Add Romance With Couples Sex Toys

Here’s a not-so-dirty little secret:

sex is good for you! It may lengthen your life, boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep, according to a report co-authored by Beverly Whipple, professor emerita at Rutgers University and co-author of The Science of Orgasm and The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality.  Add Romance with Couple’s Sex Toys! As for sex toys, there’s no evidence yet that they directly improve health, but they can definitely help you express yourself sexually.

“For people who are comfortable using them, they bring a lot of pleasure to self-stimulation or stimulation with a partner” says Whipple.

More and more women are using vibrators these days, especially those under 30. And while it’s a good thing that sex accessories are allowing women to take pleasure into their own hands, it’s often a win-win for both partners. Although some women worry that their partner will find sex toys threatening, they can actually help couples enjoy a more fun and adventurous sex life.

“Research shows that women who are highly sexual are more likely to be using vibrators. Couples who have a more playful attitude towards sex have a more satisfying sexual relationship.” says Edward Herold, professor emeritus in the department of family relations and applied nutrition at the University of Guelph, and co-author of Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity.

Lelo Ida Clitoral Vaginal Vibrator

Not sure if your partner would find sex toys a turn-on or a turn-off? With such a large number of sex toys available, it’s difficult to know which one she’ll like. She may not know until she’s had an opportunity to investigate. In our examination, we’ve found that most ladies favour clitoral incitement, yet some appreciate vaginal incitement with their sex toys, as well. Spend a night shopping on online. Ask her which ones she loves or is interested about and either make the buy together. Try introducing the topic in stages. Sarah Forbes-Roberts, co-owner of Come As You Are in Toronto, likes an idea she read by New York sex educator and writer Ducky Doolittle.

“Pick up a book about sex, bring it home, and you can each circle the parts you like. Have that conversation before you come into the store together and buy something.”  Ducky Doolittle, sex educator.

Once you’re ready to buy, check out female-friendly,  Plus, you can still call the store for guidance, and rest assured that your delivery will arrive in discreet packaging. Consider going to the retail outlets of these stores, too.

“It’s empowering to touch the products that you’re considering using and to speak to a person who understands what you’re working to achieve” says Andrea Dobbs of Womans’Ware in Vancouver.

Sex toys that are good for beginners include egg-shaped vibrators, vibrating penis rings and a new product called the We-Vibe, which can be worn during intercourse to the delight of both partners. You want a toy that can be shared, agrees Dobbs. She likes their exclusive products such as the Liberty Bell and the Swinger’s Pad. Lots of couples also swear by the Hitachi Magic Wand.

“Lots of men enjoy vibration, too.” explains Forbes-Roberts.
“Plug-ins provide a lot more intensity plus, it just looks like a regular massager.” says Herold.

Whatever your choice, be sure to buy sex toys made with safe materials such as non-porous 100 percent silicone and phthalate-free rubber products, which can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals but are still soft, unlike Pyrex or stainless steel models. When in doubt, use a condom on the toy and definitely use one if you’re sharing it. Washing sex toys with soap and a sex toy cleaner after each use also prevents the spread of sexually transmitted infections ensuring that you’ll be having good, clean fun for a long time to come.

“Do your research if the product you’re considering isn’t silicone, stainless steel, lucite, elastomer or food-grade vinyl” adds Dobbs.

Small vibrators are perfect for couple’s sex play as they can be used to pleasure a lady’s clitoris amid intercourse. You, your sexual partner and the sex toy make an unbeatable combination. You can use a sex toy vibrator doggie style ‘s as there some more room for fun when she is on all fours. She or you can hold a bullet to to her clitoris in almost any sexual position you are in. Different vibrators like the We-Vibe or Lelo Ida, are intended for use amid intercourse. This means you can penetrate her whilst the vibrator is inside of her so you can both feel the sex toy working.




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  1. It’s also important to thoroughly clean your sex toys BEFORE use which is a step a lot of people forget and it’s vital as your toy can collect lint and dust etc so you want it to be as clean as possible before using it 🙂

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