Screaming O Positive – A Diverse and Inclusive Vibrator!

One of the many new adult lifestyle products in our stores is the rechargeable Screaming O Positive Vibe. Yes, I bought one the day they came in, I really couldn’t help myself.  Already have multiple rechargeable bullets at home. But this one definitely caught the eye and has now stolen my heart. Also at such an affordable price how could I not?

Made out of body safe ABS plastic and with a PU coat for that soft touch we all love and crave. It’s shaped with a point at the end which makes it really easy to get direct stimulation. Whichever way you decide to use it.

This super powerful bullet comes with 20 vibrating/rumbly functions. So if you’re the kind of person who gets bored of just the standard speeds of a bullet this is definitely the toy for you. It offers the most amount of vibration patterns (other than the Femme Fun Ultra Bullet).

Screaming O Positive Vibrator Photo
Sex Toy: Screaming O Positive Vibrator

Screaming O Vibrator 

So.. I must admit it’s the finger cradle that made me want this toy more than anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the bullets I already have at home. But the holder really makes the difference. I’m very easily distracted. So when my hand starts to go numb from the intensity of rechargeable bullets. When I start to feel the heat of the bullet once it’s been running for a while. Or when it starts to get messy and I can’t keep a good grip the experience starts to go downhill.

I just end up giving up and using my hand which ends up with a super disappointing orgasm. Because I can’t say my fingers are as fast as a bullet.

screaming o positive
Women & Vibrators

Using a bullet during sex has also just gotten a lot easier

Being able to penetrate with another toy and not having to worry about where the bullet is sliding off to. Because the cradle keeps it under control is literally the best thing ever! (I am one super happy lesbian and I’m sure all you other gay and hetero couples will feel the same).

Its finger cradle is a gift from the heavens and has solved all those problems for me. A biggest bonus is that it also gives you the option of inserting the toy without losing it!

If you’ve read my other reviews you should already know how much I love my shower sex. This bullet allows for that as it’s 100% waterproof, which also means you don’t have to stress when cleaning this little beauty.

All up I’m in love

You should all give it a go because I promise you, you will not be disappointed! It’s now sitting at the top of my toy draw ready to go whenever I need it. It only takes about an hour to fully charge and depending on what settings you’re using.

Usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half in play which I think is the perfect amount of time for it to get you to your happy place. All positive vibes with this positive vibe.

Screaming O Positive Vibrator is available in the colours grey, tiffany blue, purple and pink.

Screaming O Range Photo
Sex Toy: Screaming O Range From Left to Right Vooom, Positive, OWow, FingO, Ohare and Yoga

I also recommend checking out all the other new rechargeable sex toys Screaming O has brought out, they’re all so affordable and much more powerful than their battery operating range. I am very impressed. Enjoy and be safe!

About the Company 

Screaming O is an award-winning company, established in 2005 which has been running for over 10 years. They aim to provide products which are fully functional, affordable, fun to use and are made from a range of body safe, high-quality materials.  Screaming O website states that their products have caught media attention:

“The Screaming O now offers a full award-winning product line with clever names that play on the “O” theme, including mini vibes and intimate accessories that make if fun and easy to introduce sex toys into any sex life. Our products have caught the eyes of folks at Women’s Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, CBS’s The Doctors and countless other popular news media.”

To this day, they continue to promote sex positive views worldwide.

Adult Demon toy screaming o positive
Demon Sex

This Is A Demon Of A Sex Toy!

Screamin’ O Demon mini vibe is a sharp and smaller vibe with adaptable “horns” that exchange vibration the distance to their tips and focused on and naughtily exceptional sensations.

Its 3-rate vibrating motor includes a reward throb mode and makes it simple to unleash your internal delight while exploring and discovering your most loved body parts.

Also, for fanatics of direct clitoral incitement, the Screamin’ Demon brags a firm delight spot directly between its horns to exchange amazingly solid vibration right where you need it.

Screamin’ O Demon is the ideal clitoral vibe

For ladies who like loads of force stuffed into a minimal size. Tickle and tease the areolas and other delicate zones for coy foreplay. Or utilization it to help climaxes come quicker and simpler solo or with an accomplice.

It’s a versatile and moderate sex toy for ladies of all experience levels. Can even be utilized submerged to transform a normal shower or shower or a trip to Bora Bora into a naughtily fulfilling knowledge!

Screaming O positive Sex Toys
Demon Sex toy

Screaming O Cock Ring Review

An issue with genuine dicks is that they don’t vibrate.  While I’ve possessed the capacity to educate my penis a couple of tricks. When I attempt to show it how to vibrate, it just gets ready waiting for a treat.

Screaming O addresses this issues.  Changing any man’s penis into the Ironman of cocks. Utilizing one of these delicate gel vibrators is similar to strapping a plane onto your Dick.

Cock rings can be scary, inciting pictures of medieval torment gadgets. Others may feel uncomfortable about adding a manufactured boost to their sexual performance.

In truth, numerous men are made frail by simply the thought of their female accomplice whipping out a goliath vibrating dildo during sex. But attempting to make a few ladies peak without the help of outer boost, similar to a vibrating cock ring, can be the proportionate to digging for gold in a dim natural hollow without a minor’s headlamp or pick hatchet.

Whatever your circumstance, the Screaming O can revive and zap your sexual coexistence.

Vibrating Cock Ring screaming o positive
cock Ring

Three Pack of Pleasure 

Screaming O arrives in a bundle the span of a three pack of cock rings and at a pleasant cost.

A thimble-sized vibrator is connected to a delicate gel ring that slips over the ring. Giving the included advantage of anchoring the ring and forestalling slippage. On the off chance that the female says she doesn’t want any additional boost.  A man can make out the vibrations are for him.

Notwithstanding, the genuine reason a man ought to utilize the Screaming O is for the the knowledge that it will make his lover writhe with joy.  Screaming O is perfect for facilitating any couples sex toy play.

This energizer pack is not scary or costly. It looks and feels like a toy you’d purchase from a quarter machine at the local pharmacy. A minimized size likewise wipes out the issue of not having a vibrator helpful at a beau’s home, or the cumbersomeness of attempting to bring one over.

screaming o positive cock rings

Batteries and Charge 

The batteries last between 25-30 minutes and for most sex sessions this is sufficient. On the other hand, the exact opposite thing you need to do during a jolted round of sex is run out of power to the primary wellsprings of joy.

A way that you can’t change out the batteries or reuse these toys can be a turn off for some individuals. Particularly the individuals who need to be green in the room.  Some vibrating cock rings accompany outside battery packs. Yet these are frequently joined to wires and are awkward. While generally you might not have come to the point, where cock rings have innovated to where everybody is flying around with a 3 pack of vibrating cock rings.

I see no reason why each man’s masculinity shouldn’t be equipped with a reusable cock ring.

Screaming O is a top-offering, award-winning adult sex toy organization

Behind probably the most well-known and creative adult toys available. Has effectively improved couples’ sentimental and sensual connections since 2005.

What began as a basic idea for all the more fulfilling sex has turned into a lifestyle for men, ladies and couples far and wide. Searching for better approaches to upgrade their connections.

Screaming O has made a gathering of simple to-utilize and amusing to-attempt erection rings, small vibes and hot embellishments that move correspondence, sentiment and closeness with the push of a catch!

Screaming O Sex Toys 

Also, it all started with the first Screaming O Vibrating Ring, a basic stretchy ring with a small engine on top that won Women’s Health Magazine’s inaugural “Best Ring” Sex Award.

The company now offers a full award-winning product line featuring the fun “O” theme. Including the Big O, O Man®, O Wow®, O Yeah, O Gee®, O Honey, Fing O®, Ling O®, RingO, BongO®, PropellO and many more.

And with a spark of clever creativity, The Screaming O team created The Studio Collection® of mini vibes and accessories disguised as lipstick, mascara and other everyday cosmetics. Which caught the attention of Maxim, Cosmopolitan, MORE, The Doctors and countless other popular news media.

ScreamingO Vibrating Panty Set Photo
Vibrating Panty Set Photo

My Remote Control Panties Had Me Screaming!

I have noticed in the past 2 months especially more and more people are coming in with a specific request. A discreet vibrating bullet with a wireless remote control as a fun twist on a night out.

She Was Fixated on the Vibe Panties

For all those customers that come into Adultsmart and give us the opportunity to suggest something different. This is a great starting point to venture into different couples toys, public pleasure and to start spicing up the love life again.

After assisting a woman earlier in the week I noticed in our vibrating panty section this small little Screaming O box. This product has recently come in and I hadn’t had a chance to investigate so we had a look together.

She ended up buying it.  I don’t know whether it was my excitement that the remote was a ring or that she was fixated on the vibe panties from the beginning. But we both were quite impressed!

Screaming o positive Panty Colours Photo
Sex Toy: ScreamingO Panty Colours in Pink, White, Black and Red

Vibrating Panty Set comes in four colours, black, pink, red and white.

  • These colours feature on the bullet and panties in each pack.
  • All remote rings are in black only.
  • Packaging is nice and simple and each box is colour coded to match the chosen product colour. Except for the white which is in a pale Jade green box.
  • They all indicate its key features on the sides and back of the box.
  • Even a quick how-to use on the back of the box which is great for those that don’t bother with the instructions.
Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set in Pink
Sex Toy: ScreamingO Vibrating Panty Set in Pink

What are the Panties Like? 

  • Lace side-tie panties.  One size fits most as the material is comfortably stretchy. Also easy to get in and out of very similar to a swim wear.
  • When wearing the panties though it is claimed to feel a little rough which is sad. But as the bullet vibe is a separate device the user can change panties to any that they prefer.
  • Granted the panties have a slip pocket where the bullet can be placed while resting against the clitoris for when those random vibes get triggered by the partner.
  • Style of these panties is more bikini than brief which I actually prefer. They seem well stitched and nicer quality. Unlike some panties in these packs which look like they’d disintegrate after one use!

What is the Vibrator Like? 

  • Bullet vibrator and ring remote are both made from ABS and silicone making them feel smooth and comfortable.
  • Packaging states ‘water resistant’. But just to be on the safe side I wouldn’t recommend submerging this toy just in case it becomes waterlogged and dies.
  • Bullet is a twist open from the centre, with three indications clearly printed, open, on and off.
  • In some ways I find the central twist design a little inconvenient especially if using out in public. As you need to physically twist off if you need to switch the bullet off. But I guess this is also to prevent it being turned off or on accidentally.
Screaming O Cock Ring Photo
Sex Toy: Screaming O Cock Ring

Not Just for Panties

As the bullet is removable this also means it can be used for other areas of the body too like nipples, thighs, neck, ear lobes, lips. Even down the back of the legs which is quite a sensitive spot when stroked.

I wouldn’t recommend insertion of this bullet as it has no string or stopper to make it safe to explore inside.

Screaming O Bullet Photo
Sex Toy: Screaming O Bullet in Red

Tantalize and Caress With This Little Deviant

There are 10 functions to this toy with a difference in pattern modes to make the user tantalised and caressed by this neat little deviant. Vibrations are strong especially for a battery operated toy.

Screaming O has always surprised me with this feature. Sets their bar high in terms of affordable yet intense devices, teamed with the one size fits most ring it really makes it an awesome duet. Ring is quite thick, on smaller hands this may be seen as an uncomfortable setback in the concept.

Remote and bullet connect wirelessly up to 50 metres apart very successfully. But trials with this in a restaurant proved it can be possibly hindered by mobile phone interference. Which is a bit of a bummer but aside from the tech interference.

There is no stopping this clever little bullet from doing its thing!

Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set in White Photo
Sex Toy: Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set in White

About the Bullet

Although the bullet in this pack is battery operated (cell batteries) for both bullet and ring remote. Screaming O manages to bust out a pretty decent battery operated vibrator in terms of strength.

Pack also conveniently comes with batteries inside the devices and back up batteries to cover you. Nothing worse than going home with a toy and not having batteries for it! Battery life for this toy only lasts for about 30 minutes. So those spare batteries are encouraged to be taken out for easy change over and keep all systems buzzing throughout the night with ease.

Screaming O Vibrating panty is a sensual accessory

A great addition to a fun night out, it can be purchased from our stores. It’s a delightful little pack with some innovative features. A fantastic beginner’s couple toy to venture into the world of ‘public’ play!

Be sure to view the Screaming O sex toy range online.



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  1. Wow… feel excited to see the new vibrator. I like to use sex toys and vibrators is one of them. last month I ordered a G spot vibrator from an online adult store. It was good.

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