The Fear Of Anal Sex – It’s Not Out of The Question!

Let’s get one thing straight. Anal sex is not synonymous with being gay. In fact, only 30 percent of gay men reported receiving anal sex in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  Since the release of gay hardcore porn, and Hollywood movies such as The Hours and Brokeback Mountain and comedies like the Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror, these have lead to the fear of anal sex. And that it can be extremely painful or involves gangbanging each other to fuck each others brains out.

Truth is, straight men having butt sex is now very common. 

That sentence makes me both happy and sad.  Firstly, I am very happy that straight men are finally disregarding the idea that auto-erotic anal play is fun, hot, healthy and sexy.  But I am saddened by the fact that I have to qualify the statement by disclosing the sexuality of the men.

It should read, men in general are having more butt sex though I will freely admit it takes away the intrigue of the title and subsequent ‘click baits’.

A problem is that anal sex is considered taboo.

From an early age we are taught our ass is bad, that it has germs, that it’s only for bodily functions.  In practically every single way we are conditioned that our assholes are generally a bad thing.  Almost to the point of being shamed for having one.

Further, to the view that it is ‘gay’ thing men are taught that anal play is an emasculating experience.  The fact is that most of these thoughts are grounded within a form of homophobia.  This is lessening.

Recent surveys have found that 1 in 3 men have used a vibrator to get themselves off.  1 in 4 have inserted an object into their butts.  And 1 in 3 use fingers.

As you can see more men in general are engaging in Anal centric play. It’s a good thing, it’s a healthy thing, and by god it’s a feel good thing as well.

The Fear of Anal Sex

The Fear of Anal Sex

So, the above questions may sound familiar.  You may have asked yourself many questions about anal sex all the time but you’ve never really found an answer.

Below are some of the most common fears and questions people face before they begin having anal sex

  • If you are afraid of anal sex because it hurts, then don’t be afraid.

Due to the large amount of stigma attached to the act, a lot of people think that anal sex is not pleasurable but actually painful. When you begin to have anal sex there may be slight discomfort. You have to build about how much your anus can take by using various sized butt plugs.

Eventually you will be able to work yourself up to the appropriate penis size that your partner has. Anal sex can hurt if done wrong. If it hurts, then stop. And sometimes there’s blood and fecal if you do not prepare properly and take precautions.

Don’t panic. Life is not always as clean and hygienic as in porn movies. The more lubricant you use the less chance you will feel any pain. Just use lots of silicone lubricant like Superslyde and take it slow. If you don’t like it, there’s no need to keep on doing it.

  • Communication with your partner is Important

When your having anal sex is just as important in the bedroom as it is in the relationship.  Your ass is made of two sphincter muscles. The most critical for butt-centric sex is the external sphincter—or the opening that associates your rear-end to the outside world.

We have some control over what goes all through our butt on account of the deliberate way of this sphincter. In case we’re feeling focused on, uncomfortable, tense.  Or out and out cantankerous subsequent to eating at Chipotle after we guaranteed we’d never retreat there, our external sphincter will resemble Fort Knox.

Also, you can wager it will feel excruciating to compel anything up there. In any case, in case we’re feeling casual, good, infatuated, in extreme desire, then we can get to be relaxed, offering passage to a finger.

the fear of anal sex
Couples Anal Sex Toys
  • Sex is a normal human desire.

You should not feel guilty for wanting to experiment but make sure you are safe and smart about it. Your sexual and emotional health is important, and if one suffers, they both do. You are being in charge of your sexuality.

People who go around criticizing other people need to understand and realize not all humans are programmed the same. It’s a healthy way to explore your sexuality.

Rumour has it that you if you like butt play, you’re automatically a gay guy. WRONG! Lots of straight people enjoy prostate stimulation. Better yet you don’t actually have to be with someone else to engage in some ass play.

Do it privately, add it to your masturbation routine.  Whether you want to shove a finger up there and explore.  Or get a vibrating butt toy for some intense prostate vibrations.

  • Anal sex like everything else in life comes with its share of risks.

Smartest thing anyone can do is know what those risks are and prepare for them. If you want to reduce your risk for STDs, wear a condom, get tested, and know your partner’s status. If gay anal sex has risks does this mean bad stuff will happen to you?

No, if you’re doing your part and taking care of yourself then you will be alright. Don’t live in the fear of getting an STD or Aids. Live your sex life while protecting yourself and enjoy each moment.

  • You will Not have a Massive Poo After

Be that as it may, you won’t have a massive mess of poo after you have anal sex.  Truth be told, your butt isn’t even where crap is put away, it’s really put away in your colon toward the end of your digestive organ. While there might be follow measures of fecal matter in the butt, there are a lot of approaches to guarantee cleanliness.

You can scrub down and delicately wash the external locale of the butt before sex with a douche.  Or yu can wear dark condoms or gloves to cover seeing follow fecal matter. There are a lot of approaches to stay perfectly clean.

  • So you like giving anal, but don’t like recieving it?

How’s that fair? Sure, this number is absolutely superficial, but let me tell you, you’ll appreciate giving some good anal sex if you first hand understand what’s going on and happening. Sure, it may not be your thing at first. It can be uncomofortable to get used to.

But give it a go, one way or another you’ll appreciate and look at anal sex in a different light.

  • What about Pegging? 

Pegging is becoming more and more mainstream and is about your female partner wearing a strap on to fuck you senseless. Have a read of this article abot pegging a male perspective It can feel good, pleasure both of you both physically and mentally. Most strap ons, including the feel doe, have built in clitoral/vaginal stimulation aspects as well. Meaning that both partner are potentially receiving some fun stimulation.

  • Helps prevent cancer

Like breast and ball fondling, stimulating the prostate can allow you to feel for any abnormalities. Regular ejaculation can expect up to a 33% reduction in their risk of prostate cancer!

  • Prostate induced orgasms are the most intense orgasms you can have.

Some men can orgasm and ejaculate from prostate stimulation alone. Some lucky guys can even produce multiple orgasms without ejaculation simply by stimulating the prostate.

If you’re prepared for earth shattering orgasms whose side effects can include, eye popping, leg shaking, loud moaning.  Then you figuratively need to pull your finger out and get to some ass popping!

the fear of anal sex
Twisted butt plug

A Twisted Fun Toy For Anal Plugging

Today, I will be talking about the new Gplug Twist!

Firstly, I always notice the packaging being the anal retentive person I am (no pun intended). Packaging and presentation are always a huge factor in my decisions on a product.  If a company goes to the lengths to manage their brand and image in such a way that always compliments their products then that’s a tick from me.

In this day of age branding is what people use to determine the quality of a product.  No matter how much people want to argue, first impressions do count and we do judge books by their cover.

Packaging can say a lot about the company.

If a company is willing to put a significant amount of time into the quality of their packing.  Then you can almost feel confident that the product is also up to that standard in material as well.  It definitely sets the tone for any future purchases you will make next time you walk into Adultsmart.

My First Impression Of The GPlug Twist

I automatically felt confidence in the quality of this product.  Instantaneously I felt comfortable to use this product knowing this would be a sex toy would be made of quality materials and in fact it is!

Gplug Twist is made of premium class hypoallergenic silicone.

There are generally three categories of medical grade silicone.  Non-implantable, short term implantable and long term implantable.  Materials that are classed as class V or VI can be considered medical grade, most medical grade silicones are at least classed as VI certified.  Creators of the Funtoys London company, Jack Romanski and his wife come from a background in engineering and specialising in silicones for the space industry.  This gives me confidence in the quality materials used for the brand’s products.

Sex toy company logo the fear of anal sex
Image: Gvibe Funtoys Logo

This Sex Toy Is Body Safe But Be Careful Of Other “Novelty Use Only” Sex Toys!

Before I worked at Adultsmart I didn’t pay overly much attention to materials used in sex toys.  I was just lucky because I have a 5 star taste in quality and packaging.

That is what I used to my advantage.  Nearly all the toys I had bought prior to working here were in fact body safe silicones.  But the sad fact is that most sex toys on the market are not deemed to be used as sex toys.  And states on the packaging “novelty use only” this is to cover the legalities of misuse.

I thought being in Australia meant that we already had all the strict laws on the use of materials and packaging in products.  But it shocked me that the sex toy industry isn’t regulated by the same safety laws .  So the fact that some companies are putting the safety of their customers first and using only premium quality and medical grade silicone is a weight lifted off my chest.  And companies I will definitely recommend to my customers.

At the end of the day, if I don’t feel worthy of using a product myself I won’t sing its praises to my customers either.

the fear of anal sex
Image: Gplug Twist Packaging

Silicone Makes The Sex Toy Super Quiet

Another benefit on using this particular quality of silicone is that as a material on its own it is used as a sound dampener.  Which means its super quiet!

Features And Specs Of The Gplug Twist

  • New powerful yet quiet motor.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Six vibration modes with changeable intensity – from light tremors to intense vibration.
  • Made of premium class hypoallergenic silicone, silky and smooth.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Up to 4 hours of operation on one charge of the battery.
  • Size: 3.9cm (1.54in)
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Magnetic charger.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Travel lock (press ON and hold for 2 seconds).
  • 6 modes (simply press the ON button and click through modes).
  • Switching off (hold ON button for 2 seconds).

Gplug Twist is compatible with the Gring

And as an added feature the Gplug Twist is compatible with the Gring.  Which is a no-cord controller (sold separately) and fits a finger perfectly enabling an easy switch to change the modes.

the fear of anal sex
Funtoys Gvibe sex toys

My Personal Experience With The Gplug Twist

I haven’t had much experience in the art of butt plugging.  But in my short time I have experienced a couple of little plugs. Although, I do enjoy anal sex, plugging is completely different to me.  I find inserting a plug not always theF easiest of situations to be in.

Now, the main reason for using a butt plug isn’t for thrusting, or to be moved internally.

It’s purpose for a butt plug is to make you feel full. It allows you to experience other sexual activities.  Or even to go about your daily life, with the knowledge and feeling that you have a plug inside filling you up.

I was slightly hesitant when I received the Gplug Twist

Because I have never used a ribbed plug or one of this size.  It’s not huge I’d say more small to medium sized but just not a size I have used before.  But it sat in my handbag for a few days.  If anyone actually went through my handbag I guarantee they would be in for a shock.

Eventually, I plucked up the courage to try this twisted plug.

I must say with the use of lube (which is always incredibly important when it comes to anal) it glided in fairly easy with only slight force needed.

As per the website, I used their advice and I twisted the plug as I inserted it.  As a bonus instead of stretching straight away it slowly stretched.  Which made for a much more comfortable and less scary insertion.

Once in the ribs were fantastic.  Your body molds itself around the ribs for added pleasure especially when the vibrations were turned on. As for using the plug while having sex not only was it stimulating for me.  But the fullness I felt was also pleasurable for my partner. And the ribs were felt by him as well, and of course the vibrations didn’t go astray for either one of us.

the fear of anal sex
Butt Plugs: What is the Thrill and How to Start?

Who Should Use The Gplug Twist?

Plugs are perfect for anyone who has wanted to experiment or has fantasized about double penetration.  Whether it’s the fantasy of two men pleasuring you or the pleasure of being filled up.

Fullness mixed with the taboo nature of anal play already has can be no only alluring but a major turn on.

Remember To Lube And Other Helpful Tips!

As a huge pointer LUBE, LUBE, LUBE.  Whatever amount you usually use double it! Trust me, it will make life so much more comfortable.  Only insert once you are already turned on, as that’s when your body is most relaxed.

And just for an added human anatomy lesson the anal cavity contains three muscle groups.

  • If you were to gently push your finger in you will be able to feel the first one.
  • Insert half an inch more and you will reach the second one
  • Finally the strongest muscle is a little over and inch inside. The last muscle is the one that causes the pain.  So this is where a lube applicator comes in handy to insert and reach all the way in!

If when you insert the plug and it hurts remove straight away.  Slowly try again and allow around 30 seconds for your body to come accustom to the sensation.

A huge thank you to Gvibe and Adultsmart for bringing in the quality goods to the sex industry!


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