HORROR Sex Stories!

It appears you guys enjoyed the Horror Sex Toy Stories a lot so here are some sex stories that you may also enjoy.  Have you ever been caught out or put yourself in a position that was uncomfortable, to say the least, whilst having or about to have sex. Yes, we all have experienced them and here are a few kinky ones to enjoy.


The drinks were flowing and the bullshit was working one night at the Cheers Bar on George St, Sydney.  An ebony princess and I were feeling an intimate connection and it was not long before she excused herself from her friends and we connected with a view of partying together.  Walking together back to my apartment we ventured down a deserted alley.  Her toned and muscular legs were accentuated by the short black skirt she wore.

Sitting proudly in the alley was a shiny new motorbike with soft leather seats and mirror finish handlebars.  The bike looked so sexy and so did she as I pushed her backwards onto the seat, and our lips engaged in sensual kissing.  The moment was too much for both of us as she spread her legs, I ripped off her panties as she fumbled with my fly – I was thankful I had decided to free ball it that night.

As she lay further back I entered her and we began to have passionate sex.  This was an awesome bit of exhibitionism and I could see that she was getting turned on by it as well.  Needless to say, we switched positions on this bike, backwards, forwards, sideways and because of the drinks and the situations this was no two-minute wonder job, we were at it for more than 20 minutes, sweating and panting like wild animals, until finally, I came.

We both got off the bike and started to try to make ourselves respectable – when I noticed that there was a car directly behind the bike with two male occupants in it.  The passenger then got out of the car – he was big and full of tatts, telling me that the bike was his and he had only purchased it a few days ago.  That initially he was going to stop us but that once we got the show going he was more than happy to watch it till the end, that he could think of no better way to christen his new motor-bike.

After shaking my hand, I left with my ebony princess, both of us slightly embarrassed but also giggling like kids at what had just occurred as we continued on to my apartment.


Another time I was flying overseas and asked a girl I was seeing if she wanted to travel with me.  It was a ten-day business trip and figured I could use the company so arranged to meet her at the airport.  The only stipulation of the trip I told her was that she had to wear a short skirt with no underwear on.  (Sure any male customs officers would enjoy that).

Me being quite a tall man I had no interest in joining the ‘mile high club’ by firstly trying to get two people to fit into a closet-sized toilet and second on most flights the toilets are disgusting.  I have never been able to understand why people would want to have sex in a stinky toilet on a plane.

So we boarded our plane and took off on our 11-hour flight.  We had managed to get the window to aisle seats with a spare one imbetween – so a row of three seats to ourselves.  This was a real bonus so was rewarded with both a bit of voyeurism as she lay with her head on a pillow against the aisle arm-rest with a blanket over her skirt laying across with me sitting in the window seat.  Lifting the blanket gave me a private show – and can I say it was pretty decent.

After a while, it was pretty difficult for me not ‘to help’ masturbating this stunning woman to climax – so being the gentleman I was, did so.  However, this caused a bit of a problem for me as I was now extremely horny with a steel pipe in my pants that needed relief.  So we managed to manoeuvre ourselves so that my back was against the rear of the three chairs and she lay in front of me so in effect I was spooning her.

The blanket was covering her skirt area and my jeans as I unzipped my fly and entered her.  Obviously, we could not get into the throes of passion with passengers sitting across the aisle on the right but the effect of being deep inside her – with the planes motions was sufficient to keep us both suitably aroused to keep going.  The turbulence motions intensified, and the effect was quite stunning until you guessed it -‘ding’ as the announcement came over, “Everybody to your seats and put your seat belts on.  We are going to experience extreme turbulence”.

As I managed to exit her with my rod still not spent the stewardess came to me, standing over me and in a stern voice said, ‘Sir, the seat belt light is on.  Please put your seat belt on.”

Without knowing what to do or say I simply said, ‘Sure can you please give us a bit of privacy for a minute or so and we will put our seat belts on.”

She looked bewildered and then the light came on as she realised what had been going on, shook her head and walked to the galley.

Strangely after the turbulence was over she came to us many times offering us drinks, being super friendly.  I think it may have bemused her and that was how I joined the mile high club…


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