Penis Plug Shopping Tips!

Thousands of men today are seeking new methods and devices to enhance their sex life and performance in bed. They want to spice up things again and amaze their partners in bed. The newest fashion in the adult market and one of the most efficient sex toys is the penis plug. The penis plug may look weird to you at the start and the whole experience may perceived as painful from people that haven’t tried this before. Men who already using penis plugs though will tell you that this is a small device that gives you lots of pleasure and further unique moments of intense orgasm. There are several types of penis plugs that exist in the market, with the most common being made off stainless steel material. There are also different designs and men can choose from different costs. Men can choose open ended designs that will let the fluids like urination and ejaculation exit the device, or the close ended designs that need to be removed before releasing fluids.

Penis plugs are made from stainless steel that is used by placing it within the urethral opening of a penis for sexual play and excitement. I have to express that using household items that are found around the house are extremely risky to use for your health. Penis plugs are made from various materials. The most secure and body safe material penis plugs are made from are surgical steel. Choosing the right material is as important as choosing a recommended brand for penis plugs.

Penis connects go to a scope of lengths and distances across, so there is one for each penis size. For a fledgling I would prescribe beginning off at a littler insert-able width and climb in size from that point until you locate the size that best works for you. You can get plugs that have a level, straight shaft, or attachments that have a scope of eggs, balls, knots, bumps,and precious stones, every giving you an alternate sensation when embedded. There are also plugs that have a loop on the end to give it that penetrated look, without the fear of being punctured. In recent years there has been the option of vibrators added to a penis plug or urethral sound that even gives more sensations.

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To get the ideal penis plug you need to properly measure your penis. Different penis plugs can have different sizes and it will fit on different men. If a penis plug is very small it will injure your penis, so measure the thickness and the length of your penis. I advise you to purchase penis plugs that you can clean easily with simply hot water.

How to use a penis plug safely

To properly use a penis plug just follow the following directions:

  • Lay some lubricant on top of your penis and some on the plug.
  • Push it slowly inside your urethra.
  • Gently let it fall in by pushing it inside at the same time.
  • When you make sure that the penis plug is fully inside, start masturbating.
  • Relax and enjoy the whole experience.

If this is your first time using one, get a novice penis plug. You can choose among those penis plugs that are 2 inch width and 5 inch long or you can go for bigger and more complicated designs. The culminating idea is to also get an open ended penis plug that will let you release fluids without requiring removal of the penis plug. It is important to clean your penis plug each time before and after using it. Ensure that you use it for a short amount of time because long use can cause an injury to your urethra. Be responsible and careful and handle with care.

Always buy your urethral toys from a reputable seller that sells a variety of penis plugs in various designs and styles. Each man will find the ideal penis plug but safety is more important than budget. Penis plugs are not a frightening thought or a taboo anymore. Penis plugs have been transformed into a normal sex toy and will offer pleasure to any man that selects it. Get your penis plug today and start experiencing pleasure.


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