Seduction Using Spanish Fly Gold

Spanish Gold Fly Photo

Spanish Fly, a very seductive discovery that was first believed to have been used as an aphrodisiac by Roman Empress Livia (58 B.C.-A.D. 29). The chemical Cantharidin is an organic terpenoid found in the Emerald and Gold iridescent Spanish Fly also known as a Blister Beetle and plants such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger which is extracted as a tasteless and colourless fluid taken orally to induce desire and heat through urethral and bladder irritation predominantly in female humans who unfortunately don’t possess the natural Oestrus or Estrus which is present in most female mammals during mating season.

Spanish Fly Green Beetle
Photo Spanish Fly or Blister Beetle

After 5 minutes of taking Spanish Gold Fly Sex Drops, women will experience a rosy glow in the cheeks, feeling flushed and heated, increased heartbeat, deeper breathing and a furious lust and desire to make love or if riding solo, a veracious need to ‘get off’. In men, there is a possibility of assisting and maintaining an erection too!

I know how powerful Spanish Fly is because I tried it myself, curious about the fact people come in frequently to stock up on this incredible elixir and I am always hearing the same question… does it really work? As some Spanish Fly products can be placebo or lab manufactured synthetic versions of the real thing which never really work or cause an allergic reaction, I can understand why most people seem apprehensive if they’ve never tried it before. I just had to experience this very popular potion in order to understand its influences and effects and respect why it is a hot seller. Spanish Gold Fly is a sleek gold box usually nestled in front of the register as an eye-catcher, containing a 5ml foil sachet of the infamous tasteless colourless liquid. You will also find a small leaflet to explain its effects on both sexes and a background of its high standard of extraction and research in an unnamed American sex research institute.

The leaflet suggests one 5ml piece of Spanish Gold Fly is to be taken orally each time (liking where this is going already!) which you can have in wine, coffee, tea, alcohol etc. Checking the website, it further states that low alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are recommended for best effects but to not take in soda drinks I dare say the higher alcohol and sodas could cancel the effects and nobody wants that! So true to my philosophy of ‘Go hard, or go home’ I decided to drink it straight up, which wasn’t unpleasant at all, it was just like drinking water. Wow. I also decided to try this at home, alone (I’m mad) but made sure my partner was on speed dial if required!

Spanish Fly Range Photo
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Let me first say, this is great during these bitter weather spells we are having lately because I got up from my usual couch potato wrapped in a blanket position to suddenly feeling the urge of pacing around in my lounge room fanning my face because I am feeling quite toasty, flushed and getting gradual surges of mental and physical stimulation out of nowhere. I was so surprised that it really did start taking effect within 5 minutes, which is faster than any other sexual enhancement I have known about or tried before.

Woman Aroused Photo
Photo: Woman Aroused

I made sure I had all the ingredients needed as if this is going to be the orgasm to beat all orgasms survival kit! The essentials – lube, my favourite toys and of course some cherry topping porn at the ready. It wasn’t long at all about another 5 minutes or so that I was almost diving for my standby essentials, no time for Josh to rescue me and my urges now, ha-ha! Although I find it easy most days to reach climax quickly, the experience was definitely different. My orgasm felt prolonged and multiplied while the final crescendo proved being very intense and extremely pleasurable. Everything felt more sensitive but strangely at the same time I felt very relaxed.

I can truly understand why Spanish fly sells out so quickly and why people use it regularly, it was a really exciting experience. I am quite sensitive to most pharmaceuticals so I actually felt an after-effect the next morning similar to a hangover so maybe for those more sensitive take a half dose first, wait 5 mins and take the rest if you feel more is necessary because it was powerful!

I have found many claims as well to avoid Spanish Fly if pregnant or breast feeding due to its effect on the body and not surprisingly you are never to use this to induce women without their consent. Sounds really intense but over the years some people have unfortunately used this love elixir for bad rather than good as it can subdue a women to a state of sexual euphoria and relaxation, this has been abused in some cases.

Consent is Sexy Image
Image: Consent is Sexy

Aside from some negative setbacks by some users, it is a very successful aphrodisiac that really does work! I highly recommend this product to spice up your love life and also to encourage your own sexual desires and inhibitions. As women we need mental stimulation just as much as physical and for me, Spanish Gold Fly worked as that bridge to really encourage both sides to work together in harmony and that feeling most times just can’t be found without it. Coming in a single pack too makes it a nice introduction to Spanish Fly for first timers and all of its benefits. It’s compact in size, quick and efficient for those on the go as well as at home and fast acting which is what women want! You can purchase Spanish Gold Fly in Oh Zones stores at a very affordable price, it is definitely a must-have!

We also have a wide selection of other successful Spanish Fly and aphrodisiac products to suit all needs and desires and not all contain animal product or bi-products but have a very similar effect to the Spanish Fly’s potent Cantharidin formula. Our range are from familiar and quality brands like Doc Johnson, Pipedream, Ero by Hot (Spanish Fly formula for men) and Black Arrow 100% Original. They come in a range of different types of product also from Oral liquids to topical creams and even candy mints!

Be sure to have a look at our wide selection of Spanish Fly products online at Adultsmart.

Author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Complete Guide On Vegan Friendly Condoms

Vegan Friendly Condoms Photo

Veganism is taking over, its everywhere and I’m here to tell you some brands of condoms that are vegan friendly and are helping the word!

First off, I just want to tell you what VEGAN is. A lot of people aren’t sure so I think it would be best to give the meaning of the word;


Vegans Means Image
Image: Vegan Dictionary Meaning


So, what’s not vegan about condoms?

Most oral contraceptives are produced by pharmaceutical companies that test on animals. If that’s not bad enough, most condoms are generally made with casein, a protein found in the stomachs of cows. Other dairy/ milk ingredients can and are used as well.

What’s wrong with this?

Apart from a cute baby cow being tortured…. It’s simple. The body does not need dairy to survive so why would you insert it? To prevent pregnancy and HIV/AIDS etc? Sure, that’s a good answer but those material in condoms are unfriendly to a lot of ladies causing all types of problems such as irritation and yeast infections… I can’t say from personal experience but those are NOT nice!! So, if you find yourself being in one of those situations it could be the condom to blame.

So, what condoms are vegan friendly?

In recent years safe sex industries have been making efforts to help vegans/ people who would rather not use animal tested products (cause we all gotta start somewhere) prevent diseases etc. Unbelievably vegan condoms are much easier to find than you think.

These are my picks; they do amazing work for you and the world.

Lelo HEX

LELO HEX Condom Brand Image
Condom: LELO HEX


Hex is wonderful! It’s really a game changer in the condom world. It’s a latex honeycomb design that fits onto the penis nice and snug without causing irritation to the male. It’s not like a normal condom, it’s inspired by Graphene, the thinnest and strongest structure known to science.
Science rules!


Glyde Condom Brand Image
Condom Brand: Glyde


Glyde were the very first vegan friendly condom I had used. They are a great condom all round. They come in different sizes, flavours, and thinness. If you do find yourself being too big, Glyde will easily cater to that need. Flavours include; crème vanilla, pink strawberry, purple wild berry, blue blueberry, and black cola. All other Glyde condoms have no flavour or smell. They also contain NO parabens, glycerine, or harmful chemicals.

Sir Richard’s

Sir Richards Condom Brand Photo
Condom Brand: Sir Richards


Now I haven’t had the pleasure to try these condoms but they are free of parabens, glycerine nnoxynol-9 and have no harmful ingredients. They also come in a range of sizes; ultra-thin, classic ribbed, pleasure dots, extra-large and if you can’t choose you can always go with the collection box that has a mixture. Sir Richard has a cool packaging as well which always draws people in.

Sir Richard is not only awesome in condoms but when you buy condoms the money goes to good use; Sir Richard help support international program that foster education and social impact. They support GLI’s Women’s Leadership conference. It doesn’t stop at that Sir Richard also supports the LARGEST FREE concert (iKnow concert series) in Uganda which focuses on spreading the awareness of HIV and prevention, this reaches over 7,500 people in hard to reach communities. They also provide scholarship support to low-income youth. AWESOME, RIGHT?!


Hero Condom Brand Image
Condom Brand: Hero


Hero don’t have a massive range they only come in natural and ultra-thin. Hero condoms are again awesome in feel and wear. Hero also go an extra mile for the environment; they are big on recycled boxes. Also on water recycling and solar power. They are working towards becoming a carbon neutral company. By buying Hero condoms you are contributing to fight against HIV/AIDS and helping to save lives. Every condom = a condom to developing countries.

Health and safety is important and should always come first, be prepared!

Be sure to stop by Adultsmart to have a look at our Condom range online.


About the author: Lauren is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


The G-Kii Is Not Perfect – BUT – It Is Perfect To Reach My G!

Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy

The Shape of the Toy Is Perfect To Reach Your G-Spot

Tonight, I laid my eyes on the curved G-Kii by Je Joue. I got a particular love for g-spot vibrators and this one represents 100% how a g-spot or a-spot vibrator should look! G-kii comes in a very classic packaging I must say (this one is in black and white with the image of the toy) but inside, there is a nice black case that should be ideal for storage. When I finally have in my hands the famous G-Kii, I’m a bit surprise by the size. For some reason, I thought the sex toy would be a bit smaller/lighter but I’m not disappointed, it’s actually a good thing. This toy measures 17 cm long and has an insertable length of 11 cm. Its head that is very curved has a diameter of 3.4 cm. We get to enjoy two motors (the base, is the biggest motor, and there is also one in the curved end, for the g-spot).

The waterproof G-Kii exists in 4 colours, black, white, plum and pink, I opened the last one that we had, the black.  I am not really a big fan of this colour for sex toys (especially all black for a toy is just not impressive and sexy for me). It’s a silicone toy, its quality is great however in the manual, Je Joue recommend us to use “plenty of lubricant” when using G-Kii. Also, there is a larger silicone button on the side, made to be able to adjust the curved part. At the bottom of this vibrator, you’ll find 3 buttons: a “+”, a “-” and a “~”. The “+” and “-” are metal and made to increase/decrease the intensity of vibration while the third button is made of silicone and is made to change the different vibrations mode. Je Joue has been clever with the position of these buttons, once the toy is inside of us, it shouldn’t be a hard time to play with. There are 5 vibration levels according Je Joue, which is weird cause I can feel 7 different ones:

  1. Subtle continuous vibrations
  2. Faster continuous vibrations
  3. Powerful vibrations but strongest come from the base motor
  4. Lighter pulsating vibrations
  5. Slow and controlled pulsations
  6. Stronger pulsations
  7. Fast pulsations

Well maybe that’s what they meant when they wrote “5 power levels and 6 different pulse patterns” but I wasn’t the only one to be confused apparently.


Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Je Joue G-Kii


Not Impressed With The Vibrations

I have to admit that I’m not totally impressed with the vibrations for two reasons. First of all, I had an annoying time to feel a big difference between mode 1 and 2 and second, the seven chosen could have been better or should have been more than 7 modes. However, I’m happy with the vibrations intensities! Quite powerful if wanted.

Like I said previously, this curved vibrator is adjustable in 3 different options. Let’s say that you have possibility to adjust it from really bent, to half and “slightly” bent. It’s totally according your preferences! When fully bent, the biggest motor should reach your clitoris, and allow you to get at the same time a clitoral stimulation! It’s amazing! Because when you see this toy, you don’t realize straight away that this option is possible! I feel like it’s a really great option and they should have wrote it somewhere on the packaging as it’s another great point to buy this toy!

The only thing that I regret is the fact that the change of the sex toys form can’t easily happen when the toy is placed inside… Unfortunately, the “adjustable” button is not enough to go through the option; You’ll need to adjust it at the same time the curved end if you want it more bended inside (you should never adjust the toy without clicking on the “adjustable” button, or you’ll damage it). Same for the base, you’ll need to push it toward yourself to be able to enjoy clitoral stimulation.

Everything Is Not Perfect But You Wont Go Wrong With It!

However, even without this adjustable option, the toy would be as good for me. The basic shape of the toy is more than perfect to reach your G-Spot, if that’s why you bought G-Kii in the first place!

When it comes to noise level, it’s quite low. Even when using the maximum intensity level, I’m not annoyed by the noise. Other than that, G-Kii is rechargeable but not only that, the charger has a magnetic end that makes it easier to recharge the toy! The light should flash when charging and when fully charged the light will stay on. Moreover, Je Joue offers 1 year warranty.

I could recommend this toy without hesitation if you want a great g-spot vibrator! I feel like its curve is one of the best I saw among the g-spots vibrators. Obviously, everything is not perfect about this toy but you shouldn’t go wrong this one!

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave


6 Ways That You Can Masturbate To Stay Warm This Winter

Home Alone Movie Frozen Thief in Photo

It’s winter and it’s getting really, really cold. The weather is a-changing and we all know that that the cold weather can have an adverse effect on you and your sex life. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can stay warm while masturbating! So, here’s my list of 6 ways that you can masturbate to stay warm this winter:

  1. Use a Bodywand through clothes
Bodywand in Purple Photo
Sex Toy: Bodywand


The life saver. We all know that body wands are super strong.  During winter, a good quality wand can be your best friend and your saving grace that helps you masturbate all winter long. A body wand, like the one shown above, has the strength and rumbliness (yes, I’m making that a word), to get you off through pants – a very attractive feature of a toy, for a highly lazy, cold girl like me.

  1. Temperature play
Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo


Two days ago, in the crisp, cool Sydney evening temperatures, I decided to risk masturbating with a glass dildo. I was prepared, though, and had my heating blanket pre-warmed up and was ready for the brave task ahead. I lay my glass dildo alongside my favourite lubricant, Super Slyde, on the bed to get ready to settle in. After ‘settling in’ for a few minutes, I pick up my glass dildo to come to the revelation that a heated blanket paired with a glass dildo is the most ingenious invention of this century and could feel the warmth of the heated blanket radiating through my beloved glass dildo. *Fist pump*!


Man Fist Pumping on Grass Field Photo
Photo: Fist Pump


Temperature play is fun at the best of times and trust me, it gets better in the thick of winter. Some of my favourite toys to masturbate with are made from glass or steel and in winter, that can be a real mood killer. Try soaking your dildo in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before use or laying the toy on your pre-made hot water bottle or heated blanket to give it some warmth before use.

  1. A warming lubricant!
Wet Stuff Warming Water Based Lubricant Image
Image: Wet Stuff Warming Water Based Lubricant


Lube can feel ice-cold during winter and if you’re trying to apply a regular water-based lubricant and still stay warm, forget it! Try using a warming lubricant or alternatively, mix your favourite water based lubricant with some warming lubricant to enjoy a warmer, more enjoyable all-over experience.

  1. Girl, get yourself a We-Vibe!
We-Vibe Sync Couples Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: We-Vibe Sync


A We-Vibe is a great toy to swap in for winter masturbating as it can be placed inside of you while wearing your cosiest pyjamas possible. Thanks to the remote control and phone-control aspect of this toy, you can get off while fully clothed! Heck, why not even get your partner to get you off, while you’re fully clothed? We’d also highly recommend that you try the latest We-Vibe on the market, the Sync.

  1. Get yourself a fully-waterproof toy – Satisfyer Pro 2


Satisfyer Pro 2 Photo
Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2


Toy’s like the Satisfyer Pro 2 are perfect for winter masturbation, as you can do so from the warmth of your bath or shower! The Satisfyer Pro 2 was actually designed with masturbation in the bath in mind, with its ‘suction-like’ sensations feeling even more powerful when used while it’s submerged under water.

  1. Get yourself a toy with a heating element, like the L’Amourose Rosa
L'Amourose Rosa Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: L’Amourose Rosa


The L’Amourose Rosa has a thermal regulation system that keeps Rosa between a sultry 40 and 42 degrees celsius, making it the perfect toasty toy to masturbate with during winter. The curve and shape of Rosa makes it a hit for those after G-Spot stimulation and is also fully waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath.

Stay warm! Masturbate.

About the Author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres





VIP Interview with Alexander Giebel, CEO & Founder of the pjur Group

Alexander Giebel Photo

The pjur group is an adult lifestyle company who have been making personal lubricants for over 20 years. Their highly popular and bestselling product ranges includes pjur elements of love which enhances the pleasurable experience during intimate moments, pjur med which assists health and wellbeing and pjur active which protects the skin during physical exertion.

Pjur has won countless awards for their personal lubricant range including pjur med Vegan Glide won Beauty Heaven’s Best New Feminine/Women’s Health Product 2017, the Adultex Best Lubrication/Lotion Product Range Award in Australia 2017, the pjur Med Repair Glide won She Awards Best Sexual Health Product for Women 2015 and the pjur Original won She Awards Best Sex Enhancement Product 2015. After winning the She Awards Alexander Giebel said:

“Customers who value sustainability and quality are at the right place when they come to pjur. This is what made our presence at the retail trade fair such a hit.”

This is an exclusive interview with Alexander Giebel the CEO and founder of the pjur group.

Tell me about yourself?

That is an interesting question – I can say that whatever I do I do it with passion no matter if it is business or private. I´m a strategic thinker with no borders in mind but a realistic view. I enjoy working in my global team and being connected to different markets around the world on a daily basis. Beside that I love to walk my dog every day.

What are your favourite accomplishments of all time?

Phones, email and planes because they allow us to be connected to the world and family wherever we are.

What are your favourite quote’s that inspire you?

I love the Latin aphorism “Carpe diem” of the Roman poet Horace. This is what I really try to implement in my life and in every day. I want to seize every single day as much as possible and I’d like to encourage everybody else to do so.

Pjur Original Ad Image
Image: Pjur Original Ad

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company?

It is a great feeling and inspires me and everybody else at the pjur team to be able to offer products for people to enjoy intimacy more than before and helping them with our products. We create products for people no matter what race, ethnic or color they have or what language they speak. It’s all about the human being and its needs. Quality is our biggest aim and what we always strive for. We see our brand as the biggest vehicle for that vision and people can trust us.

How long does the development of your products take?

The development of personal lubricants is not that easy. We are talking about medical devices which have to be registered with the health authorities in the market you want to sell them and they have to be tested and certified. This is very cost-intensive.

The products we produce as cosmetic products nearly need the same procedures for developing as medical devices. We have defined pretty high standards for our products by ourselves so we have an average development time of 1,5-2,5 years.

What does your company value the most?

Quality, quality, quality – and innovation. This is what pjur stands for and what makes us unique.

What are your favourite memories and moments from working in pjur?

There are so many great memories over the last 22 years, it is hard to name one, but being the first global distributed silicone lubricant in the world market was and is still a great memory.

What do you love most about your brand/s compared to other companies?

I personally like quality in all aspects of my life and the brand pjur reflects this in every mm or inch. I love that customers write us emails telling us how happy they are with our products and how much they inspire their lives.

How many and what awards has your company won?

We received so many awards that we just needed to extend the presentation board in our second meeting room.

Tell me about your product range?

As our name phonetically suggests, pjur group manufactures and markets high end luxury health and body care products in more than 50 countries on all five continents. Since our beginning in 1995 we have expanded our range which now comprises of more than 50 health and body care products in seven different categories, including silicone-based and water-based personal lubricants, stimulation and delay products, special-scene products, as well as intimate hygiene and sport products. Our guiding maxims have always been to produce high quality products, with first rate ingredients and the deliberate omission of flavours and colourants – so that pjur products can guarantee pure enjoyment and more intense sensations without unnecessary distractions.


pjur Back Door Anal Glide Lubricant
Lubricant: pjur Back Door Anal Glide

What are the main differences between the sex, massage, anal, fetish, and wellbeing lubricants?

Every area of application has a different need in terms of glideability, ingredients, additives etc. Our massage products consist of extra long lasting silicone formulas whereas our products for toys are made of creamy hybrid – or water-based formulas. The anal region Pjhas special needs as the natural moisture in this area is lacking. Therefore, we developed pjur Back Door anal glide with Jojoba to ensure pleasant relaxation and elasticity for the skin. Our wellbeing pjur med lubricants are made for women who search for a solution for vaginal dryness or other problems. Some others simply had never been in contact with lubricants before. Our pjur med PREMIUM glide for example is a lube which is tested by ECARF and allergy-friendly even for women with neurodermatitis.

Pjur Med Lubricants Photo
Buy Now | pjur lubricant range

What are your best sellers?

Our bestselling formula is and has ever been our pjur Original. With its unique and long lasting formula, it creates a silky smooth feeling on the skin. You can have fun for hours with this product and be sure that it is good for your skin. That’s what makes it outstanding. After pjur Original, there’s pjur Woman – a unique formula made for the sensitive skin of women. This is our most sold product in the women’s target group.

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

Just recently a couple contacted us telling us that they remember buying their first bottle of pjur Original in 1996 and they still use it and quote it as the best lube ever!

What are your favourite interesting sex tips?

Try each pjur product and follow the instruction.

Have you heard any funny stories of how your product/s were used?

Oh yes! Our silicone-based lubricants are perfect for sticking doors or keyholes. That is what we hear very often. Recently another consumer wrote us an email, that he found out that pjur Original is perfect to handle his thick and curly hair. Some people also use it to protect their sensitive skin from drying out. You see, there are many ways to use our lubricants.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I’d like to thank all our Australian customers who have put their trust in pjur for years. I have visited your country many, many times and I always love to come back. Keep going, Down Under!