The Rockbox 2! Noisiest Sex Toy In The World?

Please Note:  This sex machine was discontinued in 2015.  It was popular due to its power but the noise could be heard from the neighbors house.

You have probably looked at the picture of the Rockbox 2 and thought we were using gardening machines as sex toys! The Rockbox 2 isn’t your normal sex toy, however on the other hand, I figure I am not your normal type of person either. It takes a particularly strong vibrator to make it into my top picks drawer, so when I find a sex toy that runs off the mains and resembles a modern sander, I’m breaking into my happy pants and smiling.

Rockbox 2, the world’s most intense vibrator

It wasn’t simply the guarantee of force that attracted me. The Rockbox accompanies highlights like the pin-point tip connection, which could give the kind of excitement lacking from numerous different mains controlled sex toys. This was one highlight I couldn’t bear not to try – The Rockbox 2 is a unisex vibrator, suitable for utilization on outside erogenous zones. The overwhelming asset of the Rockbox 2, with its 5000RPM engine, is most likely the world’s most intense vibrator, being “3x more effective than a wand”.

Not at all like wand vibrators, the Rockbox 2 accompanies two swap-able attachments. The “female” rendition is pink and resembles a pointed tongue. This connection gives a lot more pressure points for clitoral stimulation. The pink tongue is meant to flick back and forth mimicking the motion of a real tongue during oral sex. The “male” rendition is dark and resembles a level, undulated cushion. This connection is intended to deliver a wide, yet invigorating sensations. Obviously, either connection can be used by any sex; it’s simply a question of figuring out which one delivers the most agreeable sensations for you.


Strong Vibrations
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Both connections are made out of TPE, which is by and large thought to be free from phthalates. The drawback is that it is more permeable than silicone, making it harder to disinfect and clean. The state of these connections additionally make it hard to use with a condom, so I suggest that should you never allow the Rockbox 2 to be shared with others to make sure that you are safe. These waterproof connections cut on and slide off the primary unit effortlessly, which implies you can take them apart from the principle unit for cleaning separately. This sex toy is good for use if your in a long term relationship with a partner that you trust.

The Rockbox 2 accompanies a staggeringly long mains cable that plugs straight into your power point like a sex toy machine, you might want to call up your local energy provider for some discounts soon. This power cord beast measures 234 inches (very nearly 6 meters) long and is the longest cable I have seen on a sex toy yet. Unless you live in a gigantic manor and have no additional power points in the room you need to jerk off in, you should have no issue with this cable length. The Rockbox 2 is on the louder side of sex toys and would suit someone living at home by themselves. If you are using this sex toy, you can use some music to cushion the sound level. It is best to come into a Oh Zone store to test this sex toy out, to feel and see how it works for yourself.

The Rockbox delivers seriously pleasant sensations for all genders, making it an extremely flexible sex toy. It took both myself and my lover to climax in record time, however you need to put a bit of effort in it to maximize your novelty encounters with it, as getting used of it can take some skill. It is going to make your arms ache as it is quite heavy and the massive vibrations act to numb your hands or whatever else you are using to hold onto it – lets face it is the most powerful sex toy vibrator on the planet and feels like it too. So if you are after a toy that will give you sledgehammer vibrations, you have found it here.

The RockBox 2 is a great sex machine when you want to come and come quick. It is not a dainty sex toy that you can have a drawn out masturbation session, yet it stays ready for times when I need a snappy yet effective orgasm. The Rockbox 2 without a doubt has a spot in our sex toy drawer as a powerful sex toy, it gets a five star rating from me.  I do not recommend this toy for beginners or those that like a gentle mastubatory experience.


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