Sleep For Sex Drive – Your Way To Sexual Success!

According the Journal of Sexual Medicine the secret to increased levels of sexuality in women is getting an every extra hour of sleep!  Yes, that’s right sleep for sex drive.  Extra hours of sleep will improve the probability of females wanting sex by around 14%.

Past studies have looked carefully at all sorts of other ailments that may effect sexual drive and sexual dysfunction in women.

They have looked into things like the erotic dreams women will have when they have had enough sleep which they previously overlooked. And the fact that how it directly correlates with not getting enough sleep.

Sleep For Sex Drive 

This new study indicates, that they are trying to address low levels of sexuality in women are effected by sleep and sleep patterns. They have examined the influence of a good nights sleep on sexual responses and activity in young women.

This study investigated how sleep and poor sleeping patterns impact a person’s sexual capacity and enjoyment.  No previous studies have done this.

It was determined that there was a massive decrease in sexual activity when the woman had an interrupted sleep through the night.  A connection between broken sleep and poor breathing was also discovered.

sleep for sex drive
Blog: Satisfy your Hyper Sex Drive

There were 171 female subjects that participated in this study with their partners.

sleep for sex drive
Image: Man sleeping in bed

None of the women were allowed to use anti-depressants during the study as these are known to decrease the sex drive for spontaneous and responsive desire.

They also make people sleepy as they are a relaxant. Sleep quality was monitored together with the regular routines for a 2 week period.

Questions asked in the sleep and sex drive survey

The same questions were asked every 24 hours of the study.

  • Did you have sexual intercourse or play?
  • What type of sex did you have?
  • How often did you have intercourse?
  • Did you masturbate?  How often?
  • How  long did you slept?
  • Did it take you long to fall asleep?
  • How was the quality of your sleep?

Results of the sleep and sex drive survey

Analysts found that with every extra hour of sleep that the person had, there was more of a chance the person would have had sexual play with their partner with the first hour having 14% more chance.

As a side effect it was noted that there was a poorer chance of sexual activity the day after the extra sleep. But on average women that slept longer were more sexually active.  It was found that having a good quality sleep was essential for keeping sexual arousal levels higher. That helped in maintaining a sexually healthy relationship.

Good sleep was found to increase levels of desire

Genital excitement and the probability of sexual play.  Analysts clarifies that these impacts were the same regardless of age, time of month or previous sexual problems.

This means that no matter what type of female you are, sleep is the one of the most singular components that effects sexual arousal.

These findings suggest that acute sleep disturbance may contribute to sexual complaints and reduced sexual activity

Survey suggests that these findings should be made available

And used by sleep therapists, doctors, sexologists and psychiatrists to talk about with their patients.  Analysts behind the sleep study found that lack of sleep effected the frontal lobe of the brain which is the portion that morals, emotions and libido are said to function from.

Sleep allows the body to produce more natural lubrication and natural chemicals like prolactin and dopamine.

So there you have it, the secret to better female sex is sleep.

To help get to sleep easier make sure your bedroom has the correct amount of lighting, if there is to much light make sure that appropriate blinds or curtains are installed.

Our bodies will naturally change their body clock according to the level of light in a room. If there is more light in the room you are more likely to stay awake for longer.  So sleep your way to sexess!

If you are looking for a quick way to increase sex drive is to use excite sprays.

sleep for sex drive
Woman with multiple partners

4 Non-Monogamy Success Tips For Beginners

Opening up a relationship from monogamous to consensually non-monogamous is a life changing decision. With the tools and skills necessary to navigate this transition often unknown.

Through my experience engaging with this relationship dynamic as well as through witnessing friends partake in it, I’ve discovered several key points that are extremely important to grasp.   Which can mean all the difference between a traumatising or beautiful experience.

Boundaries and agreements

Being clear on what is and isn’t ok to you is the only way you will be able to express your boundaries to others. This requires a certain level of self-enquiry and a process of discovering what actions and behaviours you are in alignment with.

  • What are your values when it comes to relationships?
  • Do you require from your partner in order to feel safe and fulfilled within your relationship?
  • What are the deal breakers?
  • Why do you want an open relationship and how do you want that to look for you both?

Before opening up your relationship

I believe it is extremely important to know your boundaries and to have a relationship built on a solid foundation of love, trust and respect.

These are non-negotiables in my opinion. It is also important to remember that there will be times when boundaries you didn’t know you had will be made clear (i.e. your partner does something and causes you to realise that you are not ok with that).

Some things we will never know if we are ok with until they happen so be kind to yourself and make sure you take note of my next point…


I know that the importance of communicating gets thrown around a great deal but that is for a very good reason.

Communication is vital in any relationship regardless of whether it is monogamous or non-monogamous.

When you are including other people in your intimate relationship, you have a whole other level of emotions and challenges that will arise so learning to communicate clearly and effectively will mean the difference between it working out well or not.

So what does good communication look like?

To me, it starts with avoiding naming, blaming and shaming your partner or another and taking full responsibility for your experience and emotions.

Being able to express ourselves and speak of what we are experiencing in our lives-the beautiful, the pleasurable, the painful and the ugly-is so important.

sleep for sex drive
A Healthy Relationship

Good communication in a non-monogamous relationship 

“I felt really insecure when you were out on that date. I felt worried that you were going to fall in love with her and leave me. Can we spend some time together this evening to discuss this further?”

As opposed to

“You are such an asshole for going out with her, you made me feel so insecure, you have to stay at home tonight with me.”

Honesty, truthfulness and respect in a relationship

If you do not trust your partner or if you cannot be honest with each other, I believe that non-monogamy is going to be really f**king hard and painful. Being able to share your absolute truth when navigating this relationship dynamic is as important as being heard and supported when challenges arise.

This could mean the difference between moving through issues or being stuck in pain and suffering. Respect seems like an obvious one but you would be surprised at how many people treat their partners like their enemy with no respect for them or their feelings!

Your partner is supposed to be someone you actually like, am I right? So when you like/love someone, treat them with the same respect you would like to receive yourself.

Remember to enjoy the journey!!

If you find yourself in a relationship where you are not enjoying each other’s company because of all the “hard work” that comes with opening up your relationship, then it may be appropriate to reassess what matters to you.

Yes, all relationships do require a certain input of time and energy to work effectively and this is especially true for open relationships.

Challenges are unavoidable

In any context and are to be expected in any relationship. At the end of the day, spending our lives with someone is intended to make our lives more enjoyable.

I believe that if doing consensual non-monogamy comes at the expense of how satisfied you are in your relationship, it may be time to reassess whether non-monogamy is the best path for you both.

It is also important to feel supported by other people on this journey so if you are encountering struggles which cannot be rectified between the two of you, reach out and get support.

As well as through struggles, it feels really good to have people around who not only support your relationship choices but who understand where you’re coming from.

It is not for Everyone

I understand that consensual non-monogamy is not for everyone.  It is a new monogamy. But there are many people that with the right foundations in place, can really expand in their relationship with themselves. And their partners through the path of non-monogamy.

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