Virtual Reality Sex – Immersive Pleasure

The adult industry has always embraced new, revolutionary technology that is always being updated. Virtual reality sex was one of the first uses to embrace High Definition and 3D technology.  Sex toys like the We-Vibe being mobile friendly.  Lelo Wave technology with its “come hither motion” that massages the G-Spot which is integrated in their latest sex toys.  They are all definitely a step forward in technology advancements.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these days the adult industry is looking to offer people a new a way to experience sex toys and pornography.

Capitalising on a New Trend

As such, the adult industry is looking to capitalize on the latest technological trend especially Virtual Reality sex.  You might have seen the ads or the news.  More and more companies are revealing and releasing their versions of the virtual reality headset.

You can even get Samsung’s Virtual Reality bundled with their new phone now.

Virtual reality is here and it’s growing in popularity by the hour.

Oculus Rift is the newest Virtual Reality headset to be released and already there is loads of VR porn to watch with it.  Virtual reality is the most immersive way to watch porn and it’s obviously in crazy demand but what if you could have that immersive feeling……and actually feel it?

Sounds amazing right?

Well, what If I told you that there are sex toys that exist right now, that actually work in conjunction with Virtual Reality.

It’s true, there are already a few sex toys already released that take advantage of Virtual Reality.  But I know that in time there going to be much more while get better and more exciting.

What I love About Virtual Reality Sex

What I love about Virtual Reality is that the experience confuses your body into thinking you are actually there.

So if you are placed in a rollercoaster and you are standing up using the Virtual Reality machine, your body will naturally try to compensate with the movements and you end up losing your balance.

Same can be said about Virtual Reality sex.  Your brain won’t naturally be able to tell the difference between reality or fiction and will react according to the visual sensations.

The Matrix virtual reality sex
Photo: Sex Virtual Reality – The Matrix

Let’s Talk About Tenga

My favorite thing that I’ve have seen while doing research is what Tenga is doing.  They have created a 3D Sex Virtual Reality machine!!!!

YES, you heard right, Tenga have made a masturbator that actually has sex with you.

How this one works is that the user simply wears the goggles, straps the device to his/her chest while sitting or lying down.  Then allows a character of his or her choice to do the pleasuring.

This character will respond to your own real-life movements and actions.

Not only does it stimulate the male penis ……hands free and in many different angles and positions but it has a squeezable bust.  So you can also feel the breast of the character your viewing.

I’m honestly shocked that this exists in the most positive way possible.

This device has delivered the future of safe, exploratory sexual relations in a virtual reality.  Only problem is that some owners will struggle to ever leave the house again.

virtual reality sex masturbators
SHOP ONLINE: Masturbators

VirtualrealPorn and Lovense are Collaborating

Where lovense will be integrating their Bluetooth enabled toys with VirtualRealPorn’s limited (but growing) category of porn.

What this means is when you’re watching Virtual Reality porn the masturbator (fleshlight and rabbit) is synchronized with the video.  So it vibrates and squeezes to simulate real sex.  This is supposed to trick the brain and think it’s real.

Lovense isn’t alone though.

BKK Cybersex Cup

Over in japan there is a Virtual Reality male masturbator that has actually already been released.  Its called the BKK cybersex cup.  A fancy matte black fleshlight type sex toy that not only has the ability to detect your motions.  But also translate your thrusts and jerks into the virtual world, which you view through a Virtual Reality headset.

In this virtual world is a animated character that you can actually customise with different looks and clothes.

Potential and possibility of Sex Virtual Reality Excites Me

I have used a Virtual Reality headset about once or twice in shops and my initial reaction was  “WOW” .  It seems like that reaction is  the same with so many others.  So to be able to have that ‘WOW’ feeling when watching porn would be incredible.

I can’t wait to experience it myself one day.

impact of VR technology

Impact of VR technology on relationships

Virtual Reality; the impact of VR technology is transforming many aspects of our lives, including how we interact with others.

There has been a growing interest in exploring the potential for VR to enhance our relationships, from long-distance couples to individuals seeking a more immersive dating experience.

But what exactly is the impact of VR technology on relationships, and how will it change the way we connect with others?

Impact of VR Technology

One of the most significant impacts of VR technology on relationships is the ability to bridge distance. Long-distance relationships can be challenging, with physical separation often leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

With VR, couples can feel like they are in the same room, even if they are thousands of miles apart. This helps to strengthen the emotional bond between partners and make the distance more bearable.

Providing a more immersive dating experience is having an impact.  With VR, you can go on virtual dates and experience everything from a romantic dinner to a scenic walk, all without leaving your home. This can be especially appealing to anyone who is too busy to go out, or who live in remote areas with limited dating options.

VR can help to expand the dating pool

Make it easier for people to find a compatible partner.  But there is a concern is that VR could lead to virtual infidelity.

With VR, people can create a virtual avatar and engage in activities that they may not feel comfortable doing in real life.  This can lead to a blurring of boundaries and potentially lead to virtual infidelity

VR technology could lead to a decrease in face-to-face communication, which has always been deemed essential for maintaining healthy relationships.

Benefits of using VR

A significant benefit is the ability to enhance intimacy.

VR can provide a more immersive experience than traditional video calls, allowing couples to feel like they are in the same room. Creating a deeper emotional connection and increase feelings of intimacy.

You also have the ability to explore new experiences together. With VR, couples can go on virtual adventures, explore exotic locations, and try new activities, all without leaving their home. Helping to keep the relationship fresh and exciting and prevent boredom and monotony.

It improves communication in relationships.

With VR, you can practice communication skills in a safe and controlled environment, which can help to build confidence and improve communication in real-life situations.

VR can help to facilitate difficult conversations, such as those related to sex or finances, in a non-threatening environment.

Drawbacks and Concerns

A concerns is the potential for addiction. VR can be a highly immersive experience, and some individuals may become addicted to the virtual world, leading to neglect of real-life relationships and responsibilities.

With VR, individuals can create a virtual avatar and present themselves in a way that is different from their real-life self. This can lead to a lack of trust in the relationship and potential for deception.

Additionally, VR could lead to a decrease in face-to-face communication, which is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. While VR can enhance long-distance relationships, it should not replace in-person communication entirely.

Psychology behind VR

The impact of VR technology on relationships is not just about the technology itself; it is also about the psychological factors at play. It creates the sense of presence. Presence refers to the feeling of being physically present in a virtual environment. VR can create a strong sense of presence, which can lead to a feeling of emotional connection with others in the virtual environment.

It also creates a sense of agency. Agency refers to the feeling of control over one’s actions in a virtual environment. VR can provide a sense of agency, which can lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

The psychological factor of empathy is essential in relationships, and VR can enhance empathy by providing a more immersive experience.  This allows people to see and experience things from another person’s perspective.

Potential Future Developments in VR technology for Relationships

As VR technology continues to evolve, there are many potential future developments that could impact relationships. One potential development is the use of haptic feedback. Haptic feedback refers to the use of vibrations or other tactile sensations to simulate physical touch in a virtual environment. This could enhance the feeling of presence and intimacy in VR relationships.

AI-powered avatars could provide a more realistic and personalized experience in VR relationships, leading to a deeper emotional connection.

We may see an increase in VR social networks and communities. This could provide a new way for individuals to connect with others and form meaningful relationships.

Success Stories of VR

Stories like that of a couple who used VR to stay connected while one partner was deployed overseas. With VR, the couple was able to go on virtual dates, watch movies together, and even attend virtual music concerts. This helped to strengthen their bond and make the distance more bearable.

Another success story is that of a couple who used VR to overcome sexual dysfunction. With VR, the couple was able to practice sexual techniques in a safe and controlled environment, leading to a significant improvement in their sex life.

virtual reality sex toys for couples
VR Couples Sex Toys

Ways to incorporate VR technology

To incorporate VR use it for virtual dates. With VR, you can go on a virtual picnic, attend a virtual concert, or even take a virtual trip to Paris.

Use VR technology in your relationship is to practice communication skills. With VR, you can practice difficult conversations and build confidence in your communication skills.

You can use VR technology to enhance intimacy in your relationship. With haptic feedback and AI-powered avatars, VR can provide a more realistic and immersive experience that can enhance feelings of intimacy even with VR Porn.

Future of relationships

As VR technology continues to evolve, it is clear that it has the potential to transform the way we connect with others.

While there are concerns about the impact of VR on relationships, there are also many potential benefits. VR can enhance intimacy, facilitate communication, and provide new ways to explore experiences together.

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  1. I can say for sure that sex toys have their place in an immersive meta experience.
    Im an avid player of 3DXChat myself and I have experimented with a combination of the Oculus/Meta Quest VR goggles and Lovense sex toys. It’s quite amazing what this does to the level of immersion in an online adult game. I highly recommend it, and this sort of thing is only going to get better in the future!

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