Hot Octopuss Review! Wrap Your Head Around This One

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in male pleasure technology, the Hot Octopuss guybrator is definitely worth checking out!

Pulse from Hot Octopuss is one of those sex toys that came out at just the right time as all the stars were aligned for the first guybrator.

A progressive male stimulator fueled by a cutting edge wavering Pulse Plate quickly charmed and grew a life of its own in the blogosphere and sex toy reviews.

As a fellow who appreciates a climax through immediate and pinpointed frenulum invigoration I couldn’t wait to try it and the postman could not come quick enough.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

Before I get into the experience that is the Pulse, I’ll give a little insight on the toy and how it functions.

The Pulse was made by Hot Octopuss, a London-based group that is energetic about combining innovation with sexual joy.  They’ve planned a rechargeable gadget that wraps itself around the shaft of a fellow’s penis and gives exceptional excitement.

The shape is slightly a cross between a huge egg and a vast cannoli shell.

While the bended wings are intended to surround the penis shaft.

Base of the toy contains an intense motor that gives swaying, a sort of a fast forward and backward movement, to the frenulum through the PulsePlate.

Pulse vibrates pleasantly and is touted also as a couples toy but realistically it is a toy for a man to either masturbate.  Or use on his penis to increase sensations whilst having sex with a lover.


Male Masturbator from Hot Octopuss
Sex Toy: Hot Octopuss Pulse 2 Solo

Features of the Hot Octopuss Pulse

There are two segments to the toy.  Outside – hard smooth plastic on the back.  Inside – wings are made up of thick, adaptable silicone like material.

Quality is top notch and no discernible smell.  When used the wings are very comfortable.

Charging is simple.

Basically put the round end of the plug into the base of the Pulse and insert the USB part into your PC.  It takes about 4 hours to charge fully

Once Charged What Next?

Once you’re charged and prepared to go, basically put your penis into the folds of the silicone wings.

This is an awesome toy for men who experience difficulty getting or keeping up an erection, in light of the fact that the Pulse can be effectively utilized despite the fact that your penis is limp.

Hard or delicate, push your cock between the wings and position the frenulum close to the PulsePlate.

Easy to Use Controls

Controls are easy to use and sufficiently with enough pressure required to change the vibrations that you will not do it by error and spoil the sensations during your ‘vinegar strokes’.

Nine vibration modes for you to explore allowing you ample variations to get your perfect ejaculation.


shop online at adultsmart for Hot Octopuss sex toys
BUY NOW: Hot Octopuss Sex Toys

The openness of the wings allows you to vary exactly what part you wish to stimulate from the guybrator.

Encase your whole shaft or move it across your balls.  It is not even necessary to stroke off with the Pulse as I can almost guarantee you will cum just by holding it on your dick.

Very easy to hold with hands or without hands for some absolutely extraordinary sensations.

Another thing I love is that you can have the Pulse on with the head of your dick poking out the top.

This is great as when you are going to blow that full load you are not doing it in your male sex toy making clean up a breeze.  I own a fleshlight too and absolutely love it.  But cleaning up after blowing in it can be a bit of a mundane and not a very enjoyable task.

Pulse is NOT like a Fleshlight

Let me be clear however the Pulse is nothing like a Fleshlight.  Fleshlight gives a more realistic pseudo sexual experience where the Pulse depending on the setting just blows you off in the best way possible.

If you are guy that likes masturbators

I will recommend that you stick with a Fleshlight or something similar.  If you want to experience a whole new sensation or buy someone a wonderful mens masturbator gift with the guybrator Pulse then that will be the choice.

For me they both have a place in my toybox but it will be the Pulse tonight.

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The Untold Secret About The Hot Octopuss Pulse Range

When we think of a popular couples vibrator that can be used during intercourse, foreplay or female masturbation we tend to recommend the We-Vibe Sync, 4 and 3 as our top choice.   Especially when a customer asks for something different to use in the bedroom.

But We-Vibe sex toys are more focused on the female market for stimulation.

The tables have turned by adult lifestyle company Hot Octopuss who created a similar product range in mind for men named Pulse.

I saw the Pulse II Solo stocked on our shelves at our Adultsmart Lifestyle Centres.  So, I wanted to take a closer look into what makes this toy that is both a male masturbator and stimulator the edge in the market for men.

Pulse II Solo – Hot Octopuss

This multi-award winning masturbator and stimulator hybrid uses oscillation technology known as the “PulsePlate”.

PulsePlates move back and forth in a regular rhythm to stimulate the man’s frenulum, the connective tissue between the shaft and head of the penis.

This motion adds a completely new dimension to stimulation than just a straight-forward masturbation unit.

What is an Oscillator?

Oscillators have been around in the medical field for over 10 years to help men with spinal cord injuries have children.  This technology has been adapted for the sex toy market and that’s what sets the Pulse range apart.

PulsePlate is teamed with outer form fitting wings that help to grip the shaft.

Pulse Range from Hot Octopuss

All series in the range has a smooth matte silicone body giving Solo or Duo users ultimate comfort with or without lubricant.

This range is claimed to be a “one size fits all” toy.

It comes in the colours black and blue.  And a seal of approval crown on that heavenly ‘PulsePlate’ which will make you want to scream “God save the Queen!” when it hits the spot!

Other Advantages of the Pulse

Another added advantage of Pulse’s design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it.

On the one hand, this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard.  But on the other, it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

In the case of the Pulse III Duo, the couple can come closer to the sensation of making love than ever before.

When was Hot Octopuss Established? 

Hot Octopuss was established by two best friends in London who launched the original Pulse in 2013.

Although it is a fairly new company, they have successfully released a revolution to male stimulation with the Pulse range.

Since releasing Pulse, they now have Pulse II Solo, Pulse II Duo, Pulse III Solo and Pulse III Duo… say that five times fast!

Pulse II Sex Toys

The Pulse II sex toys were the first in the range designed to be completely waterproof and made from body safe silicone.

They also offer a mode button.  This allows the user to choose between 5 different modes compared to the single mode which the original Pulse offered.

Pulse III Additional Features

While the Pulse III has all of the above it also features the new high quality magnetic charge and 25% more power.

It has an added “Turbo Function” too which can be used by pressing and holding the + button.  Goes straight to maximum power through the anti-stall sensor which drives extra power to the ‘PulsePlate’ when you need it.

Let’s not forget that Pulse III Duo remote for even more power control and adjustment.  That’s a lot of power and great for couples who like intensified foreplay and strong vibration.

Pulse III Duo is a revolutionary toy for couples.

  • The extremely versatile, Pulse III Duo can be used during solo masturbation, as a massager and as a hands-free addition to foreplay.
  • It features an added ‘Pulse Plate’ on the outer base and a remote for a partner to experience the pleasure too.
  • Underneath of the toy vibrates and the partner is able to control these vibrations independently through a remote control.
  • For one of the multiple ways of use, the man can put the Pulse Duo on and lay on his back.  While the partner can lower down, place their form on the outer ‘PulsePlate’.  Then with their body weight holding it in place for completely hands-free foreplay.

Pulse Sex Toys  – Other Features

The Pulse sex toys are all quite compact in size.

  • Pulse Solo is 117 x 67 x 72mm and weighs 200 grams and the Pulse Duo is also 117 x 67 x 72mm and weighs 220 gram.
  • Makes them a great toy for those that are looking for something more discreetly sized.
  • All models have a charge time of 3 hours for 1 hour of use.
  • Pulse products come with a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty on all Pulse products too!!

Pulse is hailed as the next generation of male sex toys.

The concept overall is amazing.  Their technology and design far exceed and advances the normal masturbator and definitely gives it the upper hand.

These products rated 10/10 on many different reviews I have read from straight/ gay men using Pulse products solo and of course couples!!


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