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This was the one for me when it comes to couples sex toys, the We-Vibe 4 Plus but now, I’ve added one more into my list, Rianne-S Duo. They are different from each other in terms of the purpose of usage. The Rianne-S Duo allows you to use itself in solo sessions for both partners separately as well.
Double penetration; considered pretty difficult to perform by a lot of men and women especially if you are a couple. A lot of people believe that double penetration is just usually just 2 guys penetrating a female is which is an extremely simple way to describe it but it’s not exclusive to males penetrating females. Double penetration is just the act of penetration using 2 penis or strap-ons or other “rod” like toys. So a guy or girl can be double penetrated by either two penis’s, two strap-ons or even a mixture of both penis and toy, and it doesn’t necessarily mean two holes are needed either. While it’s not extremely common for both females and males to be double penetrated in one hole, it is still practised by many, whether it be vaginally or anally, hence why triple penetration is possible.

For couples who want to try double penetration is much easier to do alone without the acquirement of another person due to the use of sex toys. You have toys such strap-ons that don’t go over the penis that but sit underneath or above it to allow for double penetration. You also have cock rings that have a dildo/vibrator attachment specifically for double penetration. The only downside to these methods is that they are usually pretty simple and can’t be used in many other situations which make it less versatile. This brings me to a toy that recently I didn’t know much about before I did some research about it, the Rianne-S Duo.

The duo is ultimately a couple’s toy but with extreme versatility, it’s made from the established sex toy company Rianne-S which is named by the creator Rianne Swierstra. The duo caters not only for couples though as it is a fantastic females vibrator on its own. What makes it a couple’s sex toy and allows for its wonderful uses to come alive is the ring part at the base of the toy’s shaft which wraps around the male’s penis. The ring isn’t a complete ring and can stretch to a certain extent but it should fit the majority of men.  The entire toy is covered in a very smooth medical grade silicone which feels fantastic for both that are using this toy, especially when using a higher quality of lubricant because the material is silicone, water-based is the safest for the toy. 

The Rianne-S Duo comes in a sturdy rectangular shaped box. It seems like a tennis ball collector at first glance as soon as you unpack it which is partly true cause you will collect some balls with it for sure.  As you can see in the picture above, this cute toy from the Netherlands consists of two different sealed part which is a solid shaft with a nicely tapered tip and a bendable crescent-shaped clamp. I would recommend you to use it in solo sessions before accepting it between you and your partner so that you can explore its features thoroughly.

Well, what are those features? Shortly mentioning, it is rechargeable, 100 % waterproof, made of body safe silicone but these are the features that all toys do have in these days. So, what else? What makes this toy special? The Duo would never be perceived as a week or non-powerful toy, with three motors all in essential points of the toy, the duo can become extremely strong the highest of the two separate lots of 7 functions to control intensities and patterns for both ends of the toy, which ultimately gives about 50 different vibrating combinations. The toy is rechargeable and completely waterproof which are amazing and convenient features to have.

Let ladies use it first as their approval is more important than men’s. Women can use this toy for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The Rianne-S Duo‘s pronounced shaft in bulbous shape with its tapered tip enables women to insert it into their vaginas easily and the ridges on the shaft give additional sensations. They are free to put plenty of lubricants on it; since the toy is made of body safe silicone, it is highly recommended not to use silicone based one though. The toy can be turned on easily by holding down its power button on the shaft for 3 seconds. One more push after seeing blue lights on the shaft and you are ready to go! It has 7 different functions including 3 constant vibrations increasing intensity, 1 wave and 3 pulses. All of them are really powerful and quiet enough.
Rianne-S Duo Double Penetration Vibrator
Sex Toy: Rianne-S Duo Couples Vibrator
After getting the first tick from vaginal stimulation, we should move into clitoral experimentation. Although the shaft can be used for clitoral stimulation as well, the crescent part of the toy is designed specifically for that purpose. There are ridges and nubs on the crescent and it is bendable to squeeze it on your clitoris easily. To operate this part, push the “+” button on the shaft which is the second and the last button on the shaft then, you will have the same vibration patterns with the shaft 3+1+3=7. To be honest, the vibrations in the crescent are slightly weaker than the ones in the shaft, it is more than being satisfied though.
Now, it is your turn boys! Simply, you wear the crescent on your shaft which accommodates well and then, slide it down on your balls to collect them as I mentioned in the beginning. It is easy to grip and rub on your shaft, also, little nubs on the inner side of the crescent give additional sensations by the help of lubricants. Besides, if you have a penis above the average in girth, the crescent is more likely to act as a cock ring too. By the way, you are free to apply the toy to your scrotum or perineum as well. After getting to know the toy completely, you should proceed to couple play. As shown in the figure above, the crescent embraces his penis and he penetrates her whilst the shaft of the toy goes into her anus. Preferably, he can double penetrate her with the shaft. The flexibility of his penis is important in couple play of this toy but I can assure you that the couple will get used to the Duo after the second or third try and they will never think about having sex without it. (Of course, they will, there are heaps of toys out there, don’t stick to only one of them!)

Personally, I, myself prefer to have rhythmic thrusts during sex. I know that it is too hard for most men to maintain the beats because of either physical reasons or lack of sense of rhythm. Of course, you can buy a metronome to overcome this problem or you can use Google as a metronome but believe me, it will not be as much effective as The Rianne-S Duo. Wear it on your shaft turn the toy on and it will provide you with 210 bpm at its highest speed which is higher than that Google can. After that, all you should do is be in a harmony with the vibrations boys! Sex is like dancing if you miss a step you cannot end up with the right pose. Well, it must be easy to follow instructions while something is giving you the orders, especially if that thing is on your penis.

The Rianne-S Duo is definitely a sexy toy, its sleekness, subtle curves and tapered tip make’s it a pleasure for insertion. It’s roughly 20cm long and 8cm wide so it’s pretty average on the size department but could be a little large for beginner anal users. When using as a solo toy the base acts a great anchor for anal play and also a decent clitoral/perineum stimulator when the duo is inserted the whole way.  While this toy is marketed towards hetero couples, I believe gay couples can benefit from this toy just as much.

Although the Rianne-S Duo is specifically designed for straight couples, there is no reason for gay couples not to use it. I know that some gay couples are having some troubles with having sex with their partners in the first months of their relationships because of either some health concerns/trust issues or something else. (Believe me, their area shit load of reasons for it but I don’t want to take your time now by mentioning them one-by-one) In this regard, the Rianne-S Duo can be your liberator. Put the crescent on the giver’s shaft and the shaft of the toy penetrates the receiver. It is simple, it is safe! Gay men can use it for singular hole double penetration and lesbians and attach this to a strap on they might already have and perform double penetration that way without having to buy a a strap on purely designed for double penetration. 

What I love about this toy is its versatility, it isn’t just a great toy for solo use or just a great couples toy but its all of that and more. This elegant beautiful toy makes double penetration easier to perform for couples or two people in general, no matter if you’re straight or gay the duo has you covered.

About the Author: Bronson is a Consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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