Sexual Personality Test – What’s Your Flavour?

Something a little sweet and a little naughty and a little creamy, what comes to mind first?

Obviously, it’s ICECREAM!

We all know the saying, “I scream you scream we all scream for ICECREAM!”

But maybe they weren’t screaming for that creamy icy desert we all love, maybe they were screaming for something else a little naughty. “Wink wink”

If you’re anything like me you love ice-cream, and it doesn’t matter what flavour is your preference the more the better! Ice-cream is delish, sultry, and luscious, and that icy tingle at the end isn’t a bad thing. Apparently, the kind of ice-cream you like says a lot about your sexual personality, who knew?

Deep throating an ice-cream
Image: Ice-cream personality test

So, in the name of ice-cream can you name your flavour?


Let’s start with a flavour that has stood the test of time, you know what you like, and you stick with it. You know what works well for both of you and your sex life has a routine.

Rocky road

It’s adventurous, anywhere, everywhere, a real freak in the sheets, you love to spice things up and you are never afraid to experiment.


You have to try everything at least once don’t you? Swapping changing positions keeps you and your partner on their toes.


Your more shy and submissive then you take control, having your partner take the reins is more your flavour. You’re innocent and comfortable with being told what to do.

Mint choc chip

You are a giver and a taker, in bed you complement each other and know what each other needs and wants are. You never disappoint.

Cookie dough

You always have fun in bed, you laugh, giggle, tease and are silly together. You know how to always have a good time. You definitely give each other a high five after climaxing.


Sex gives you this natural high, like you are on top of the world. You’re always up for a session in bed and you get a real buzz from getting each other off. You have a lot of energy and you are down to get a little flavoursome in places where you could get caught to give you a little extra buzz.

Chocolate fudge

Did someone say experimentation? Food, positions, places, anything that is lickable you will try it. The messier the better. Any excuse to take your sex session to the shower afterwards.


Your intimate and sexy, you’re the perfect kind of adventurous and you don’t mind speaking when you know what you like!

Clotted cream

Bedroom essentials are what you invest heavily in, sex toys have no price limit for you. You love indulging in high-end and luxury sex toys. As for those expensive lubes and lingerie, you never limit the toppings. You enjoy the finer things in life.

Peanut butter

There is a bit of bite to your bedroom activities. Nibbling every inch of your partners body is a regular occurrence because you know it excites them and vice versa.

Butter pecan

It’s all about comfort and cuddling after, you tend to steer clear of getting wild, but nothing beats that cuddle session at the end.


Do you even know what you want? It’s so confusing! But hey you go with the flow and make up your own rules.

Ben & jerry’s “everything but the…”

When your sex life needs a spice up what do you go for? Well EVERYTHING dahh, crazy adventurous, mind blowing, new positions, new locations, new toys, new lingerie, a new orifice… where are you putting that ice-cream next.

Dark chocolate

If sex were emotions it would run deep. It’s comforting, it’s slow, it’s tender, it’s heartfelt, it’s that kind of sex where you’re on a whole new level emotion wise and it leaves that taste in your mouth.

Just remember vanilla sex is whatever is your normal flavour, sometimes it is boring and blah and other times it’s your couples flavour and whatever your go to is. Maybe you enjoy putting flavour toppings onto your usual creamy delight there is no normal when it comes in ice cream just your own flavour.

How many scoops will you be having in your bowl?

Or do you have your own flavour creation?

Get mixing today.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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