The art of using a dildo for maximum pleasure

Dildos are abundantly available in attractive varieties and there is an art to using a dildo for maximum pleasure. Not many people experiment and discover these exciting ways of enjoying them. This blog brings out some simple tricks to make your dildo playtime utterly satisfying.

Dildos in India  come in sleek steel, colourful silicone, and shining glass. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many fascinating varieties that remain unexplored. Perhaps you’ve purchased one and are excitedly ready to embark on a pleasure ride, full of breath-taking orgasms. Even if you’re a pro, there are always new tricks to learn to keep your playtime amazing and not fall back to a dull routine. Perhaps you have discovered that imitating sex doesn’t activate your G-spot or take you to the moon. We’ll provide you with the thrill-inducing movements to carry out, making your masturbation session a carnival of pleasure.

Before it begins

Set the mood

Changing the ambience influences your mood. If you’ve tried closing the blinds, turning off the lights, and lighting a few candles, you may have noticed the soothing environment enhancing the sensual vibes. The same applies when you are chasing the sexual high flying solo. Dim the lights, light a candle, put on some sexy music, and lose yourself to sexual ecstasy.

 Choose the right dildo

The only important consideration while picking a dildo is, it should suit your needs and desires. If you enjoy intense stimulation, select a hard glass, steel or wooden dildo available in attractive designs. If you desire an extra sensation from the movements, go for the vibrating dildos. If you fantasize about being stretched, go for a larger or inflatable dildo.

Studies have given out fascinating insights about the dildos. Most dildos sold are about the average size of a man’s penis. It suggests that the average size is what most people are looking for. If nerve tingling stimulation is what excites you, choose a rabbit style vibrator.

Never forget the warm-up

Before you get the intimate act started, you might need to warm up first. Initiate manual masturbation, have an orgasm or two. Use your fingers for deep satisfaction.

If there is not enough natural lubrication produced, there are always lubes to grab. Lubes benefit you in unimaginable ways. They increase arousal, sexual pleasure, and physical comfort. 

 The extremely pleasurable dildo techniques include:

 Deep thrusting

This technique of passionately pleasuring yourself is exactly how it sounds. Deep thrusting along the entire length of your pleasure centres provides arousing stimulations. A textured dildo will generate sensations that are intense and fulfilling.

For serious thrusting, pick a toy with a core that’s firm enough not to bend, it doesn’t have to always be rigid. Overly soft dildos make this action difficult. If you find the heavily textured toys overwhelming, opt for a smoother or curved dildo to have comfortable rides.

 Short and shallow

Most of the sensitive nerve endings that generate and circulate the thrills exist in the first one-third of your vagina. You don’t have to go all the way in to get those exhilarating sensations. Short and rapid strokes can be a slick tactic to get you on a sexual high. The action won’t barrage your cervix or butt, but it’ll be easier on your wrists.

Just because your dildo is seven inches long doesn’t mean it has to go all the way in. The extra shaft length is to get a better grasp on the dildo.

 Rock it out

Just because your dildo is shaped straight doesn’t mean you don’t have to be creative in trying new things. In this technique of rocking your dildo, you move it back and forth at an angle so that its tip is applying pressure at the bottom of your opening. If you are lying on your back on the bed, the dildo should be pointing towards the bed when you carry on the movements.

You’ll experience rousing sensations similar to that of thrusting. The technique also works its magic by providing the ultimate stimulation. Rocking works best with dildos made of silicone or with curved toys intended for dual clitoral, anal, and vaginal stimulation.

 Keep it turning

This turning technique sends out twisters of pleasure. It involves turning them around after being inserted. Most dildos work for this motion, there shouldn’t be a sharp angle that makes you uncomfortable.

 Milk the g-spot

To milk your G-spot partnering with your dildo, you’ll have to drag the top part of the dildo across your G-spot while pulling it outward. You then push the dildo against the top part of your vagina or butt as you slide it back in. To incite riveting sensations, use rigid toys made from glass, wood, or metal. There are also special dildos with a curve particularly meant for G-spot stimulation.

The surprising thing is, this technique can be similarly utilized to stimulate the prostate.

 Filling feeling

You can freely enjoy your dildo without any kind of motion. You can choose one that’s comfortable when inserted. Keep it there and focus on stimulating your erogenous zones to have a fantastic orgasm. The toy has the power to enhance your orgasm even if it remains inserted comfortably in your vagina or butt.


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