to pleasure each other, make every touch trigger insane sensations of delight. Make a conscious effort to devour your partner with soft strokes as you build up to sensual skin on skin contact. Forget the stress and troubles of daily life and watch your partner being pleasured – your sex life will be transformed.

Take A Shower

Take a shower with your partner before your massage and create an intimate connection with each other. Use this as part of your foreplay and relax as you caress each other. As your tantric massage begins, surround yourself with candlelight, soothing music and silky oils so you can completely savour this idyllic moment.

Try Something New

A tantric massage give you the perfect opportunity to try something new. It’s also a great way to ignite the fire in your love life and let you enjoy sex again. Bringing sensory elements into your tantric massage is one way to learn new techniques to pleasure each other. Whether its taste, touch, smell or sound, creating a sensory experience can increase your orgasm. Experience lovemaking on a new level by using scented oils, chocolate, cream, honey, feathers or silk. Why not blindfold your partner and let them relish this new experience in a stimulating way? The result will be amazing.

Choose A Professional Masseuse

If you’re new to tantric massage, booking a professional masseuse can help you to learn new skills and new ways of pleasuring each other. Bringing another person into your relationship, without having to rely on an escort or stranger is a safe and private way to indulge in a tantric experience. Expand your sexual knowledge, increase your confidence and bring your new skills into the bedroom. Your contentment will increase to the max.

Speak To Your Masseuse

A trained masseuse will discuss your likes and dislikes before your treatment begins. If you want to experience mind blowing orgasms, let your masseuse know and she’ll use her skills to help you achieve just that. You can be assured that any inhibitions you have will be eliminated as you start to enjoy the practice of tantric massage and the sexual energy it creates.

Full Body Bliss

Experience a full body orgasm with a tantric massage. The practice of edging is one of the best ways to do this. This involves bringing the body to near orgasm before letting go and letting it fade a little. Slowly build up the sexual energy between you, using the breath and intention to let the edge of climax rip through your entire body. When you finally reach orgasm, you’ll feel the ripple unleashed through you.

Stay Relaxed

Enjoy the moment and don’t put too much pressure on yourself during massage. Tantra is about the whole experience, so unwind and let the practice be a fun and enticing act. You’re more likely to reach a mind-blowing orgasm when you’re fully relaxed. Remind yourself of the pleasure of engaging in intimacy with your partner and why you enjoy sex. Explore the elements that you both enjoy and let the feelings come naturally.  

Men Can Have Mind-Blowing Orgasms Too

Some men like to pleasure their partner and watch them enjoy the stimulation of tantra, but tantric massage is something that men can relish too. Don’t be afraid to stimulate the penis as well as the whole body. Massaging every tip is the best way to boost your orgasms.

A Beginner’s Guide To Getting An Erotic Massage

Asian massage therapist

Have you always wanted an erotic massage but have no idea what to expect? Well if you are stressed out at work, dealing with problems at home or struggling to feed your sexual cravings it might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Though it’s sometimes painted with sleazy connotations, the bodywork actually has much more depth than horny middle-aged men getting their fix. In this day in age erotic massage therapy could be a benefit for everyone. And here I am to tell you more…

Massage parlours are everywhere…

If you live in a city centre you probably walk past an adult massage parlour on a daily basis, built up areas are saturated with them! Some salons you may even be familiar with and can’t help but wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Erotic massage is often seen as a taboo subject but I can’t stress more that despite contrary belief it is NOT illegal! The service is popular with businessmen, who often opt for an erotic massage on their lunch break and after work.

They often blend into the surroundings

One of the reasons erotic massage parlours are discreet is to protect their clients. Many maybe married, have kids and are thriving professionals who obviously don’t want to be associated with sexual services. Therefore many erotic massage providers are often masked as ‘Thai massage shops’ or are based in private houses to blend into the surroundings

They destroy any evidence of your booking

Most erotic massage parlours advise you to call to book before your session, but don’t worry about any information being leaked – evidence of your booking is usually erased straight after your session! You can always give a fake name and hide your number if you really want to.

You get the choice of girls

The first time you arrive at the parlour might be nerve-wracking. A delicious mix of masseuses will stand in front of your very eyes waiting to be chosen for your hour of thrill – you’ve probably never felt as overwhelmed!

It’s ok to be nervous

Don’t worry if you’re feeling shy, erotic masseuses are used to first-timers on a daily basis and will do all they can to put you at ease. Some parlours even have a reception where you can sit down and chat to the girls to get a feel for your favourite beforehand. You might even be offered a glass of wine to steady your nerves.

They will adjust your massage to your personal preference

Once you’ve selected your gorgeous therapist you will be shown to the bedroom. Your gorgeous girl will discuss with you beforehand what you want from your session. The beauty of erotic massage is that the style can be moulded to suit your personal preferences, whether you fancy some relaxing romance or something more adventurous.

All erotic massages are performed with the receiver and therapist both naked, but if you’re feeling a little nervous then do inform your masseuse –they’ll be able to undress to the comfort level as the session gradually progresses.

The session starts with a non-sexual full-body massage

The masseuse will place a towel down on the bed and lie you down as she warms your skin with massage oil. Though the purpose of erotic asian tantric massage is to arouse, the massage doesn’t actually start sexual. The masseuse will commence with a full body massage, similar to the soothing strokes derived from the classic style.  She’ll begin to work on your tension built in your neck, back and shoulders which will calm release all the unwanted stress within your muscles. This part of the massage is considered as the starter, there’s plenty more of this sensational feast to come!

Chinese tantric masseuse
Image: Asian Massage Therapist

More sensual strokes will be introduced

As your masseuse gently moves you onto your front from your back she will use what is known as an ‘edging’ technique. To perform ‘edging’ she will start to run her tantalising fingertips from your chest to erogenous zones (sensitive points), getting closer and closer to your manhood each time.  As your toes begin to curl and your body starts to shake she will manoeuvre her soft hands back to the top of your physique. This will send rushes of orgasmic pleasure down your spine and will be repeated until you’re at a point of no return.

And of course never forget Laura Rose Halliday from School of Squirt.

The session does include sex

How sexual does the session get? Will I get a happy ending? Does the massage involve sex? These are common questions surrounding erotic massage and the answer depends on which masseuse or parlour you go to. You may-be familiar with the terms ‘happy ending’ and ‘full service massage’ but are maybe unsure what they mean. However, once you’ve had an erotic massage you’ll become accustomed to the services. Erotic happy ending generally means the naked massage with hand relief, while full service is exactly what it says on the tin and is the full she-bang. Not only will the masseuse pleasure you with her hands, she will also introduce oral and penetration as part of your experience.

You should always remain respectful

Although an erotic massage often progresses to being super sexual it’s important you are respectful to your masseuse at all times. French-kissing, pleasuring your therapist and oral without condom are often considered as extra and should be discussed with your therapist at the beginning of your session. They’re usually more than happy to adhere to your requests! Many erotic massage parlours also operate 24 hour hotlines where you can ring and discuss your queries before making your appointment.

Everyone should get an erotic massage..

You may think it’s a little naughty but there are SO many reasons why everyone should get an erotic massage. It can boost your sexual stamina, provides escape from life stresses and unwinds your tired and worn out muscles – it really is a no brainer! There’s guaranteed to be an erotic massage parlour in your area, so why not try a session today?

Gay Anal Virgin Made For My Personal Pleasure!


Three years ago, I used to listen to one of the local community radio stations. This particular night was different from every other night. A deeply masculine and soothing voice spoke “I am a married man secretly searching for an experienced mature gay man for a massage. I am an anal virgin made for your personal pleasure.”  I was instantly turned on by his offer. Plus it was free, so why not?  He continued “If you are interested in popping my tight cherry, contact the radio station for more details.” I hurriedly contacted the radio station who told me to meet him at the local docks in New York.

That night, I arrived at the docks and looked for him. The radio station told me to look for a man wearing a gay colour coded handkerchief in his right pocket of his jeans. I walked down the docks and looked for the man. I saw him first and watched him from a distance. He had short blonde hair with a fringe, his muscular body was perfectly outlined through his tight white shirt and tattoos covered his arms. Our eyes met for the first time, he smiled through his beard and adjusted his shirt in hopes that I would be the lucky candidate he had asked for.

I walked up to him and we spoke for a long time. I found out that he worked on the docks and frequently traveled out of New York. He had been married for five years but fantasized about his previous sexual encounters with his childhood friends. The sexual experimentation with his friends went no further than peeking at each other’s penises. Ever since then he had countless sexual thoughts of experiencing anal sex with a gay man for the first time. He appeared uncertain about what he was doing, he was so timid and almost powerless.

Since he was a beginner, I did not want to rush him. I decided to invite him over to my house for a drink and personal massage to see if he would like things to progress. I have worked professionally as a part time masseuse for the past couple of years and I had found that it is an extremely pleasant, nonthreatening approach to become more acquainted with somebody. We drove over to my place.

I gave him a cold beer and we chatted for some time until he was relaxed. At that point, I led him downstairs to where the massage table was. I instructed him to undress while I retrieved the oil and towels from another room. When I got back, there he was on the table, absolutely stripped and spread out like a smorgasbord. I took a gander at his ass knowing nobody had ever been in there before. I salivated.

I gave him one of my best and most sensual massages that I possibly could. He began to moan with every stroke. He rolled over onto his back and he placed his hard erection into my hand. I made him spread his legs with my free hand and plunged my mouth onto his cock. I slowly licked, slurped and drooled my way down to his rosebud.

I became harder knowing nobody had ever rimmed him before. I began to do my specialty, he lifted his legs lifted off the table which allowed me to get my tongue into his sweet asshole. He was squirmed and groaned in absolute delight as I twisted and moved his ass checks down into my face, almost like a dog in heat. When he was overwhelmed and could scarcely talk, I slid my tongue right into his rose bud and moved his body back and forth. I stroked his cock until he was about to cum. I quickly placed his cock down my throat and he came in immense spurts down my throat which I was pleased to swallow. As he rested, he groaned with relief.

I was in sweats and my shirt was soaked through. As he got dressed, he told me that nothing he had ever experienced before compared to the massage. He noted down on my calendar the times he was available. As he exited my house, he swore he’d be back.

1st Gay Sex Experience
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Early the following week I got a call from him. His wife was going away, he needed to come over and see me once more. He asked “Would it be okay if I spend the night? I’d truly love to.” I of course said yes.

On Thursday, he appeared at my doorstep. He gave me a big embrace and laid a sweet kiss on my cheek. We talked for some time, this time he appeared to be exceptionally eager so I took him down the stairs for another massage. When I got him downstairs it was obvious he wasn’t there for another massage, if his erect cock was any guide.

I ate him out again until he was on the verge of moaning. I peeled my garments off while I went down on him. I placed some SuperSlyde lubricant onto my fingers and inserted them inside. I began to finger him, moving them in and out. He groaned as his ass tightened around my fingers. I slowed down, moved my mouth to his ear and said “Do you want me to top you?” I inhaled into his ear. “Would you like to get fucked by a man?”

“Hell yeah!” he replied. I was hard as stone from listening to him groan and his words simply made me harder. I got the lube and rubbed it on my cock. I moved up on the table and settled between his legs. I pulled at his hips until he was up on his knees with his face still on the table. I gazed down into his totally gaping ass. His hole was a bit red and swollen from the fingering I’d effectively done. It almost sparkled in the low light with the lube I’d placed there. It looked like heaven’s door to me and he moved his hips forward and backward. His gape opened and closed as if it were winking at me. It opened and shut automatically as he knew what was about to happen to him. I grasped my cock at the base and swiveled my hips forward. The tip of my cock touched the wet entrance and simply kissed his gaped ass.

“Alright, I’m going to slide in. Push out, as if you’re taking a dump.” I said.

He kindly pushed out and when I saw his little gape open, I quickly began to squeeze the tip in knowing this would be his very first gay anal experience. At first I felt the resistance, but it began to give way which gave me a chance to slide it further into him. His little gap was only able to tolerate the head of my prick. When I popped it further inside, he snorted like he’d been punched. I halted totally still for a minute and he began to move his hips once more. He backed into me and pushed a couple of inches of me into his cherry butt. He whimpered a bit under his breath. His back was completely covered in sweat, the inches that he inserted had inspired him to push even deeper back onto my cock.

Hot shirtless man
Image: Shirtless Man

I was completely inside of him, my balls were tight against his ring and my pubes scratched up against his butt cheeks. He groaned and gasped for a moment or two. I kept still and absorbed the mind boggling warmth and tight hold of his virginity. I ran my hands up his sides and down his spine which calmed and unwound him to get him prepared for more. I was going to ride his virgin ass hard, however I needed him to be completely invested so that he could always remember the hot and steamy moments of his first time.

I stayed still until he began to move under me. Then I slid myself out by only an inch and inserted it once more deeply inside. I rested as his hot ass grasped onto my hard cock. After every two breaths, I would move out and then back in. He groaned even louder and snorted each time I thrusted into his virgin cheeks. Each time I would go as deep as possible, with a throaty snort I rammed my cock right up into his pelvis. He began to move his butt once again into me and countered my strokes. His back broke out in shivers.

I was delicate with him but I used incredible power. I needed him to realize that it was a man in his rear end, that his virginity had been taken and there was no retreating. He angled his bum up into my groin with a full stroke and made a higher pitched groan. He did it again and made a little snort when it bottom. He was somewhat freer now, his virgin gape took me in more easily and it was beginning to feel great. The floods of joy were beginning for him and I knew the time had come to turn up the power a bit.

I lifted him up a little on the following stroke. This time I massaged my cock over his prostate. He made a startled sound. He moved once again into me and I pushed somewhat harder back in. His head swung to the side, his eyes were shut however his mouth was open and a little dribble spilled out the side of his lips which wet the sheets. I went into him quicker and harder this time. His body quivered under the blow, yet he continued to groan.

I thrusted in hard, his head lifted off the table somewhat and he groaned louder. I reached around his waist and held onto his prick which was rock hard. It spilled out with pre-cum. I massaged his pre-cum everywhere on his cock head and stroked it with a tight grasp. He intensely shivered as he yanked his head back hard when I pummeled into him.

After a few more hard strokes, I hauled my cock out of him. He grunted as I dragged him off the table and I pushed him down over it. I kicked his lower legs apart and slid into his rosebud with one hard stroke. I continued to stretch around and jerk his throbbing prick. I used his own pre-cum as lube. I fucked his butt for the following 20 minutes, blending short hard thrusts and long moderate strokes. He adored every moment.

At long last, his groans got louder and higher pitched. He thrusted back into me harder on every stroke. His head was going here and there on every stroke. I fucked harder into him, his prick swelled significantly harder and it knew it wouldn’t be much longer. I wasn’t too far away myself, I could feel my nuts tighten and the humming sensation that lets you know it will be a huge load.

All of a sudden he was there. I extended my body over him, I beat my hips into him and jacked him hard. With a profound snort, his prick spasmed in my grasp. He raised his head back. He spurted and spurted all of his seed over my massage table. His rosebud held me inside as firmly as it had when we’d initially begun. He discharged cum out everywhere on the table, his entire body writhed like a snake and his ass spasmed on my cock.

I beat two more strokes into the tight grip his ass had on me. I held myself hard and deep inside. I hammered out a hot and substantial load into his virgin ass. I shivered and gasped. It felt sweat and smooth. My cock pulsated in him as his ass drained out the last drops of my cum. I held him tight in my arms, one hand placed on his chest and the other cupped his balls. I lay forward over his back and simply inhaled into his neck for a minute. I rubbed my facial hair against his delicate skin for a minute.

He turned his head and looked at me. He wore a grin of a sexually fulfilled man – a bit timid, however extremely fulfilled.

That was the story of how a man of the docks lost his cherry for the very first time.