Wombo-Combo: Product Packs Primed for Premium Penny-Pinching

Anniversary We-vibe

Do you prefer your burger with chips & a drink? Finding deals and savings through product packs is an artform, and as more people are reluctant to splash some cash on their own pleasure, a discount of some kind is a necessity. In this article, I’ll be highlighting three of the best savings you can find on products by showing you the packs they’re sold in, and thus opening your eyes to some absolute steals.


NOTE: All prices in this article are representative of Oh!Zone Caringbah’s instore pricing. For these deals, head there immediately! Similarly, this article will contain products for everyone, regardless of what’s in their pants!


Fleshlight Go Pack – Individual Product Pricing: $160 – Pack Price: $140

Although not the biggest saving, the Fleshlight Go Pack is a great, discreet fleshlight pack that comes with the Fleshlight itself, lube, and cleaner. Fleshlight, although I’m sure you’re aware, is a top of the line male masturbator brand that has gained its respect in the toy industry from some incredible innovation and high quality toys over the course of two decades. The pricing of this incredible pack works out to be essentially a free lube, so to save a little money, and get a quality product that works as a great gateway for bigger and better things, the Fleshlight Go Pack is for you!


We-Vibe Anniversary Collection – Individual Product Pricing: $360 – Pack Price $330

Take a step into the world of luxury vibrators, and welcome We-Vibe into your life. Made for We-Vibes 10 year anniversary (hence the name) the company combined two of their most popular toys, the Sync & the Tango, into one perfect bundle, with an exclusive charging case to discreetly charge both toys at once! The Sync is a wearable couples vibrator, touting both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, perfect to be worn during sex, or while out and about, to make that fancy dinner a tad more interesting. The Tango is the top of the line bullet vibrator, touting a powerful motor that is sure to make your most intimate moments more of a dance than ever before. Shaving off $30 from two premium products is a big deal, so snapping this one up ASAP is a must! Similarly, that exclusive charging case is definitely nothing to scoff at, and is the only charging case that supports the aforementioned Tango vibe. Perfect for travelling, and an even better anniversary gift, the Anniversary Collection pack should definitely be on your wishlist. 


We-Vibe x Womanizer Tease + Please – IPP: $550 – PP: $380

Holy moly. THIS is a saving. Combining two premiere companies’ most popular toys in one pack that has value written all over it was bold to begin with, but here we are. In the Tease + Please kit, We-Vibe and Womanizer have their Sync and Premium toys respectively. The Sync, as mentioned in the Anniversary Collection, is that wonderful award winning wearable vibrator. The Womanizer Premium, however, is a whole different beast. Unlike your regular vibrators, the Womanizer Premium utilises gentle suction to simulate oral sex, and has been changing lives across the world. The toy, that regularly retails at $300, is paired with a $250 toy, giving you almost $200 in savings! The Womanizer is not only 100% waterproof, perfect for those otherwise boring showers & baths, but also has Smart-Silent technology, meaning if you’re suddenly interrupted during some intimate moments, the toy completely shuts off once it loses contact with your body. Living with roommates, family, or kids suddenly got a lot less stressful. The Sync is also 100% waterproof, and can be controlled with your phone from anywhere in the world, meaning those business trips can still be an intimate time for you and your partner. 




The packs mentioned above are sure to make your bank account feel a little better about your purchases, and will definitely make you feel a lot better either alone or with a partner! There’s no reason to wait, get to Oh!Zone Caringbah, and get your hands on these wonderful toys!

How Can Something That Small Do Anything!

Small But Powerful!

The We-Vibe Tango is such a small and ordinary looking bullet. It doesn’t scream impressive while sitting on the shelf. I mean how could something soo small even do anything? But once I turned it on all I could think was wow… Wow! This thing is super powerful and if used right can make you achieve those multi orgasms every woman dreams about. When you first look at the bullet you’ll notice it comes in two different colours, pink and blue. You’ll also notice its petite with an overall length of 3.5 inches and 2.25 inches around. It’s light-weight, USB rechargeable and comes with a pouch for easy storage and to carry.

The entire exterior of the tango is plastic, aside from the silicone button at the base of the toy. Plastic isn’t exactly a high end material but the tango breaks that glass ceiling. It’s a hard body safe thermoplastic that is free of phthalates, latex and BPA. It’s hard and super smooth and has an overall sleek design. Despite the small and simple design the Tango has 8 different modes. 4 of the modes are the straight forward intensities that are sure to blow you away, low, medium, high and my favourite ultra. The other 4 modes are different patterns, tease, wave, pulse, and cha-cha. Normally patterns are something I’d personally skip on but with the Tango the patterns are strong and are actually delightful when you are using them.

Standard Innovation Corporation
Tango by We-Vibe

Discreet and Functional

With all this power the We-Vibe Tango is actually very quiet. You wouldn’t be able to hear it between thin walls making it a perfect discreet toy. The vibes are more rumbly, not buzzy. This means that you won’t go numb after the toy for over 10 seconds on the clit or holding it in your hand. I wouldn’t recommend this toy to a newbie or someone who doesn’t like a powerful vibe.

Tango is USB rechargeable, it comes with a little device you clip onto the end of the charger and connect it via the magnets. Unfortunately, the magnet is the weakest part of the overall toy. The best option for this is to plug in the adaptor and plug the USB in then place the toy on to the charger. You’ll know it’s charging when the orange light comes on. It’s recommended to charge the Tango for around 90 minutes, that should give you around 2 hours of play, depending on what vibration you have it on. The Tango is one of those toys that will not hold its charge if you don’t charge it properly. So be sure you fully charge it before starting to use it and to have it charging when not in use to stop this from happening to your toy.

A downfall about this rechargeable toy is that you have no warning when it’s about to die. You could be right in the middle of play and suddenly it turns off. Good news!! The Tango has a low power warning and will alert you with a yellow light at the base of the toy when it’s time to charge, handy right?!

The We-Vibe Tango is long enough to insert but the girth isn’t very thick and wouldn’t be very satisfying. Instead, this powerhouse vibe is perfect for the clitoris with its pointed tip that is perfect for pin-point stimulation. The angle of the tip is perfect for positioning the power exactly where you want it. Over all the Tango is by far the best bullet I’ve had the pleasure meeting and I definitely recommend that you add it to your collection.

The We-Vibe Tango is produced by the Standard Innovation Corporation and they describe the product as being Petite, powerful and pocket-size. Tango is designed for precise external stimulation. The tapered tip delivers intense vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. It’s rechargeable, body-safe and 100% waterproof. With 8 vibration modes to choose from, Tango is perfect on its own or to add vibrations to your favorite pleasure product. And now they have released a new and improved version if that is possible with the We-Vibe Tango 2.


About the author: Lauren is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

About The Standard Innovation Company

About the original We-Vibe Classic: Bruce Murison is the inventor and founder of Standard Innovation Corporation alongside his wife Melody in Canada. Standard Innovation Corporation manage the intimate adult lifestyle brands We-Vibe and Laid. We-Vibe started when Bruce was in search for a couples vibrator that could be placed between a couple whilst they were making love. Through thorough research he was unable to find a couples sex toy which was specifically designed for that sole purpose. Bruce wanted to create body safe, high quality, ecofriendly products that were used during couples play. Through hard-work and determination We-Vibe was created. We-Vibe has now sold over 2 million products.

The We-Vibe features two a curved shaped vibrator that has ends that have been created for internal vaginal stimulation and external clitoral stimulation. It has been crafted with enough flexibility and size to hands free hold the We-Vibe whilst providing room for him to slide inside and share the pleasure.

It is now an award-winning couples sex toy that is available to purchase throughout the world in Adult Lifestyle Centres like Oh Zone. We-Vibe also sell a range of vibrators for women and men. We-Vibe Sync won the Couples Sex Toy of the Year XBIZ Award for the past three consecutive years including 2017, 2016 and 2015. We-Vibe Nova a rabbit vibrator won Innovative Sex Toy of the Year for Design XBIZ Award 2017. We-Vibe had also been awarded the Excellence in Packaging XBIZ Award 2017. They have also been nominated for 2017 Adultex Awards including the Best Couples Product and Best Luxury Toy/Toy Range. They are continually setting new industry standards for sexual health, fulfillment and wellness. Standard Innovation Corporation design team explore advancements in technologies, materials and concepts in order to build upon We-Vibe’s sex toys. They work alongside engineers, industrial designers, sexual wellness experts, doctors and consumers to create the highest quality products according to the peoples needs. I asked Donna about what has founded her career:









NU Sensuelle Point Vs We-Vibe Tango!

Sex Toy Fight

In the vibrator market you have almost countless bullets to choose from, anything from simple pocket bullets to even bullets controlled by remotes and applications on your mobile phone. The question many people ask themselves when they are looking for a bullet is if they should indulge in amazing power or settle for something that a little less powerful but has more reliability and practicality. If you haven’t caught on yet, today I will be putting two of our most popular bullets side by side and give you the needed information on which bullet is best for you. The two bullets that are in the spotlight today is the ‘We-Vibe Tango’ and the ‘NU Sensuelle Point Bullet

Novel Creations
Point Vibrator

Round 1: Size, Shape and Looks

Whoever said size doesn’t matter obviously wasn’t talking about bullets; the whole advantage of a bullet is to be a compact, small and discreet version of a large vibrator, so smaller the better I say. Now the sensuelle is relatively small but the tango is smaller and is much easier to just chuck into a purse or even a wallet, something you can’t do with the sensuelle .A very important reason why the tango’s size is extremely important is the fact that it is small enough to fit in as a replacement bullet for so many sex toys like cock rings, but plugs, jelly vibrators etc., A good example would be Tantus products who provide a simple bullet to slip into their toys for vibration sensations but unfortunately it’s not that strong or waterproof, so instead you could use the tango as a replacement upgrade bullet, something you can’t do with the sensuelle point due to its larger size.

In terms of the looks of both of them I must say they both look gorgeous, they both are sexy and sleek have very nice tapered curved tips that are very important in giving direct point stimulation. The tango has two sides to the tip, one is a curved point and the other side is a flat surface. The flat surface provides a completely different sensation, gives the option of more of blunt vibration then a sharp point. The sensuelle point does comes in a massive range of colours that all look amazing especially the new tiffany blue colour while the tango only comes in blue, pink or silver.

Even though the sensuelle looks amazing in all the range of colours the practicality of the tango’s size as well as its flat sided tip gives the tango a win this round.

Round 2: Material

Material is very important especially when it comes to little thing shaking around down on your sensitive areas. The last thing you want is to put a foreign material in contact with your body that could possible cause inflammation or a bad reaction of some kind, so thank goodness both these bullets are 100% body safe. The tango is made up of a BPA free ABS thermoplastic that works really well with really any water-based lubricant but of course the better the lube the better experience. The sensuelle point isn’t technically a silicone toy but its just double silicone coated to give it a sensual, silky finish that feels amazing yet still keeping its rigidity. Both are amazing but I must say the silicone coating feels amazing and I could rub it between my fingers for hours, so the sensuelle point steals the win in this round.

We Vibe Bullet
Sex Toy: We Vibe Tango

Round 3: Vibrations

These two bullets are 1st class in this field, they are both intensely strong.  The tango’s vibration is very nice and is a deep rumble in comparison to the sensuelle which is more of a fine vibration; however the sensuelle is clearly more powerful than the tango. It’s crazy how much power is behind the sensuelle, Due to its larger size the sensuelle can fit a bigger motor in it to make it stronger. Speaking of motors, on both toys they are placed at the tip of the toy for maximum power output and to of course make it easier to hold and not make our hands numb……… A funny thing I noticed was that if you turn them both on and lay them on the table, the tango will rotate and even roll away and sensuelle will actually just spin round in circles, I’m not sure if that’s relevant at all but it gave me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, the tango’s vibrations and power is amazing but when looking for the bullet that has the ‘most’ power I would have to say that the sensuelle is the winner.

Round 4: Functions and Features

When it comes to features and functions, both these bullets is pack filled with them. The sensuelle boasts a whopping 20 different functions including 3 different speeds. They are both rechargeable which is fantastic and means no need to replace batteries constantly, the sensuelle sits in a charging stand while the tango has a magnetic charger.. The sensuelle does claim to be ‘shower proof’ but the tango is completely 100% waterproof and can be used for all your water based activities. The tango does have 8 vibrations modes that provide some powerful patterns. The sensuelle is quiet but nothing in comparison to the really quiet tango.  They both have one button control which is very convenient and makes them super easy to control. Yes the sensuelle has 20 functions but being super quiet and scooberproof give the tango the win in this round.

Round 5: Warranty and Quality

The last thing you want is a bullet to kick the bucket on you just before the fireworks, so it’s important to make a purchase knowing that what you buying is of high quality. The tango comes with a complete 1 year warranty for manufacture defects or a malfunction (not wear and tear) which is a huge peace of mind, unfortunately the sensuelle bullets do not come with the same warranty with them, which could be a problem if 7 months in your bullet dies and you have to buy a brand new one.

Now this is going by research I have made online and from customers in general. The Tango’s tend to have common issues with their magnetic charging but it usually happens within the first year of the sex toys life, that is of course if it does happen at all, other than that the tangos are extremely durable. The sensuelle points on the other hand have claims that they drop dead without warning or the charger will just stop working but just like the tango’s charging issue this problem is very rare but it does happen. It seems that both are great quality and are built well but they both have about the same amount of risk of their respective issue happening but it is very rare and shouldn’t put you off buying either of them, but the tango’s 1 year warranty is very appealing when making the purchase.

It’s a tough one and if the sensuelle had the warranty it would be a tie but the tango takes the win in this round.

  • Tango – 3 points
  • Sensuelle point – 2 points

Overall, out of five rounds the We-Vibe Tango just manages to take the crown as the superior bullet (on average) but if you don’t care about the lack of warranty and want a bullet that is far more powerful than the rest and has a fantastically soft and silky silicone coating then look into the Nu Sensuelle Point. Both are amazing choices and be sure to test both before buying to get a better understanding.

About the Author: Jade is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Get Your Pleasure Mate With The Tango Collection!

We-Vibe Tango

Sincerely, does the We-Vibe Tango require any presentation or hard-sell?  It is, point of fact, the strongest, rumbliest, most sought after bullet I have ever come across. For that matter, it is actually the highest ranked bullet within the adultsmart community which says a lot of the product!  Especially since from what I’ve heard is a common consensus among all our experts and readers who personally have used it.

We-Vibe has taken the Tango and placed it into the Pleasure Mate Collection.  I really didn’t think you could make the We-Vibe Tango any better, but they updated the original Tango and it is even better than the original. So now I am here introducing you to the We-Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection, it contains attachments that you insert onto the Tango. The attachments send out the strong vibrations through their silicone attachments so that you can play with the Tango in away you never were able to before. This product is not at all like the other sex toys that are out there on the market today. It appears that the connections were made for me! I was totally over the moon, an experience out of this world!

The packaging is decent; simply a genuinely plain cardboard box with pictures of the items on the cover with pink watercolor style enumerating on the sides. Impeccably blessing commendable. Inside are the toys settled in a frothy supplement and beneath that you will discover a USB charging link, manual and a sleek white stockpiling pack. I effectively own the first (now stopped) variant of the Tango, so I was excited to figure out how the new one could enhance an officially magnificent toy. The new Tango is a little more than the first, and the inclined tip is some more characterized, yet that is essentially is appearance-wise.

Pleasure Mate Collection

I was enchanted to find that  the new charger is a million times better than the old one. Not just is USB good, instead of mains-just like the old one, the magnet is really sufficiently solid to stay joined for a full charge! That may not sound like much of an accomplishment yet genuinely, the old charger was so dreary with its consistent separating that I would have furnished a proportional payback a long time back in the event that it wasn’t so splendid separated from this. So yes, the accusing issue is settled of this model and I’m SO satisfied. Likewise, when the battery is beginning to get low, a light at the base of the We-Vibe Tango begins blazing orange to caution you that it needs connecting to. This can be a bit irritating amidst the night all things considered its an extremely valuable capacity as my old Tango was everlastingly biting the dust mid-utilization.

It takes around 90 minutes for it to completely charge which is genuinely standard for most rechargeable toys. The Tango has four settings of steady vibration and a couple of examples which I never utilization. It, annoyingly, still has the “memory” capacity (it “recollects” the last setting you utilize and whenever you turn it on it will be on that setting), which I think is futile as I generally need to develop to the higher speeds as it is extremely serious (and really very excruciating) on the off chance that you put it straight on to the max. The vibrations are practically the same power as they are on my more established model. Possibly a little stronger as my old one is tired out now, yet they are way quieter (I’d say in regards to as uproarious as my LELO Mia 2) which is dependably a change.

Using the Tango all alone, I can undoubtedly attain various climaxes in one session. I really dealt with three consecutively without expecting to utilize the fourth, most powerful consistent vibration setting. On the off chance that you battle to get off with a general shot, hunger for profound thundering vibrations and pin point incitement over more extensive incitement from a wand, then the Tango is completely the vibe for you.  This is what makes the We Vibe Pleasure Mate Collection The Best Couples Sex Toy Kit.

I hear a resounding “Yes!” from all the people who love clitoral stimulation.

By Brittney from Robina


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