Penny Pinching Sex Toys: Wombo-Combo Product Packs

Do you enjoy munching on a burger with chips and a cold drink? Finding great deals and savings with product bundles is ike a work of art.  If you’re all about saving some cash while indulging in your desires, check out these penny pinching sex toys.

With more people being mindful of their expenses when it comes to purchasing sex toys, having some kind of discount is absolutely crucial.

In this article, I’ll be sharing three amazing savings deals by showcasing the product bundles they come in.

Get ready to be amazed by these incredible steals!

NOTE: Visit Adultsmart for current prices.  Head there immediately!  This article will contain products for everyone, regardless of what’s in their pants!

penny pinching sex toys

Penny Pinching Sex Toys

  • Fleshlight Go Pack 

Although not the biggest saving, the Fleshlight Go Pack is a great, discreet fleshlight pack that comes with the Fleshlight itself, lube, and cleaner.

Fleshlight is a top of the line male masturbators brand.  It has gained its respect in the toy industry from some incredible innovation and high quality toys over the course of two decades. 

Pricing of this incredible pack works out to be essentially a free lube.  So save a little money.  Get a quality product that works as a great gateway for bigger and better things, the Fleshlight Go Pack is for you!

  • We-Vibe Anniversary Collection 

Take a step into the world of luxury vibrators, and welcome We-Vibe into your life.

Made for We-Vibes 10 year anniversary (hence the name) the company combined two of their most popular toys.  We-Vibe Sync and the We-Vibe Tango, into one perfect bundle.  It has an exclusive charging case to discreetly charge both toys at once!

We Vibe Sync

A wearable couples vibrator, touting both G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  Perfect to be worn during sex or while out and about to make that fancy dinner a tad more interesting.

We VibeTango

Top of the line bullet vibrators with a more powerful motor that is sure to make your most intimate moments more of a dance than ever before.  Shaving off $30 from two premium products is a big deal, so snapping this one up ASAP is a must!

Similarly, that exclusive charging case is definitely nothing to scoff at.  It is the only charging case that supports the aforementioned Tango vibe.

Perfect for travelling, and an even better anniversary gift.  Anniversary Collection pack should definitely be on your wishlist. 

  • We-Vibe x Womanizer Tease + Please 

Holy Moly.  THIS is a saving.  Combining two premiere companies’ most popular toys in one pack that has value written all over.  It was bold to begin with, but here we are.

In the Tease + Please kit, We-Vibe and Womanizer have their Sync and Premium toys respectively.  Sync, as mentioned in the Anniversary Collection, is that wonderful award winning wearable vibrator.

Womanizer Premium is a whole different beast. 

Unlike your regular vibrators, the Womanizer Premium utilises gentle suction to simulate oral sex.  It has been changing lives across the world.  The sex toy, that regularly retails at $300, is paired with a $250 toy, giving you almost $200 in savings!

Womanizer is not only 100% waterproof, perfect for those otherwise boring showers & baths. 

Living with roommates, family, or kids suddenly got a lot less stressful.

It also has Smart-Silent technology.  Meaning if you’re suddenly interrupted during some intimate moments, the toy completely shuts off once it loses contact with your body.

Sync is also 100% waterproof, and can be controlled with your phone from anywhere in the world.  Meaning those business trips can still be an intimate time for you and your partner. 

Your Bank Account will Thank You

The packs mentioned above are sure to make your bank account feel a little better about your purchases.  It will definitely make you feel a lot better either alone or with a partner!

There’s no reason to wait get to Adultsmart today and get your hands on these wonderful toys!

penny pinching sex toys
kinky white wedding

It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding!

I am always in line for a bargain and I have found a great one!

The White Wedding Kit is made by a popular adult lifestyle company named Pipedream Products.  This kit is a special selection of  best beginner sex toys for couples on their wedding night.

Products like this are usually packaged between 2 sheets of plastic.  White Wedding Kit comes in a very sturdy box with a picture of a groom carrying his champagne toting bride over his shoulder.

Since the kit is affordably priced, the extensive list of products it includes rather spoils the box as it contains 12 products!

Yes! You read that right, it contains 12 products.

penny pinching sex toys for wedding night
Whats Inside The White Wedding Kit

 What’s Included In The White Wedding Kit?

1. Anal Beads

The Anal Beads are white.  Well everything in the kit is white which matches with the bridal theme.  Anal Beads can be used by both partners.  It has five beads on a string and they are small enough for beginners.

2. Duo-Tone Balls

These are Kegel Balls that measure two inches in size. They are on a string with weights that move around inside the balls.  Duo-Tone Balls are the perfect weight for someone who has never used them before.

Hopefully the bride will be exercising her pelvic floor muscles with all the sex she will be having.

It would be fun to wear them whilst you go about your regular activities as a teasing reminder of what a honeymoon is all about.

3. Rabbit Sleeve

This silicone Rabbit Sleeve is 3 inches long and it is an attachment for the bullet vibrator which turns it into a clitoris stimulator.

Simply place the bullet vibrator inside the Rabbit Sleeve and use it as intended.  The Rabbit Sleeve can also be stretched over the multi-speed vibrator.

4. Multi-Speed Bullet

This is made from ABS Plastic and measures 2 inches in length. It is controlled with a remote on a cord so you can control or you can let your partner take full control of your pleasure.

A rumbly bullet but it is not buzzy!  There isn’t enough power to make it special but it is perfectly adequate for this kit though.

5. Waterproof Multi-Speed Vibrator

This is made from ABS Plastic and has a tapered tip.  It measures 7 inches in length and has 6 inches in insertable length.

Surprisingly powerful and a little bit noisy but people expect a bit of noise on your wedding night.

It does say it is waterproof on the box but I wouldn’t take it into the pool, bath or shower.  This is because if the battery compartment isn’t sealed tight enough water can leak into it which will ruin the vibrator.

6. Cock Ring

Designed in the shape of an engagement ring, it is quite cute.  It isn’t too durable but this stretchy Cock Ring is perfectly fine for a couple to try out.

7. Cock Sleeve

This is shaped like a phallic dildo.  Slip the Cock Sleeve over the Vibrator to give it a more realistic feel.

penny pinching sex toys

8. Glow Love Dice

These are sex dice.  One die has parts of the body listed on it whilst the other has an action listed on it. As the name suggests, they glow in the dark which means you can use them in the dark.  All good fun.

9. Couple’s Coupon Book

I love Couple’s Coupon Book as I hate asking my partner for things.  Because I wish he would automatically know what I want 100% of the time.

The is a coupon book that has all sorts of things you can cash in with your partner with out having to say the words out loud.  It let’s you cash in everything from your partner organizing dinner to both of you making a porno.

Or you could use the coupon book as if it were a lucky dip which is even more fun.

10. Assorted Sample Tubes x 3

This assortment pack comes with Lube, Sex Toy Cleaner and Warming Gel. They are a small testers so you will want to bring along more of your own!

11.  Feather Tickler

The Tickler has 3 small feathers on a plastic stick but if you like tickles then it does the job.

If you are anything like me and you always bother your partner to draw on your back the Feather Tickler makes the job much easier.  Pair the Feather Tickler with the mask which will help to heighten the sensations.

12. White Satin Mask

This is definitely not made from satin and it’s a touch transparent.  One of you can wear the mask and the other can try out all the sex toys on the wearer.  It is a great introduction into the BDSM Community.

Value for Money

As you can see, The White Wedding Kit offers value for money.

Even though the Feather Tickler and the White Satin Mask are certainly not made with luxury in mind, it is the addition of those two products that make it a bit better than the usual couples kit.   Because they encourage you to think outside the box.

It is a great way for a couple to try new things with out spending too much money.  Especially if you are not even sure about what you are into yet.

The addition of the Glow Love Dice and the Couple’s Coupon Book turn this kit into a great gift.

Give it a Go

Whether you are getting married at the registry office or making it a massive celebration make sure you are prepared for the honeymoon!

The White Wedding Kit is a great purchase and a great gift for all couples not just ones getting married.

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