Erection Problems Caused By Prostate Problems!

Erectile dysfunction is just but one of the many problems that men are bound to face at a particular point in their life. It comes as a result of many things including stress, illness and other factors. Prostate cancer is one of those other factors. Although it is a rare to have the gland removed, I decided to have mine cut out to prevent the spread of the cancer. My wife and I were thrilled when the doctor declared me cancer-free after the operation. Wasn’t I a happy person? Little did I know that this excitement was not going to last  long unfortunately.

Soon after I had my prostate removed, that is when a host of erection problems paid me a visit all from that prostate gland. I think with the cancer leaving, I had to forget about having any natural erections again. My erections could not last any more than a couple of minutes. It was such a terrible time in my life although my wife understood my problem and stood by me. She tried to cheer me up every now and then. She would tell me to forget about it. She got me some pills from some shop that I have never heard of. The pills did help somewhat with the erection problem. But there came other problems- after the operation it appeared to have effected making me have premature ejaculation/leakage. I had a really hard time holding it in. I was embarrassed about the erection problems, you can only begin to imagine how I felt with this new problem. Two months without sex and I felt that I could not take it anymore. That is when I went hunting for ways to handle erection problems and premature ejaculation.

Honestly, I did not expect to find anything of substance on the internet but I was to be shocked when I did a quick search on Google. There were so many methods of solving the erectile issues I was suffering from. I started out with the pills. They did help out with the erections but I hated the fact that I needed some medication to stimulate me. I wanted my erections to be natural. So I went back to the Google and that is when I came across the a Vacuum Pumping System that by the hype seemed to work.  So I ordered it online to try it out.

After trying it out I found that it worked and I would encourage any man who has erectile problems to look for a professional Vacuum Pumping System – not one of those cheap Chinese knock offs. When you get this device you can always be sure that you will never go wrong. It is a really powerful tool that provides more than just solving erectile dysfunction.   After further researching it I now know that the vacuum pump method of solving erectile problems has become extremely popular for men with erectile dysfunction due to prostate removal. Many doctors recommend it – I just wish mine had earlier.

Curing Erection Problems

At first I was hesitant to use this pump. It looked menacing and I feared using it on my penis. However, I considered the fact that my wife was almost giving up on our sex life and I had to make up my mind. Remember I had tried out the pills?   So this was my only other option. It is a really great tool, easy to use and produces great results. Using together with a penis ring or any other band, you can maintain a healthy erection without having to alter the body’s blood composition with pills. How the penis pump works

There are so many different types of penis pumps and each works a little differently but basically, there is the cylinder that you will fit over the penis and then there is the pump that will create a suctioning vacuum force.   What happens is that the as you pump a partial vacuum will be created around the penis and thus blood will be drawn into the penis. This of course translates into an engorged penis. As you increase the vacuum, there will be an increased different between your blood’s pressure and the pump pressure. Thus, you should use it moderately.

I had to learn to fight my greed to have a larger penis. When too much pressure is applied instead of a harder penis, you can damage the blood vessels. To be on the safe side I therefore recommend that you use a really high quality Penis Pump. One that guarantees results. A pump like that is perfect and great because not only well it be comfortable but it is also very safe for use. On top of that, these pumps can also be used to enlarge the breasts, nipples, clitoris and even testicles if you wish to incorporate it with other sexual play. There are different cylinders that are used to achieve this.

The pump however has one drawback in that it is not a permanent cure for erection problems because if you do not pump for a long time, the penis will simply revert to its normal size. This is why the penis/cock rings are used. The penis ring will prevent the blood from flowing back into the body after pumping. However you do not need to worry, it is not like the blood will flow back instantly. It will take several hours before the penis returns to its usual size and as you use it more frequently the results last longer sometimes up to days.

A bigger penis is always better when it comes to satisfying your partner. Luckily the penis pump is a two in one tool. Not only did it give me that superb erection I was looking for, but I have noted a significant increase in the size of my penis. I have been using the pump for about six months now and the increase in the size of my member is notable. I did some research and what I discovered is amazing. Honestly I had no idea that the penis is made up of muscles like any other muscles in the body. What would happen if you started going to the gym to exercise your biceps? The same thing happens to the penis. When you pump, the muscles increase in size and volume and thus are able to accommodate a larger volume of blood.

There are so many other ways of increasing the size of the penis and handling erection problems but I personally prefer the penis pump as it is natural and surgery option I did not really care for and was very expensive. Together with the penis ring I have struck the metaphorical two birds with one stone. The pump gives me that erection I need. The ring will prevent the penis from losing blood whilst controlling the semen. This allows me to last much longer without ejaculating and when it get to that, my orgasms can only be defined as body-shuddering. They are powerful and I love it. I am able to satisfy my wife and I also have my confidence back. I do not use the pills anymore and I do not have to go for surgery to get my blood flowing. Penis pump in my opinion is the way to go.


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