Vibrators For Women: Masturbation Is Normal

It’s 2023 and yet the stigma surrounding Vibrators For Women  still exists.  Even though on the topic of masturbation, things have become more acceptable. It’s really funny how some guys think that they can jerk off all they want and be weirded out when some female speaks up about doing the deed too.

Come on, people!

Grow up!

Vibrators For Women -We Are Sexual Creatures Too

Women may not be as obnoxious and insufferable when it comes to voicing sexual fantasies, but we’re sexual creatures too. And we like pleasuring ourselves as much as you do.

Yes, guys. Sorry to ruin this for you but we may be women but we ARE just as perverted as you are.

We, too, have needs!

The only difference is that we’re just classy about it. We’re the kind of people who would let the whole world know about our sexual shenanigans.  But hey, maybe that’s what started the whole stigma in the first place.

Anyway, so I guess we’ve got that cleared out now. Yes, we masturbate but enough about that.

The real question is: How do we do it?

How Does A Woman Masturbate?

Well, there are many ways to get women excited.  Just like men, we have a sexual spot of some sort. For men, it’s usually the head or the tip of the penis (actually, it’s just about anywhere in their genital organ). For women, that spot can be found in between the slit and just above the labia, or the opening of the vagina.  This is commonly known as the clitoris or simply “clit.”

That’s right.!

The clitoris is what you’d say the pleasure point of the female genitalia. It’s small and tiny but it can arouse any woman when the stimulation is done effectively. Like men, women usually masturbate with a hand – or fingers, specifically.

The active hand often does the stimulation while the passive hand can go wherever and fondle whatever – if you know what I mean. Aside from the clitoris, there’s another pleasure point in the female genital although this one is a little more secretive and sometimes selective too. We call this the “G-spot”

The G-Spot – A Womans Best Friend

The G-Spot is usually found inside the vagina and is often found directly behind the clitoris. It’s got that almond-skin roughness to it, so I think you’ll recognize it the moment you touch it. I said “selective” a little while ago because some women don’t react to this “g-spot.”

Some don’t have it at all!

Okay!  So this is sounding more and more like a sex ed class, but I guess that’s okay too. I think many young women are too afraid to touch themselves because they fear being judged.

Well, news flash girls!

That is your body and you have all the right to do whatever you want to your own body. If we can give men permission to touch us, then why can’t we grant ourselves the same leniency?

It’s our own body for Pete’s sake! Anyway.

It’s completely normal to want to explore yourself.  Just make sure that you respect yourself enough to not make a video of it, post in on social media or anything dumb like that.  Also, aside from going au naturale, women may also masturbate with the use of a pleasure object.

If it isn’t obvious enough, I’m talking about sex or adult toys.

Many women are into adult play; they’re not just very vocal about it. Then again, who is? Women’s sex toys may vary from dildos to Kegel balls and of course, who can forget vibrators?

A vibrator is a woman’s best friend!

With it, you can sexually satisfy yourself without the help of any man. This sex toy comes in many forms; some are camouflaged as adorable everyday items too.

There are lipstick vibrators, pen vibrators, and other types of vibrators with witty designs (some even look really bizarre).  So if you want a vibe that doesn’t really look like a vibe, I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of options to choose from. You can carry one in your bag and discreetly use it on breaks to take some steam off – or not.

Anyway, whether you try it out or not is your choice to make. Just know that whatever your choice is, it’s completely normal.

Discover more things about yourself today!

Vibrators For Women

Vibrator History & Myths

One may have thought vibrators for women is a relatively new concept but that is not true. Vibrators have been used for over a century and were originally designed by physicians as a way to treat hysteria.  This without the need to use their fingers for clitoral or G-spot stimulation to make a woman orgasm!

The use of vibrators taught women how to pleasure themselves and enjoy their sexual lifestyle.

Vibrators and personal massagers were used for treating a wide variety of ailments in women and men like arthritis, headaches, wrinkles, constipation, amenorrhea, inflammations, sexual dysfunction, pain relief and tumors.  The creation was a respected medical device that was treated and accepted with the same respect that was given to a stethoscope.

Vibrators First Recorded Use

Salpêtrière hospital in Paris in 1878, was the first recorded vibrator use which is where we start our Vibrator History & Mtyhs.   Romain Vigouroux cited as the inventor, however there is an argument that English physician Joseph Mortimer Granville was the original inventor. He made claims in his book written in 1883 where he describes the instrument as:

“A modern electromechanical vibrator that nerve-vibration and excitation as agents in the treatment of functional disorder and organic disease.”

In the 1900s, vibrators were sold in maintstream stores

Vibrators began to decrease in size in the early 1900s. These smaller to medium sized vibrators were sold in mainstream stores along with other electrical household goods, for their supposed health and beauty benefits.

Advertising was allowed in newspapers, on radio and realistically in any media available.  They were an accepted in most households and there was no stigma attached to their uses, including for masturbation and considered an technologically advanced product.

In the 1920s, vibrators were removed from mainstream stores

It wasn’t until the 1920s that the purchase and advertising of vibrators was removed from mainstream stores.  This followed as a result of the advertising becoming more risque and their use in pictures.

The churches and prudes of society began to frown upon the availability and possession of the humble vibrator as it was an instrument of pleasure, and it was deemed a sin to pleasure oneself.

Vibrators were taken off the shelves of electrical stores.  Their availability was restricted to sale to the public through mail order from adult publications or from medical suppliers (as they were still used by doctors and therapists).  Production of vibrators had gone from being a booming industry, with many manufacturers, to a few.

Vibrators went from being found in every other household, to being hidden in dark closets, the garage or thrown away.

In the 1960s, there was a sexual revolution

It wasn’t until the late 1960s with the revolt by the younger generation against conservative values. A sexual revolution occured which demanded for the humble vibrator to be normalised.

In 1966 a patent for the cordless electric vibrator for the use on the human body was granted to Jon Tavel. There was little confusion as to what the vibrator was to be used for and mass production began in 1968.

Many different forms of vibrators were created over the years until the sex toy boom of the 1980s and 1990s.  They were featured in mainstream films and movies such as ‘Sex and The City’.  Possession and use was no longer thought to be wrong or taboo.

How Did The Adult Vibrator Develop?

The development of the adult vibrator has continued and there are now literally thousands of different designs available, made in a large range of colors, sizes, shapes and materials.

Adult toys are now available online, through mail order and in physical shops in the western world.  In some countries it is still illegal to possess a sex toy.  Many middle eastern countries, like India manufacture vibrators.  If you wish to improve your sex life be it for solo play or couples play  a vibrator is a great sexual health aid.

Happy Women With Vibrator

Debunking the top 4 sex toy myths

Below you will find some of the myths associated with the use of sex toys:

Myth: Using a vibrator decreases sensitivity over time, therefore I won’t have orgasms as easily.

Really, it’s the other way round. As we age, we have a tendency to get less blood flow to the clit and vagina, and also the vaginal walls get thinner. Most folks want additional arousal time and longer to achieve climax when we’re aroused.

Vibrators enhance sensitivity by increasing blood flow to the sex organ quickly and powerfully, and by directly stimulating the clit. (The clitoris is our #2 pleasure hot spot — #1 is our brain!)

Myth: If I take advantage of a vibrator, I’ll find myself preferring it to my partner.

Not a chance. A vibrator might offer you faster orgasms (that’s what it’s created for, after all), however it doesn’t cuddle well or kiss or laugh, and pillow talk with a vibrator is admittedly boring. It either buzzes or it doesn’t. It’s a boring companion — except once you want a sexual assist.

Myth: My lover says I should orgasm “naturally” and do not need a sex toy.

I hate those “shoulds.”. Let him know that wherever his phallus contacts you throughout intercourse vs. wherever your clit resides. And once he arouses you manually, which I hope he will, indicate that he’s less possible to get carpal tunnel syndrome from your long arousal time if he uses a vibrator in fore play.

That’s right, it’s not a selection between him or it — create it a threesome: the two of you together using the vibrator.

Myth: Sex toys will cause harm to your body.

Those people who would rather not use sex toys use a range of arguments for why they’re unhealthy. They’re addictive , their weird, and if you use them you’ll ruin yourself for “real sex”.

For starters, “real sex” is what an individual wants – not what is dictated. Also, there’s no proof whatsoever that sex toys will damage or hurt your sexual sensitivity or genitals.

Other Myths

  • Sex toys reduce sexual desire.
  • Sex toys are addictive and cause people to become nymphomaniacs.
  • Sex toys cause people to have unrealistic sexual expectations
  • Sex toys will desensitize a woman’s clitoris.
  • Women will choose sex toys over their lovers.

These myths have been proven to be untrue as there are no scientific studies that back them up. All you need to do is read the benefits that a sex toy can offer you, to realise that these myths are untrue.

Other Facts

  • Vibrators wont cheat on you.
  • A vibrator will not come home drunk, not be able to perform and make a mess you have to tidy up.
  • Never be sorry you woke up next to your vibrator, the debt collectors wont be looking for your vibrator and you will never have to meet the vibrators in-laws.

These are just some of the many reasons why we love vibrators! By debunking these myths, women can feel sexually empowered using sex toys!

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  1. “Okay, so this is sounding more and more like a sex ed class but I guess that’s okay too. I think many young women are too afraid to touch themselves because they fear being judged. ”

    Exactly what my GF said before I helped her overcome her ‘sexual anxiety’

    Hope females around the world are more liberated now.

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