I Am A Sub To My Marine Corps Man!

My husband now spanks me when I’m bad and I love it. However that was not always the case and it took some time for me to trust him enough to tell him that I had a sexual fantasy in that I had the fetish to be a submissive during intimacy with him.  People assume that marriage is the death of fun. That may be true if you have to hide a sexual fetish, but my love life hasn’t been the same since

I Revealed My Sexual Fantasies To My Spouse

Being a petite woman, I’ve always desired to have the arms of a strong man hold me. My husband and I had a long courtship before we married, but I fell in love with him quickly. He is a US Marine, muscular and tall. His hands always make me think of how they’d feel touching me; cupping my breast from behind, or slipping between my legs as he drives me in his car. He has the skill of a dominant man, to guide me both physically and emotionally.  In the beginning of our marriage, sex was wonderful. It had all the excitement a shiny new relationship. It quickly dulled however, after our escapades became routine. I always had fantasies, but never the guts to share them. I would often fantasize during sex about him touching my butt. Asking him to spank me seemed silly. I didn’t realize it was a legitimate sexual fetish. It was weird actually, when I thought about it during sex, it helped me orgasm. If I thought about it when I was not aroused, I felt stupid.

When he picked our sexual positions, he usually chose doggy style. Sometimes he would spread my cheeks apart unexpectedly, touching my anus. I would feel such excitement and desire for him to keep going a little further. I felt embarrassed as my butt would pucker from the sudden cold air. I was sure he was looking, but I loved it.

Marine Soldier Fetish

The first time I told him about my sexual fetish, I was in the bath. We had a habit of playing chess in the evening and on this occasion I wanted to play while I lay in the tub. He lit candles for me and brought me my favorite fluffy towel. Soon the deep red wine had me light headed. I would lay back, waiting for him to make his move. My body was keenly aware of the cool air in the bathroom and my breasts were perky. I stood up and stepped out of the tub. I gently kissed him and slowly bent over his lap. I think he was stunned for a moment, but he quickly came around when I quietly asked him to spank me. The water was cooling on my skin and when he smacked me, it stung.

That night, we ended up having the best sexual encounter I have ever experienced. Upon bringing me to orgasm, I spilled more words of my desire. He encouraged my sexual fetish by making me call him “Sir” when I addressed him. He fulfilled my lust several times, and I happily reciprocated.  It was opening a whole new area of our love making my being a submissive.  Soon, I realized that I was a (lucky) fool to have admitted so much to this man. He quickly grasped my desire for submission, and took full advantage of his new power. Every night he would demand me to present myself to him for an inspection. If I was a good girl that day, he would spend time endlessly kissing my body until I would succumb to the pleasure. If I was a bad girl, he would stimulate my body in a more aggressive way.

The exchange of power has helped our relationship in so many ways. I feel so feminine giving in to his requests. Allowing my body to be used by him gives me the freedom to relinquish power. I love putting aside our daily roles to fulfill my husband’s needs. He loves the porno style sex. We purchased fetish sex toys on the internet together. He makes a few choices and I have to decide from them what he’ll use on me. No matter what he does, he is always sure to make me happy. Switching pleasure with pain, he keeps me enticed. I always wonder what he will want from me next.

We both love having our dirty secrets, like our common sexual fetish. He’ll text me while I’m at work and tell me to take a naughty picture in the bathroom. I send it to him and he quickly tells me that I’ll be punished when I get home. I am so excited by the time I’m home, my panties are usually soaked. He looks at me between my legs and I know I’m busted. He spanks me, and stimulates my anus until he can roughly take it. He ignores my pleading, but will kindly rub me as he has his way. It makes me cry with pleasure and it never takes long for me to finish. The begging only makes him bigger and he takes his time to drag it out. He can make me say or do anything at this point and he knows it.

In our endeavors, we have discovered another sexual fetish. We love bondage roleplaying when he ties me up, spreads my legs far apart and explores my most sensitive areas. I try not to show I enjoy it so much, or else he stops and leaves me to suffer naked and exposed. He never leaves me long, but is sure to punish me upon his return. He enjoys embarrassing me by making me masturbate in front of him. He records me touching myself and watches it later while I’m pleasuring him. I get red with humiliation, and crave his attention between my legs. I know if I’m good he will give it to me.

I’m so happy I shared my sexual submissive masochist fetish with my husband. We have connected in ways I never thought possible. I feel like he is in my mind sometimes. He grabs at my deepest thoughts and desires and turns them into a reality. We continue to nurture our sex life every day; and when he has control of my butt, I am more than willing to do what he want.


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