Stroke Your Way To Happiness!

Ejaculating Man

Do you want to experience more in your solo sex sessions? Are you a man searching for a change to your regular stroking experiences? Male strokers and masturbators can give a  far superior than-normal feel, with compositions that empower and tease the nerve endings in the penis better than a hand ever could. Men like to look for sex toys designed for males like strokers and set aside a few minutes each day for enhanced solo sex play – they’re anything but difficult to use and simple to clean giving out-of-this-world excitement. Most are affordable too and if you calculate how many times you will use them divided by their cost are well worth the limited investment.

Perhaps you are feeling hesitant about purchasing one having reservations because it takes you out of your comfort zone or perhaps you are worried what your partner will thing about it.  There is no need as almost every man has used or owns a masturbator of some sort and they are also used as tools to extend the time you are having sex increasing your sexual stamina and delaying ejaculation.

Some partners may have reservations about you purchasing an anatomical replica of a vagina, anus or mouth but there are many masturbators and strokers out there that come in a cup or other innate object.  Using a stroker will help you develop your erotic performance and take you to a lovemaking peak – whether you are with someone or not.

Each stroker you purchase is unique some having tighter openings, with peaks, ridges, nodules and chambers inside.  These textured tunnels will help maximize the sensations that your penis will feel and invigorate it to heights of joy. Some strokers are also double ended so that you can two styles of masturbation in the one unit giving totally diverse experiences.

It is important to used plenty of water-based lubricant in this style of sex toy as it will enhance the experience and make for a more realistic session.  It will also ensure that there is no friction that would make your penis uncomfortable and even hurt.  It is essential to use water-based as most strokers and many masturbators are made with cyber-skin or similar and the material will perish if silicone or oil is used.

When you and your stroker are lubed up, you can put your cock inside the entrance. Begin by opening up to entry and around the head of your penis, appreciating the impressions and guaranteeing everything is smooth and lubey. At that point, get prepared to enter the male stroker with zest.  When you start, the entry door to the stroker may seem like a tight fit, however the stroker will grow to and take your cock regardless of its size. Hold the base of your penis and the stroker solidly and ease into the stroker. Once you are inside, now is the ideal time to work out your most loved approach to it.

Begin by holding the outside of the stroker and tenderly stroking it all over your full length. Be mindful so as not to go to far over and over again, so you don’t slide right out – as you get to understand what you can do with the stroker you can be more lively with your penis fun. Have a go at turning the stroker as you move it, kneading the head of the penis, twisting it with back and forth motions of the wrist. Don’t simply just stroke it up and down like a crank as this, whilst pleasurable, won’t fully explore the sensations of the ribbing inside.

If your stroker has an opening on the flip side (and the greater part of them do) you can use your finger to mostly or completely cover the gap to expand suction inside the stroker. It can take a couple of tries to effectively ace the craft of changing suction and keeping a hold on your stroker while stroking, yet as with all things rehearse does make it great.

couple stroking
stroking for couples

The first occasion when you use your stroker, you’ll most likely come rapidly yet slowly developing your sexual stamina is all piece of the stroker’s motivation. Couples have been using vibrators into their love-making sessions  for a considerable length of time so why not add a stroker to your foreplay, they’re awesome. Choose a transparent sleeve so you both get a close perspective of this sexy activity.

Using a stroker is awesome as a feature of foreplay with your lover, escalating your pleasure before sex, but on the other hand they’re incredible for shared masturbation or now and again when you need to be close together however don’t want to go down the road of full sex. In the event that your lover gets tired while providing for you with a hand job, a stroker will facilitate their assignment and you’ll adore your stroker much more when your partner is working it for you.

Learn more tips and tricks for male strokers!




Who Would Have Thought That I Masturbate With An Octopuss!

Male Vibrator

Some confessions are easier to make than others but what do you say when you had sex with a Octopuss. Before you start judging me, let me explain! Hot Octopuss is a sex toy company that has released a men’s sex toy called The Pulse. The Pulse is described as a ‘guybrator’ in that it is a revolutionary male masturbator and pulsator combined. The pulse was developed by the British Company Hot Octopuss. This male masturbator is a first and revolutionary sex toy of its kind. It was originally made from a medical device that hospitals use to help patients with spinal injuries masturbate.

“Pulse is like the iPhone 1 and we have lots of different versions in mind.” Stated by Hot Octopuss

The octopusses singular arm is made to encompass and envelop the male organ whilst you are masturbating. The guybrator works by stimulating the highly sensitive frenulum which is near the very tip of your penis. The motor within the device works as more of a pulsator than a vibrator. The pulsation motor makes the devices move back and forth stimulating the feeling of sex. It is a unique one of a kind design made from body safe silicone material which feels silky smooth and luxurious.This sex toy does not look seedy or creepy at all. It looks like an item a professional business person would buy for themselves because of the high quality and manly look.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse can be used for solo fun or couple fun. For solo fun you use it as a male masturbator. For couple fun the woman can gentle place her vagina mound on top of the device whilst it is turn on. She will feel the vibrations rubbing against her clitoris to achieve a clitoral orgasm. To top that off, The Hot Octopuss Pulse is fully rechargeable by USB Cable and takes about 4 hours to fully charge the first time. The controls are easy with a plus button which switches it on and increases the vibrations and a minus (-) button which switches it off or reduces the vibrations to be much softer. It does not have different modes.


Pulse Guybrator

“This patented oscillation technology is not just for the male market. We can make oscillating women’s toys as well. Vibrators are old news.”

Stated by Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss want to build the Pulse into a bigger range of products that are suited to fit different types of peoples masturbation and couples sexual needs. They would like to build a waterproof sex toy and add into the line more couples sex toys that can be controlled remotely. The next device will have separate controls for the part pleasures the man and another control to pleasure the women. You should definitely keep your eye out for the Hot Octopus company! This device is useful for solo masturbation, couples and people with injuries which make the act of masturbation difficult.

I threw on my favourite pornography DVD which is some of the best quality I’ve come across. I then let the pulsator throbbing take me away to another world. At first it felt a bit funny as my body wasn’t used to the feeling. I found that I could not handle especially when it is set to the highest vibration speed. After a small while I got used of the feeling and got right into. The pleasure got sent all over the place through my penis. The pleasure between my legs made me come bucket loads, I think it was the most I ever came. The only other time I had blown like that was with prostate stimulation. After that I was totally spent and needed to wait a while to re-energies.

After a few hours before I tried it as a masturbator. Again I threw on one of my favourite porn DVD and used it as a stroker without the vibrator on. To be quite honest there are better stroker and masturbators out there. But once I turned on the vibrator it was a completely different story. After I turned on the vibrator, I used it as a stroker again this time I began blowing all over the place. So all in all, yes I did have masturbate with an octopuss and I loved it.


By Tim from Bulli Pass


This Cobra Can Be Trained To Give You Head!

Mens Sex Toys Cobra Libre
One of the most popular male masturbators on the market the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory Sex Toys specifically stimulates the head of the penis that results in almost instantaneous orgasms.  Read more about this amazing sex toy for men at the article – amazing head job i got from cobra libre….


Describing The Penile Climax Experience!

elderly man with cucumber

It is important to understand men’s different types of pleasure they experience when they are masturbating. Penile pleasure is the pleasure men feel amid intercourse before they achieve penile climax.  The penis changes shape and capacity as the pleasure is experienced. The penis turns out to be completely erect which makes it act like more of a plunger effect with in the vagina making the experience even more pleasurable for both parties. To top this off, men achieve climax easier with visual stimulation. Men can achieve climax when they blend visual stimulation with masturbation. With these two reasons a male masturbator like a pussy, butt or mouth flesh light can fulfill both of these sexual needs as they not only look visually pleasing but they a built with different textures.

banana inside male mouth

Masturbation is an extraordinary approach to figure out how to delight yourself. Masturbation can help you to nod off. The unwinding sensation of an orgasms can give you incredible relaxation before sleep. Considering how critical rest is to subjective capacity and a positive temperament, take one for the group and stroke off before bed. Masturbation is also connected with a lower danger of prostate growth later on. Whether you jerk off or have banded together sex frequently, there is by all accounts some advantage to getting out the channels no less than a couple times each week. What’s more, on the off chance that you do it all the more regularly, bravo! Unless you’re bringing about yourself torment or inconvenience or you’re turning down work and social chances to stay home and self-delight, there’s no mischief in stroking off each day, on the off chance that you feel like it (or a few times each day)

In the case you have never seen a male masturbator or an adult store, but have always wished to get that vibrator or dildo of your dreams. Or if you have ever been to one of those raunchy stores, you might be probably looking for an alternative. Thus, before you make a head start towards the nearest local store, let consider some pros and cons regarding purchasing that perfect rabbit, butterfly vibrator or dildo online.

There’s very little chance that you find such deals in any of the local shops and sometimes in fact, they charge double the price. The second advantage associated with online adult toy buying is that you can gain access to a wide range of genuine reviews that are posted by real people. With proper research, you don’t have to repent after blowing a lot of bucks on your vibrating friend. But while dealing with a local store, there are greater probabilities that your new dildo or butterfly vibrator might just not hit the right spot in you.

Besides these obvious reasons, it’s just not comfortable for anyone to pay a visit to offline stores in person. It’s not like buying a new pair of jeans or sneakers. Purchasing those intimate adult novelties from an online sex shop at home will be more private and discreet. There are a wide range of products to choose from right from the comfort of your homes. You can easily compare the prices and look out for discounts. Furthermore, it allows you to share secret comments and your inner thoughts with your lover. Both of you can sit together and explore that perfect toy which will spice up your sex life and make you explode in pleasure. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the products purchased, most online stores will allow you for a replacement or return. Yes, it’s a great piece of news because local shops don’t just return every other item that you come back with. Returning items might come at a cost, but when you get hold of your new exchanged vibrator which is amazing, the pain is certainly no big deal.

For most people who are new to such ideas and wish to introduce adult toys for the first time in their sex life, it’s important that you know the functioning of the sex toys. The vibration intensity remains an essential factor. Thankfully, a lot of sex stores are giving elaborate descriptions and videos of products so that you can form a better idea of how those stuffs can be used for ultimate pleasure. Watching the videos of how the toys work might make you a little more excited. Additionally, reviews of people who have already used the products can provide you a better idea of how they function, their intensities and other things. So start searching for your booty online, and go get that dream toy. There’s absolutely no reason that you should run out to a porno shop and let other people know.


When Masturbation Beats Sex!

asian sex doll

When done right, male masturbation can be more enjoyable than sex. Most guys however do enjoy masturbation because they just have a couple of minutes spare to polish off and get on with their day. But if you try to embrace the act and enjoy instead of having a quick one to relieve yourself, you will experience  mind blowing orgasms that can feel better than real sex. First, I would advise that you always use the best male masturbators available rather than just doing it with your hand.

real silicone feeling bum vagina masturbator

While you can masturbate even without using lube, it will not make you enjoy your ‘me’ time as much. Most guys sadly masturbate without enjoying the act. If you want to have a better experience than sex through masturbation, you need to learn how to use lube. You can get it from adult stores that sell male masturbators or at an online shop and it will make the activity much better and incredible. It intensifies sensations, experience and makes masturbation feel just like sex. Failure to use lube increases friction and makes sensations less pleasurable. Some uncircumcised guys might not experience lots of friction as the foreskin glides up and down but more a circumcised man, lube is a must. Since most of us are circumcised, make lube a part of your masturbation techniques and you will be glad.

Have you ever heard of a masturbation sleeve? You need to try it. While it is true that masturbating with the hand is easy, a sleeve makes it much better. A sleeve is actually one of those adult toys which are jelly like and soft. It is slipped over the penis where you use it for stroking. You will find sleeves made of different materials such as silicone, jelly and cyber skin materials. They are specially textured to make you feel as if you are having sex with the vagina ar anus of a real person.

The first time you visit a sex shop will of course be quite overwhelming and confusion will take over your shopping expedition. You will be spoiled of choices and trying to make a decision on exactly which sex toy is the right one for you is going to be pretty difficult. Different types of sex toys come with varying forms of sensations. Selecting a sex toy for the first time is going to be confusing and you will feel lost. However, there is a criterion you can use to narrow down your selection and be contented with your purchase.

The last thing you will want is to buy a double ended, giant female vibrator, beads or anal beads only to end up hurting yourself. If you intend to get a toy for penetrating your vagina, select a slim, sleek vibrator or dildo instead. For women interested in just clitoral stimulation, it is important that you shop for a vibrator designed specifically for simulating clitoris only. Using the vibrator frequently will enable you to learn how you can tune your body to experience orgasm much easily when making out with your partner.

Sporadic use of vibrators will assist you in learning and appreciate the stages your body experiences when having sexual pleasure and before reaching orgasm. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet on whether you should buy a vibrator or something else, consider getting an inexpensive, small toy which vibrates. You can as well look for one that does not vibrate so that you can have a different experience. This will give you a chance of trying either of them and knowing which one best suits you. The top 10 adult stores have a wide variety of sex toys for both men and women and you can shop online easily and conveniently.

Every man has some sexual fantasies that he desires and needs them fulfilled, which they can arise at any point of time. These needs can be fulfilled with the assistance of dolls! Attain the paramount titillation as you masturbate with the help of dazzling sex dolls. Made to present you utmost satisfaction. Thanks to these dolls, you can boost your own sexual performance up to the max! They can undoubtedly become a temporary substitute for women.  Now you will not become embarrassed of owing or asking to buy a doll or a male masturbator. There are many online service providers, which provide you with best sex toys, male masturbators and dolls that give you the peak of satisfaction. You can find them in different shapes and sizes; this is the only time where you can choose how to fulfill your needs! Invest some time for yourself on the web and search for sites that offer you these products of pleasure.

With beautifully formed breasts and perked nipples, these sex dolls will ensure that your libido liquidate is raised to the peak! Give yourself a testosterone rush, owing to the three ribbed and textured love holes of these dolls as they give you a realistic penetration experience. A male masturbator can definitely charter you header with your sexual positions.  These dolls also come with countless accessories like vibrating bullets to constitute erotic sensations, moaning voice and suction pump for uncomplicated cleaning. With beautiful nub and smooth skin, you can literally feel a real woman caressing you.

If you are craving for amazing blow-jobs, then these adult dolls will make sure to help you score a thrilling orgasmic climax. You get open mouth dolls that go down on your knees and offer you perfect fabulous blow-jobs, making you believe that she is for real!  Always search and buy male masturbators from a genuine and reputable site, which will also give you  customer service while satisfying your passionate needs and keeping them filled with lust. These blow up dolls will literally blow your mind and give you something that you have always dreamed of. For not only self pleasure, these dolls are responsible to make you a sexual athlete with better performance with a real lover.

Give wings to your loaded kinky fantasies and aid your sex life incredibly pleasure with these busty sex dolls! Sextoys are not only used in the modern world in all styles of relationships but there are great sex toys for men. It is due to this reason that you must really take care that you introduce all of this stuff in the best manner possible. There are many ways in which you can really have fun.  All it really requires for you to do be actually doing this is to take the first step, the others will follow easily. The various ways in which you can really enjoy your wonderful sex life is when you have the capability to put these new ideas and beliefs into action.




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