How To Use Satisfyer 1 To Your Desire

I was really excited to receive a Satisfyer 1 in exchange for an honest review. Satisfyer 1 provides people with an affordable oral sex toy from the Satisfyer range. Rather than it being rechargeable it is battery powered and runs on 2 * AAA batteries. I absolutely love the sex toy’s colour scheme, the body is in a very pretty purple whilst the button and the removable nozzle are both white. It’s delivered in a simple box with the image of the product on the cover.

Since we have a large range of rabbit vibrators in our shops, I thought “Why use an oral sex toy instead of investing in a rabbit vibrator that can be used for vaginal penetration as well as clitoris stimulation?” I explored this question in detail and found the reason to be actually quite simple, 80% of women only manage to reach orgasm through clitoris stimulation. To top that off, most women who have penetrative sex need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. The Satisfyer focuses its suction strength solely on the clitoris. When this is compared with rabbit vibrators, some are just too big, focusing its motors strength through the shaft rather than the clitoris tickler which can make it harder for women to reach climax.

At first, I tried the vacuum suction on my cheeks to see how strong it would feel, I found it to provide an enjoyable feeling on my skin. What I like about the Satisfyer 1 is that the silicone nozzle emits a pressure wave that will make you experience the perfect type of oral pleasure. It is round and very well targeted, you only have to put it on the right spot on your clitoris and let the intensity do the work! It is easy to use as there is only one button. To turn it on or off, hold the button for 3 seconds. To increase the intensity press the button once, there are 11 different intensities. I had found the power levels to be perfect.

The toy can be used for more then one hour if you use good quality batteries. If the average person takes 5-10 minutes to reach orgasm, the batteries provide enough power to masturbate for at least 6 sessions. The fact that it runs on batteries may be a small negative aspect for some but it does not bother me that much. If you would like to take your time, this little toy will not complain about being tired or that you are taking too much time to cum!

The only real negative point was that the sound is not very discreet when used at the strongest intensity. I must admit that I stressed out a bit while using it when my flatmate is around! But it’s not a big issue if you don’t mind using music to cover the noise of the toy.


Sex Toy: Satisfyer 1 – Review


The Satisfyer 1 is waterproof, when I used it in the water I did not find the experience to be more sexually satisfying. This was not really a big issue for me as I prefer to use it in the comfort of my bed! Cleaning is also made easy, simply detach the removable nozzle and wash it with some mild soapy water.

In conclusion, I personally love the Satisfyer 1. I would easily recommend you purchase this toy, especially if you’re too shy and embarrassed to buy a more obvious shaped vibrator. It is easy to use and clean. It’s light, pretty for the eyes and I am sure it has been appreciated by many people! I feel that there are many types of women who I would recommend this little piece of joy to include:

  • Women who have wanted to use an oral sex toy like a Womanizer or the Satisfyer sex toys which are rechargeable but have been demotivated due to the higher price point. The Satisfyer 1 is the best toy to start with for the affordable pricing, it is made with good quality and is easy to use for first timers.
  • Women who are looking to achieve multiple orgasms. Like me, you can use this toy with a partner or another toy for double the amount of pleasure.
  • Women who would love to achieve a more intense orgasm. The button controls allow you to intensify the suction or slow down to delay the orgasm for as long as you want.
  • Moreover, let’s not lie, the Satisfy 1 can be better than receiving cunnilingus given by a partner! I’m sure we have all had partners that never found the right spot to lick. I personally remember many times that I have been too polite to tell them how bad they were. Well good news ladies, cunnilingus can be replaced!

It is extremely affordable that it would be crazy not to try it if you would like to experience what an oral sex toy would feel like. You can buy it for a small price of $59.99 at your local Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre. To top that off, it comes with a 1 year warranty! I can assure you that this little toy will change your sexual lifestyle!

For those whom really appreciated this Satisfyer 1, I’m sure you’ll appreciate as much I do that the complete collection is available now in our Oh Zone stores. The Satisfyer 2 is $64.99, the Satysfier Pro 2 is $129.99, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is $94.99 and the Sastifyer Pro Deluxe is $129.99.


About the author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres










This Womanizer Is The Absolute PRO!

Erotic Womanizer

The other day while I worked at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I had a women come in and ask for a “Womanizer Pro“. At first, I thought what a weird and sort of crappy name for a women’s sex toy. After I had looked it up, I found that it was basically like the Satisfyer but with a few differences. The Womanizer peaked my curiously and I immediately had to find out more about this product.

While there are thousands of sex toys for males out in the world, women unfortunately are stuck with dildos and vibrators. Now, don’t me wrong, there is nothing wrong with them. In fact they are the bees knees when it comes to penetration. However, women don’t always get the simulation they deserve. This is where the Womanizer comes into play.

Womanizer Pro

The Womanizer Pro is a touch free clitoral stimulator with suction. Paired with the oral suction are little vibrations that feel like no other sex toy. The Womanizer Pro also comes with two silicone tips, one for a spare in case you lose one. The second silicone tip is a bigger head that was made for ladies who have a larger sized clitoris. The bigger head was included in the latest Womanizer as they listened to the valuable feedback they received from customers in regards to their earlier products. A good thing to also know is that you can buy more tips online if you do happen to misplace your first two.

The Womanizer website describes the sex toy as:

“Lose complete loss of control with earth shattering, mind-blowing, full-bodied, powerful orgasms!”

While doing my research on this oral sex toy, I found out that some ladies also like to use it on their nipples to help their bodies become extra stimulated with pleasure. The Womanizer Pro also comes with a 12 month warranty.

Womanizer Pro Design

The Womanizer Pro comes in many different colours.  The colours include rose, lavander, megenta, mint, white, black, tattoo and gold plated. Most of the Womanizer Pro’s have a printed pattern on the handle which matches the colour so you are able to buy one which suits your personal taste. It measures approximately 12.5cm in length and 6.2cm in width,  making it comfortable and easy enough to use in the palm of your hand.


Womanizer® Pro 18K Gold Plated Photo
Sex Toy: Womanizer® Pro 18K Gold Plated

Womanizer Pro Functionality

The Womanizer Pro now has 8 different functions. With it’s easy dazzling jeweled button which is surprisingly a Swarovski crystal. The crystal is the on and off button and it’s + and – button for the power of the suction. It even comes with the design of using the on/off button as a quick release to the lowest and quietest setting  in case your are either interrupted or if you wanted to pull away for any reason. Although 8 setting may not sound any where near enough, the suction goes from super soft to super powerful! Making it a perfect sex toy for women who enjoy any type of suction during oral sex.

To start using your Womanizer Pro all you have to do is charge it for approximately 70 minutes to enjoy approximately 240 minutes of pure oral pleasure.  I absolutely love the fact this sex toy is fully rechargeable! This means the sex toy is eco-friendly and their will be no battery wastage. Since the Womanizer Pro is rechargeable it also means that it is a quieter sex toy. To help you know when it is fully charged, it lights up the head of the sex toy.

To use the Womanizer Pro, you will need to use your fingers to move the labia to expose your clitoris. Simple place the silicone suction tip over your clitoris. Apply a small amount of pressure and allow the soft stimulation of sucking and pulsating patterns pleasure your erogenous zone.

Womanizer Pro Material

Unfortunately the Womanizer Pro is made from phthalate free plastic (ABS) and it is NOT waterproof. The Womanizer Pro can not come in contact with water at all. Only the head of the silicone tip can be nearer to water as it is a clitoral sex toy. Due to the type of material I recommend that silicone or water based lubricants can be used. It is also easy to clean with antibacterial hand soap with warm water or anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. Our favorite lubricant to use is SuperSlyde.

Womanizer Pro Statistics

The Womanizer Pro has been extensively tested with pure lust with females aged between 20 and 60. These unique results speak for themselves:

  • 73% experienced a multiple orgasm
  • 76% experienced an exceptionally intense orgasm
  • 63% sensed an entirely new sexual experience
  • 98% wanted to own a womanizer
  • 100% evaluated the womanizer to be absolutely unique

So for mind blowing orgasms the Womanizer Pro is the sex toy for you!


About the Consultant: Lauren a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Ready To Test The Sqweel XT Oral Sex Stimulator!

I’m always curious about masturbators that push the boundaries from simply inserting your dick, waving it around and thrusting until you ejaculate and then cleaning the product and going home. Sometimes you just want to be lazy, lean back hands behind your head and let your toy do all the hard work. Toys such as the Cobra, the Pulsa and the electronic Piston do decently in this regard, and now Sqweel by Love Honey has brought its version to the game. Traditionally electronic masturbators work with a ‘thrusting’ mechanic, think of the A10 piston and how the masturbator goes back and forth as you would when using the hand. The pulse is a little different with a pulsator for the frenulum and the Sqweel XT is different again.

By first impressions it almost looks like a mini Dyson fan, it’s electronic and rechargeable and comes with two wheels. Sqweel calls these Turbo Tongue and they’ve patented this name. Not sure if I like the name turbo tongue on my dick, but sure, I’m willing to give it a go. The two wheels are two different styles, one is super soft, squishy and for sensual appeal, the other is firm. So I guess you can mix and match your masturbatory experience with sensations that you like. This kind of tech isn’t new. Tenga comes in both a soft and hard version and the VerSpanken (Apparently that’s a German name – sounds hot!). You can customise your experience by adding a combo of two different edges out of a choice of many.

Oral Stimulator Masturbation

The actual design is super simple, stylish and sleek. Along the edges, it has an easy grip texture so that you can easily grip on, and unlike something like the Fleshlight which is a super slick plastic and difficult to hold with lubricant, the Sqweel XT uses a Matte Rubber like finish. Even if you used sticky and slick lube, you still won’t have any trouble holding onto this. It also has a sleek blue edging (the Female Sqweel has a pink edge, go figure) and overall it looks pretty sweet. First up though, the button seems a little small and because you can virtually hold this toy in any direction you’re going to have to get used to the buttons being in different spots if you’re holding the toy ‘upside down’ for example. It will require a bit of co-ordination which is not a complete buzzkill for me, so long as the rest goes really well.

It’s a rechargeable toy which takes about a 2 hour charge and will be with a one hour play and it is waterproof! It also comes with a travel lock as well, which you can turn on and off by holding both of the buttons down for 3 seconds. Little on the short side, but realistically it’s unlikely you’re going to be playing with a single toy for that length of time. After charging, I’m ready to turn it on and I’m pretty happy with the power and noise. My main issue with the original Sqweel for women was the buzzing noise that it made which was a complete distraction from the task. Whilst this buzzes, it’s certainly a lot quieter than something like the A10 piston, and I don’t think that the noise from this is going to detract from the experience.

It has 6 settings on it, 3 speeds and 3 different patterns. The patterns don’t seem especially unique. You have a stop-start motion, a crescendo setting, and a slow to fast to slow setting as well. This toy seems decent, it’s unique, it spins, it strokes, the tongues feel great once you lube it up and it’s certainly different to any toy out there. You could hold this toy around the head and have it ‘turbo licking’ the frenulum, just under the ridge, or you could have it licking up and down the shaft with a bit of movement of the toy.

My only concern in regards to this toy is the size of the masturbator. For an average dick thickness of about two fingers you’re not going to have any issues and for that size, this toy is perfect for you. It’ll hit the spots without too much pressure, and I can tell you that it’s going to feel amazing for you. However, if you’re bigger than two fingers wide then you’re going to struggle. At that thickness, there’s not going to be much difference between the soft and the firm because both of the wheels are going to be pressing snugly against your shaft, perhaps a little too snugly.

If you’re a fan of snug fits then sure by all means give it a go, just keep in mind that if you’re up to 3 fingers wide then the tongues are going to be quite tight and the motor is going to start to struggle against the pressure. Anything wider than 3 fingers and you’re out. Nope, you’re just not going to fit and you’re going to need to try a different toy completely because there’s no way this will work for you. The diameter of this toy on the inner circle from edge to edge is 5.5 cm (2.16″). That gives the circumference at around 15.7cm (6.18″) When you take into account that the average penis circumference is 4.8″, coming in at 12.19 cm’s there’s not a lot of room to move in this toy which I feel is a shame. They’ve limited the use of the toy to the average male, which is fantastic in terms of marketability but disappointing in terms of inclusivity. Just something to keep in mind when considering this toy.


By Stephen from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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