Adultsmart Retail Store Customer Review!

I am a regular customer at the Adultsmart supermarket style adult store at Kogarah aka as the Adult Lifestyle Center.  Having read so many promo’s, like me you are pretty dubious about shops touting how they are the biggest or the best but literally this sex shop is like a supermarket.  In my years of experience shopping for adult products I have never come across a business this large or with so much stock.

So lets get to the nitty gritty.  Why am I doing this review?  The answer is simple – I am being paid by them.  Being a regular shopper they have asked me to do a review on their store and in exchange have given me a $150 gift voucher to spend in the store.  Apparently they are after quite a few reviews so if you approach them you may also be lucky enough to get a voucher to spend in store.

They gave me a format to do the review that I am not going to follow – however they did insist that I do a good, bad and ugly part in the review so that anyone reading it will know that it is at least an honest approach.  Will leave that section till last.

Okay, lets start.  I come from the St George District and have visited all the sex shops in the area.   Of them all the only one that is reasonable is Oh Zone at Caringbah.  Honey Biddettes in Miranda is overpriced and has no stock, Rockdale shop feels like a shoe Box and the one at Hurstville does not even rate.  From the moment I walked into the Adultsmart store in Kogarah it became my preferred shop to visit.  In fact I have visited other stores across Sydney and nothing compares.

There is an adult shop across the road from Adultsmart.  I visited it the first time and have not been there since.  It was dirty and has very little sex toys.  I chuckle when cars pull up and couples walk in there and leave within 5 minutes.  They walk across the road and literally I can see the relief on their faces that they found this store.

I go there of a weekend and parking is a breeze – often I get a park right outside the front door.  The shop is easy to find at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah and as the road is not busy of a weekend as discreet as one can get.  The entrance is classy. I have attached a pic below and when entering the store you cannot help but admire how well lit, clean and merchandised the store is.

Entrance Adult Shop

From the outset I have found the staff to be extremely friendly and when you walk in to the main part of the store the first time it literally takes your breath away.  Most places have a wall of sex toys with a few displays.  I cannot even begin to describe to you how big this store and how much stock it has.  It literally has everything that you can imagine under one roof and then hundreds of things that you could never imagine.

It is dizzying and the first time I visited must have spent an hour or so in the store before I asked for help as there was just too much choice for what I was after.  There must be 1,000 different types of vibrators on display.  And then multiples of them.

Size of Adultsmart

The shop is basically sectioned off so the more expensive ‘premium’ products are at the entrance in displays and then there is gondala after gondala of adult products.  All the brands, all the styles to cater for everybody.  Fetish stuff, lubricants, lingerie.  Literally everything – even now my mind boggles as to what to write about it.  Words cannot do not justice how much there is nor can I express to you this – you have to see it for yourself.

The prices are pretty much on par with all the other adult shops I have visited.  The aisles are wide – I do not really know what else to say…


Customer service is exceptional which is why I keep coming back.


I visit this store maybe once every couple of months.  Each time I go there they seem to have ‘re-merchandised’ is the term they use but I say moved stock and because of the size of the store it is then difficult for me to locate.  I wish they would not move things around which would make my shopping a bit quicker and easier.

Buying products from the Adultsmart online store is often cheaper than when you walk into the store and most of the clerks will not price match their own online pricing.


Only once I went there on a weekday and parking was ridiculous.  I only shop there of a weekend.  I guess if you are a bit more patient than I it is okay but I like the convenience or rocking up, getting a parking space either out the front of pretty close to it.


Thank you all – that is my review of Adultsmart Adult Shop!

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