A Soft and Hard Penis Packing Guide

The term ‘penis packing’ refers to when someone wears padding or a phallic shaped object in their underwear/under their pants to create the appearance of having a penis.

This is most commonly practiced by trans men (female – male transgender). But also worn by cross dressers and is also worn for sexual purposes.

For some transgender people, penis packing can be an essential aspect of everyday life.  And something that you cannot go without.  Sometimes, partners may often want to explore additional options to make their sex life better.

Do What Works for You

This is very important to a relationship for it will definitely strengthen its nature.  It is no lie that sexual satisfaction is one important aspect that considers the stability of a given relationship.

In a way, sex toys come in to add spice to sex to your sex life either with or without a partner. It will always provide them with additional options and techniques to use.

Self-exploration is Key

According to sexologists, it is one way of learning how best to satisfy oneself. When you actually know what works for you, then your partner will find it easier to satisfy you.

Sex toys bought online will provide a person with the opportunity to explore their body. This will widen their scope and they learn of what is best for them.  You can control exactly what you want to do with your sex toy.

Users can try out different techniques and drop the bomb shell news to their partners later on.  In this way, your partner will just give you what you desire.

Lets Talk About Penis Packing

Packing is generally split into two categories, Soft Packing and Hard Packing.

Soft Packing

This refers to a soft object that is used to create a ‘bulge’ or the look of a penis.  It is not intended to be used for sexual purposes.

Soft penis packing is often done by trans guys to help with gender dysphoria.  But is also a helpful and fun way for anyone to experiment with their gender identity.

Soft packing offers a sense of comfort to a lot of people and is an every day must.  Just like brushing your teeth or having a shower.

Soft packing Can Be Done in a Number of Ways

Some are easier and more cost effective than others. It is important though, if you are trying to create a realistic bulge to do some research at the shape and size of a ‘typical’ bulge.

This can be done by simply looking online at some men’s clothing stores/images or even by observing in public.

An illusion of a bulge can be created simply by folding socks in a particular way and wearing them under tight underwear.

Folding Socks: Definitely the cheapest option!

For ultimate comfort and security, socks can even be pinned into the underwear to make sure they won’t budge.  

Flaccid packers

Like Mr Limpy, shown below can be purchased at Adultsmart and are a great way to boost confidence. As you can imagine, when inside underwear they feel SUPER realistic.

But best of all, they actually ARE really realistic, and come in a number of different colours, sizes, even circumcised and uncircumcised!

These babies can sit straight in your undies.  But are most comfortably worn with a harness to keep them in place all day.

dildos for penis packing

Pack N Play Dildos

Companies like Tantus have created an awesome line of Pack Play dildo’s which are designed to be used as both soft and hard packing dildos.

They have a bendable shaft that when worn with a harness under underwear.  And can be bent downwards to create the impression of a bulge.  Best part though is that these bad boys are also hard enough and squidgy enough to be used for intercourse!

Hell Yeah!

Packing can be a weird sensation at first, but stick to it!

Try wearing it around the house first and get used to the new weight, and the feel of your new addition.

Master where it should go in your pants to look the most realistic and feel AWESOME when you get it perfect!  Adult Smart’s favourite soft packing sex toy is the Fleshlight Mr. Limpy.

They are super soft, super strechy and can provide a very comfortable bulge.

Mr Limpy Packing for penis packing
Sex Toy: Mr Limpy

Hard Packing

It can be a challenge.  But is worn when an individual intends to have intercourse.  Hard penis packing takes much longer to get used to, as you can imagine.

Bigger the dildo is, the harder it is going to be to not look like you have an extremely large erection for no reason in public. So, if you wish to use your partner’s favourite 9″ dildo, I suggest sticking to wearing it around the house!

Public Wearing

Wearing a hard dildo is easier in public if you loosen the harness.  This is so that the dildo is naturally ‘drooping’ down.  As well as tucking it in underneath or to the side.

Looser underwear will also make packing with a hard dildo much much easier!  Hard Packing can be a fun way for any couples to take their strap on play outside of the bedroom.  If you’re game of course!!!

Unlike soft packing, hard packing must be worn with a harness to avoid total embarrassment.

Let’s Talk About Gary

Tantus (what legends) also have a dildo called Gary. Gary is one of those in-between-er dildos which are much easier to bend.  But still hard enough to use for intercourse.

Gary doesn’t bend as much as the Pack ‘n’ Play range but is definitely on the softer side of ‘hard’ packing.

In reality, you can use any dildo you wish or currently own for hard packing.

dildos for hard penis packing

Cleaning and Getting Used

  • Just like any other sex toy you should make sure you properly clean/sanitize the item you are using.  Whether this be socks or a dildo, cleanliness is key!

Getting Used to Your New Friend

  • Just like a CIS-gender guy, you may need to readjust.  Don’t worry, there is no need to panic if your new package goes a bit askew.
  • A good old, quick shuffle around should do the trick to get you back into position.
  • Wear your new package inside the house several times before taking it for a spin outside.
  • Surprisingly, you’ll most likely need to learn to walk again, and definitely need to learn how to maneuver yourself in different ways.
  • You’ll need to learn the quickest and easiest ways to readjust in public, so as to not get yourself into a panic.

Ultimately, whether you are gay, straight, CIS-gendered, or transgender you can give penis packing a go!

Soft & Hard Packing is a great way to experiment with your gender expression.  As well as a way of making some people feel ‘sexier’ and more confident.


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