Sqweel XT – Is It The Ultimate Oral Sex Stimulator?

Today we take a look at the Sqweel XT Oral Sex Stimulator – the sex toy designed to simulate the feeling of receiving a blowjob.

I’m intrigued by advanced masturbators that go beyond basic use, aiming for innovative pleasure and user experience. Sometimes you just want to be lazy, lean back hands behind your head and let your toy do all the hard work.

Cobra, Pulsa, and Piston toys excel; Sqweel by Love Honey joins the fray. Electronic masturbators, like the A10 piston, mimic hand movements with thrusting mechanics for traditional stimulation. The pulse is a little different with a pulsator for the frenulum and the Sqweel XT is different again.

Sqweel XT Orel Sex Stimulator – First Impressions

By first impressions it almost looks like a mini Dyson fan, it’s electronic and rechargeable and comes with two wheels. Sqweel calls these Turbo Tongue and they’ve patented this name. Not sure if I like the name turbo tongue on my dick, but sure, I’m willing to give it a go. The two wheels are two different styles, one is super soft, squishy and for sensual appeal, the other is firm.

So I guess you can mix and match your masturbatory experience with sensations that you like. This kind of tech isn’t new. Tenga comes in both a soft and hard version and the VerSpanken (Apparently that’s a German name – sounds hot!). You can customise your experience by adding a combo of two different edges out of a choice of many.

Sqweel XT - Oral Stimulator Masturbation

The actual design is super simple, stylish and sleek. Sqweel XT features textured edges for a better grip, contrasting with Fleshlight’s slippery plastic, making lubrication easier to handle. Even if you used sticky and slick lube, you still won’t have any trouble holding onto this.

It also has a sleek blue edging and overall it looks pretty sweet. The small button on Sqweel XT may pose adjustment challenges due to its versatile usage in various orientations. Coordination needed with Sqweel XT’s buttons isn’t a major issue if other aspects perform satisfactorily.

The Sqweel XT Is Rechargeable

Rechargeable Sqweel XT offers about an hour of play after a two-hour charge and is waterproof for added versatility. It features a travel lock activated by holding both buttons for three seconds, ensuring convenient portability and security. Though short, it’s improbable to use a single toy for such an extended period realistically.

After charging, I’m ready to turn it on and I’m pretty happy with the power and noise. Main issue with original Sqweel for women: distracting buzzing noise detracted from task, hindering enjoyment. Buzz is quieter than A10 piston, unlikely to disrupt experience, addressing previous noise-related concerns for enhanced enjoyment.

It has 6 settings on it, 3 speeds and 3 different patterns. The patterns don’t seem especially unique. You have a stop-start motion, a crescendo setting, and a slow to fast to slow setting as well. This toy seems decent, it’s unique, it spins, it strokes, the tongues feel great once you lube it up and it’s certainly different to any toy out there. You could hold this toy around the head and have it ‘turbo licking’ the frenulum, just under the ridge, or you could have it licking up and down the shaft with a bit of movement of the toy.

Size Matters With This Sex Toy

My only concern in regards to this toy is the size of the masturbator. For an average dick thickness of about two fingers you’re not going to have any issues and for that size, this toy is perfect for you. It’ll hit the spots without too much pressure, and I can tell you that it’s going to feel amazing for you. However, if you’re bigger than two fingers wide then you’re going to struggle. At that thickness, there’s not going to be much difference between the soft and the firm because both of the wheels are going to be pressing snugly against your shaft, perhaps a little too snugly.

If you’re a fan of snug fits then sure by all means give it a go, just keep in mind that if you’re up to 3 fingers wide then the tongues are going to be quite tight and the motor is going to start to struggle against the pressure. Anything wider than 3 fingers and you’re out. Nope, you’re just not going to fit and you’re going to need to try a different toy completely because there’s no way this will work for you.

The diameter of this toy on the inner circle from edge to edge is 5.5 cm (2.16″). That gives the circumference at around 15.7cm (6.18″) When you take into account that the average penis circumference is 4.8″, coming in at 12.19 cm’s there’s not a lot of room to move in this toy which I feel is a shame. They’ve limited the use of the toy to the average male, which is fantastic in terms of marketability but disappointing in terms of inclusivity. Just something to keep in mind when considering this toy.

By Stephen from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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