The Perfect Masturbating Storm From Romant!

Massive Storm

Romant Storm Masturbator is definitely the best male masturbator I’ve ever used. I mean,

I love sex toys for all the right reasons.

My wife and I work and live in different cities and we only get to see each other on weekends and on public holidays. That is why sex toys have been part of our sex lives for a couple of years now, and we even use them when we are together where applicable. Sometimes we buy sex toys for each other as presents, and my wife is good with them. I remember she has bought me some of the best toys I’ve ever used and they have been out of the ordinary.

Then one evening she brought Romant Storm Masturbator with her as a surprise for me. This high class masturbator toy must be every man’s dream masturbator. The pleasure it brings is unbeatable, and you get to experience the smoothness and its incredible sexual stimulation in the best way possible. It has been innovatively designed to maximize the pleasure you get with every use and experience. It is definitely better than all the other masturbators that I’ve used. You might confuse it with a really beautiful pussy; tight, soft, stretchy, warm, and well lubricated.


Romant Storm Masturbator Male
Sex Toy: Romant Storm Masturbator


High Quality Material:

Romant Storm Masturbator is made of pure silicone and super quality ABS, which explains the warmth, elasticity and the softness that makes this masturbators so perfect for its purpose. These materials provide the life-like soft touch that bring new orgasmic sensations. Let me admit that this vaginal simulator can be addictive, and its softness and texture optimizes the level of pleasure it generates for me. The orgasm is so mind-blowing you will want more and more of that excellence after you try it out for the first time.

Inbuilt 10-Mode Strong Vibrator:

It features an eccentric inbuilt 10-mode strong vibrator that is responsible for the amazing orgasms I have been having with this storm masturbator. It has so much power that even if you are not in the mood, you’d still attain that explosive sexual climax any time. This vibration power is adjustable and you can set it to your preferred level. The reason why I like using Storm Masturbator at night is because the sleep I usually have after an experience with it is usually satisfactory. You come so explosively you will need some rest afterwards, and I like it like that.

Built-In Li-Battery:

Romant Storm Masturbator has a built-in Li-battery that can last you for up to 2 hours, and it comes with a three month replacement warranty. This improves the efficiency of this ingeniously designed male masturbator since it is also easy to carry around. The battery allows you to have a good time wherever and whenever, even if there is no power source around. I find the 2 hours more than enough whenever I go out and maybe I want to have some good moments with my Storm Masturbator.

Variety of Colors:

Storm vibrators come in a variety of beautiful colors from which you get to select what best suits your style and preference. When it comes to sex toys, my wife knows that I love it black. Black always work best for me, and that is exactly what she bought me. For those who love red, blue, or pink, you are not left behind. Select what best optimizes your enjoyment with this amazing product.

Easy To Use and Clean:

You will be amazed by how easy this masturbator is to use and clean. You won’t need much learning to do regarding how to make the maximum use out of it. There are simple steps that you will have to follow with both the actual masturbation and the cleaning afterwards. Cleaning not only make your masturbator last longer, but it would also be disgusting if you don’t clean it up after use. That is why storm masturbator has been designed to make the cleaning process extra easy for you.

This mens masturbator is perfectly designed both on the inside and on the outside. It is both aesthetically appealing on the outside and an extra sensation is guaranteed for you by the inside. It is also fairly priced and you won’t strain your pocket to own this amazing piece of technology, and its abilities surpass its price by far.


Fair Suck Of The Sausage – Shots Toys!

sucking a sausage

I came across the Shot Toys Sausage Vagina while browsing through the website and I was instantly intrigued by the product. I’d been hearing a lot about the latest category of such devices which use special materials like silicone to provide a very realistic sensation to the user, and I had recently read some great customer reviews too. So I’d been curious about it long enough to give Shot Toys a shot when I saw that this product was available. The price was very reasonable and I decided to try out this product as I hadn’t yet been entirely satisfied by any other I’d used so far.

My decision turned out to be a wise one as the delivered product turned out to be pretty high quality with a unique design. I would go so far as to say that it definitely gave me full value for my money.

The Shot Toys Sausage Vagina is not the typical run-of-the-mill male masturbator that you find in shops or on websites. A lot of research seems to have gone into making this product different from its competitors in this price range. To begin with, it comes in a discreet wrapping, which is good when you need your privacy while storing it. Aside from the convenient packaging, the product itself is very easy to use without an overly complicated instruction leaflet. This was a relief to me because the last thing I like to do is spend all my time and energy just figuring out how to use some of the fancy toys that come with completely indecipherable instruction manuals. You might think that it’s as simple as lubing it up and sticking it in, but for the ultimate experience, you might want to invest in slightly more thought than that.

sausage vagina
shots toys


The product specifications are quite fascinating, being so differentiated from the other toys you see out there. The grip of the product felt very natural and it was pretty intuitive to use. It felt sturdy and looks like it will withstand plenty of use. There’s a lid that comes off, and inside I could see several layers that create a comfortable chamber. A preliminary check of the chambers confirmed that the feel of the material was very realistic and of much superior quality to any other toy I’ve used so far. I did some research and found that the product has been designed to cater to the two important pleasure points of the male member: the tip and the lower base. After a single use, I can vouch for the fact that both these points were very effectively stimulated by the product, so the design definitely worked for for me.

The most appealing aspect of the toy was that I could choose my own preferred quantity of lube. Having the luxury of choice in terms of lube is something I’m not used to, and it felt pretty great trying with varying quantities of lube. While most toys generally have the lube inside with a fixed quantity, the Shot Toys Sausage Vagina has a separate packing space inside the lid of the sausage where the lube is stored. I was able to squeeze out however much (or little) I wanted, and that’s revolutionary for those of us men who like it a little rougher than usual. Most of my friends who’ve also purchased this product later prefer generous lubricating for a softer experience. But I found that the silicone provides a great rough feel when I use less lube, and it made a world of difference to me. I haven’t found any other toys, either in shops or online, that leave this choice to the customer. I am planning to experiment with the lubes soon by adding one of my favorite scented lubes. I’ll leave an update on how that works.

I’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a genuine experience with this category of sex toys. The price is very reasonable and worth the pleasure that you’re buying. You can avoid paying the additional shipping charges if you order in multiple for your friends or combine your order with other items to get free delivery. If you’re a connoisseur of sex toys like I am, the Shot Toys sausage vagina is the perfect addition to your collection. As I keep telling my buddies, it’s the real deal with a real feel.

Believe It Or Not – Guys Masturbating With Hot Octopuss!

Octopus Masturbation

A wavering mens sex toy intended to wrap around your cock

and apply astounding stimulations to your frenulum? You have to look at this new guybrator.

The Pulse from Hot Octopuss is one of those sex toys that came out at just the right time as all the stars were aligned for the first guybratory. A progressive male stimulator fueled by a cutting edge wavering Pulse Plate quickly charmed and grew a life of its own in the blogosphere and sex toy reviews. As a fellow who appreciates a climax through immediate and pinpointed frenulum invigoration I couldn’t wait to try it and the postman could not come quick enough.

Before I get into the experience that is the Pulse, I’ll give a little insight on the toy and how it functions. The Pulse was made by Hot Octopuss, a London-based group that is energetic about combining innovation with sexual joy. They’ve planned a rechargeable gadget that wraps itself around the shaft of a fellow’s penis and gives exceptional excitement. The shape is slightly a cross between a huge egg and a vast cannoli shell. While the bended wings are intended to surround the penis shaft, the base of the toy contains an intense motor that gives swaying, a sort of a fast forward and backward movement, to the frenulum through the PulsePlate. The Pulse vibrates pleasantly and is touted also as a couples toy but realistically it is a toy for a man to either masturbate with or use on his penis to increase sensations whilst having sex with a lover.


Male Masturbator
Sex Toy: Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Solo


There are two segments to the toy outside: hard smooth plastic on the back, with the inside and wings are made up of thick, adaptable silicone like material. The quality seems top notch and there is no discernible smell and when used the wings are very comfortable.

Charging is simple. Basically put the round end of the plug into the base of the Pulse and insert the USB part into your PC. The Pulse takes about 4 hours to charge fully and once you’re charged and prepared to go, basically put your penis into the folds of the silicone wings. This is an awesome toy for men who experience difficulty getting or keeping up an erection, in light of the fact that the Pulse can be effectively utilized despite the fact that your penis is limp. Hard or delicate, push your cock between the wings and position the frenulum close to the PulsePlate.

The controls are easy to use and sufficiently with enough pressure required to change the vibrations that you will not do it by error and spoil the sensations during your ‘vinegar strokes’. There are nine vibration modes for you to explore allowing you ample variations to get your perfect ejaculation.

The openness of the wings allows you to vary exactly what part you wish to stimulate from the guybrator.

Encase your whole shaft or move it across your balls – it is not even necessary to stroke off with the Pulse as I can almost guarantee you will cum just by holding it on your dick. It is also very easy to hold with hands or without hands for some absolutely extraordinary sensations. Another thing I love is that you can have the Pulse on with the head of your dick poking out the top. This is great as when you are going to blow that full load you are not doing it in your male sex toy that makes clean up a breeze. I own a fleshlight too and absolutely love it however cleaning up after blowing in it can be a bit of a mundane and not a very enjoyable task.

Let me be clear however the Pulse is nothing like a Fleshlight, Fleshlight gives a more realistic pseudo sexual experience where the Pulse depending on the setting just blows you off in the best way possible.

If you are guy that likes masturbators

I will recommend that you stick with a Fleshlight or something similar. If you want to experience a whole new sensation or buy someone a wonderful mens masturbator gift with the guybrator Pulse then that will be the choice. For me they both have a place in my toybox but it will be the Pulse tonight.


UK Porn Star Anna Lovato Gets Her Own Fleshlight!

Anna Lovato Fleshlight

So who is Anna Lovato? It says on her site that she is the most sizzling freshest porn star from the United Kingdom and I need to agree with that announcement. I’m not exceptionally acquainted with the UK porn scene and it would appear that I have been passing up on a major opportunity! Anna Lovato is a lovely all characteristic blonde with a slamming body. On her site you can interact with Anna by means of her webcam furthermore see heaps of hot pictures and features. I’m not certain that she gets fucked on camera, I have just seen her fuck and get fucked by different young ladies however believe me those features are hot!.

Other than having her own site Anna Lovato has been filming for Blue Bird Films, you may know her from the “BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody” motion picture where she played Gangster Lovato. So would you say you are a sex toy aficionado? Do you favor evenings with your sex toys when you watch porn films? Might you want to experience a definitive level of enchantment while with sex toys as a part of your nights entertainment? Then get hold of yourself with Fleshlight that has a complete arrangement of sex toys that give males extreme joy.


Fleshlight Porn Star

Normally, sex toys for men implies an imitation of the vagina where a penis can be embedded and moved in a forward and backward way until discharge. Be that as it may, Fleshlight has broadened the whole meaning of sex toys by using molds of Anna Lovato. Did the name help you to remember somebody? Yes, the Aylesbury Buckinghamshire whom you have seen performing before the camera has a progression of sex toys. Fleshlight offers the replica’s of Anna’s private organs in its version of Anna Lovato Fleshlight Masturbators.

A male gets three choices to look at to pump his cock with delight into Anna. These are mouth, pussy and butt. Fleshlight has made all the three openings of Lovato accessible for you. These gaps are the definite reproductions of the porn star whom you have found riding different cocks in her motion pictures. The three Fleshlights for the complete fulfillment of its clients are Anna Lovato Lotus, Anna Lovato Forbidden and Anna Lovato Swallow.

Are you yearning to pump into the vagina of Anna Lovato? Did you feel desirous each time you saw Lovato’s male co-star getting a charge out of the pussy of the 28-year old porn artist? Might you want to experience the same? Anna Lovato Lotus has been created only for you. This 10-inch long and 4-inch wide sex toy is the copy of Anna’s pussy. Lotus furnishes you with the best enjoyment and delight of solo session.

Anna Lovato Forbidden is a second toy of the Anna Lovato collection. It is the carbon copy of the on-screen character’s butt. Having the same properties with the first toy it gives the vibe that you will get your shaft into ass of this British model. If you are tired of vaginal sex lean toward this masturbator that contains the components of a genuine Anna Lovato butt.

A few individuals get the most extreme enjoyment by slipping their cock into a wet mouth. Anna Lovato Swallow is one of the exceptional creations of Fleshlight that offers a slippery head job like experience. The upper configuration of this toy is the copy of Lovato’s lips so the whole toy resembles the porn-star’s mouth.

The choice of which Fleshlight altogether lies upon you: yet a real sex-fiend would feel delight to have each and every one of the three Anna’s so he can choose which experience he wants with Anna Lovato pornography.  Make sure you look after your fleshlight toy and clean it up after every use and to preserve it use some fleshlight renewing powder.

Some of Anna Lovato Films include:

Nikita XXX (Video)

2011 Katwoman XXX (Video)
Boss Lovato

2010 Cranked (Video)
Doctor Love

2010 BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody (Video)
Gangster Lovato

Hide  Self (3 credits)

2011 2011 AVN Awards Show (TV Special documentary)

2011 2011 AVN Red Carpet Show (TV Special)

2010 Bluebird TV 1 (TV Series)

– Episode dated 10 August 2010 (2010) … Herself

A MILF You Just Want To Do – Nina Hartley Fleshlight!

Nina Hartley Fleshlight

Nina Hartley is a definitive MILF, a gal who was hot back in the 1970s is as yet smoking hot today… also, pretty much oversexed. From that point forward she has gone ahead to highlight in more than 650 adult movies, and has been a standout among the most persisting and unmistakable entertainers in the business. She has won the most AVN honors of any star in history and was one of the few starlets to hybrid to “genuine acting” with a role in Boogie Nights, which sadly, she didn’t win an Oscar for.

Her statistics are –

  • DOB: March 11, 1959
  • Birthplace: Berkley, CA
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5″6″
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Measurements: 34D-26-39

She said that when she got into the adult business, she was honored with two things: huge, infant blue eyes and that round butt which has turned into her trademark. Her most popular quote i:

“Sex isn’t something men do to you. It isn’t something men escape from you. Sex is something you jump into with fervor and like it just as much as he does.”


Nina Hartley Sex Professional
Nina Hartley Model Photo


It shocks no one then to discover the Fleshlight Girl Nina Hartley  is a flawless sex toy to fulfill your MILF/Cougar dreams with. Her vagina is superbly formed into a Fleshlight that seems to be a really serious affair. It looks yummy and beats any pocket pussy out there in terms of authenticity and MILF sex reproduction! Truth be told it appears to be indistinguishable to her genuine vagina and joined with the delicate and super sensible feeling material these sex toys are made of it will knock the socks off of Nina Hartley fans everywhere throughout the world.


Cougar whether it’s the strong sidewalls stacked with pleasurable and delicate hoisted circles or the lines of endless miniaturized scale knocks that will float you into an extraordinary climax, this is one surface that must be summed up as fabulous. It wasn’t simple outlining a composition as epic as Nina herself however it has been done. The outcome is certain to shock your faculties from all points.


Nina Hartleys Fleshlight Lotus is a smooth composition with a channel that has different lines of diverse widths as the foundation of your sexperience. On the off chance that you take a look of the representation of the vagina, you will see that the breadth varieties were intended to duplicate the shapes inside the vagina. In that sense, the Lotus is the most practical composition from the Fleshlight Products. At the 4 inches mark, you will discover what could be the Lotus’ significant achievement – the cervical hub. This gagging point “pops” when you enter it, recreating the vibe of coming to a lady’s cervix. Behind the cervical hub, you backpedal to a smooth chamber, trailed by a progression of shorter smooth chambers. To achieve these littler chambers, you have to have a penis no less than 6 inches in length, with 7-8 inches to truly appreciate the entire sleeve.


Nina Hartley has starred in over 650 porn movies and still counting. Did you know that Nina is a registered Nurse and is producing Sex Education DVDs and products. Nina is one of the most recognizable faces in the adult industry participating in it for over 30 years. So if you want one of the most travelled and experienced pussies in the business grab your Fleshlight Nina Hartley.

Below are some of Nina’s movies


Scumbag (filming)

2015 Dude Bro Party Massacre III (post-production)
Dean Pepperstone

2015 Everything Butt (TV Series)

– Training the Gape. Two Models Give Everything Butt, Everything They’ve Got (2015)

2015 Hard Times (TV Series)

2014 Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody (Video)
Hillary Clinton

2014 School of MILF 2: The Education of Belle Knox (Video)

2014 Legendary Players (Video)

2014 It’s Not a Date

2014 The Dr. Susan Block Show (TV Series)

– Nina Hartley & the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance on DrSuzy.Tv in Bonoboville (2014)

2014 Owner Gets Clipped (Video)

2014 Austin Powers XXX: A Porn Parody (Video)
Frau Undawaren

2013 Not the Wizard of Oz XXX (Video)
Auntie Em

2013 My Friend’s Hot Mom 35 (Video)

2013 Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists Vol. 5 (Video)

2012 Filthy Family 7: Moms & Daughters (Video)

2012 Mothers & Sons (Video)

2012 Deep Kissing Lesbians (Video)

2012 Lesbian Lawyers (Video)

2012 My Hot Aunt 2 (Video)

2012 Hell’s Kitty (TV Series)
Ms. Rommel

– Heart Breaker (2012) … Ms. Rommel

– Tongue Tied (2012) … Ms. Rommel

– Pussy Whipped (2012) … Ms. Rommel

2012 The Perfect Partner (Video)

2012 My Daughter’s Boyfriend 6 (Video)

2012 Seduced by Mommy 4 (Video)

2012 The Truth About O (Video)

2012 Lesbian Hitchhiker 4 (Video)

2012 Milf’s Guide to Squirting (Video)

2012 MILFs Seeking Boys (Video)

2012 My Friend’s Hot Mom 29 (Video)

2012 Wives Club (Video)

2011 Calvin’s Dream
Nina Hartley

2011 Teach Me 2 (Video)

2011 Mom’s Cuckold 7 (Video)

2011 The Addams Family XXX (Video)

2011 Cougar’s Prey 6 (Video)

2011 Anchorman: A XXX Parody (Video)
Old Woman

2011 Supergirl XXX (Video)
Kara’s Mom

2011 Lesbian Truth or Dare 5 (Video)

2011 Undercover Boss: Nina Hartley (Video short)

2011 The Stepmother 4: Her Secret Past (Video)

2011 Evil Cuckold 2 (Video)

2011 Wife Switch 13 (Video)

2010 Lost (Video)

2010 50 and Still Fucking (Video)
Nina Hartley

2010 Legends & Starlets 3 (Video)

2010 MILF Legends 4 (Video)

2010 A MILF’s Tale (Video)

2010 MILF Maids (Video)

2010 Legends & Starlets 2 (Video)

2010 Mom’s Cuckold 3 (Video)

2010 Seasoned Players 12 (Video)

2010 A Beauty and a Geek (Video)

2010 Nina Loves Girls 2 (Video)

2010 It’s Okay! She’s My Mother in Law 5 (Video)

2010 Malibu Massage Parlor (Video)

2010 Masturbation Nation 10 (Video)

2010 Masturbation Nation 9 (Video)

2010 Strap on Sunny (Video)
Dr. Hartley

2009 Private Gold 107: Cheating Hollywood Wives (Video)

2009 Lesbian Daydreams 3 (Video)

2009 Lesbian Adventures: Victorian Love Letters (Video)

2009 Fuck a Fan 2 (Video)

2009 Operation: Tropical Stormy (Video)
The Queen

2009 Girls Kissing Girls 3: Make Up Make Out Sessions (Video)

2009 My Daughter’s Boyfriend 1 (Video)

2009 When Ginger Met Nina 2: Girls’ Night Out (Video)

2009 Moms a Cheater Vol. 5 (Video)

2009 Legends & Starlets 1 (Video)

2009 Lesbian Mentors 1: Older Women, Younger Girls (Video)
Scene One

2009 Guide to Simultaneous Orgasms (Video)

2009 Not Three’s Company XXX (Video)
Mrs. Roper

2009 My Little Minx: A (sort of) Silent Lesbian Farce (Video)
Nina, Innkeeper

2009 Lesbian Daydreams 2: Secret Fantasies (Video)

2009 Debbie Duz Dishes Again (Video)

2009 MILF Legends 1 (Video)

2009 MILF Legends 2 (Video)

2009 Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck (Video)

2009 When Ginger Met Nina 1 (Video)

2008 Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 1 (Video)

2008 The Surrender of O (Video)

2008 Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? (Video)

2008 Not Bewitched XXX (Video)

2008 The Last Rose (Video)

2008 Burn (Video)
Non Sex

2008 Nina Loves Girls 1 (Video)

2008 Guide to Great Sex During Pregnancy (Video)

2008 Ass Eaters Unanimous 17 (Video)

2008 Desperate Mothers & Wives 9 (Video)

2008 Diary of a MILF 9 (Video)

2008 Dirty Big Butt Teachers 3 (Video)

2008 Go Fuck Myself 6 (Video)

2008 Guide to Bondage Sex (Video)

2008 I Fucked You & Yo Mama 3 (Video)

2008 Kinky Big Butt Cougars (Video)

2008 Little Red Rides the Hood 4 (Video)

2008 Mini Van Moms 12: Cougar Edition (Video)

2008 Mom’s Black Cock Anal Nightmare 1 (Video)

2008 Nina Hartley: MILF Trainer (Video)

2008 Slutty White MILF Neighbors 1 (Video)

2008 Thick Ass White Girlz 3 (Video)

2008 Wasabi MILF Orgy (Video)

2008 When Cougars Attack (Video)

2008 Wife Switch 5 (Video)

2008 You’ve Got a Mother Thing Cumming 2 (Video)

2007 Seasoned Players 2 (Video)

2007 It’s a Mommy Thing! (Video)

2007 Girls in White 2007 2 (Video)
NonSex Performers

2007 For Love, Money or a Green Card (Video)

2007 Girls in White 2007 1 (Video)

2007 Cheating Housewives 4 (Video)

2007 Diary of a MILF 8 (Video)

2007 Guide to Advanced Anal Sex (Video)

2007 Guide to Stripping for Your Partner (Video)

2007 Guide to the Perfect Orgy (Video)

2007 MILF Worship 3 (Video)

2007 Momma Knows Best 3 (Video)

2007 My Friend’s Hot Mom 11 (Video)

2007 My Friend’s Hot Mom 8 (Video)

2007 Organic MILF (Video)

2007 Shorty Iz Fuckin’ Yo Mama (Video)

2007 Soccer Mommies (Video)

2007 White Wife Black Cock 8 (Video)

2006 O the Power of Submission (Video)
Anne Marie

2006 Women Seeking Women 29 (Video)

2006 My Mother Loves the Brothas 2 (Video)
Bonus Scenes (as Nina)

2006 L.A.Vice (Video)

2006/I Guide to Strap-On Sex (Video)

2006 Bondage Babes (Video)

2006 Group Sex 5 (Video)

2006 Guide to Erotic Massage (Video)

2006 Guide to Female Ejaculation (Video)

2006 Guide to Foot Fun (Video)

2006 Guide to Porn Stars Sex Secrets (Video)

2006 Guide to the Ultimate Sex Party (Video)

2006 McKenzie Loves Pain (Video)

2006 More Bang for the Buckxxx (Video)

2006 Rumour Had Em… (Video)

2006 Slingshot (Video)

2006 Stick It (Video)

2006 Yo’ Mama’s a Freak 2 (Video)

2005 House of Taboo (TV Series)

– Nina Hartley and Kitty: HIT the BEDPAN (2005)

2005 180 (Short)

2005 She Sucks! (Video)

2005 Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger 3 (Video) (as Nina)

2005 Barnyard Babes (Video)

2005 Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic (Video)

2005 Bomb Ass White Booty 2 (Video)

2005 Guide to Erotic Bondage (Video)

2005 Guide to G Spot Sex (Video)

2005 Guide to Threesomes: Two Girls & a Guy (Video)

2005 Guide to Threesomes: Two Guys & a Girl (Video)

2005 Jenna Loves Pain (Video)

2005 Mature Brotha Lovers 2 (Video)

2005 Prisoner (Video)

2005 Syrens of Sex (Video)

2005 The 69 Club (Video)

2004 Baby Doll Lesbian Orgies (Video)

2004 Group Sex 4: Bottoms Up (Video)

2004 Hotel O 3 (Video)

2004 Guide to Double Penetration (Video)

2004 Guide to Masturbation (Video)

2004 Guide to Multiple Orgasms (Video)

2004 Guide to Sensual Submission (Video)

2004 Guide to Spanking (Video)

2003 Leather Bound Dykes from Hell 20 (Video)

2003 Anal Kinksters 2 (Video)

2003 Guide to Younger Men Older Women Sex (Video)

2003 Guide to Younger Women Older Men Sex (Video)

2003 M.I.L.T.F. 6 (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 16: Brains or Beauty (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 17: Lights, Camera, Action (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 18: Real Life (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 19: Happy Birthday, Baby (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 20 (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 21: Love and Math (Video)

2003 Naked Hollywood 22: Goodbye (Video)

2003 Older Women & Younger Women 4 (Video)

2002 American Dummy (Short)
Sherry Weitz

2002 Dark Paradise 2 (Video)

2002 Hotel O (Video)

2002 Hotel O 2 (Video)

2002 Naked Hollywood 13: Obsession (Video)

2002 Naked Hollywood 15: The Body Beautiful…

2002 Naked Hollywood 14: Playing the Part (Video)

2002 Pandora’s Box (Video)

2002 Nina Hartley’s Guide to Alternative Sex (Video)

2002 No Mans Land: Legends (Video)

2002 Going Down (Video)

2002 Hayseed (Video)

2002 We Go Deep 14 (Video)

2002 100% Blowjobs 3 (Video)

2002 Older Women and Younger Women (Video)

2001 Hi Infidelity (Video)
Genevieve Brooks (as Nina Hartly)

2001 Naked Hollywood 9: The Odd Couple (Video)

2001 Goosed for 3!: A Bisexual Love Affair (Video)
Non-sexual role

2000 A Midsummer Night’s Cream (Video)

2000 Bad Penny (Video)
Penny Wood

2000 Booby Trap (Video)
Dr. Marsha Goodhead

2000 Consenting Adults (Video)

2000 Las Vegas Revue 2000 (Video)

2000 Ooze (Video)
Mable Brown

2000 Signature Series 1: Asia Carrera (Video)

2000 (Video)

2000 White Lightning (Video)
Nola Friedman – Therapist

2000 Infidelity (Video)
Jean Morrison

2000 Extremely Yours, Ass Woman (Video)

2000 Hard Bound (Video)

2000 The Backdoor Bradys (Video)

1999 Cryptic Seduction (Video)

1999 Las Vegas Revue ’99 (Video)

1999 Solveig’s Way (Video)

1999 Whack Attack 5 (Video)

1999 The Shark (Video)

1999 Carnal Witness (Video)

1999 White Rabbit (Video)

1998 Asswoman in Wonderland (Video)
Queen of Hearts

1998 One Size Fits All (Video)

1998 Ginger’s Island 2 (Video)
Mrs. Lovie-Poo Powell

1998 L.A. Fashion Girls (Video)
Mrs. Van Stavern

1997 Adventures of the Fart Bitches (Video)

1997 All About Eva (Video)

1997 Corporate Assets II (Video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 29 (Video)

1997 Dirty Bob’s Xcellent Adventures 37 (Video)

1997 Fountain of Innocence (Video)

1997 Girl Watcher’s Delight 78: Catalina (Video)

1997 Guide to Private Dancing (Video)

1997 Las Vegas Revue ’97

1997 Nina, Shayla and Kylie’s Barcelona Home Video (Video)

1997 Philmore Butts Looking for Lust (Video)

1997 Riding Lessons (Video)

1997 The Bridal Shower (Video)

1997 Twice in a Lifetime (Video)

1997 Boogie Nights
Little Bill’s Wife

1997 Ginger’s Island (Video)

1997 House of Anal Perversions (Video)

1997 Sorority Sex Kittens 3 (Video)

1997 Pussyman 15: Bone Voyage (Video)

1997 The Scope (Video)
Female Swinger

1996 Adam and Eve’s House Party (Video)

1996 Cheapshot (Video)

1996 Dirty Minds (Video)

1996 Girls Who Dig Girls 19 (Video)

1996 Once in a Lifetime (Video)

1996 Shane’s World 2: Cabin Fever (Video)

1996 Bubbles Galore
Bubbles Galore

1996 Guide to Swinging (Video)

1996 Showgirls en Madrid (Video)

1995 Ashlyn Rising (Video)

1995 Betty & Juice Possessed (Video)

1995 Caught in the Act (Video)

1995 First Time Ever (Video)

1995 Girls on Girls (Video)

1995 Hotel California (Video)

1995 Night Play (Video)

1995 Plaything (Video)

1995 Pussyman 11: Prime Cuts (Video)

1995 Sorority Stewardesses (Video)
Mary Margaret Rose

1995 The Stiff (Video)

1995 Wide Open Spaces

1995 Horny Throat (Video)

1995 Talking Blue (TV Series)

1995 Buttman’s European Vacation 3 (Video)

1995 Dirty Little Secrets (Video)

1995 Hot Weekend at Ernies (Video)

1995 Infamous Crimes Against Nature (Video)

1995 More Sorority Stewardesses (Video)

1995 Night Nurses (Video)

1995 Profiles 3: House Dick (Video)

1995 Valley Girl Connection (Video)

1994 Adult Affairs (Video)
Page Turner

1994 Beached Blonde (Video)

1994 Body of Love (Video)

1994 Dirty Little Mind (Video)

1994 Pajama Party X (Video)

1994 Pajama Party X 2 (Video)

1994 Sex Professionals (Video)

1994 Stripper Nurses (Video)

1994 Tangled (Video)

1994 Tasty Treats (Video)

1994 The Price Was Right (Video)

1994 The Stand-up (Video)

1994 Up and Cummers 8 (Video)

1994 Sorority Sex Kittens 2 (Video)

1994 Mirage (Video)

1993 Bomb Squad (Video)

1993 Dirty Tricks (Video)

1993 Extreme Passion (Video)

1993 Full Moon Bay (Video)

1993 Naked Reunion (Video)

1993 Positively Pagan 4 (Video)

1993 Princess Orgasma and the Magic Bed (Video)

1993 Pussyman 3: The Search Continues (Video)

1993 Rising Buns (Video)

1993 The Blonde & the Beautiful (Video)

1993 The Blonde & the Beautiful 2 (Video)

1993 Best of Nina Hartley

1992 Book of Love (Video)
Angela Wells

1992 Butt Freak (Video)

1992 Caught from Behind 16: The Reunion (Video)
Dr. Rina D’Nina

1992 Group Therapy (Video)

1992 Hothouse Rose II (Video)

1992 In Excess (Video)

1992 Maiden Heaven (Video)

1992 Mirage 2 (Video)

1992 Play It Again… Samantha! (Video)

1992 Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack

1992 The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers (Video)

1992 Lethal Passion (Video)

1991 All Night Long (Video)

1991 A Taste of Ecstasy (Video)

1991 Beaver Ridge (Video)

1991 Bubbles (Video)

1991 Debbie Does Wall Street (Video)
Debbie May

1991 Dyke Bar (Video)

1991 Finely Back (Video)

1991 Frankie and Joanie (Video)

1991 Girls Like Us

1991 Girls Will Be Boys 3

1991 Girlz n the Hood (Video)

1991 Hothouse Rose (Video)

1991 Hot Line (Video)

1991 Hump Up the Volume (Video) (uncredited)

1991 Introducing Tracey Wynn (Video)

1991 Mummy Dearest 3 (Video)

1991 Naughty Nina (Video)

1991 Offertes à tout 1 (Video)

1991 Scarlet Fantasy

1991 Shadow Dancers I (Video)

1991 Shadow Dancers II (Video)

1991 Suburban Dykes (Video)

1991 The Life of the Party (Video)

1991 Wild Thing (Video)

1991 Sensual Escape

1991 Manbait (Video)

1991 Oh What a Night (Video)

1991 Party Doll

1991 Talk Dirty to Me: Part Six (Video)

1991 The New Barbarians (Video)

1991 The Seduction Formula (Video)

1990 Amazing Tails 4 (Video)
The Young Maid (segment “Cinderella Dreams”)

1990 Anal Annie’s All-Girl Escort Service
Anal Annie

1990 As the Spirit Moves You
The Neighbour

1990 Behind Blue Eyes III (Video)

1990 Body Music: Part II (Video)

1990 Caught from Behind 14 (Video)

1990 Family Affairs (Video)

1990 Girls Don’t Lie

1990 Here… Eat This!

1990 Hungry

1990 Juicy Lucy
Proctor’s Colleague

1990 Mummy Dearest

1990/I Nasty Girls 2

1990 Ravished (Video)
Susan the Sex Therapist (as Nina Hartwell)

1990 Shake Well Before Using

1990 Silver Tongue and Hot Rod (Video)

1990 Slip of the Tongue

1990 Smokescreen (Video)

1990 Stairway to Paradise
Susan Moore

1990 Street Walkers

1990 The Last X-rated Movie (Video)

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3

1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4

1990 The Love Nest (Video)

1990 The New Barbarians (Video)

1990 The Smart Ass 2: Rusty’s Revenge

1990 Wild Wild Chest (Video)

1990 Personal Best (Video)

1990 Adultery

1990 Buns N’ Roses (Video)

1990 DeRenzy Tapes (Video)

1990 Portrait of a Nymph

1989 Acts of Love

1989 Blue Movie (Video)
Devan James

1989 California Taboo
Carrie Fields

1989 China Bitch

1989 Coming on Strong (Video)

1989 Debbie Class of ’89

1989 Diamond in the Rough

1989 Dirty Lingerie (Video)

1989 Dreamwalk (Video)

1989 Firestorm 3 (Video)

1989 For His Eyes Only

1989 Future Lust (Video)

1989 Girls Who Dig Girls 10

1989 Girl World: Part IV (Video)

1989 Lost Angel

1989 My Bare Lady (Video)
Tish Tosh

1989 Night of the Living Debbies

1989 Nina, Just for You

1989 One Wife to Give

1989 Oral Majority 7 (Video)

1989 Sorority Pink

1989 Sorority Pink 2: ‘Hell Week Initiation’ (Video)
Upsilon Sigma Coed

1989 Splendor in the Ass (Video)
Hortense Harlott

1989 Stairway to Heaven

1989 The Bod Squad

1989 The Case of the Cockney Cupcake (Video)
Pinky McFarlane

1989 The Penthouse
Ms. Hadleman

1989 Trinity, Just for You (Video)

1989 Uniform Behavior

1989 Wet Pink

1989 Who Shaved Aja?

1989 Who Shaved Lynn LeMay?

1989 Wildheart

1989 Young Girls in Tight Jeans (Video)
Ginger Snaps

1989 Bring on the Virgins (Video)

1989 Call Girls in Action (Video)

1989 Outrageous Orgies 5 (Video)

1989 The Big Thrill (Video)

1989 The Naked Stranger

1988 ‘Ginger’ Does Em’ All (Video)

1988 Afro Erotica 22 (Video)

1988 Afro Erotica 28 (Video)

1988 Afro Erotica 29 (Video)

1988 Alice in Whiteland

1988 Amanda by Night 2

1988 A Natural Woman

1988 Back Door Brides Part III: ‘Marital Bliss’ (Video)

1988 Biloxi Babes (Video)

1988 Blue Cabaret (Video)

1988 Candy’s Little Sister Sugar (Video)
Helena Wunderbar

1988 Chicks in Black Leather

1988 Conflict (Video)

1988 Debbie 4 Hire (Video)

1988 Debbie for President (Video)

1988 Debbie Goes to Hawaii (Video)

1988 Divine Decadence (Video)

1988 Dy-nasty

1988 Exposure (Video)

1988 Fantasy Confidential

1988 Fatal Erection

1988 Group Sex (Video)

1988 Hate to See You Go
Vicki Sherwood

1988 Hay Fever

1988 Honky Tonk Angels

1988 Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown (Video)

1988 Hyapatia Lee’s Arcade Series 1

1988 I Cream of Genie

1988 Outlaw Ladies: Part II (Video)

1988 Portrait of an Affair (Video)

1988 Power Blonde (Video)

1988 Saddletramp (Video)

1988 Samantha and the Deep Throat Girls

1988 Sex and the Secretary

1988 Sexual Power

1988 She’s So Fine II

1988 So Deep, So Good

1988 Star Tricks

1988 Suzie Superstar: The Search Continues!! (Video)

1988 Taboo VI: The Obsession (Video)

1988 The A Team Returns (Video)

1988 The Days of Our Wives

1988 The Last Temptations of Kristi (Video)

1988 Three for All
Mrs. Tony Underwood

1988 Viper’s Place (Video)

1988 Twins (Video) (uncredited)

1988 Showdown

1988 A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales
Party Animal

1988 Angel’s Back!
Jean Rush

1988 Best of Danielle

1988 Dancing Angels (Video)

1988 For Your Love

1988 HHHHot! TV

1988 Kinky Vision II (Video)
Connie Cable

1988 Nina’s Knockouts (Video)
Nina Hartley

1988 Soul Games (Video)

1988 The Nicole Stanton Story: ‘The Rise’ (Video)
Sherry Birmingham

1988 To the Top: The Nicole Stanton Story Part Two (Video)
Sherry Birmingham

1987 A Lover for Susan

1987 Barbara the Barbarian

1987 Blazing Bedrooms (Video)
Debbie #2

1987 Born to Be Bad (Video)

1987 Breakin’ All the Rules (Video)

1987 Club Ecstasy (Video)

1987 Debbie Duz Dishes III

1987 Dr. Blacklove (Video)
Mattie Monroe

1987 Dream Lovers

1987 Dynamic Vices
Sonya (uncredited)

1987 Endzone

1987 Falcon Breast
Owner of vineyard

1987 Girl Games

1987 Girls Who Dig Girls 4 (Video)

1987 Girl World: Part I (Video)

1987 Hard Choices (Video)

1987 Jack Hammer (Video)
Jack Hammer’s client

1987 Lady by Night (Video)

1987 Lingerie Girls

1987 Little Bit o’ Honey

1987 Monkey Business

1987 No One to Love

1987 On the Loose (Video)

1987 Outrageous Foreplay (Video)

1987 Passion Chain (Video)
Dean Wanda Whitter

1987 Phone Sex Girls 2

1987 Playing for Passion (Video)

1987 Private Encounters

1987 Red Hot Fire Girls (Video)

1987 Rites of Passion

1987 Romeo and Juliet (Video)

1987 Spoiled (Video)

1987 Strictly Business (Video)

1987 Surf, Sand and Sex

1987 Tailspin (Video)

1987 The Big Bang

1987 The Mischief Maker

1987 The Other Side of Pleasure

1987 Tuff Stuff (Video)

1987 Two to Tango (Video)
Kidnapped Girl

1987 What Ever Turns You On (Video)

1987 Wild Stuff (Video)

1987 You Bring Out the Animal in Me

1987 DreamGirls (Video)

1987 Ginger Snaps (Video)

1987 Switch Hitters II: Swinging Both Ways (Video)

1987 The Passion Within

1987 An Unnatural Act, Part II

1987 Adultery

1987 Barbara Dare’s Prime Choice (Video)

1987 Barbara Dare Devours Men (Video)

1987 Dangerous Women (Video)

1987 Dirty Pictures (Video)

1987 Doll Face

1987 Friday the 13th: A Nude Beginning

1987 Hot Numbers

1987 Living Doll (Video)

1987 Naked Stranger (Video)

1987 Rockin’ Erotica (Video)

1986 4 Adults Only

1986 Amazing Sex Stories

1986 Blazing Mattresses (Video)

1986 Body Games

1986 Breakin In (Video)

1986 Cheating

1986 Dangerous Desire (Video)

1986 Debbie Duz Dishes (Video)

1986 E.X.

1986 Female Aggressors

1986 Hot & Nasty

1986 Hot Nights and Hard Bodies

1986 Hot Rocks

1986 I’ve Never Done This Before! (Video)

1986 In and Out of Africa

1986 Kinky Vision (Video)

1986 Material Girl (Video)

1986 Mouth Watering (uncredited)

1986 Moving In!
Surprise Present (uncredited)

1986 My Sweetheart

1986 Naughty Girls Like It Big

1986 Play Me Again Vanessa

1986 Pumping Flesh (Video)

1986 Revenge by Lust
George’s Lover

1986 Scandals: Tracey Adams (Video short)

1986 Sensual Seductions (Video)

1986 Sex Life of a Porn Star

1986 Sexline, You’re on the Air

1986 Sexually Altered States

1986 Sin City
Red Head

1986 Sweat (Video)

1986 The Hot Box Invasion

1986 The House of Blue Dreams (Video)

1986 The Kiss

1986 The Legend of King Karl (Video)

1986 The Performers (Video)

1986 The Red Garter (Video)

1986 Visions of Jeannie (Video)

1986 W-PINK II (Video)

1986 WPINK-tv 2 (Video)

1986 Nooner (Video)

1986 Battle of the Titans

1986 Sex with a Stranger
Priscilla Vogue

1986 Beyond Desire (uncredited)

1986 Corporate Affairs (Video)

1986 Girl Toys (Video)

1986 Peeping Tom
Warehouse Girl

1986 Pleasure Maze

1986 Showgirls

1986 Sinful Sisters (Video)

1986 The Ultimate Lover

1985 Anal Annie and the Magic Dildo
Anal Annie

1985 Anal Annie and the Willing Husbands (Video)
Anal Annie

1985 Anal Annie Just Can’t Say No
Anal Annie

1985 Battle of the Stars (Video)

1985 Battle of the Stars, Round 2: East vs. West (Video)

1985 Battle of the Stars 3: Stud Wars

1985 Dreams of Natasha (Video)

1985 Every Woman Has a Fantasy 2 (Video)

1985 Fashion Fantasies

1985 Fashion Passion

1985 For Love and Lust (as Nina Hartman)

1985 Gang Bang (Video)
The Hot Stripper (as Nina Hartely)

1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe

1985 Inspector Cliteau in… The Pink Panties (Video)

1985 It’s Incredible
Jane – TV Show Host

1985 Late After Dark

1985 Lucky in Love

1985 Missing Pieces (Video)

1985 Rear Action Girls 2 (Video)

1985 Rock Hard (Video)
Cindi Looper

1985 Shaved Bunnies (Video)
Anal Annie

1985 Swedish Erotica 68

1985 The Ultimate O (Video)

1985 Thought You’d Never Ask
Horny Receptionist

1985 Trick or Treat (Video)

1985 Xstasy

1985 The Grafenberg Spot
Sex Show Performer #2

1985 Getting Personal

1985 Sex-a-vision

1985 Ten Little Maidens

1984 Anal Annie and the Backdoor Housewives (Video)
Anal Annie

1984 Butter Me Up! (Video)

1984 Educating Nina
Graduate Student / Girl in Bed (segments “Breakfast in Bed” “The Dance”)

1984 Hustler 17 (Video)
Hooker (as Nina Hartwell)

1984 Fooling Around

1984 Ball Busters

1984 Looking for Lust in All the Right Places (Video)

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