Sexual Personality Secrets You Never Knew

Have you ever wondered what makes up your sexual personality and whether it is unique? In response to this question, erotic lifestyle coach Dr Nancy Sutton Pierce said.

“Sexual personalities are similar to fingerprints. We each have them.  But they are all uniquely different. We don’t question our fingerprints or attempt to change them so, we accept them without question.”

Your sexual personality is made up of your personality traits, sexual education, sexual orientation and fetish interests.  If you’re not sure maybe a sexual personality test whats your flavour might give you an idea.

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Sexual Personality Traits: Extroversion vs Introversion

A German psychologist named Hans Eysenck did a study on sex and personality. He had found that different personality types have differing levels of access to sexual opportunity which can effect views on sex.

  • Extroversion

Someone who is extroverted may be loud, optimistic and bubbly in character. They may be able to experience one night stands at a higher rate due to the increased opportunities of meeting larger amounts of people. Will also be more likely to explore different sex positions and fetishes.

  • Introversion

Someone who is introverted may meet lower amounts of people. Introverts may choose to say more meaningful things when they speak. So they can easily create sexual relationships based upon deeper intimate connections.

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Sexual Education: Adult Movies, Schooling and Parenting

This can play a big part on how people interact with their sexual partners. People learn about sex from adult movies, their schooling system and parents.

If someone had gained their sexual education through adult movies they may have developed unrealistic expectations of what sex is. Some of their expectations may include extra large penis sizes. A large amount of vocal responses to receiving sexual pleasure. They may expect sex to lack an emotional connection. Or may be more prone to have sex for purely pleasurable reasons.

  • Schooling

Sex education can teach people methods to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexual infections. Education can help people look at sex from a logical approach where the preparation of sex is an important factor within their lifestyle.

  • Parenting

If a parent or guardian decide to talk about sex in a positive manner, it can help a person be more open to discuss sex.

Sexual Orientation

An important factor which can tell us the genders people are attracted to and their level of sexual desire.

Kinsey Scale was created in 1948 to help people understand their sexuality level based upon a rating scale of heterosexual to homosexual.  It provides 7 different sexuality ratings.

  • Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual.
  • Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.
  • Heterosexual predominatly but more than incidentally homosexual.
  • Equally heterosexual and homosexual.
  • Predominantly homosexual but more than incidentally heterosexual.
  • Homosexual predominantly and only incidentally heterosexual.
  • Exclusively homosexual with no heterosexual.
The Kinsey Scale Image
Image: What makes up your sexual personality? – The Kinsey Scale

Purple Red Scale

Newest rating scale was created by a man named Landon Parks. Which is called the Purple-Red scale which is used to accurately describe a person’s sexuality.

It includes the sexual orientation as well as the level of attraction.

Landon Parks said.

“Not only are there sexual and asexual people, there are different kinds of sexual people as well.  I thought of adding a second dimension to Kinsey’s scale to represent different levels of attraction. The scale was designed to provide a quick and easy way of scoring a person’s view of relationships on forums and dating sites.

Attraction type is every bit as important as orientation. We see it all the time. John wants sex, sex, sex, while Jane doesn’t have the feeling right away.”

Langdon Parks - Purple Red Scale of Attraction Image
What makes up your sexual personality? – Langdon Parks, Purple Red Scale of Attraction

Fetish Interests

Some people are more prone to have a sexual fetish than others. Looking into why you may have a fetish can help you understand how your sexual personality type was created.

  • Networks within the brain

Research from the V.S. Ramachandran, Ph.D., of the University of California, San Diego said that our brain networking paths can cross with other areas. For example, your genitals can overlap with emotions, impulses and the functioning of body parts.

This means we can find ourselves attracted to different fetishes depending on how our brains have developed. You can also develop new networks and connections within your brain. This can happen if you perform a certain task repeatedly.

For example, if you watch adult movies that feature your favourite adult star, you may develop fetishes based upon what they do.  If the adult star in the movie were to wear boots all the time, you may subconsciously develop an arousal to boots.

  • Levels of sexual arousal  and disgust

When people are sexually aroused their level of disgust drops. This means that thing’s which had previously repulsed them may not affect them as much when they are having sex. For example, before a person may have not liked spit. But when they engage in sex they may enjoy the use of a lot of spit.

  • Your sexual response to pain

Some people are able to feel pleasure from experiencing painful experiences. If they do, they may be more likely to enjoy BDSM activities.

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