6 Simple Steps To Provide Erotic Massage To Your Partner

Touch – in the form of erotic massage – can be the biggest gift partners will enjoy the most together. Erotic massages can be life-changing – aimed at releasing tension and eliminating stress, achieving sensual pleasure.

Erotic Massage Is Sexy – When Done Well Feels Great

Let me share a secret now – erotic massage is sexy if it’s done well. It will not only pass on your love and affection to your partner, but it will also release the neurochemical oxytocin (also referred love hormones).

Massages improve your sex life. Besides, partners strengthen their bond, allow you to experience each other’s bodies – getting to know turn ons (and offs).

Fully satisfy partners during an erotic massage to avoid any feelings of discontent or pain. Quitting halfway or feeling only partly satisfied is not the go.

Want to be a master of erotic massage?

Here are six simple steps to provide the best erotic massage to your partner.

Establish The Mood

Being romantic is an art!

So, begin by choosing a sanctuary wherein you can try setting up the mood. The bedroom doesn’t have to be that place always. Wherever feels easy to move around and very comfortable to be in.  Buy a handful of candles; vanilla-infused candles are one of the sexiest scents ever.

Prepare your partner, lie them down with their face facing the bed and dim the lights. Put on the romantic playlist (spa music isn’t mandatory) to step up your game. Accompany your night with a glass of red wine, and you’re all set to surprise your partner.

Pick A Soothing Massage Oil


A good rubdown leads to incredible things. When it’s about erotic massage and sex, everything seems better when things are slippery. Wonderful as that sounds, attempting to give as a beginner is daunting. That’s why pick the best massage oil that you know your partner loves and soothe with the scent.

Try employing jojoba, lavender, or rosemary. They create a sensual sensation that enhances sexual pleasure. However, don’t drown your partner in the oil – that’s a big “NO”.

For massaging your lady love, use coconut oil for full body massage. Not only does it smell absolutely natural, but it also resists throwing pH levels down.

Play Around

Fact: Women are fond of foreplay.

You might consider foreplays a waste of time. However, amateur – that’s the basic part of erotic massage.

Help your partner relax while you touch and massage them erotically; allow them to relax both physically and mentally. Work on every muscle by making constant movements. Ask them how they are feeling.  Focus more on areas that excite your partner. Women take time to arouse, it is all part of foreplay. She should be breathing calmly, – relaxing while you to touch her entire body.

By the time you reach her nipples, clitoris and labia, she has certainly will have reached the next stage.

Don’t Rush

Dont rush – slow and steady wins the race. Caress and touch your lovers neck, back and so on – enjoy each other. An erotic massage should cover the whole body slowly and sensualy.

Do not rush straight to the nipples; instead, massage your partners breasts. Get close to their genitals without actually touching them. Perhaps gently blow over and tease them. That way, you can prepare for orgasms, especially among women, and get ready to achieve climax soon.

Erotic Massage
Woman being massaged

Massage Their Bits

Maybe your lover has orgasmed – if not they will be so horny and ready to release their passion. They may be letting out sighs of pleasure or even begin moaning. Touch the clitoris softly, massage it gently with circular motions or  give him a hand-job.

You will know when they want more and increase the pressure or viguor – enjoying every movement and touch. Enjoy every moment with them – they may orgasm or not.

Allow Your Partner To Orgasm

Maybe your erotic massage has attained the stage of orgasm. If that’s the cse allow your partner to express their love without any hindrance. Stopping abruptly may mean you have to start all over again, which can annoy both of you. Giving them the freedom to express themselves will help them feel at ease. Cuddle each other – whisper sweet nothings.

Partying Advice


Smooth touch and communication are important. Both factors help you get closer to your partner regardless if you’re having sex.   (By the way, regular sex is good for you as it offers several health benefits).

Bring your creative streak onto the bed and look for different ways to get as sensual as possible. Handcuffs, blindfolds, whispering in ears are all great ways. There’s indeed so much that you can do, my friend!

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Massage Your Way To An Earthly Body

Hemp. It has been around for thousands of years and it has many more uses than you probably realise.

Today you can live in a hemp house, wear hemp clothes, sit on hemp furniture and write on hemp paper.  The list goes on. So I figured it was only a matter of time before hemp made its way into the Adult Lifestyle Centres.

I was hoping for a hemp vibrator (and I still hold out hope) but until then we will have to settle for a beautiful massage oil. But before we begin, I think it is important to know a little more about hemp itself.

Hemp? Isn’t That Marijuana?

The short answer is yes!

Hemp comes from the same type of plant the drug marijuana comes from. The plants used in all hemp products contain very low levels of THC (the stuff that gets you high.) Because of this using products that contain hemp is fine. They will not get you high and they will not show up on any drug tests.

Some people have even taken to eating hemp seeds as a health food and claim it is incredible for their overall health.

Ok, But Why Hemp?

Hemp is a super plant.

It grows very quickly and has a low carbon footprint compared to other crops. The true appeal of hemp is in its jack-of-all-trades nature. There are not many plants that can be used as a building material but can also be eaten or worn. Because of this a hemp crop is a safe means of income for a framer to grow.

With the increasing acceptance of Marijuana and its proven health benefits. (Hemp oil has been proven to be an effective treatment for many illnesses and conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease).   People like myself included, are opting to go hemp.

Earthly Body Massage And Body Oil

Heavenly Body
Buy Now | Massage Oils By Earthly Body

Earthly Body has created a range of hemp massage and body oils that feel beautiful on the skin, and smell even better. Since these oils have come into the store, I had been looking for a reason to buy one. Then my husband hurt his neck and needed massage oil.

I jumped (perhaps to excitedly considering my husband’s pain), at the chance to buy the oil. Spending longer than probably necessary picking out a fragrance but they all smell so good! Went with Skinny Dip which smells like vanilla and cotton candy (what can I say? I have a sweet tooth).

One Of The Options Is Scented With Nag Champa

The range includes the good old basic sent of Lavender through to one called Nag Champa, which is East Indian inspired. These aren’t your cheap smelling supermarket oils and you can definitely smell and feel the difference.

The Earthly Body Massage Oil is thicker compared to other oils, which is beneficial for two reasons.

First, it has a longer lifespan, as it does not absorb quickly, thereby reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

Second, it is easier to use while giving a massage because it does not run down the body quickly, giving the user ample time to put the bottle down. The thicker consistency of the oil makes the application process smoother and less awkward, according to my personal experience.

It is Not Tested on Animals and vegan Friendly

My favourite thing about the oils is that they aren’t tested on animals and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. I have a lot of Vegetarian and Vegan friends, and I know the struggle to find suitableproducts.  Especially beauty and hygiene products.

They can use this oil so given me a sure-fire Chrissy gifts for my herbivore friends.

Now I know I said I purchased this oil for my poor sore husband, but in truth I am the one who uses it more. I’ve even began using it instead of my normal moisturiser. My skin is very dry skin and this is better for it than any specially designed dry skin formula cream I’ve ever used, plus it smells nicer.

Earthly Body breaks down how and why their oils are so awesome. They credit an “Emollient rich oil blend” which contains:

What Are The Benefits Of An Emollient Rich Oil Blend?

Almond Oil

Almond Oil softens skin, it contains vitamins E and D which are both great for the skin. Vitamin A is thought to have anti-ageing effects.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil produces Omega 3, 6 and 9. These can help with any inflammation and can sooth irritated and delicate skin.

Apricot Oil

Apricot Oil brings more vitamin A and E as well as Linoleic, oleic acid which aid with skin elasticity and suppleness.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil helps to stimulate blood flow.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil has more anti-ageing properties while also helps to prevent blocked pores.

Now I wish I could say I knew all this before I purchased my oil but I didn’t. However, now I do so want to buy the whole range of Earthly Body Oils.

Did you know that there are different types of sexual massages?

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Adult Lifestyle Centres – First Published 2020

A First Timer’s Erotic Body To Body Massage

Find out what a first time experience of receiving a body to body massage is.

What is a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is an erotic or sensual massage which is also known as a body 2 body massage or a B2B massage. It is a type of full body massage that is often given by professional erotic massage therapists in order to sexually arouse and excite which may lead to the receiver experiencing an orgasm.

During a body to body massage both people in the experience are often completely naked at the very beginning and the masseuse will use his or her entire body to massage the most sensitive areas of the receiver.

Body To Body Massage
B2B Massage

Why get a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is considered to be one of the bestselling types of erotic massages as it is incredibly sensual, passionate, intimate and hypnotic. Massages are given to both men and women for both physical and mental health benefits.

A massage can help keep the skin feeling supple and boosts circulation throughout the entire body. The boost of circulation around the genitals can help the receiver experience greater amounts of pleasure.

During the experience, people often feel like they can leave behind and relieve any stress and pressure from their day to day life which in turn can help aid in sleep. Skin to skin contact can encourage the body to release natural endorphins. Endorphins help a person to feel loved and cared for which will build trust between the two people in the experience.

All of these benefits are said to enhance a person’s well-being and can make the receiver feel rejuvenated.

Start off with a soapy massage

Your Massage may begin with a soapy massage, where the masseuse will bring the client to a shower and wash their body clean with soap. The shower will relax the client’s body and the warmth will help increase blood flow.  This may help men to experience stronger, harder and bigger erections.

A soapy massage will set the tone of the rest of the erotic experience. If you do not want a soapy massage the masseuse may request that you shower privately before the erotic experience to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

The room will be soothing and calming

The masseuse may bring their things to their client’s apartment, house, hotel or have a room already setup for the experience to begin. Soft and relaxing music will fill the room for a soothing and calming atmosphere. Candles may fill the room with soft flickering lighting and a gentle scent.

The masseuse will bring towels to clean up any of the oil and a massage mattress that can easily be set-up in any room.

Both bodies will be lathered with oil and lotions

The masseuse can put on a personal performance by lathering their body from top to bottom in front of their client, or they may allow their client to help them do so.

This will be incredibly visually arousing to watch and do.

The next step of a body to body massage is to lather the client’s body completely in oil or lotion. The touch will be gentle and soothing as they work their way over their client’s body building up the anticipation for full body contact. Building the experience visually and then through touch can be extremely commanding as it will immerse a person completely in the moment.

It will be like bringing to life your very own personal fantasy.

Body 2 body erotic massage
Image: Body to body massage

What Massage Oils and Lotions Are Used?

Massage oils and lotions used can feel slippery and wet, but will be absorbed into the body the more it is massaged, rubbed and touched. The masseuse will rub their body completely against the receiver. Feeling everything, every delicate curve of the masseuses body, the softness of the breasts to the hardening of her nipples.

The masseuse’s thighs, stomach, feet, calves and arms will all bring a different feelings and sensations into the experience. Hot breathe may be used against the oil or lotion which may have properties that help it heat up or cool it.

Some massage oils and lotions are flavoured and can be licked off the body. With every moment, the experience becomes more and more exciting as the pace, pressure, strokes and movements change.

For men who receive a body to body massage the masseuse will focus on the male genitals. For women who receive a body to body massage the masseuse will focus on the breasts and female genitals. When the masseuse is ready, they may rub their genitals on top of their customer which may lead to consensual sex.

How to get a body to body massage?

There are many different ways to get an erotic massage. There are physical erotic massage stores or you can find a tantric erotic massage masseuse online. Specify what is included in the experience so that they don’t miss out on something that could completely change the whole outcome.

A body to body massage may include mutual masturbation depending on what the agreement has been made between the masseuse and the customer.

Each experience will be different depending on the masseuse and the customer. To gain the amazing benefits of a body to body massage the recommended time frame is one hour.

Contributed by a Guest Blogger – First published 2018.

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