SEX Stories, I’m Not Proud About!

Seems there are a lot of kinky readers out there that like real-life sex stories So continuing on from the horror sex story article why not ad some sex stories that proud of is the furthest thing from one’s memories.  Some of us were young and stupid and had sex for the wrong reasons.   These stories I must explain were when I was a different person – I would never do these things now.  Here are a few of the unfortunately all too many sex stories I am not proud of –


I used to work in a gym and was caught up in the ‘how do we look scene’.  Going out with the ‘beautiful people’ and getting satisfaction and kicks through the sometimes all too easy sexual opportunities.   In the gym, she was a ‘beauty’ nicknamed ‘Perian princess’ with olive skin, deep brown eyes and a figure of a goddess.   One of the most beautiful women your eyes could ever behold.  She was the wife of a famous Socceroo player.

We enjoyed each other’s company and were very ‘naughty’ with our talk and sometimes also with a few tantalizing glimpses of what was beneath our clothes.  Things progressed and we did a bit of erotic play, one day I shaved her pussy, another she gave me a nude massage.  We did everything except to actually have sex.

The time came when she tells me that her husband will be playing overseas with the Socceroos.  A big match!  Would I like to come around to her house and consummate our relationship that had so far been all but, sex. Sure, I figure – this could be fun.

As I arrive she has dressed the part, sexy lingerie.  Wow, what a sight!  We get into the foreplay stuff, lots of kissing, touching, caressing.  She starts to give me a blow-job and I do not know what comes over me but I ask her what time the game starts.  She looks up quizzically and says, ‘It’s on now.”  I say can you turn it on which she does – the game is maybe 15 minutes in.

So we get into it.  Having sex in front of a big screen whilst her husband is playing his heart out for Australia.  We go through half-time when I ask her if she has had anal before – to which the reply is no.  Do you want to try?  Sure.

So, grabbing the lube I gently enter her virgin ass and had anal sex with her all the way till the full-time whistle.  I deflowered her virgin ass whilst watching her husband on TV.

Look, I am not going to say that it wasn’t good sex because it was great but even shortly after the night knew it was not morally right.  I did the wrong thing.  After this, I could never be with her again, and it did haunt me many a night after.  What if that was done to me!!!

To the universe I am sorry!


So also whilst working as a gym instructor I met a nympho.  She had one of the best muscular bodies I had ever seen.  She competed in amateur female body-building so there was not an ounce of fat on her, and fit, wow, sometimes it made me wonder who was the instructor and who was being trained.

Anyway, we hit it off and one day she invited me to her place for a ‘coffee’.  I explained to her that I did not drink coffee but I was more than willing to come over.  When she said yes, we both knew what that meant.

That first night, the whole suburb rocked.  We had sex for hours and when we were both spent we literally collapsed on a heap beside the bed and just started laughing.  This was something special, it was raw, animalistic, no boundaries, unadulterated XXX sexual experience.

We continued on with these sexual escapades for some time and tried so many different things – in this case, I was the student and she the master as her sexual repertoire far exceeded mine.  I became a vessel to satisfy her and learn new ways to explore the erotic arts.  Eventually, though the student had learned the lessons and wanted to try more.

So one fine night I got two ecstasy tablets and some poppers – we had never used either previously in our sessions.  We slipped the tabs and were buzzing within the half hour when our sexscapade began.  We did it this way, that way and then finally were not even sure which was which anymore.

Winding things down a bit I decided it was time to do something a little different so decided that I would insert some sweets in her vagina and eat it out.  We tried liquorice, jelly and finally in inserted some redskins.  Her going down on me at the same time had me hard as a rock and looking for somewhere to put it.

Forgetting about the redskins I figured it was time to get some anal action and for the first time introduced poppers into our sex play.    We both sniffed this liquid and the stars and more exploded, the sensual feelings were over-powering as I entered her ass balls deep.  It was too much as I accidentally dropped the bottle of amyl on the bed and a fresh wave of euphoria overcame me as I came in her ass and she collapsed on the bed.

Hang on, I say collapsed on the bed as I realised that she was actually collapsed on the bed.  As I turned her over I could not feel a breath, was there a pulse?  As these thoughts were going through my head and I put her in the recovery position ready to give her mouth to mouth the thought came ‘do I call an ambulance’?  What if I do, my cum is dripping from her ass and her pussy is full of redskins.

She came too!  Everything ended up ok and the ambulance was not required.  But the thoughts that came to me were how could I think of anything but her safety and well-being rather than what would other people think?  Not proud of that!

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