Tenga Makes Pleasure – The Way It Should Be!

All men masturbate, well in actual fact from surveys conducted 96% of men in the Western World have masturbated – the other 4% may not have because of physical or mental disabilities have not.  Masturbation from early teens and may time per-pubescnet males use masturbation as their way of achieving sexual enjoyment prior to loosing their virginity.  Strange that even still some men are hesitant to say they are Fappers and get embarrassed at the mere mention of the M-Word.  Generally as a young man masturbation techniques use fingers and hands to jerk off, and sometimes a bowl of warm jelly for added sensations (LOL).  But as these boys turn into young men more adventurous stimulation is sought.  This will often come in the shape of an M-Cup, Male Stroker or even a sex toy like the realistic vagina.  These  adult toys will provide the ultimate & sensual pleasure they can’t get by masturbating as close to the real thing without having sex with a partner. .

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup is one of the bestseing and most popular male masturbators that are used by men for their mastubatory sexual enjoyment. The size of this toy is bigger than the standard edition for those with a larger penis and it is made with soft materials which grips tighter to give you amazing sensual sensations. So, satisfaction is guaranteed and one of the main features that ensure this is the lotion reservoir which helps the entry point to be supple and wet ready for easy & enjoyable sex just like with a real tight pussy.

Before we go on about this amazing sex toy let me tell you a bit about the Tenga Corporation that is located in Japan.   The goal of Tenga is to make products that are accepted by main-stream consumers that create pleasure the way it should be.  The creator of many of the Tenga Sex Toys, especially the earlier ones  Mr. Koichi Matsumoto said Regardless of use of sex toys, the majority of men have masturbated at least once. Honestly speaking, it’s a natural human need. I am sure that most of males do think like this and there is nothing good in holding yourself back. It leads to detrimental mental effects from repressing a human need. Proper education on the matter and a controlled sexual appetite lead to health. Therefore, no one should feel ashamed or feel guilty for masturbating. I just have a dream that TENGA will be a brand that is loved anywhere in the world.  And this is why so many celebrities have endorsed the Tenga product including Jorge ‘Vicki’ Gomez, Shun, Eli Reed, Jaguar Skills, Tokyo Shock Boys, Zebrahead and many more.

The Tenga Soft Tube Cup became a bestselling M-Cup almost as soon as it was launched. The Soft Tube Cup is made with TPE within a plastic case that can be removed so that the internal sleeve can be cleaned. This means that it is not a one shot toy like the Tenga eggs (that by the way are sold in many Japanese Supermarkets) but could be used over and over again. The sleeve can be cleaned up using luke warm water and a little soap rinsed off, then allow to dry.  You can then put the sleeve back in the casing ready for the next use.  When using it add lube to experience a sexually realistic experience like the real thing.  There is a suction control so that you can simply increase or decrease the suction/tightness of the sleeve on your penis.

Tenga Soft Masturbator
Sex Toy: Tenga Soft Tube Cup


The contours inside the sleeve are both delicate and adaptable with nudules and stubs lining it from front to back.  There are ‘protruberances’ along the shaft that will increase enjoyment with a smooth pad insertion pad.  Another great feature for first time users is that it comes pre-lubricated for optimum performance so you have a gauge of how much lube to use one your next outing.  To say this M-Cup feels awesome is an understatement – the snugness and nodules, ribbing make it an outstanding choice for mens sex toys. AND what makes it all the better is the price point.  You do not have to break the budget to afford it and you would never pay more than around $30 for it.  When you consider that a similar device starts at $60 more one sees the value!

The material used are body safe and of high quality and will last you for multiple uses.  It will not last as long as a fleshlight or JoyLight but will certainly be good for half a dozen uses.  At $4-$5 a pop I believe that represents excellent value as the masturbation experience is to much better than simply stroking off with your hand.  Whether you are new to sex toys or an experienced used this Tenga M-Cup makes a great choice for your masturbation pleasures.




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