Best Beds for Sexually Active Couples

For many the best beds are simply a place to rest at the end of a long day. Yet, for couples, this simple piece of furniture plays a much larger role in their lives. While it serves as a cozy haven for sleep, it’s also the stage for intimacy—a space where couples can connect on a deeper level. Picking the right bed can significantly enhance these moments, making them more comfortable and memorable. Let’s dive into the world of beds and understand which ones are perfect for couples who are not just looking for a good night’s sleep. And remember, before making a final commitment, you might want to test the waters with a here.

Not Just For Sleeping: Beds as Playgrounds for Couples

You’ve had those moments, right? Whispering sweet nothings, laughing at an inside joke, or simply cuddling under the blanket. A bed is not just a resting place; it’s an intimate playground. The coziness it offers plays a crucial role in enhancing these intimate moments.

Rolling in the hay

While the phrase “rolling in the hay” is often used cheekily, the principle remains: a bed should be durable. Especially for active couples, it’s vital to have a bed frame and mattress that can withstand some movement without falling apart or losing its shape.

Don’t cry over spilled milk

Accidents happen, from the occasional wine spill to other, more intimate, messes. Therefore, a bed that’s easy to clean can save a lot of fuss. Opt for beds with washable covers or those which don’t easily stain.

Choosing the Best Bed: Things to Consider

Space is crucial. The more, the better. A larger bed like a King or Queen size allows couples more freedom of movement. Not only does this make sleep more comfortable, but it gives more room to explore and connect without the fear of falling off the edge.

Quiet as a mouse

Imagine this: a passionate moment disrupted by the squeaky protests of your bed. Not ideal, right? Beds that minimize noise, both from the frame and the mattress, ensure discretion. After all, your private moments should remain private.

Spring into action

When it comes to mattresses, the debate is eternal: memory foam vs. innerspring. Memory foam offers a hugging feel and molds to the body, while innerspring mattresses provide more bounce. It’s vital to consider what’s more comfortable for both partners.

The nitty-gritty details:

  • Durability: Always check the bed frame’s weight limit and the mattress’s resilience.
  • Size: Opt for a size that matches both the room’s dimensions and the couple’s comfort.
  • Noise level: Prioritize beds with good reviews about minimal noise.
  • Mattress type: Try both memory foam and innerspring during trials to see which fits best.
  • Easy maintenance: Waterproof protectors and washable covers can be lifesavers.

Benefits of a Test Drive:  Making the Most of Free Trials

Dipping one’s toes in the water

It’s essential to try before you buy. Whether it’s clothes, cars, or beds—getting a feel for the product can help in making an informed decision. A free trial allows couples to genuinely experience a bed, understanding its pros and cons in real-time.

Sometimes, the trial doesn’t end with a purchase, and that’s okay. Even if one bed doesn’t seem right, it brings clarity about what you’re looking for, making the next choice easier.

Make the most of your trial:

  • Use the bed as you typically would: Don’t hold back. This is your time to test its durability and comfort.
  • Pay attention to comfort and noise: A few nights on the bed will give you a fair idea about its real-world performance.
  • Note ease of cleaning: Accidental spills? Check how easy it is to clean them.

Sleep on it

Never rush the decision. It’s essential to spend several nights, if not the entire trial period, to understand the bed’s intricacies. Only then can you truly decide if it’s the right fit for your intimate moments.

Best Beds

Choosing the right bed for a sexually active couple is a mix of practicality and preference. It should be the cherry on top of your romantic life—a space where comfort, durability, and intimacy converge harmoniously. Remember, your bed is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an integral part of your relationship.


Best Beds
Liberator Sex Furniture

 Liberator – Bedroom Adventure Gear

The Liberator is the perfect addition to the bedroom for multiple reasons. To get into the perfect position and for added flexibility. This product not only makes these things easier, but it also opens up new positions and the perfect angles to hit the g-spot\p-spot.



Liberator creates sex pillows and props to make your bedroom experiences more tailored to suit your comfortability or to completely change up the way you have sex. The most popular Liberator products being the Wedge and the Ramp, which a lot of people like to combine. Liberator gives you the option of pairing any of their products together to get the best-tailored experience for you.  You are in charge of these products and can use your imagination to create the most perfect set up for you.


 Liberator uses a high-density polyurethane so that they are firm enough to hold you up, but are also soft enough to be comfortable. They are also paired with a polyester removable liner and a microfibre cover which can be easily removed and washed. The cover being made from microfibre makes them a lot softer and also helps them to cling to each other if you are using two products together ( such as the ramp and the wedge). This material clings and creates a kind of friction between each other to stop the products from slipping apart during use.



Definitely not! There are countless options with liberator, you can get wedges with hand\ankle cuffs attached. You can also get pillows with holders for your toys such as the Wanda Magic Wand Mount, The Fleshlight Top Dog or the Tula Toy Mount to name a few.

People have also raved about it is great for people with muscle issues, back pain, etc. as it helps to get in a more structured position and help your posture. With the fantastic reviews, and countless ways to use these products it makes them worth every cent.


 I have never been so excited to write a review, and it definitely surprised me! Introducing the We-vibe touch ‘The ultimate clitoral vibe’. After using a wand and feeling the intense vibration from it, I didn’t think I would be freaking out over a small clitoral toy…but here we are.

I always like to start with basic info on the product, so hear me out on the basics first. The Touch is a small clitoral vibe, contoured to hug your clitoris just right. Laying the contoured tip flat is not your only option, however, I think we all know that people use toys in a million different ways but my favorite way to use the touch is with the tapered part at the very tip for a more pinpoint experience.

The touch,  just like other we-vibe toys are made from a medical grade silicone but the moment I first picked up the touch I noticed that it felt 10x softer than any other we-vibe toy. This toy truly feels incredible in your hands, but along with the contoured tip, it also has contoured edges to fit perfectly in your hand.

We-Vibe Touch Is Totally Waterproof

The touch is 100% waterproof which, to be honest, can really make a toy for me. The option to play pretty much anywhere makes for some exciting experiences.

The Touch uses an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral rechargeable battery and also comes in recyclable packaging. So no matter your lifestyle, this toy should be yours. With only a 90 minute recharge you get a full 2 hours of play! I also appreciate that the Touch has a low power alert.

Now, the best part… the vibrations! The Touches vibrations strongly mimic that of the Tango in the best way possible. The problem with a lot of soft silicone vibrators is that the silicone muffles the strength of the vibration, but I’m very happy to say that this is not the case with the Touch. The touch delivers deep, rumbly vibrations right at the surface level.

The Touch comes with 8 settings; 4 steady vibration settings with different intensities, and 4 different vibration patterns.

We-Vibe Touch – A Girls Fave Clit Toy

This definitely my new favorite clit toy, however, no toy is perfect and I have a job to tell you the downfalls as well as the successes.

The Touch only has 1 button to control everything, and remember I said it has 8 settings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to kick it up a notch forgetting which vibration intensity is on, and it goes back to the first vibration setting. quite frustrating, but I’ve found it very quick to forgive with the Touch.

It only comes in a very dark purple. It’s not necessarily an ugly purple but its not my favorite. We-Vibe needs to explore some more colors.

The toy is very sleek and the packaging it comes in is nice and sophisticated, but the ‘satin’ carry bag doesn’t match the classy feel of the rest of it. It’s crunchy? almost like there’s a sleeve of paper inside.

Regardless of the small things I hope will improve, this is by far my favorite clitoral vibe. Sorry to the rest of my toys but I’ve found my current obsession.

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