6 Simple Steps To Provide Erotic Massage To Your Partner

Touch (in the form of massage) is the biggest gift that both partners enjoy the most. Erotic massage, among all, are life-changing ones – aimed to release tension and eliminate the stress, achieving sensual pleasure.


Let me share a secret now – erotic massage is sexy if it’s done well. It will not only pass on your affection to your partner, but it will also release the neurochemical oxytocin (also referred love hormones). Additionally, massages improve your sex life. Besides, partners strengthen their bond, experiencing each other’s bodies.


If the erotic massage doesn’t go well, then partners amass discontent and pain. That’s why it’s crucial to not quit half-assed and partly dissatisfied.


Want to be a master of erotic massage? Here are six simple steps to provide erotic massage to your partner.


  1. Establish The Mood


Being romantic is an art! So, begin by choosing a sanctuary wherein you can try setting up the mood. The bedroom doesn’t have to be that place always. The place should feel easy to move around and very comfortable. After that, buy a handful of candles; vanilla-infused candles are one of the sexiest scents ever. Denude your partner, lie them down with their face facing the bed and dim the lights. And put on the romantic playlist (spa music isn’t mandatory) to step up your game. Accompany your night with a glass of red wine, and you’re all set to surprise your partner.


  1. Pick A Soothing Massage Oil


A good rubdown leads to incredible things. Most importantly, when it’s about sex, everything seems better when things are slippery. Wonderful as that sounds, attempting to give as a beginner is daunting. That’s why pick the best massage oil that you know your partner loves and soothe with the scent. Try employing jojoba, lavender, or rosemary. They create a sensual sensation that enhances sexual pleasure. However, don’t drown your partner in the oil – that’s a big “no”. For massaging your lady love, use coconut oil for full body massage. Not only does it smell absolutely natural, but it also resists throwing pH levels down.


  1. Play Around


Fact: Women are fond of foreplays.


You might consider foreplays a waste of time. However, dear amateur – that’s the basic part of erotic massage. So, help your partner relax while you play with their genitals; allow them to prepare themselves physically and mentally. Work on every muscle by making constant movements. Simultaneously, ask them about their feeling and focus more on the area that excites your partner. Generally, women take time to arouse that feeling. However, if she’s breathing calmly, relax while allowing you to touch her entire body. And by the time you reach her nipples, clitoris and labia, she has certainly, reached the stage. Well, if you don’t know about it, make the internet your friend!


  1. Don’t Rush


Certainly, you’d like to reach the final destination. But remember, slow and steady wins the race. By now, you must have touched your partner’s neck, back and so on. Now, it’s time to have fun. While giving an erotic massage, you should feel every muscle of your partner, so take adequate time and have a complete experience of the whole body. Don’t straightaway rush to their nipples; instead, massage their breasts. Similarly, get close to their genitals without using your hands and tease them. That way, you can promote orgasms, especially among women, and invite wildness at a later stage.


  1. Massage Their Bits


Surely, now you want to make your partner orgasm, but wait! Your partner must have reached the stage wherein he/she must be stewing in sexual tension. Even when you touch them slightly, they may moan in pleasure. At that point, you rub their clitoris in circular motions. Begin providing them with a hand job. Increase the intensity slowly and do it once the time has passed. Meanwhile, see how your partner is responding to your every touch. Don’t make a goal of orgasm, and merely enjoy every moment!


  1. Allow Your Partner To Conclude


Maybe your erotic massage has attained the stage of orgasm. If that’s the matter with you, let your partner rain their love. Please don’t stop because then you need to begin from the start. And that’s mean. Allow them to orgasm if they want so that they feel relaxed. However, this step isn’t mandatory; this just depends upon you as a couple. If possible, cuddle at the end!


Partying Advice


Smooth touch and communication are important. Both factors help you get closer to your partner whether or not you’re having sex (By the way, regular sex is good for you as it offers several health benefits). Furthermore, bring your creative streak onto the bed and look for different ways to get as sensual as possible. Handcuff, blindfold, whispering in ears are all great ways people opt for. There’s indeed so much that you can do, my friend!



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