V² (Vulvas and Vaginas)

So today, let’s talk about Vulvas and Vaginas. An important aspect of everyday living is our health. We see it plastered everywhere. How to lose weight, which new fad diet to adhere to in the new year, the best water to drink, gym routines to follow and new and improved ways to pay attention and take care of our own mental health.

But sexual health is important too. And yet it is rarely given as much of the limelight.

Sex and sexual health still often holds a stigma around it.

It’s dirty. It’s taboo. It’s provocative or of loose morals. But here is the reality; sex is natural. And most people will partake, experiment and enjoy it as part of their everyday lives. Which is one of the reasons awareness of sexual health is so important.

How do we keep the Vulva and Vagina healthy?

vulvas and vaginas
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Here are my 5 tips for a Healthy Vulvas and Vaginas

Keep the Ph Balanced

Our human body is a fiercely fascinating factory of infinite wisdom and workings.  Your Vulva and Vagina would you believe is basically self cleaning. It also is home to a host of good bacteria that are PH sensitive. Those bacteria keep your vagina and vulva thriving.

This is where you want and need to stay away from scented soaps or bath products. Even some of the vaginal marketed products. All you need to clean your vulva is warm water.  Anything more than that can wash away the good bacteria that is keeping your vulva safe from nasties outside of your body and leave you open to infection.

A very mild soap that is PH neutral, paraben free is safe to use especially after sweat intense activities and sex.


It is not safe to douche your vagina. Again, the bacteria in your vagina is very sensitive. when you douche your vaginal canal you expel all of that bacteria leaving your precious vagina unguarded.

When using Lube try and use water based lubricants that are ph neutral, have no parabens or preservatives. Pjur has an outstanding range tailored for women that are just perfect for the vulva and vaginal climate.

WHich brings us to flavoured lubricants and sweet treats.

We have all read stories or fantasised about the stories involving caramel or whipped cream at one point or another. Perhaps that is just me. Let me let you in on another secret.

Sugar is not so great for the vagina or vulva conditions either. It can lead to bacterial infections, or worse, thrush. And nobody has time or patience for that. When selecting sweet treats for playing always select flavoured lubes that contain high grade artificial sweetener such as sensuva in them.

This will ensure that nothing bad will grow down there. Wicked and Jo Lubricants are some of our favourites!

vulvas and vaginas
Lubricants for Sex

Let them breathe.

Another important point to be made is that vulvas and vaginas need airflow. Restricting oxygen and airflow stifles the bacteria that we have and you guessed it, they die. We secrete sweat and the conditions down there become not very habitable. And can lead to vaginal odour.

This is why leading experts often suggest wearing cotton rich underpants which promote air flow to your nether region.  And why even if they aren’t cotton underpants they will often have a little cotton strip sewn into it.

Next best thing, other than cotton panties, is being naked.

Scientific studies have long proved the benefits for sleeping naked for the body. But did you know that it is also very beneficial for your vagina and vulva?

Allowing the air to flow to your nether region, helps to regulate temperature, assisting in keeping you cooler as you drift off and stay asleep.  Airflow also allows for the prevention of the buildup of bacteria and fungi which prevent infection and balances your PH.

Term beauty sleep, is not as far fetched and made up as you may have imagined either. Sleep is when our bodies naturally heal and our cells cycle and repair themselves. The same is said for the vulva and vagina.

Without the added piece of underwear stretched tightly against them gives them the unencumbered ability to heal in peace.

Use Safe Materials

Like ensuring your lubricants are utilising high quality artificial sweeteners over real caramel. Making sure other materials you place inside your vagina is also very important.

When selected toys and condoms pay attention to what they are made of before purchasing and before putting them inside your body.

When using vibrators, dildos and dongs and toys, try to use non porous, body safe or medical grade materials such as Silicone, stainless steel, surgical steel, glass or approved TPE or TPR.

Lower grade materials that are not body safe have the potential to break down and off into the body. And infect the delicate environment that we have. This not only includes the solid materials but can also include the colour or dyes used in the manufacturing.

Check in with our friendly staff to see about the right toys that are safest for your body when visiting our stores.

Vulvas and Vaginas

Know your Bits

Most of us use the word vulva and vagina interchangeable. In fact, most often we label a woman’s nether region her vagina.

So first, a quick anatomy lesson.

  • Vagina is the canal inside that extends up to the cervix.
  • About 2-2.5cms inside is the G spot.
  • Another 2 cms, when extended and aroused, is the fornix which is a cul de sac shaped pressure plate surrounding the cervix.
  • Anterior Fornix is better known as the A spot.
  • Cervix is the ridge shielded within your vagina. To see the cervix, often a speculum is needed and it is suggested that a professional inspect and examine the cervix.
  • Vulva is the exposed section on the outside of the vagina.
  • At the top is the Pubic mound (mons pubis) which may or may not have pubic hair.
  • Below that is the clitoral head that protects that head of the clitoris.
  • Further down is the urethral opening.
  • Entrance to the Vagina is located underneath this.
  • These are protected by the Inner Lips (labia minora) and Outer lips (labia majora)

Have a Look!!!

Don’t be afraid to sit down if you’re feeling adventurous try using a mirror and see if you can find each of the corresponding parts.

Feel each part slowly. They should feel for the most part, smooth to the touch. There may be the odd small bump from a hair follicle, pimple or ingrown hair. But make sure to note any bumps and bring them to the attention of a doctor on your next visit.

Maybe you want to get a designer vagina?

Testing and Vaccinating

Keeping healthy means regular check ups with your doctor or gynecologist. If you are sexually active, the best thing you can do for your vagina and vulva is to get tested regularly.

Frequency of how often you get tested for such things as STIs depend on how many sexual partners that you have, how often you have sex. Whether you are fluid bonded, what methods of contraception you use and when you were last tested.

Many people often don’t like to get tested frequently

Because of the stigma or the judgment surrounding getting tested frequently.

I am here to tell you that if you are made to feel uncomfortable by a physician, leave, seek a second opinion. You are doing the right and responsible thing by being tested and you are in the right.

There are many Doctors Surgeries that are pro-sexual testing that will screen you without judgement. Reach out to us if you are having difficulty finding some in the Sydney Area.

Replacement for PAP smear screening

In 2017 a new system was introduced that replaced the pap smear screening procedures for vagina’s to test for potential cervical cancer.  Cervical Screening Test or CST searches for the presence of HPV.  It can even detect the very early stages of cells before they have turned cancerous.

This medical Advancement allows for testing to occur every 5 years instead of every 2 years.

From 2007 a HPV vaccination has been available to young women and men usually between 12 and 13 at school to help prevent HPV and cervical cancer. Other vaccinations such as HepA and HepB are also vital in keeping up to date for your safety and your sexual partners.

Vaginas and Vulvas are much like snowflakes

No two are exactly the same.  Each one is different and unique for their own reasons.  It is a great idea to know your own, know your partners for as much pleasure as health.

As I finish I thought I would leave you with a quick word of wisdom on diets and taste. There has long been rumours on things to eat to make a pussy taste better, pineapple, cranberry and other fads.  Your vulva is only ever going to taste like it is meant to taste, a Vulva.

They are not created to taste like flowers or candy or chocolates.

That being said, a good and healthy diet can assist in maintaining a better tasting “dessert”.

Some sample experiments have been shown that diets rich in fried, high sodium and processed foods will give off a not so nice taste. Whereas diets that are rich in vitamins, fibre, well hydrated and well balanced will make for a much tastier meal (this goes for semen as well.)

As a general rule of thumb, if your diet makes your pee or your bowels smell, it’s probably not doing your cum any favours either.

Graphic yes. Helpful-very.

At your Service,


Vulvas and vaginas
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Exercise to Tighten Vagina Muscles

They say size doesn’t matter. But, let’s be honest, it’s not generally a man’s size or a dick insecurity that decides how his masculinity holds up in sweetheart’s vagina.

There are a horde of myths that encompass a tighter vaginas. Keeping in mind a man’s size is regularly questioned, the size of the tunnel of love decides how satisfying the ride will be.

There is confusion surrounding vaginal sizes, with virgins being more tight, and sexually active ladies being looser. We want to bust some of the myths, and put an end to these rumors.  Main thing to remember is that ladies, similar to men, come in diverse sizes. Important to understand that vaginal musculature is versatile.

It characteristically contracts and resumes its typical size and shape, both after sex and labor.

vulvas and vaginas
Lelo Luna Beads Review

Men play a critical role in how tight or free a lady’s vagina feels.

Amid excitement the vagina grows after being entered.  At that point the vagina fixes around the penis to give both him and her more sexual fulfillment.

When a lady gets to be sexually stirred, her vaginal muscles unwind and relax to a degree.

Unwinding of her muscles does not mean the vagina extends or develops into a deep cavern. It simply makes space for the man, as a tight vagina would thwart our inherent need to multiply.

This is where the man comes into the equation.

On the off chance that a lady feels too tight during sex, odds are she is not completely excited.

According to a recent Psychology Today article, it takes approximately 30 minutes of foreplay before a woman is stimulated to the point of vaginal relaxation. This is the reason that it is so important for men to take the time to prepare their female lovers physically and mentally with foreplay. As it gravely influences a her level of sexual delight.

If a woman is not turned on and is too tight, sex can be marginally painful.

Vulvas and vaginas
Lelo Pleasure Objects

Another thing that is said to influence a lady’s vaginal tightness is having children.

It’s true that having numerous children can influence the versatility of a lady’s vaginal musculature.  Having children itself does not forever stretch a lady’s vagina.

Directly in the wake of conceiving, carrying and birthing a baby, it’s common for the vagina to extend. But it will come back to its ordinary size regardless of the age of the lady. After having a child it generally takes around six months for a vagina to return to its original state.

Age also plays a role in how tight a lady feels.

With maturing, as estrogen levels decrease, the vaginal dividers get to be more slender and less flexible. So the muscles start to lose their rigidity.

Kegel exercises can easily help tone and fix the vagina, so it’s never past the point of no return. They also help to prevent urinary incontinence, can upgrade orgasmic pleasures, and even help a lady to cum. Ladies ought to make kegel exercise a regular activity.  Doing kegels three times each day, starting with sets of 10 and working up 50 reps.

Much the same as working out whatever other muscle like your triceps. It requires some investment for recognizable results you ought to feel tighter in a few months. Continue doing them for whatever is left of your life to stay sexually solid.

If you are wondering exactly how tight or free your vagina is, here is how you can figure it out.

A lady can figure out how tight her vagina is by inserting her finger into her vagina. Then push down and contract her vaginal muscles around her finger as hard as possible.

She will get a feel for the strength of her pelvic floor muscle. Here’s to more satisfied, healthier, controllable and tighter vaginas.

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