Snap Sext Review: Do’s and Don’ts of Online Hookup Sites

Having a bad online dating experience isn’t that uncommon. Many hookup hopefuls have fallen into the trap of engaging in really boring conversations, or going on a date with someone that doesn’t have the same expectations as them.

This shouldn’t demotivate you in trying to find someone you can get it on with. Rather follow these expert online hookup do’s and don’ts, for a more successful outcome every time.




  1. Online Safety

Do practice safe online browsing. It’s important that you protect your online information from identity thieves and criminals. Many hopefuls have fallen victim to criminals who were only flirting with them to get money.

This includes telling you that they need transport fees in order to come and knock your socks off. Be vigilant and never provide anyone with your banking details.

Learn more about safe online browsing here:  Online Safety


  1. Do Pick Up the Phone and Call

Yes, this isn’t a myth. You can actually phone someone. If you’ve gotten really raunchy over texting, then you might as well start phoning them. It’s a great activity to break the ice and will give you a sense of what the individual will be like in person.

Some people can talk the talk over text messaging, but they aren’t really great at in-person conversations. Assessing whether you have a connection communicating, will give you an indication whether you will have some chemistry in the sheets too.


  1. Be Honest

Especially if you’re only looking for a one-night stand, then you should be completely transparent about it. Wasting your time chatting to someone who is looking for a relationship, isn’t worth it. There’s no need in pretending to look for something you are not.

You will only create devastation and heartbreak. Playing games with people’s emotions aren’t cool. So, just be honest and upfront about the fact that you want to get in their pants – and nothing else.


  1. Make the Most of It

Let’s face it, you won’t be single for the rest of your life. Having hookup sites making kissing and dating so much easier, is a gift. You should definitely make the most of it. Embrace every inch of attention and smother yourself in sexting, nude photos, and flirting.


  1. Use Hot Language

By going through hundreds of Snapsext Reviews it was evident that most singles enjoy sexting rather than chatting about their day-to-day lives. An online dating site is a place where you can live out your most inner fantasies, without worrying about your busy work life.

Jump right in with a few suggestive emojis to get the ball rolling and see where it goes.



  1. Don’t Give It All Away

Even though sultry photos in underwear is part of the game, there’s no fun in exposing yourself right from the start. Don’t open a conversation with a full-on nude. Rather be a bit more mysterious and send suggestive and playful photos.

This will surely get the blood flowing to all the right places.


  1. Don’t be Judgmental

The fact that anyone is vulnerable enough to send their sexy pics to a complete stranger, is completely risky. There’s no need to be judgmental about anything the person is revealing to you.

Have an open mind and be careful with your words. You never know what the person on the other side is going through.


  1. Don’t Expect Them to Pay

Once you’ve sealed a date at a bar or restaurant, make sure that you take enough money to pay for your half of the meal. Expecting someone you don’t know to pay for you, is a bit ignorant.

If they offer to pay, you can decide whether you’d accept it or offer to pay for the next round.

Click here for first date rules.

  1. Don’t Be Picky

Especially if you’re looking for a fun on-night fling, don’t be picky. This is your time to experiment with a variety of different types of people. Sticking to your usual go-to, might turn into something really boring. So, be adventurous and go for it.



Hooking up with complete strangers don’t have to be a bust. When you do the right things, you’ll be knocking boots with a lot of fun, like-minded individuals.

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