Your Easy To Follow Penis Plug Guide

Penis plugs are great for men who would like to masturbate in new and exciting ways. Penis plugs are pieces of stainless steel that are inserted into the urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. These plugs are a type of sexual adventure. Men are the leading group utilizing plugs, but women are also getting into the act. Some people buy these plugs as a sexual assistance for their male spouses. Actually, your first thought would be that it will hurt, but rather the contrary. This feeling is different for all men, but it is similar to the feeling of enjoying an orgasm. If you are a beginner it is best to research other people’s experiences and keep reading testimonials. You can also download tutorials which explain will explain what they do and the best way to start using them.

Penis Plug Types

Today, penis plugs come in a wide range of lengths, width, and styles. Others are just made of a solid shaft in order to prevent or delay ejaculation, which can bring a very thrilling sensation to those who wear them.  The best penis plugs are made of medical grade stainless steel. A good penis plug should have a smooth finish. The second best choice is grade 304 stainless steel. A relatively new material used in manufacturing penis plugs is silicone. This has the advantage to give a softer feel. Don’t use foreign objects for urethral play.  The maximum width of the penis plus is one of the important size factors. Typically that varies in the range between 8mm and 10mm. Once you decide to get a plugs you should consider the design as it should be perfect for a man’s body for safety.

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  • Beginner’s Penis Plug: The penis plug is inserted into the urethra to attain sexual arousal. Apart from intensifying orgasm, it makes the penis to be responsive and more sensitive while making erections stronger. The penis plug also imitates the look of a Prince Albert piercing while one is not pierced for real. For the first timers it is recommended to try a simple, thin steel penis plug preferably with a circular, tapered tip. A carefully designed plug should have a wider end which will prevent it from going too far into the urethra. Penis plugs specifically for curious novice are called “Starter Plugs”. The usual length of a standard penis plug is between 40mm to 70mm. Solid plugs usually come with a more rounded end and a tapered tip that makes insertion easier.  If it is the first time for you to experiment with penis plugs then try to find a solid plug that is only 6mm – 7mm in width.
  • Penis Plug with Penis Glans: If you struggle to keep the penis plug in place dome plugs come with glans ring whose function is to keep it on safely and it also makes the penis extra sensitive to touch and harder therefore increasing your pleasure.  The glans ring sits behind the penis glans.
  • Open Ended Penis Plugs: For experienced users, there are some penis plugs that are open ended central bore which allows ejaculation while using it. Penis plugs can as well come with through-holes, which have holes through the center of the shaft. Such through-hole brands are designed for removal of bodily fluids and for extended wear. A glans ring addition is present to assist in holding the penis plug for extended wear. The plugs come in different diameters and lengths, so there exists one for each penis size. You may get plugs that feature an even shaft, or plugs that feature different bumps and lumps, each offering you a distinct sensation when inserted. If you go for an open ended plug check if the insertion tip is not too thin or too sharp.
  • Textured Penis Plugs: Penis plugs come in various designs some are longer and other have ridges around the shaft while the basic ones are smooth. The different designs do different things as some heighten your arousal.
  • Penis Wands: There are also longer plugs on the market, that measure in the range 50mm to 99mm. If a penis plug is longer than 100mm it is called  “Wand” or a “Penis Wand”.
  • Urethral Sounds: The urethral sound stretches and probes the urethra. Apart from being used in medicine for dilating urethra during tests many men looking for more exciting sexual experiences also enjoy them. Urethral Sounds are slightly curved or straight pieces of steel utilized for unblocking obstacles of the urethra or increasing the size of urethra. The other kind of urethral plug is called the Prince’s Wand, which requires a piercing underneath the penis. The wand is put in the urethra and then a fiber pin is put in the piercing and bolted into the Prince’s Wand. A ball on top of the wand may be unbolted for removal of fluids.
  • Penis Plug Jewelry: Penis plugs also act as jewellery as they can have gemstone’s designed at the tip. There are also penis plugs that hoops on the ends to offer them that pierced appearance, without them being pierced.
  • Vibrating Penis Plugs: In the past few years there have been addition of vibrators on the plugs for additional thrills.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out and get yourself a plug now and experience cuming from the inside out!


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