Slow Sex is Better Sex – No More Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

You’re young, fit and eager! What’s more, regarding the matter of a lover in the bedroom, you nail it quick and hard. You may think that’s the way she prefers it as that’s what you see in the movies or when your watching pornography. Issue is she wants slow sex.  That’s not the way she actually likes it. As this is not the way people normally experience complete sexual delight.

Today you will learn how to have some of the best sex in your life.

You need to start by the simply acknowledgement that women and men are all different. People are unique and experience feelings completely different to each other. But what is most common among most people is that sex is better slower and steady.

Slow and steady sex means more thought has been placed into what your lover enjoys. So the answer on how to have better sex and improve relationships, is to take sex slow.

Slow Sex for the Best Orgasms

Give your lover the time to get up to the same speed as you. It has been said that when men climax quickly through intercourse.  Can take men around 2 minutes of full on pumping. Most women can only take about 14 minutes until they reach orgasm.

If you crunch the number between both genders, there’s a 12-minute difference in timing! When you participate in sex at a slower, more conscience rate, you will help her achieve a higher quality orgrasm then what she has previously had.

If you improve the sexual experience you are also increasing your chances for having more sexual intercourse. With men, they can practice to hold their climax.  This is a practice that called “edging”. Edging can amp up the force when you do at last cum, which will improving the sex and enjoyment you feel. If you want to know more have a read of edging 101 how to get started.


slow sex
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Why She Likes It Slow

  • Just because a women is wet, doesn’t mean she’s close to peaking.

She is naturally lubricated because she is thoroughly turned on meaning she wants to have sex with you that badly. For a decent general guideline. Take the amount of time that you think she needs, and times it by two. Now you are somewhat on the way to pleasing your woman. In the event that she’s ready sooner, you’ll know it.

  • Synchronicity is misrepresented.

Women of all ages couldn’t care less when we have a climax or the length it takes for us to get one. The more you empower a woman to climax and the slower you take things the more probable that gets to be. After she climaxes she will want to satisfy you more.

All you have to do is listen to her sexual needs, if she wants you to go faster, go faster and if she wants you to go slower, go slower. Don’t follow the thing’s you see in porn, it is always best to follow what she needs.

It may feel uncomfortable to do it at first, but if you do, she will thank you for it!

  • Hell, sex is enjoyable.

You race through the workday and dependably attempt to be proficient, yet with regards to the play. If you are experiencing any sort of play, no matter the type of sexual play, make the most of it.

She needs the break and joy as much as you do, and if you try your hardest you’ll get better at it.

Why You’ll Benefit from Taking Your Time

  • Men need more time to recoup after climaxing during sex than ladies do.  It’s known as the too intense period and there’s little you can do to speed it up. For a man once he comes that is often the end of show. Yet with a woman this can just be the opening act. Some men are able to reproduce sperm really quickly. This means some men can come multiple times in a day whilst other men may only be able to cum once a day.
  • Sex is superior to drugs.  As indicated by Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., a porn star turned sexed instructor, sex advances the creation of torment diminishing pheromones called neuropeptides. They give you that feel good and after glow feeling.
  • Two words: stronger climaxes. Slower you take things. More times you draw near to the edge without going over, the all the more capable the orgasm will be the point at which you at long last go off.
  • Sex will feel more private and intimate.
slow sex and orgasms
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Slower sex communicates something specific

It is the opposite of wham bam, thank you ma’am, It’s more suggestive of issuing her time and permitting her to appreciate the joy.

Fundamentally, taking your time can change your ordinary routine into “fuck me more” And make it like you’re giving her warmth regardless of the fact that the sex is, in light of present circumstances, nothing new. Be a superior stud in bed using this quick tip for better sex and women will be wanting you more.

You can also add sex toys into the bedroom, we recommend Fun Factory as they are a high quality brand that may add a little bit of fun into the bedroom.


slow sex is best
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What Women Wished Men Knew!

There are so many things that men don’t know about ladies’ needs or wants in the bedroom. It’s not because men couldn’t care less. But its only in light of the fact that the subject either hasn’t come up or she’s so bashful it would be impossible for her to offer you this information.

While each lady is different and their emotions divers, there are a few things all ladies can agree on concerning sex, for the most part.

We can tell you the general consensus.

1. Communication

Talk with her, be straightforward and discover what she enjoys and what she doesn’t. Since couples who impart their needs and wants have much better sex and all the more regularly. You ought to urge her to discuss the things she needs.

Couple Laughing and slow sex
Telling Secrets Couple Laughing Together

2  She Prefers Period Sex

For the most part, this is genuine, but there are principles. It can have a tendency to get extremely wet very quickly.  Tossing a hotdog down Niagara Falls may be a more suitable depiction.

ON the flip side, the other issue you may face is interim vaginal dryness. If she uses tampons, expect some dryness so get ready by having some lube convenient. She will warm up before long,  and appreciate your efforts because she also would find dry sex to be painful and not enjoyable .

Reward of period sex is that she is prone to be very horny. Hormones released make this a positive time for a nookie.

3  She Does Prefer Non-Stop Sex Sessions

This is faking-it domain.  Don’t accept the buildup. Being the man means being a man and knowing when to simply getting your load off and appreciate the fruits of your work.

A cute young lady staring you in the face is awesome, so don’t pass this up by attempting to outdo yourself.

Incorporate sex toys into your love-making sessions and use them for foreplay.  Get her off first before you start having sex – she will appreciate both having the climax and you will appreciate having the burden taking away in case you are to cum first.

You will often find that once your partner has cum she will cum more easily the second and third time.  Your sex session will end with the two of you entwined in each others arms both satisfied and sexually satiated.

slow sex
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4  She Only Likes Fingers When Used Well

First off ensure that your fingers are clean, they are not rough and your fingernails are trimmed and filed.  You are going to her erogenous zone and she will not want anything dirty down there.

Now go slowly, don’t grope or poke. Gently stroke the entry to her vagina that is packed with thousands of nerve endings so it is sure to be sensitive.  Whole point of putting your fingers down there is to provide her with pleasure.  She will prefer you stroking the outside rather than thrusting your fingers inside her.

When you do put your finger inside her gently target the G-Spot which is up and inside her.  You will feel it as it a bump with many ridges on it.  Purpose is to gently tickle this joyful spot within her that will ultimately make her orgasm.

5  She Prefers Trying New Things

You should always be looking a fun ways to make your relationship better ensuring it does not become dull or mundane.  One such way is to try new things and trust me the new thing she wants to try first is not going to be anal sex.

Everyone is different and for some women fisting, anal sex and fetish and bizarre acts are what they desire but for the larger percentage of women it may be a new sexual position, or perhaps having sex in a different place.  Whatever it is talk to her, find out what it is she desires and then deliver!

6  She’s Horny In The Morning

Men with their morning glory have woken their partners since the time of cave-men but did you know that many women are horny in the morning too?  However, they just need a little time to warm up.

Putting your woody between their legs and thinking that you are going go in is not going to work.  Cuddle her, give her gentle kisses on her neck so that she wakes up relaxed, happy and horny.  Many couples think that lazy morning sex is better than at other times as their bodies are completely relaxed.

Not everyone is a morning sex fan but most are!

7.  She Loves a Sex Game

There are different things that ladies subtly like, every lady is different and so are her mysterious loves and hates.  Ladies enjoy games and why not incorporate a sex game that will help you figure out what it is that she likes.  A game of sexual truth or dare, or perhaps sexual twister?

This is an extraordinary way for figuring out how to learn more about your partner and with your partner, and for discovering things you would never have thought to ask.

Remember: Best sex is had by lovers who can honestly and genuinely talk about what they want.

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