An Adult Halloween – Adult Lifestyle Centres and Oh Zone

Are you ready for an adult Halloween? Through out all the Adult Lifestyle Centre’s we have Halloween decorations up and ready for the October month of Halloween.   Oh Zone is currently hosting a Halloween competition among all of the stores to see who will win for the the best decorated, best make up and best costume.

Only one store can win but which store will it be?

We invite you to write in the comments section what you think about the Halloween decorations. You can also come into the store to take photos of the exhibits.  Whilst you’re in the store, you can test our best sex toys and adult products as you have a laugh among all the decorations.  Our consultants will answer all of your questions and provide you with the best sex toys that suit your needs.

an adult halloween

Take a Look – An Adult Halloween 

Our Halloween Decorations are Very Creepy and Spooky

These look like they are from a Halloween House of Horrors where anyone is welcome to stay without judgement.  Starting off with the picture wall are photos of the the old and forgotten faces from the past.  Faces stay to watch over people, coming to life during the day or night to haunt them sharing with you their evilness. They want to possess your soul!

Depending on how you look at them depends on what you see. Beauty is in the eye the beholder after all.

an adult halloween
Spooky Picture wall

Scary Nurse

Waiting for you is a professional medical nurse doing her job to keep the Halloween House of Horrors in healthy spirits.  She has brunette hair with light blue eyes and rancid teeth sticking out of her field mask. Her red garter stockings provide a little touch of sexiness as they stand out among her bloodied white work attire.

She is ready for anyone in need with her red gloves that hide all the blood she has came across.

an adult halloween
Scary Nurse

an adult halloween

Belle of the Ball – Cinderalla 

Next up we have the bell of the ball, our Halloween Cinderella.  Our Oh Zone Cinderella is a hipster, transvestite, zombie, prostitute witch. This lass has so much personality, she runs for queen at the day of the dead festival.

Her beard is one hue of sandy brown with flawless with immaculate presentation.  This is the type of beard you’ll see winning competitions. Somehow a pumpkin lies on her beard, it’s a Halloween miracle.

A red corset sings out with confidence as she calmly sits down, one arm over her leg, resting with her cock ring bracelet. She is ready to punish anyone who doesn’t fulfill her needs with her red whip. Her stocking looks like a spider has spun it.  Here eyes are yellow, the same type of yellow on her teeth and she’s smiling just for you.

an adult halloween

Swamp Monster 

Here we have our resident Swamp Monster.  She is quite comfortable to hold an axe with her delicate looking hands. Her blonde hair glows as bright as the sun with those beautiful red eyes powerfully staring people’s souls.

She has a really big overbite which she doesn’t like people mentioning, Her overbite displays her long pointy teeth that she uses to pick things up with, sadly they are hard to chew any type of food with.

On the plus side, she is back from serving in the army.  An honored swamp monster officer, who can imminently defend Adult Lifestyle Centres

an adult halloween

House of Horrors Clown

In the house of horrors, we have the resident clown, eyeball side kick and mr spiders.  This clown is surprisingly content with a knife surging through his brain innards his facial expression is like “Whaa whhaa what?”. The eye ball side kick is an eye of sauron sibling, his pretty chill though.

Then we have a vampire, spiders flood his face as his got no arms to help himself. His been sitting there for eternity in a state of impeding fear.  Someone help him at last.

an adult halloween

This is the Halloween bat who waits around to eat fruits off of trees.  You could say, he is a high flyer. He has been blessed with hands that are made from the same DNA as humans.  Can use his hands to sway among the hanging cellophane as his into that. And he wear’s a very cute black sheath of see through cloth, naughty naughty!

A very cute Halloween costume indeed.

an adult halloween

an adult halloween

Halloween at Oh Zone & Costumes

End of Halloween is steadily approaching. We have some more entries into our Adult Lifestyle Centre Halloween Competition. Down at Oh Zone  we have a haunted shop decorated with horrifying delights.

Underneath Oh Zone’s front counter, we have the body loading area. It is a murder scene of a woman’s leg and head ripped from limb to limb.

  • We literally have on display the face of nightmares.

This man is known as the “Pale Man” a mytholgical albino creature who devours children. A face without any eyes or ears, just a nose with just an opening for a mouth. He walks around with eyes indented into his hands.

Pale Man can tap into the world’s subconscious and uses his ability to give physical form to everyone’s nightmares. This Pale Man was recreated in the Pan’s Labrynth movie by the Mexican film director named Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro said that the Pale Man symbolised.

The idea in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ was it was going to represent the church, [so] I thought it would be powerful to use the hands with stigmata and then you put eyes on it. But although I had the idea and knew how it was going to operate, when we saw it on the set with the makeup on actor Doug Jones.  Everybody froze and we went, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing.’

This face also symbolises a Japan mythology of a man named “Tynome” who was blinded and murdered.

He walks around as a spirit with his eye sockets in the palm of his hands and all that get to close to him get eaten bones and all.  And he seeks revenge on people even if they have done nothing wrong.

an adult halloween
Mythological Creature: Pale Man or Tenome

We have our Lelo stand featuring their luxurious range of vibrators.

Their range is called “Pleasure Objects“. This stand includes everything from a Lelo Smart Wand, Lelo Soraya to the Lelo Mia 2.  Protecting the Lelo Vibrator’s are the resident skulls with webbed hair and black fedoras. There are pretty cool giving the place an overall grunge look.

an adult halloween
Lelo Pleasure Range Stand

Hanging from Oh Zone building structure is this spider with twisty curly legs, red, big angry eyes and a beautiful set of red fangs. His looks a little bit angry but his super adorable!

There are also orange spider’s all over the shop taking care of all the glass cabinets storing surgical steel, butt plugs, Penis Pumps, Electro kits and much more.

an adult halloween
Adult Lifestyle Centre

With creepy news sweeping headlines including

Creepy Clown Craze Sweeps the Globe” by CNN

“‘Killer clowns’ in Canada: Why are these sightings spreading?” by BBC

People think that the Killer Clown groups who are scaring locals have been created based upon a massive Facebook prank related to the news of the recreation from Stephen King movie “IT”.  IT is a clown who breaks down peoples deepest fears whilst living off of people’s memories and the power of trauma.

This clown is wearing irresistible, red laced lingerie with a Las Vegas style cape.

an adult halloween
Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Lounge

We have a glittery wall of bats, with creepy city rats and the four ghosts hanging above the entry way.

an adult halloween
Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Be very cautious, you can only enter if your dare!

an adult halloween
Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Scary Staff

From our Oh Zone  store we have Leonie, dressed as the drop dead gorgeous prom queen. Her throat was slashed, her face and sash splashed with her own blood. Her luscious hair and cold face went white with fright.

an adult hallowen
Halloween: Leonie Adult Lifestyle Centre Consultant

We have the beautiful Leonie witch,  She has age spots, dark under eye bags. and her precious skeleton dog who is the friendliest fellow in all the town. Her skin is a bright witchy green as she wears a classical, silver sparkling, black dress that goes all the way to the floor.  With her dress sleeves arms cut into bat like triangular points. I can imagine the witch going out at night, as she pulls her dress strategically in one swoop.

She sits onto her witches broom to fly into the night. Is she a good witch, bad witch or chaotically in between?

Carved Pumpkin, Creepy House, Mansion Garden

Halloween at Oh Zone 

We are getting prepared for Halloween on 31st of October.

Did you know Halloween is on the very last day of the month?  You will begin to feel the spookiness when the full moon begins to show itself this Sunday.  But for Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres Halloween will be on for the full month of October.

Our Oh Zone stores have already got their creepy decorations hung upon their walls and skeletons living inside their glass cabinets.  We invite our community to let us know your thoughts in the comment’s section below on how you think our stores are going!  As only one store can win a prize for the best decorated, only one person can win a prize for best dressed on the last week of the month.  And only one person can win a prize for the best Halloween makeup.

Come into our stores and have a look around.

You can take pictures of yourself with only the exhibits for funny memories. Imagine coming into our store where you can purchase all of your sexual lifestyle needs.

Maybe you wanted to test out a vibrator that you’ve always wanted, or feel the different types of dildo’s in our store.  We have bondage gear, prostate massagers, surgical steel sex toys, couples board games and much more.

an adult halloween
bondage and fetish clothing

I have to say this skeleton man has been working out for the perfect muscular pecks I’ve ever seen. I’m also very surprised in his choice of Andrew Christian underwear which sends his sex appeal through the roof. His underwear is fluro yellow with hints of pinks, blue and purple.

Men’s underwear is made to have a mans full strength erection on display. I think he took a lot of time picking out his underwear, they’ll definitely impress people with the Adult Lifestyle Centre.

I’m going to have to give this skeleton a 10/10 on his fashion choice.

 an adult halloween
sexy skeleton

Skeleton Sex Appeal 

Delicately displayed in a glass cabinet, we have the home of skeleton heads and clown masks. I heard the skeleton man has many heads that he can use at any given moment, or maybe they are the heads of his friends. His definitely a trendy individual; I’m not going to lie, I think he makes good fashion choices.

A long side his heads choices, lay his furry butt plugs, glass dildos, surgical steel toys and urethral wand collection. His willing to sell them if you dare to say hello.

an adult halloween
Clown Head

Here we have is a skeleton model photo opportunity. He put all he had into it, it’s not his fault he looks scary.

In this glass cabinet lays a skeleton bride. The bride choose luxury over comfort as I can see the we-vibes and rianne s sex toys below her. She has been laying there for a long time because her body has fully decomposed and the spiders have made a home surrounding her. I’m not sure, but correct me if I’m wrong, is that a dildo laying in there with her?

I think the dildo can last a life time so whatever she bought must have been high quality.

an adult halloween
Skeleton Cobwebs

Next up we have a bloodied human hand testing out a fleshlight.

He can get two finger’s in the male masturbator which is about the same size as a regular penis. I think this person was so distracted by the texture of the fleshlight that something happened to him in the process. If something felt that good on his hand, I wonder how good it would feel on something else.

Hand Got Lost an adult halloween

People with foot fetishes may be surprised to find a person’s bloodied foot hanging from a sex machine.  Originally this sex machine was used with the mushroom dildo in the background. I’m not sure if any body would be able to mould to the shape of a foot this big.

You can always work your way up with a good set of butt plugs and use some numbing lubricant for extra help. I feel like whoever made this had good intentions at heart, I definitely would not patent this foot dildo machine.

sex-machine-foot an adult halloween

Please Come and Have a Look

Thank you for reading and viewing this post. We appreciate the support of our local community. Our consultants always aim to find the sex toys you need to enhance your sexual lifestyle. So please come in and have a look around at our Adultsmart Kogarah experience.

an adult halloween
Halloween Oh Zone

an adult halloween an adult halloween

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